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#216 : Paradis artificiels

Titre en VO : "Unspoken Truths" - Titre en VF : "Paradis artificiels"
¤ USA : diffusé le 23/02/04 - France : inédit
¤ Scénario : Greg Berlanti & Rina Mimoun - Réalisation : Michael Lange
¤ Guest-stars : Marcia Cross (Linda Abbott), Sarah Lancaster (Madison Kellner), Mike Erwin (Colin Hart), Paul Wasilewski (Tommy Callahan), Lisa Waltz (Diane Schumacher), Kelly Carlson (Ada), Merrilyn Gann (Rose Abbott), Ben Weber (Chris Beals) et Charlie Weber (Jay).

Note : Ce n'est pas Sarah Lancaster qui chante mais c'est Nicole Gordon qui prète sa voix au personnage. On peut notament entendre dans cet épisode les titres Day By Day et Without Me.

Madison et son groupe ont réussi à avoir une scène pour pouvoir se produire mais il s'agit d'un bar interdit aux mineurs. Ephram qui est décidé à la soutenir jusqu’au bout se procure une fausse carte d’identité par Bright.

Nina commence une procédure de divorce sous les conseils d’Andy. Linda a l'impression qu'il praticipe un peu trop dans les démarches administratives de sa voisine et lui rappelle qu'il n'est qu'un ami.

Amy inquiète de plus en plus ses parents qui voient ses notes dégringolées à vitesse grand v. Tommy l’embarque à une fête clandestine pour lui changer les idées et lui propose du GHB. La situation se dégrade, Amy a des hallucinations de Colin et Tommy perd subitement connaissance.

Bande annonce 216 (VO)
Bande annonce 216 (VO)


Plus de détails

Madison et son groupe doivent jouer dans un club pour être écouté par un producteur. Afin de venir soutenir Madison, Ephram se procure une fausse carte d'identité grâce à Bright.

Les notes d'Amy inquiètent ses parents qui sont convoqués à une réunion avec le conseiller pédagogique de leur fille à l'école. Durant cette réunion Amy ne veut rien entendre et encore moins parler à ses parents. De son côté Bright obtient de bons résultats à l'école mais ses parents restent toujours préoccupés par Amy.

Nina débute une procédure de divorce et se rend compte que cela ne sera pas aussi facile qu'elle ne le pense. Andy lui vient en aide dans cette épreuve difficile mais Linda pense qu'il s'implique trop avec Nina et qu'il agit comme un mari vis à vis d'elle et non comme un ami.

Afin d'oublier cette semaine difficile, Tommy emmène Amy dans un fête clandestine dans un motel. Là ils se mettent tout les deux à boire et Tommy et Amy finissent par prendre du GHB (drogue hallucinogène). Amy a des hallucinations de Colin lui disant de le laisser tranquille et de l'oublier ce qui fait replonger Amy dans la déprime. Quand Amy revient dans la chambre, elle découvre Tommy inconscient.

Ephram qui en a marre d'être traité comme un gamin boit dans le bar où Madison se produit et finit par se battre avec Jay, le guitariste du groupe et ex de Madison. Andy vient rechercher son fils au poste de police et plutôt que de le punir Andy essaye de comprendre ce qui lui arrive. Madison explique à Ephram qu'elle ne sait pas si elle veut s'engager de manière sérieuse avec lui et est toujours sous le choc de la bagarre. Madison lui promet de revenir lui parler le lendemain et Ephram lui dit qu'elle a été géniale sur scène.

A la fête, personne ne veut appeler d'ambulance pour Tommy de peur de voir la police débarquer. Désespérée, Amy appelle son père qui arrive pour administrer les premiers soins à Tommy qui est toujours inconscient.


[Open in the Brown kitchen. Madison is at the stove, preparing dinner for the Browns. She then walks to the counter. Delia is at the counter helping Madison. Ephram is setting the table in the background.]

DELIA: So are you going to be famous like where you make music videos and Pepsi commercials and stuff?

MADISON: I think it's a little early for that, sweetie. I mean, this manager guy, he might not even like us. [looking to Ephram] Although Jay said that he loved our tape.

[Ephram walks into the kitchen.]

EPHRAM: Jay. Jay found him.

MADISON: Well, yeah. What's wrong with that about?

EPHRAM: Nothing. Oh, I would just make sure he was a real manager before you got too invested. I mean, he might be just one of Jay's stoner buddies who decides he wants to manage a band today. Tomorrow, he'll be raising alpacas in Oregon.

