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Lie to Me

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~~~~~~~~~~ Prologue ~~~~~~~~~~

In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against
the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.

Sunnydale Park after dusk. The playground is deserted. The carousel
slowly turns, and the swings move in the light evening breeze. The only
person there is a boy sitting on the jungle gym, waiting for his ride

James: C'mon, Mom. She's always late.

The camera pans around him until Drusilla can be seen slowly walking
toward him from behind.

Drusilla: Are you lost?

James: (looks back at her) No. My mom's just supposed to pick me up is
all. (climbs out of the gym)

Drusilla: Do you want me to walk you home?

James: No, thank you.

Drusilla: (touches the gym) My mummy used to sing me to sleep at night.
(slowly walks around the gym as she sings) Run and catch / The lamb is
caught in the blackberry patch... She had the sweetest voice. What will
your mummy sing when they find your body?

James: (looks at her nervously) I'm not supposed to talk to people.

Drusilla: Oh. Well, I'm not a person, see, so that's just...

Angel suddenly steps between her and the boy.

Angel: (to the boy, sternly) Run home.

The boy only hesitates for a moment before running off. Drusilla watches
him run away in dismay. Angel takes a breath and turns around to face

Drusilla: My Angel!

Angel: Hello, Drusilla.

Drusilla: (slowly approaches) Do you remember the song mummy used to
sing me? Pretty.

Angel: I remember.

Drusilla: (senses) Yes, you do.

Angel: Drusilla, leave here. I'm offering you that chance. Take Spike
and get out.

Drusilla: Or you'll hurt me?

Angel looks down at the ground.

Drusilla: (senses) No. No, you can't. Not anymore.

Angel: If you don't leave it'll go badly. For all of us.

Drusilla: My dear boy's gone all away, hasn't he? To her.

Cut to the roof of the building across the street from the park.

Angel: Who?

Buffy walks along the roof keeping watch.

Drusilla: The girl. The Slayer.

Buffy senses something and heads for the edge of the roof. Cut to the

Drusilla: Your heart stinks of her. (puts her hand on his chest) Poor
little thing. (cut to Buffy) She has no idea what's in store.

Buffy looks over the edge and sees them standing close together. She can

Angel: This can't go on, Drusilla. It's gotta end.

She tilts her head and reaches up for a kiss.

Drusilla: Oh, no, my pet. This is just the beginning.

She pulls away without kissing and gives him an evil smile. She keeps
her head turned to him as she slowly walks away. Buffy swallows at what
she sees. Angel watches Drusilla go for another moment, then turns to
leave also. Buffy steps away from the edge of the roof and runs off.

Opening credits roll. Buffy's theme plays.

~~~~~~~~~~ Part 1 ~~~~~~~~~~

Sunnydale High School the next morning.

Jenny: It's a secret!

Cut inside. Jenny and Giles come down the stairs.

Giles: What kind of a secret?

Jenny: Uh, the kind that's secret. You know, where I don't actually
tell you what it is.

Giles: I think it's customary that when two people are going out on an
evening that they, they both have an idea of where they're going.

Jenny: Oh, come on! Where is your sense of adventure?

Giles: Well, I, I... Uh, how will I know what to wear?

Jenny: (looks at his tweed suit) Do you own anything else?

Giles: Uh, w-well, not as such, no, um...

Jenny: (laughs) Rupert, you're gonna have to trust me.

Giles: Alright, alright, I p-put myself in your hands.

Jenny: That sounds like fun. (starts on her way) Okay, tomorrow night,
7:30, right?

Giles: Yes.

Buffy comes up to him as Jenny leaves.

Buffy: Hey.

Giles: Hello. (they start to the library) Um, did we hunt last night?

Buffy: I did a couple quick sweeps downtown.

Giles: Any encounters?

Buffy: Nothing vampirey.

Giles: Uh, I've been researching your friend Spike. Uh, the profile is
fairly unappetizing. But I-I still haven't got a bead on why he's here.

Buffy: You'll figure it out.

Giles: You alright? You seem a little glum.

Buffy: I'm fine.

They stop outside the library.

Giles: Why don't you take the night off?

Buffy: Okay. That'd be nice.

Giles: Yes. You could spend some time with Angel.

Buffy: I don't know. He might have other plans.

She walks off to class. Giles wonders what that was all about.

Cut to class. Buffy opens a note from Willow.

Note: Do you know who she was?

Boy: Well, it seems like Louis XVI was just sort of a weak king.

Buffy and Willow glance at each other. Buffy starts to write an answer
to the note.

Teacher: That's fair enough. Uh, any other impressions?

The camera pans forward to Cordelia sitting in front of Buffy. Xander is
across from her in front of Willow, and looks over at Cordelia with his
head propped up on his fist.

Cordelia: I just don't see why everyone's always picking on Marie
Antoinette. I can so relate to her. She worked really hard to look that
good, and people just don't appreciate that kind of effort.

Buffy has finished her answer to Willow's note.

Answer: No Dark hair Old dress pretty

Cordelia: And I know the peasants were all depressed...

Xander: I think you mean 'oppressed'.

Cordelia: Whatever. They were cranky.

Buffy folds the note and hands it back to Willow.

Cordelia: So they're, like, 'Let's lose some heads'. Uhhh! That's fair.
And, and Marie Antoinette cared about them. She was gonna let them have

The camera pans over to Willow finishing another note.

Teacher: Yes, well, that's a very interesting perspective.

Willow hands Buffy the note.

Teacher: Um, would anyone else like to comment?

Buffy opens the note.

Note: Vampire?

The bell rings. Cut to the hall. Buffy, Willow and Xander come out of

Buffy: I don't know. I don't think so. They seemed pretty friendly.

Xander: Who's friendly?

Buffy: No one.

Willow: Angel and a girl.

Buffy: Willow, do we have to be in total share mode?

Xander: Hey, it's me. If Angel's doing somethin' wrong, I wanna know.
'Cause it gives me a happy! (smiles)

They head into the lounge.

Buffy: Mm, I'm glad someone has a happy.

Xander: Aw, you just need cheering up. And I know just the thing! (does
a wild move) Crazed dance party at the Bronze!

Buffy: I dunno. (crosses her arms, depressed)

Xander: Very calm dance party at the Bronze? (Buffy gives him a glum
look) Moping at the Bronze.

He sits on a couch next to Willow. Ford walks up the steps behind Buffy.

Ford: I'd suggest a box of Oreos dunked in apple juice, but maybe she's
over that phase.

Buffy uncrosses her arms and turns around.

Buffy: Ford?

Ford: Hey, Summers!

They embrace.

Ford: How ya been?

Buffy: Oh, my God! What are you doing here?

They let go and hold both hands.

Ford: Uh, matriculating.

Buffy: Huh?

Ford: I'm finishing out my senior year at Sunnydale High. Dad got

Buffy: This is great!

Ford: I'm glad you think so.

Xander is not pleased.

Ford: I didn't think you'd remember me.

Buffy: Remember you? Duh! We only went to school together for seven
years. You were my giant fifth grade crush.

Xander: So! You two know each other.

Buffy: Oh! (turns to Xander and Willow) I'm sorry. Um, this is Ford!
Uh, Billy Fordham, this is Xander and Willow!

Buffy and Ford go to sit on the other couch.

Xander: Hi.

Ford: Hey.

Willow: Nice to meet you!

Buffy: Uh, Ford and I went to Hemery together in L.A. (to Ford) And now
you're here. For real?

Ford: Dad got the transfer, and boom, he just dragged me outta Hemery
and put me down here.

Buffy: This is great! Well, I mean, it's hard, sudden move, all your
friends, delicate time, very emotional, but let's talk about me! (puts
her hand on his knee) This is great!

Willow: (smiles) So, you two were sweeties in fifth grade?

Buffy: Not even. Ford wouldn't give me the time of day.

Ford: Well, I was a manly sixth-grader. I couldn't bother with someone
that young.

Buffy: It was terrible. I moped over you for months. Sitting in my room
listening to that Divinyls song 'I Touch Myself'.

She realizes how what she just said could be taken and casts a nervous
look at Xander and Willow.

Buffy: Of course, I had no idea what it was about.

Ford nervously scratches his temple with his finger. Xander just smiles
and nods.

Buffy: (to Ford) Hey, are you busy tonight? We're going to the Bronze,
it's the local club, and you have to come.

Ford: I'd love to! But if you guys already had plans... Would I be

Xander: No, only in the literal sense.

Ford: Okay, then! I, I gotta find the admissions office, (gets up) uh,
get my papers in order.

Buffy: Well, you know what, (gets up) I'll take you there, and I'll see
you guys in French! (takes Ford's arm)

Ford: It was good to meet you. (they go)

Xander smiles at them until they've gone. Next to him Willow has a
thoughtful look on her face.

Xander: (sarcastically) This is Ford, my bestest friend of all my
friends! Jeez, doesn't she know any fat guys?

Willow: (realizes) Oh, that's what that song is about?!