[Ephram goes back to fix the table.]

DELIA: What's an alpaca?

MADISON: You know, actually, the guy used to rap Toes Wet Rocket and one of those other college bands before they hit and Jay is pretty much using every contact he's had since, like, grade school to come and see us so you might want to cut him slack.

EPHRAM: Yeah, sure. Relax.

DELIA: If you let me come to your show, I can talk to the manager for you. The grown-ups love me.

MADISON: I wish I could, sweetie, but the bar we're playing at won't let you in. It's kind of breaking the law.

DELIA: But, aren't you going, Ephram?

EPHRAM: Yeah, definitely. I wouldn't miss it.

MADISON: Well, how are you going to get in?

EPHRAM: I'll figure something out.

DR. BROWN'S VOICE: Ephram, we've got a situation here.

[We see Dr. Brown entering the kitchen. He's looking at something. He walks toward Ephram.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) I just got your report card.

DELIA: [to Madison] Run for it.

[They exit through the way Dr. Brown came in.]

EPHRAM: Look, I know. D in Spanish, right?

DR. BROWN: Well, yeah.

EPHRAM: I thought I had a handle on it. Obviously, I was wrong.

DR. BROWN: Obviously. So this is what we're going to do...

EPHRAM: Ah, uh, I already talked to the teacher. I'm going to do some extra credit assignments, make up for it by the next progress report.

DR. BROWN: Well, that's fine but we're also going to get...

EPHRAM: And I lined up a tutor to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen again in the future. Which, of course, I'll pay for with my own allowance because, let's face it, you shouldn't have to cover the cost of my own mistakes.

DR. BROWN: And what is the name of this tutor?

EPHRAM: Señor El Gato.

DR. BROWN: Señor El What-o?

EPHRAM: El Gato. It means cat. See, my Spanish is getting better already. Oh, I almost forgot.

[Ephram hands his dad his car keys.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Car keys. Looks like I'll be biking for a week or two or, you know, whatever you're comfortable with.

[Ephram walks off.]

DR. BROWN: Unbelievable.

[Cut to Bright looking at his report card in the Abbott foyer.]

BRIGHT: Unbelievable. [beat, then calling out] Dad! DAAAD! I got the maaail!

[We see Dr. H. Abbott coming down the steps with a wastebasket in hand.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: While that is an accomplishment, it certainly doesn't require such voluble.

BRIGHT: Check it out.

[We see Bright's report card {view it in the file labeled brightreportcard.htm}.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Oh. Oh, my Lord. ROSE! Rose. [to Bright] Well, there are A's on this report card.

BRIGHT: Three of them. I'm, like, totally smart.

[Rose enters from the kitchen.]

ROSE: What's going on?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Our son got three A's.

[Rose looks at the report card her husband just handed to her.]

ROSE: You did. Congratulations!

[Rose gives him a hug. Dr. H. Abbott notices another piece of mail and opens it while Rose and Bright are rejoicing.]

ROSE: (CONT'D) That's wonderful, sweetheart.

BRIGHT: Ya know, I gotta call Laurie Hudson. Little Miss I'm-too-smart-to-date-a-dumb-jock-like-you. I think she needs to find another reason not to go out with me.

[Rose chuckles as she's watching Bright go up the stairs.]

ROSE: Ah, I'll bake a cake. We should celebrate.

[Rose notices her husband's not excited as she is right now.]

ROSE: (CONT'D) What is it, Harold?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Look for yourself.

[He hands it to her.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: It's Amy's report card.

[We see Amy's report card {view it in the file labeled amyreportcard.htm}. Dr. H. Abbott shakes his head as we fade out.]



[Open in the library of Peak County High. Bright is checking himself out in the mirror. He is testing out different glasses.]

BRIGHT: These are cool. Well, I don't know if they do me justice.

[Bright turns around.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) I mean, they look good but do they say I'm a genius?

[Ephram is studying. We see other glasses on the table he's at.]

EPHRAM: No because they don't speak.

BRIGHT: Hey, hey. Less lip, more conjugating or, uh, El Gato here is not going to sign off on these little tutorials.

[Bright gets another pair of glases off the table.]

EPHRAM: You know, I appreciate the assist but you're not really my Spanish tutor.

BRIGHT: I could be. You're looking at a man who got three A's here. I mean because I am very trabajador.