Cut to the Bronze. Xander, Willow and Ford are playing pool. Ford sinks
his shot and sets up for another as Buffy arrives at the table.

Buffy: Ford! You made it.

Ford: Wasn't hard to find.

Willow: Buffy, Ford was just telling us about the ninth grade beauty
contest, and the, uh, swimsuit competition.

Buffy: Oh, my God, Ford, stop that! The more people you tell, the more
people I have to kill.

Ford: You can't touch me, Summers. I know all your darkest secrets.

Xander: Care to make a small wager on that?

Buffy: I'm gonna go get a drink. Ford, try not to talk.

She heads for the bar and finds Angel there.

Buffy: Hi.

Angel: Hey! I was hoping you'd show.

Buffy: (sees he has a drink) You drink! I mean, drinks. Non-blood

Angel: There's a lot about me you don't know.

Buffy: I believe that.

Cut to the pool table. They're racking them up. Ford sees Buffy with

Willow: That's Angel.

Xander: He's Buffy's beau. (sarcastically) Her special friend.

Ford: He's not in school, right? He looks older than her.

Xander: You're not wrong.

Cut to the bar.

Buffy: So. What'd you do last night?

Angel: Nothin'.

Buffy: Nothing at all. You ceased to exist?

Angel: No, I mean I stayed in, read.

Buffy: Oh.

She goes back to the pool table without another word. Angel stands there
confused for a moment, then follows her.

Ford: Didn't want that soda after all?

Buffy: Not thirsty.

Willow: Hey, Angel.

Ford: Hi.

Buffy: (turns to Angel) This is Ford. We went to school together in

Angel: Nice to meet you. (shakes Ford's hand)

Ford: Whoa! Cold hands!

Xander: You're not wrong.

Buffy gives Xander a look.

Angel: So, you're here visiting Buffy?

Ford: No, I'm actually here to stay. Just moved down.

Willow: Hey, Angel? Do you wanna play?

Buffy: Y'know, it's getting really crowded in here tonight. Um... I'm a
little hot. (to Ford) You wanna take a walk?

Ford: Um, sure! That'd be nice.

Buffy: Okay, then, um... (to the others) I'll see ya tomorrow. (leads
Ford out past Angel)

Angel: Good night.

Ford: Take care.

Xander: Okay, once more with tension.

Angel: He just moved here?

Xander: Yeah. And, boy, does he move fast.

Willow: Well, Angel, we could still play.

She moves the rack into position, and when she looks back up Angel is

Willow: See, you made him do that thing where he's gone.

Xander dismisses her comment and gets ready to break.

Cut outside to the alley. Buffy and Ford stroll slowly along.

Ford: So, that was your boyfriend?

Buffy: No. Uh, yeah. Maybe. Could we lay off the tough questions for a

Ford: Sorry. So! What else do you do for fun around here?

She hears noises coming from around the corner and suspects a vampire.

Buffy: Um, my purse. I-I, I left my purse at the Bronze. Uh, could you
get it for me?

Ford: Uh, okay. (heads back)

Buffy: Good. Run! Thanks!

He starts to jog. A second later she starts running in the opposite
direction and around the corner. Ford looks back and stops when he sees
she's gone. He can hear a woman crying. He starts to walk back. When
he's almost there a woman comes running around the corner and past him.
He continues on, and is startled by a metal trashcan flying in front of
him and into a stack of crates. He can hear punching and grunting. He
sees someone hit the pavement face first. He peeks around the corner and
sees a vampire get up and take a swing at Buffy. She ducks the punch and
kicks the vampire in the face. The vampire swings again, and Buffy grabs
his fist and holds on while she punches him in the face. Ford watches as
she pulls out a stake and thrusts it into the vampire's chest. He
staggers back into the wall and explodes into ashes.

Ford: What's goin' on?

Buffy is surprised and spins around to face him.

Buffy: Um... uh, there was a, a cat. A cat here, and, um, then there
was a-another cat... and they fought. The cats. And... then they left.

Ford: Oh. I thought you were just slaying a vampire.

Buffy: What? Whating a what?

Ford: I know, Buffy. You don't have to lie. I-I've been trying to
figure out the right time to, to tell you. I know you're the Slayer.

Buffy is taken aback.

Cut to later in Willow's room. She's on the phone with Buffy.

Willow: Just like that he told you?

Buffy: Just like that. (cut to her room) Said he found out right before
I got booted from Hemery.

Willow: Wow! (cut to her) It's neat! Is it neat?

Buffy: (cut to her) Yeah, I guess it is. I don't have to constantly
worry that he's gonna find out my dark secret. It just makes everything

Cut to an alley. Ford is heading for the Sunset Club. He knocks on a
heavy metal door, and the viewport opens. It closes and the door opens
to let him in. Cut inside. A welder is cutting the knob off of the
inside door. Ford goes down the stairs to the main area. Dark gothic
music sets the mood, and everyone is dressed in black and pale makeup.
"Never Land", by The Sisters of Mercy, is playing.

Lyrics: I had a face on the mirror / I had a hand on the gun

Diego meets him at the base of the stairs.

Diego: Ford? Hi, Ford?

Ford: Hey!

Diego: Well, how'd it go?

Ford: It went good.

Diego: Good? That's, that's it? That's all we know? Well, when are

Ford: (interrupts) Soon.

Diego: Oh, soon, okay. Y'know, you could gimme a little more
information here. I'm trusting you. I'm out on a limb here. Not to
mention the lease is almost up on this place. Who's gonna cover that?

Ford: Marvin...

Diego: Diego! C'mon, man, it's Diego now.

Ford: Diego. (takes out a pill) Ritalin. Everything's gonna be fine.

He pops the pill as Chantarelle comes over and hands him a drink.

Ford: Just make sure you're ready when I say. True believers only.

Chantarelle: (smiles) I can't wait!

Diego: Right, whatever, I still think I should be in on the plan.

Ford: Diego, you gotta trust me.

He sees a scene from a Jack Palance vampire movie playing on the TV.

TV: Alright.

Ford: A couple more days and we'll get to do the two things every
American teen should have the chance to do: die young, and stay pretty.

He looks spaced out as he mouths the words of Jack Palance in the movie.

Jack: So... You play your wits against mine. Me, who commanded armies
hundreds of years before you were born. Fools!

~~~~~~~~~~ Part 2 ~~~~~~~~~~

Willow's room. It's neat and clean and everything is in place just so,
except for some clothes on her bed. She's in her nightshirt brushing her
hair. There is a knocking on her balcony door, which catches her off
guard. She drops her brush on the bed, goes to the door and pushes the
blinds apart to see who it is.

Willow: Oh! (opens the door) Angel! What are you doing here?

Angel: I wanted to talk to you.

Willow: (looks around) Oh, well...

She gestures for him to come in, but he just stays standing there.

Willow: Well?

Angel: I can't. Unless you invite me, I can't come in.

Willow: Oh! (nervous) Well, okay, I invite you. To come in.

She turns around as he comes in, and a look of horror appears on her
face when she sees her bra just lying there on her bed out in the open.
She quickly rushes over, grabs it and stashes it.

Angel: I-if this is a bad time, I...

Willow: No! I just... I'm not supposed to have boys in my room.

Angel: I promise to behave myself.

Willow: (still nervous) Okay. Good.

Angel: I guess I need help.

Willow: Help? You mean like on homework? No, 'cause you're old and you
already know stuff.

Angel: I want you to track someone down. On the 'Net. (eyes her laptop)

Willow: (smiles) Oh! Great! I'm so the 'Net girl. (goes to sit at her

Angel: I just wanna find everything I can. Records, affiliates, I'm not
even sure what I'm looking for yet.

Willow: (types) Good. What's the name?

Angel: Billy Fordham.

Willow: Uh, Angel? If I say something you really don't wanna hear,
(faces him) do you promise not to bite me?

Angel: Are you gonna tell me that I'm jealous?

Willow: Well, you do sometimes get that way.

Angel: You know, I never used to. (sits on her bed) Things used to be
pretty simple. (Willow types) A hundred years, just hanging out, feelin'
guilty... I really honed my brooding skills. Then she comes along.
(Willow faces him again) Yeah, I get jealous. But I know people. And my
gut tells me this is a wrong guy.

Willow: (nods) Okay. (turns back to the laptop) But if there isn't
anything weird... Hey, that's weird.

Angel: What?

Willow: I just checked the school records, and he's not in them. (Angel
stands up) I mean, usually they transfer your grades and stuff, but he's
not even registered.

Angel: He said he was in school with you guys, right?

Willow: Let me just see if I can...

Mrs. Rosenberg: (off camera) Willow? Are you still up?

Willow: (gets up) (to Angel) Ack! Go! (to her mom) Iiiiiii'm just going
to bed now, mom!

Angel goes back out onto the balcony. Willow holds the door.

Willow: Come by tomorrow at sunset. I'll keep looking.

Angel: Don't tell Buffy what we're doing, alright?

Willow: You want me to lie to her? It's Buffy!

Angel: Just don't bring it up until we know what's what.

Willow: Okay. I-it's probably nothing.

Angel: That'd be nice.

She closes the door and frets a bit, nervous about what she has to do.

Cut to the school the next day. Cut inside to a hall near a drinking
fountain. Buffy and Ford come into the hall from outside. Willow wants
to get a drink.

Buffy: Willow!

Willow doesn't even press the button on the fountain before immediately
turning around, hoping to get away. She realizes she'd never be able to
get away with it, and so turns to face them. She fidgets nervously with
her hands.

Buffy: What's up?

Willow: Nothing.

Buffy: Do you wanna hang? We're cafeteria-bound.

Willow: (jumpy) I-I-I'm gonna do work in the computer lab on school
work that I have, so I cannot hang just now. Hi, Ford.

Ford: Morning.

Buffy: Okay, Will, fess up.

Willow: What?

Buffy: Are you drinking coffee again? 'Cause we've talked about this.

Willow is surprised and happy that an explanation for her nervousness
has presented itself, and laughs out loud.

Willow: It makes me jumpy. I have to go. Away. (hurries off)

Buffy is taken aback.

Ford: Nice girl!

Buffy: There aren't two of those in the world.

Giles meets them in he hall.

Giles: Buffy! Um... Yes, uh... (sets down his briefcase and searches
his pockets) Ms. Calendar and I are going... somewhere tonight, and
she's given, (finds the slip of paper) oh, given me the number of her
beeper thingy, uh, in case you need me for, um... (eyes Ford) study
help, uh, suddenly. (picks up his briefcase)

Buffy: He knows, Giles.

Giles: What?

Buffy: Ford (indicates him) knows I'm the Slayer.

Ford: I know.

Giles: Oh! Uh, very good, yes. Uh, um, Buffy... (leads Buffy aside) (to
Ford) Excuse me. (aside to Buffy) You are not, by any chance, betraying
your secret identity just to impress, um, cute boys, are you?

Buffy: (smiles) I didn't tell him. He knew.

Giles: Oh! Uh, right then. Well, uh, just remember, if you...

Buffy: Go! Experience this thing called fun. I'll try not to have a

Giles accepts that and heads back to his library.

Cut outside the school at night. Buffy and Ford are strolling along.

Buffy: And on your right, once again, the beautiful campus. I think
you've now seen everything there is to see in Sunnydale.

Ford: Well, it's... really...

Buffy: Feel free to say dull.

Ford: Okay. Dull's good. (sees two vampires running) Or maybe not so
dull. (Buffy sees them, too) Is that more vampires?

Buffy: Must be the weather.

She pulls out a stake and a cross, and hands the cross to Ford. He takes
it and reaches into his back pocket to pull out a stake of his own. He
smiles and waves it about.

Buffy: Stay close to me.

She hops up the steps the vampires just ran up and cautiously looks
around. Ford is close behind, cross and stake held ready. She looks
around a corner and sees nothing.

Ford: Maybe they were just passing through.

Buffy: (turns around) I don't think so.

A blonde female vampire grabs her from behind and tries to bite. Ford
takes a startled step back. Buffy does a high kick into her face, then
grabs her by the arm and flips her over onto her back. A male vampire
rushes her and grabs her, pulling her over a railing with him. She lands
in a crouch on the grass below and gets up while the vampire rolls to
his feet. She kicks him in the jaw, making him fall backward. Ford looks
down at his stake and cross and then glances at the fight a moment
before quickly approaching the other vampire and holding the cross in
her face and the stake up and ready. She hisses at him.

Ford: You've got one chance to live. Tell me what I wanna know, and
I'll let you go.

Below Buffy knocks the vampire out with a punch to the face and stakes
him. She runs back up the stairs to Ford, who's crouched where the
vampire was.

Buffy: Where's the other one?