[Bright sits.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Translation: hard-working.

[Ephram gives him a look.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Go ahead. Write it down.

[Ephram stabs the pen into his notebook.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) So what's wrong, hand dog? Why does there always have to be drama in the world of Ephram?

EPHRAM: You know if you were really smart, you'd figure out a way for me to get into The Hook on Friday for Madison's show.

BRIGHT: Your dad's letting you go to a college bar after the big D? Give it up for Andy Brown, parent for the new millennium.

EPHRAM: Well, he's not not letting me go. He just doesn't know about the exact event. But, you know, he didn't ground me so...

BRIGHT: Because you beat him to the punch.

EPHRAM: I had to. I gotta make sure when Jay's budding Mr. Manager guy signs them that Madison kisses me and not Jay while they're all toasting to their newfound fame and success which, of course, I'm not a part of. At all.

BRIGHT: So I'm sensing Jay is a big theme here.

EPHRAM: But I can't get into The Hook because it's a bar. They serve alcohol. And I'm not 21. How stupid is that? I mean, where is the logic? You can't walk into a place just because you're not 21? I mean, I go to the supermarket. There's alcohol there.

BRIGHT: No need to get political, dude. I'm here for you. It's covered.

EPHRAM: What does that mean? "It's covered"?

BRIGHT: It means you're getting into the show. Relax.

EPHRAM: How? Do you know somebody or something?

BRIGHT: Just meet me here tomorrow after 6th period.

[Ephram nods and a bell rings.]

EPHRAM: You know if you pull this off...

BRIGHT: It's Gato, dude. El Gato.

[Ephram walks off and Amy takes his place.]

AMY: Is he just skipping?

BRIGHT: Yeah, uh, having sex with a rock goddess tends to have that effect on a guy.

AMY: They're sleeping together?

BRIGHT: What did you think they were doing together this whole time? Playing Solitaire? [beat] Or some other two-person card game?

[Amy shakes her head. Then goes about her purpose.]

AMY: Whatever. Not my business. Listen, I need to ask you a favor. And before you say no, it's not a big one. Can you get the mail for me?

BRIGHT: Oh, so you can hide your report card from Mom and Dad?

[Bright rummages around his bag.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Too late. They already saw it. [beat] I believe this is what they call "karma".

[Amy puts on a forced smile.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Learn it, live it. Love it.

[Bright rises and puts his hand in his sister's hair. Second bell rings as Bright walks off. Amy sighs.]

[Cut to someone hitting a bell at Mama Joy's. Someone picks up food. Nina picks up coffee and pours some into a cup.]

NINA: I don't understand what you're so upset about.

[We see she's pouring some into Dr. Brown's cup.]

NINA: (CONT'D) It sounds to me you handled the whole thing very maturely.

DR. BROWN: He stole my thunder.

[Nina pours some coffee into another man's cup and the man (he's wearing a suit) smiles.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) You can't ground a kid after pulling something like that. And if you can't ground them, what can you do?

NINA: Be pleasantly surprised by how well they're growing up all by themselves?

DR. BROWN: Nah, that's passive. That's totally passive. Nope. I decided the best way to handle it was to beat him at his own game. So I took those car keys and threw them right back in his face.

NINA: Nice. Maybe next time you can raise his allowance. That'll show him.

DR. BROWN: Oh, you're funny. You're very funny.

[Nina smiles. Dr. Brown pulls something out from his pocket.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) OK. You ready for schedules?

NINA: Hmm, you really need to invest in a Palm Pilot.

DR. BROWN: Oh. Alright, so you're covered for tomorrow. And I can take care of Sam on Saturday afternoon.

NINA: Don't worry. I get Delia that night.

DR. BROWN: Great. Then I can give you next Saturday night if you want.

NINA: Please. You can have the next ten Saturday nights 'cause I got nothin' going on.

[They smile.]

NINA: (CONT'D) Where are you and Linda going? I like to live vicariously.

DR. BROWN: Oh, I don't know. Dinner, a movie. Nothing special. I'm just really glad to be over that whole courtship thing. No fuss, no muss, no balloons necessary.

NINA: I'm so glad things are going so well for you guys. It's nice to see you happy.

[Dr. Brown sips some of his coffee. The man in the suit stands.]

NINA: Oh, do you need the check, sir?

MAN: Yes. And, uh, are you Nina Feeney?