Ford: I killed her. (coughs) I, I killed her and she just turned to
dust. It was... amazing!

Buffy raises her eyebrows in surprise.

Cut to Xander, Willow and Angel walking down the alley to the Sunset

Willow: The only thing I could track down was this address. The Sunset
Club. Still didn't find anything incriminating.

Angel: He leaves no paper trail, no records, that's incriminating

Xander: Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with Dead Boy on this one.

Angel: Could you *not* call me that?

He knocks on the door. The viewport opens and the doorman looks out.

Angel: We're friends of Ford's.

The doorman nods. Cut inside. They walk in through the inside door and
look around. It's gloomy in the extreme.

Willow: (wearing a colorfully striped shirt) Boy, we blend right in.

Xander: In no way do we stick out like sore thumbs.

Angel: Let's look around. You guys check out downstairs.

Xander: Sure thing, Bossy the cow! (they start down)

Willow: Okay, but do they really stick out?

Xander: What?

Willow: Sore thumbs. Do they stick out? I mean, have you ever seen a
thumb and gone, 'Wow! That baby is sore!'

Xander: You have too many thoughts.

Willow is a bit hurt by that. Angel looks down from the balcony and
continues around. "Reptile", by Creaming Jesus, is playing.

Lyrics: The one hungry life / My life with the other

Willow and Xander walk by a man standing in a coffin dressed as a movie

Man: (waves) Hi!

Xander waves back and looks around more.

Xander: Are you probably noticing a theme here?

Willow: As in 'Vampires! Yay!'?

Xander: That's the one.

Chantarelle gets up and comes up behind them.

Chantarelle: You guys are newbies. I can tell.

Willow: (turns to face her) Oh, no. We come here all the time.

Chantarelle: Don't be ashamed! It's cool that you're open to it. We
welcome anyone who's interested in the Lonely Ones.

Angel comes down the stairs behind them.

Willow: The Lonely Ones?

Angel: Vampires.

Xander: Oh! We usually call them the nasty, pointy, bitey ones.

Chantarelle: So many people have that misconception. But they who walk
with the night are not interested in harming anyone. They are creatures
above us. Exalted!

Angel: You're a fool.

Xander gives him a look.

Chantarelle: You don't have to be so confrontational about it. Other
viewpoints than yours may be valid, you know. (goes away)

Willow: Nice meeting you.

They turn to Angel.

Xander: You really are a people person.

Willow: Now nobody's gonna talk to us.

Angel: I've seen enough. I've seen this type before. I mean, they're
children making up bedtime stories of friendly vampires to comfort
themselves in the dark.

Willow: Is that so bad? I mean, the dark can get pretty dark. Sometimes
you need a story.

Angel: These people don't know anything about vampires. What they are,
how they live, how they dress...

A young man dressed exactly like Angel comes down the stairs behind him
and looks him up and down before continuing on. Angel clears his throat.
They start up the stairs to get out of the club.

Xander: You know, I love a good diatribe. But I'm still curious why
Ford, the bestest friend of the Slayer, is hanging with a bunch of
vampire wannabes.

Willow: Something's up with him, you're right about that.

Diego overheard them and watches them go. The girl talking to him is
confused about his reaction.

Girl: Are you okay?

Cut to the library. Buffy comes in followed by Jenny and Giles.

Buffy: Sorry to beep you guys in the middle of... stuff, but it seemed
really weird.

Giles: No, you did the right thing. Absolutely.

Jenny: (stops in her tracks) You hated it that much?

Giles: No! But, but, uh, vampires on campus is, could have
implications. Very, very grave...

Jenny: You coulda just said something.

Giles: Uh, honestly, I, I've always, I've always been interested in,
in, uh, monster trucks.

Buffy: You took him to monster trucks?

Jenny: I thought it would be a change!

Giles: It was a change.

Jenny: Look, we could've just left.

Giles: Wha-what, and miss the nitro-burning funny cars? No, couldn't
have that.

Buffy: Okay, can we get back on the vampire tip here? These guys were
here with a purpose.

Giles: Yes, yes, and, uh, we must, uh, ascertain what that purpose is.

Jenny: Where's your friend?

Buffy: I sent him home.

Giles: (sits at the table) Oh, uh, good. Yes, the less he's involved in
all this, the safer he'll be.

Buffy: He did bag a vamp his first time out.

Giles takes an open book from on top of another and exposes an old
picture of Drusilla.

Buffy: Gotta give him credit for... (notices the picture) that.

Jenny: Something wrong?

Buffy: (picks up the picture) Who's this?

Giles: Um, she's called Drusilla, a sometime paramour of Spike's. She
was killed by an angry mob in Prague.

Buffy: Well, they don't make angry mobs like they used to, 'cause this
girl's alive. I saw her with Angel.

Giles: (taken aback) With Angel?

Jenny: Isn't he supposed to be a good guy?

Buffy: (puts the picture back down) Yeah. He is.

Jenny: I think maybe we need to read up on this nice lady.

Giles: (gets up and heads for his office) Well, some of my new volumes
may be more helpful. Uh, my own research is...

The blonde vampire runs into him as she runs from his office. Jenny
draws a startled breath. Buffy comes to Giles' aid, but is knocked to
the floor underneath him when the vampire gives him a hard shove. She
jumps up onto the table and leaps over the mezzanine railing, making her
escape through the stacks. Jenny helps Giles and Buffy up.

Jenny: Are you guys okay?

Giles: A book! It took one of my books!

Jenny: Well, at least someone in this school is reading.

Buffy: He said he killed it. That's the vampire Ford said he killed.

Cut to Spike's warehouse. Drusilla is talking to her bird as the camera
pans around the cage.

Drusilla: You sing the sweetest little song. Won't you sing for me,
hmm? Don't you love me anymore?

The bird is lying dead at the bottom of the cage. Spike comes into the
room behind Drusilla.

Spike: Darling! I heard a funny thing just now. Lucius tells me that
you went out on a hunt the other night.

Drusilla: My tummy was growly. And you were out. (to the bird) Come on.
(whistles) I'll pout if you don't sing.

Spike: (puts his arms around her) You, um, meet anyone? Anyone
interesting? Like Angel?

Drusilla: Angel.

Spike: Yeah. So... (kisses her forehead) What might you guys have
talked about, then? Old times? Childhood pranks? It's a little off, you
two so friendly, him being the enemy and all that.

Drusilla: (to the bird) I'll give you a seed if you sing.

Spike: The bird's dead, Dru. You left it in a cage, and you didn't feed
it, and now it's all dead, just like the last one.

Drusilla cowers and whines.

Spike: Oh, I'm sorry baby. I'm a bad, rude man. I just don't like you
goin' out, that's all. You are weak. (takes her hand) Would you like a
new bird? One that's not dead? (sucks on her finger)

Ford: This is so cool!

Spike looks up to see him standing among some crates.

Ford: I would totally live here.

Spike: (loudly) Do I have anyone on watch here? It's called security,
people. Are you all asleep? (walks toward Ford) Or did we finally find a
restaurant that delivers?

Ford: I know who you are.

Spike: Yeah, I know who I am, too. So what?

Ford: I came looking for you, Spike. You are Spike, right? William the

Spike: You've got a real death wish. It's almost interesting.

The blonde vampire comes in, walks up to Spike and hands him the book
she stole. Spike begins to leaf through it.

Spike: Oh, this is great. This'll be very useful. (to Ford) So, how did
you find me?

Ford: That doesn't matter. I've got something to offer you. I-I'm
pretty sure this is the part where you take out a watch and say I've got
thirty seconds to convince you not to kill me? (smiles) It's

Spike: Well, (slams the book and strides to Ford) I don't go much for

He grabs Ford by the ear and lifts him.

Drusilla: Wait, love.

Ford is in obvious pain, but doesn't scream. Drusilla puts her hand on
Spikes's shoulder, and he lets go.

Spike: Well?

Ford: Oh, c'mon! Say it! It's no fun if you don't say it.

Spike: What? Oh. (rolls his eyes and bobs his head) You've got thirty
seconds to convince me not to kill you.

Ford: Yes! See, this is the best! I wanna be like you. A vampire.

Spike: I've known you for two minutes, and I can't stand you. I don't
really feature you livin' forever. (to Drusilla) Can I eat him now,

Drusilla shakes her head.

Ford: Well, feature this: I'm offering you a trade. (Spike turns back)
You make me a vampire, and I give you the Slayer.