NINA: Yes.

[Man hands Nina some papers.]

MAN: Just been served.

NINA: What?

MAN: Go ahead. Keep the change.

[Man leaves and Nina opens the paper.]

DR. BROWN: What is it?

NINA: It's Carl. He's filed for divorce.

[Nina tosses the paper on the counter. Dr. Brown tries to feel sympathetic for Nina who is in a mood now.]

[Cut to Amy tossing through her things in her room at Edna and Irv's. Tommy is lying on her bed looking through a book. I think I see Amy holding Grover.]

AMY: How am I supposed to keep this room neat when there is no place to keep all my stuff?

TOMMY: I don't know. Just toss it under the bed or something.

[Amy's looking through her closet.]

AMY: They look under there.

[Amy tosses the stuffed animal I think is Grover and sits in a chair grumpily.]

TOMMY: Oh, what's wrong?

AMY: Nothing. [beat] Just my brother tried to piss me off today and it worked. Two points for him. Woo-hoo.

[Tommy moves the book.]

TOMMY: What did he say this time?


AMY: I don't remember. It's nothing. It's just, um... [sighs] It's alright. Everything sucks right now.

[Amy tosses a blue sweater.]

TOMMY: I love it when you're specific.

AMY: I failed two classes in the last quarter. And my parents found my report card first which means they know. And they're probably sitting at home, wallowing in how right they were.

TOMMY: Well, see, now I know what's stressing you out so bad. Come here. [gestures to the bed] You know what you need? A nice night off.

[Amy gets up from the chair and lies on her bed.]

TOMMY: (CONT'D) So I'll tell you what. Tomorrow night, we will do anything that you want and that includes ice skating which you know kills me.

AMY: Really?

TOMMY: Hmmhmm.

AMY: Wow. I should fail stuff more often.

TOMMY: Oh, damn. I just realized tomorrow's Friday.

AMY: Do you have to work?

TOMMY: No. My buddies from school are throwing this big party and I promised them I might go and...I don't know... It's no big deal. I can just flake.

AMY: No. You should go that. I've never met your friends from school before.

TOMMY: Yeah, I know and you're not missing anything. Trust me.

AMY: I want to.

[Amy kisses Tommy.]

AMY: (CONT'D) After all the time we spend together, I think I should meet yours. If you don't mind.

TOMMY: I would love for you to go. I can show you off to all my friends. You're like a goddess to them.

[Amy laughs.]

AMY: Cool. Then we'll go. And remember then we can go ice skating because I know you want to.

TOMMY: Oh is that right?

[They laugh. Amy turns around and she rests with him around her. He opens his eyes and watches her.]

[Cut to Jay playing the guitar. The rest of the band is playing too. Madison gets ready to sing when a door open by Ephram and Madison looks happy to see him. Music dies down.]

JAY: Oh, man. What the hell?

[Madison walks over to Ephram.]

MADISON: Calm down. [to Ephram] Hey sweetie.


[They kiss.]

EPHRAM: So are you guys running a little late? It's after six.

JAY: Except practice goes to eight now. [to Madison] We said no groupies this week.

EPHRAM: What's your problem, dude?

MADISON: It's my fault. I forgot to tell you. We're extending practice every night two hours until the show. We just want to get it really tight.

EPHRAM: Oh, that's cool. Maybe I can stick around. My notes are in the car.

[Jay rolls his eyes.]

MADISON: Actually the thing is we made this rule that we weren't allowing guests or anybody to watch this week.

JAY: No distractions, no boy toys.

EPHRAM: Oh, I guess that means you're out, Jay.

[Jay makes a sarcastic laugh.]

MADISON: Ephram, don't.

[Silence for a few beats.]

EPHRAM: You...Alright...Fine. I'm, uh, gonna take off.

MADISON: Oh, I'll come and get you when we're done. [beat] Eight-thirty, OK?


[Ephram leaves.]

[Cut to outside. We see the garage. Ephram leaps off something. He gets off and gets into his car while instrumental is occuring. He starts his car on fade out.]



[Open in Diane Shumacher's office. She is an attorney at law and looking at the papers.]

DIANE: Well, it all appears fairly standard. So how do you want to handle it?

[We see she's meeting with Nina. Dr. Brown is present too.]

NINA: What do you mean?

DIANE: Well, I mean we could get all bulldoggy about it. Take him for all he’s got...