Ford has their undivided attention. Spike smiles.

~~~~~~~~~~ Part 3 ~~~~~~~~~~

The kitchen at the Summers house. Buffy is nursing a cup of coffee.
Angel slowly pushes the door open.

Angel: Buffy. May I come in?

Buffy: (looks up) Sure. I thought once you were invited you could
always just walk in.

Angel: I can. I was just being polite. (closes the door) We need to

Buffy: Do we? (picks up her coffee and heads into the dining room)

Angel: It's about your friend Ford. He's not what he seems.

Buffy: Who is these days?

Angel: Willow ran him down on the computer.

Buffy: Willow?

Angel: We found this address, we checked it out with Xander, and it
turned out...

Buffy: (disbelieving) And Xander? Wow. Everybody's in. It's like a
great big exciting conspiracy.

Angel: What are you talking about?

Buffy: I'm talking about the people I trust. Who's Drusilla?

Angel lowers his eyes, seeing he's been caught in a lie.

Buffy: And don't lie to me. I'm tired of it.

Angel: Some lies are necessary.

Buffy: For what?

Angel: Sometimes the truth is worse. You live long enough, you find
that out.

Buffy: I can take it. I can take the truth.

Angel: Do you love me?

Buffy: What?

Angel: Do you?

She takes a moment to consider her answer.

Buffy: I love you. I don't know if I trust you.

Angel: Maybe you shouldn't do either. (turns away)

Buffy: Maybe I'm the one who should decide!

Angel: I did a lot of unconscionable things when I became a vampire.
(turns back, but doesn't make eye contact) Drusilla was the worst. She
was... an obsession of mine. She was pure and sweet and chaste...

Buffy: And you made her a vampire.

Angel: First I made her insane. (looks at her) Killed everybody she
loved. Visited every mental torture on her I could devise. (Buffy looks
away) She eventually fled to a convent, and on the day she took her holy
orders, I turned her into a demon.

Buffy: Well. I asked for the truth.

Angel: Ford's part of some society that reveres vampires. Practically
worships them. I don't know what he wants from you, but you can't trust

Fade to black. Cut to school the next day. Buffy walks up some stairs to
the quad. Ford meets her there. The camera circles them as they talk.

Ford: Buffy!

Buffy: Ford.

Ford: I had a great time last night. Well, an interesting time.

Buffy: (arms crossed) I'm glad.

Ford: Do you wanna go out again tonight?

Buffy: Not busy.

Ford: I sort of had an idea. It's a... It's a secret. Kinda wanna
surprise you.

Buffy: I like surprises.

Ford: Can you meet me here?

Buffy: Sure.

Ford: At nine?

Buffy: At nine.

Ford: (smiles) It's gonna be fun! (walks off)

Buffy just stands there for a moment before uncrossing her arms and
continuing on her way.

Cut to later at the stairs in the hall. Xander and Willow are sitting on
the steps. Buffy comes down behind them.

Willow: (gets up) Buffy!

Buffy doesn't really want to face her, but does.

Willow: Did, uh, Angel...

Buffy: He told me everything.

Willow: I'm sorry we kept stuff from you.

Buffy: It's okay. (smiles weakly)

Willow: When Angel came to my room he was just really concerned for
you, and we didn't wanna say anything in case we were wrong.

Xander: Did you find out what Ford is up to?

Buffy: I will. (walks off)

Willow and Xander sadly watch her go. After a moment something clicks in
Xander's head.

Xander: Angel was in your bedroom?

Willow: (nods) Ours is a forbidden love.

Cut to the Sunset Club. Chantarelle is sitting and drumming her fingers.
Diego paces nervously. The camera pans up to Ford coming down the

Ford: (ignoring Diego) Chantarelle. Is everything ready?

Diego: Of course. It's ready. (trying to get Ford's attention) Hi, I
took care of it. I always take care of it.

Chantarelle: Is it time? Tonight?

Ford: You nervous? (pours goblets of wine)

Chantarelle: Yes. No. I'm ready for the change. Do you really think
they'll bless us?

Ford: (takes a goblet and hands her the other) I know they will.

He smiles at Chantarelle. She smiles back.

Ford: Everything's falling into place. (takes a sip of wine)

Diego: What about your friends? Are they comin'?

Ford: What are you talking about?

Diego: Your friends. They came. Last night. Two guys and a girl.

Chantarelle: One was mean.

Ford: Oh, Christ! Why didn't you tell me about this?

Diego: I have to do everything around here. Sorry, Mr. Flawless Plan
Guy, it slipped my mind.

Chantarelle: It's gonna be alright, isn't it?

Ford winces in pain and puts his fingertips to his forehead.

Chantarelle: They're not gonna let us down?

Ford: (the pain passes) It's gonna be fine.

Chantarelle: I need them to bless me.

Ford: It's gonna be fine!

Buffy: No.

They all look at her at the top of the stairs.

Buffy: It's really not.

Ford: (to Diego) It's kinda drafty in here.

Buffy: (starts down the stairs) I'm sorry, Ford. I just couldn't wait
till tonight! I'm rash and impulsive. It's a flaw.

Ford: We all have flaws.

Buffy: I'm still a little fuzzy on exactly what yours is. I think it
has to do with being a lying scumbag. (reaches him)

Ford: Everybody lies.

Buffy: What do you want, Ford? What's this all about?

Ford: I really don't think you'd understand.

Buffy: I don't need to understand. I just need to know.

Ford: I'm gonna be one of them.

Buffy: You wanna be a vampire?

Ford: I'm going to.

Buffy: You know, vampires are a little picky about who they change
ov... (figures it out) You were gonna offer them a trade!

Ford: I don't think I wanna talk anymore.

She grabs him by the throat and shoves him up against a pillar.

Buffy: Yeah, well, I still feel awfully chatty! You were gonna give
them me! Tonight!

Ford: (nods) Yes.

Buffy: You had to know I'd figure it out.

Ford: Actually, I was counting on it. (smiles)

She lets go of his throat and backs away. He coughs a bit and then

Buffy: What's supposed to happen tonight?

Ford: This is *so* cool! It's just like it played in my head. You know
that part where you ask me what's supposed to happen? (snickers) It's
already happening.

Diego swings the inner door shut with a loud clang. She runs back up the
stairs and pounds on the door.

Ford: Rigged up special. Once it's closed, it can only be opened from
the outside. As soon as the sun sets, they'll be comin'.

Buffy: Ford, if these people are still around when they get here...

Diego: (interrupts) We'll be changed. All of us.

Chantarelle: We're going to ascend to a new level of consciousness!
Become like them. Like the Lonely Ones.

Ford: This is the end, Buffy. No one gets outta here alive.

~~~~~~~~~~ Part 4 ~~~~~~~~~~

The Sunset Club. Buffy hurries back down the stairs.

Buffy: There's gotta be another way out of here! (looks around)

Ford: This is a bomb shelter, Buffy. I knew I wasn't gonna be able to
overpower you. But this is three feet of solid concrete. Trust me when I
say we're in for the long haul.

Buffy: At least let the other people go.

Chantarelle: Why are you fighting this? It's what we want!

Diego: It's our chance for immortality.

Chantarelle: This is a beautiful day. Can't you see that?

Buffy: What I see is that, right after the sun goes down, Spike and all
of his friends are going to be pigging out at the all-you-can-eat moron

Diego: Okay, that's it. I think we should gag her.

Buffy: I think you should try.

Diego: She's an unbeliever. She taints us.

Buffy: I am trying to save you! You are playing in some serious traffic
here! Do you understand that? You're going to die! And the only hope you
have of surviving this is to get out of this pit right now, and, my God,
could you have a dorkier outfit?

Diego is offended. Chantarelle smiles.

Ford: I gotta back her up, D. You look like a big ninny. (his alarm
goes off) 6:27. Sunset.

They all walk away from her. She looks around for what to do next.

Cut to Spike's warehouse. He comes marching out with his troops.