NINA: Oh no. No. I just want to get through this quickly and... You know. Just easy.

DIANE: That’s fine. Not as much fun, but it's fine.

[Diane smiles.]

NINA: I just want whatever the standard child support payments would be. I don’t even really need alimony - -

DIANE: OK, I agreed not to be a bulldog, but I’m certainly not going to roll over and play dead. We should at least explore your options.

DR. BROWN: Nina...

[Nina looks to Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) managed the household the entire time Carl was away on business. That accounts for at least fifty percent of the marriage...

NINA: But I agreed to do that. It’s not right to ask him to pay for that now.

DR. BROWN: You may have agreed to some things, but you certainly didn't agree to let him cheat.

DIANE: He cheated on you? Fabulous.

NINA: With a man.

DIANE: Even better.

NINA: Forget it. I’m not bringing up any of that. Especially in front of Sam --

DIANE: Yeah, and what about Sam? How do you want to handle visitation? Every weekend? Every other weekend? These are the things that are gonna get sticky.

NINA: I don’t know. He can see Sam whenever he wants to. I don’t see why it needs to be any more complicated than that.

DIANE: Because it’s a divorce, Nina. It’s gonna to get complicated. [beat] I'm gonna get water. You want water?

DR. BROWN: Love some.

[Diane gets some water.]

DR. BROWN: Look at me, Nina. This is the hardest part. This moment. But if you do this right, you won’t have to live the rest of your life regretting anything. Or resenting anyone. Or kicking yourself. I know you just want to move on to the next chapter, and you will. But I’m not going to let you sign on the dotted line and accept whatever standard minimum crap he’s offering. You deserve much more than that. Do you understand me?

[Nina nods. Dr. Brown smiles at Nina.]

[Cut to Amy opening a door.]

AMY: Well, what are you guys doing here? Where's Grandma?

[We see that Chris Beels (guidance counselor), Rose Abbott, and Dr. H. Abbott are sitting at a table. We're at Peak County High and it's a meeting about Amy's grades on her last report card.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Your grandma asked us if we would step in for this particular meeting.

CHRIS: Does Grandma usually attend these types of meetings?

AMY: I don't usually have these types of meetings. Do I, Dad?

DR. H. ABBOTT: No. You don't.

[Amy comes in all the way and sits.]

ROSE: You look thin.

[Amy puts her hands over her stomach. Amy sighs.]

AMY: Can we just get this over with please?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Yes. Uh, what can we do in terms of damage control? We don't want this one unfortunate term plaguing our daughter's otherwise pristine record when college applications roll around.

CHRIS: I understand. And depending on how hard Amy's willing to work, there are a lot of options.

AMY: Like what?

CHRIS: First, I would recommend dropping the two electives that you failed, Spanish and World Drama. Minimize your course load for the rest of the year. Focus on yourself and take the electives again over summer.

AMY: Summer school?

ROSE: That sounds reasonable. Um, what else would you suggest?

[Cut to Amy leaving the room. Rose and Dr. H. Abbott come out behind her.]

AMY: Well, that was great.

ROSE: Amy.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Rose. Just let her go.

ROSE: Amy.

[Amy turns around.]

AMY: I know. I'm going to take the stupid classes. I'll get the tutors, OK? I'll fix it.

ROSE: That's not what I wanted to say.

AMY: I know. I'm a huge disappointment. You're humilated, you're ashamed. So what do you want me to do? Do you want me to change my last name? I could move to a whole another state if that would make you happy. [beat] God, why do we have to keep doing this?

ROSE: I just wanted to say that we're here for you. We've been here the whole time and we'll keep being here. That's all.

[Amy walks off. Dr. H. Abbott puts his hand on his wife's shoulder.]


ROSE: I miss her, Harold.

[He kisses her hair. They watch Amy walking down the hallway.]

[Cut to a patch of snow. Ephram and Bright walk along the side walk.]

EPHRAM: This is a knitting store.

BRIGHT: Yep. Ada's Nimble Needles.

EPHRAM: Well, how is little old Ada gonna help me get into The Hook? Am I going to crotchet something for the bouncer during intermission?

BRIGHT: First of all, Ada is hot.

[Ephram opens the door and Bright follows.]

[Cut to inside Ada’s Nimble Needles. A tiny store featuring yarn, needles, and a large quilt that serves as a backdrop. Ada, mid- to late-20s, stands behind a counter. Bright is right. She is hot.]