Spike: When we get there, everybody spread out. Two men on the door,
first priority's the Slayer, everything else is fair game, and let's
remember to share, people. (meets Drusilla ) Are you sure you're up for

Drusilla: I want a treat. I need a treat.

Spike: And a special one you'll have. Lucius! (hold up his keys) Bring
the car around.

Cut to the Sunset Club. Buffy runs back up the stairs to the door. Ford
follows her.

Ford: Hey, you never give up, do you?

Buffy: No, I don't.

Ford: That's a good quality in a person. Too many people, they just lay
back and take it, but us...

Buffy: Us? We have something in common now?

Ford: More than you think.

Buffy: Yeah, well, let me explain something to you. You're what we call
the bad guy.

Ford: I guess I am! (chuckles)

Buffy: (looks down at the people) These people aren't gonna get
changed, are they? The rest of them, they're just fodder.

Ford: Technically, yes. But I'm in. I will become immortal.

Buffy: Well, I've got a news flash for you, braintrust: that's not how
it works. You die, and a demon sets up shop in your old house, and it
walks, and it talks, and it remembers your life, but it's not you.

Ford: It's better than nothing.

Buffy: And your life is nothing?

Ford snickers.

Buffy: Ford, these people don't deserve to die!

Ford: Well, neither do I! But apparently no one took that into
consideration, 'cause I'm still dying.

Buffy begins to realize what he's up to now.

Ford: I look good, don't I? Well, let me tell you something: (angry)
I've got maybe six months left, and by then what they bury won't even
*look* like me. It'll be bald and shriveled and it'll smell bad. No, I'm
not going out that way.

Buffy turns away.

Ford: I'm sorry, Summers. Did I screw up your righteous anger riff?
Does the nest of tumors liquefying my brain kinda spoil the fun?

Buffy: (faces him) I'm sorry. I had no idea. But what you're doing is
still very wrong.

Ford: Okay, well, you try vomiting for twenty-four hours straight
because the pain in your head is so intense, and *then* we'll discuss
the concept of right and wrong. (points down) These people are sheep.
They wanna be vampires 'cause they're lonely, miserable or bored. I
don't have a choice.

Buffy: You have a choice. You don't have a good choice, but you have a
choice! You're opting for mass murder here, and nothing you say is gonna
make that okay!

Ford: You think I need to justify myself to you?

Buffy: I think this is all part of your little fantasy drama! Isn't
this exactly how you imagined it? You tell me how you've suffered and I
feel sorry for you. Well, I do feel sorry for you, and if those vampires
come in here and start feeding, I'll kill you myself!

Ford: You know what, Summers? I really did miss you.

Buffy can only look at him. Outside a car comes screeching to a halt.

Buffy: Ford, help me stop this. (silence) Please!

Ford remains silent. Buffy runs around to the stairs again.

Buffy: People, listen to me! (Ford comes after her) This is not the
mothership, people! This is ugly death come to play!

Ford backhand punches her across the face, and she goes tumbling to the
bottom of the steps. He comes down after her and punches her in the back
as she tries to get up, sending her to the floor again. They hear the
outside door open and look up. Chantarelle starts up the stairs to meet
them. Ford checks to see that Buffy is still out cold on the floor.
Chantarelle reaches the top of the steps as the inner door opens. Spike
walks up to her in his game face and smiles. He roars at her and she
flinches a bit but doesn't back down. He tears the choker off of her
neck. She starts to cry in fear.

Spike: Take them all. Save the Slayer for me.

The vampires run and jump down the stairs to the people below and begin
feeding. Spike grabs Chantarelle by the neck and bites her violently.
Buffy wakes and gets up, and Ford tries to hit her with a crowbar. She
grabs his arm in mid-swing and pulls him around, making him hit his head
on a concrete pillar. He falls unconscious to the floor. She looks at
the mayhem going on around her and spots Drusilla standing by herself on
the balcony. She takes a running leap off of a couch up to the balcony
railing, quickly climbs over, grabs Drusilla from behind and holds a
stake to her chest.

Buffy: Spike!

Spike stops feeding on Chantarelle and looks over at them. Drusilla
stares at the stake poised in front of her.

Spike: Everybody STOP!

They all stop feeding.

Buffy: Good idea. Now you let everyone out, or your girlfriend fits in
an ashtray.

Drusilla: (frightened) Spike?

Spike: It's gonna be alright, baby. Let them go!

They all let go of their victims, and the people hurry up the stairs and

Buffy: Down the stairs.

Spike slowly backs down the stairs. Buffy forces Drusilla ahead of her,
still holding the stake ready. When Buffy reaches the top of the stairs
she stares at Spike for a moment. She looks at Drusilla and shoves her
down the stairs at Spike. He catches and steadies her as Buffy turns and
rushes out the door. He starts to give chase as Buffy swings the door
shut behind her. Spike slams up against it. He looks for the way to open

Spike: Uh, where's the doorknob?

Cut to the alley. Buffy walks out of the building and sees the people
help and support each other. Angel walks up to her and Willow and Xander
are close behind.

Buffy: You guys are just in time.

Willow: Are there vampires?

Buffy: They're contained. They'll get out eventually, though. We should
probably go. We can come back when they're gone.

Xander: Come back for what?

Buffy: (looks back at the entrance) For the body.

Cut inside the club. The vampires are banging on the doors. Ford wakes
and gets up, holding his head. Spike is comforting Drusilla.

Ford: What happened?

Spike: We're stuck in a basement.

Ford: Buffy?

Spike: (comes down t
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