EPHRAM: Dear God.

[Bright closes the door.]

ADA: Howdy, boys. What can I do you for?

BRIGHT: Hi, Ada. I, I was wondering you could hook my friend here up with some Regia sock yarn?

EPHRAM: Sock yarn? I don’t need...I don't need any sock yarn.

ADA: Follow me, gentlemen. And will you flip the sign?

[Bright flips the sign on the door to read CLOSED, and the boys follow Ada behind the quilt to reveal: A camera set up with a stool, different colored curtains behind it. A computer. A Xerox machine.]

EPHRAM: What the hell?

ADA: Tony Tiggerello. North Dakota. August, ’74.

BRIGHT: A Leo. That’s me.

ADA: I thought so. I never forget a face.

EPHRAM: Tony Tigerello...?

[Ada points to the stool and situates herself behind the camera.]

ADA: Park it over here, honey. On the stool.

BRIGHT: You are about to get your very first fake ID.

[Ada smiles at Ephram. His picture is taken and he blinks.]

EPHRAM: So, you don’t sell yarn?

ADA: Baby doll, I got a Benz in the back. Yarn don’t even cover my gas. OK, I’m going to have this ready for you in an hour. Seventy-five dollars. Cash. No checks. No credit cards. Now look at me.

[Ephram does. She seems stumped.]

ADA: (CONT’D) Hmm. Normally, the name just comes to me. But I’m not getting anything.

EPHRAM: Um, well, how about Ephram?

ADA: Ephram? No. I’ll come up with something good. Don’t worry, pussycat. One hour. Do not be late.

[They walk out of the operation.]

BRIGHT: Dude. I love her.

[Cut to Dr. L. Abbott walking up to the Brown residence with a bag in hand. We hear Dr. Brown on the phone.]

DR. BROWN: Unhuh. Yeah, that's what I thought. OK, what's that number? Great. Doug, you're the best.

[Dr. L. Abbott comes in. Dr. Brown waves at her.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) And you know if you could fax those figures to my office by tomorrow, I'd really appreciate it. No, I'll give Nina your number. No, no. Just bill me. That's fine.

[Dr. L. Abbott's in the kitchen and she unloads.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Thanks again. So long.

[He hangs up. Dr. L. Abbott warms up a little.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Hey, what was that all about?

DR. BROWN: Oh, that's Doug Murphy. He's an attorney friend of mine back in New York. I was just running a few things by him to making sure Nina's lawyer's as good as she seems. Oooh, you bought for me.

DR. L. ABBOTT: So how is Nina?

DR. BROWN: Well, she's a wreck. I was up all night with her, just trying to keep her from crying. She didn't want to break down in front of Sam and I knew if I just left her by herself, she'd collapse. So anyway, I'm sorry I didn't call you back last night. It was just so late when I got back.

DR. L. ABBOTT: That's OK. It seems as though like you had your hands full.

DR. BROWN: And then today after the meeting with the lawyer, we went to lunch and she couldn't keep anything down.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Poor thing. So, you, uh, went to the meeting with her?

DR. BROWN: Yeah. And thank God I did. I mean, she would have sold herself down the river for a buck on the quarter. You know you hear those stories about blood sucking women who take their husbands for everything they've got? They oughta meet Nina.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, maybe, you know, she just wants it to be done so she can get on with her life. You know, start dating again.

DR. BROWN: Well, she'll have plenty of time for all of that.

[He stands and walks to the kitchen.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Right now, all I just gotta make sure she's properly taken care of. Doug is great for legal advice. I just wish he could handle the case himself.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, it's probably for the best. It's not like Nina can afford a lawyer like that.

DR. BROWN: Oh no. I'm paying for it. Red or white?

[He's referring to wine but Dr. L. Abbott is taken off guard by his previous statement.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: What?

[Dr. Brown gestures to the wine he's holding.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Oh, red.

DR. BROWN: Red, it is.

[Off Dr. L. Abbott.]

[Cut to Madison's room. She's trying on outfits for the gig. Ephram's on her bed looking through something. We see him in the mirror.]

MADISON: What about this? Is this it?

[Madison holds up a very short skirt.]


[Ephram looks up.]

EPHRAM: Short's good and that's really good.

[Madison goes behind something propped up to divide them. Ephram continues looking through what he was looking at.]

EPHRAM: So what time should I be there?

MADISON: What time should you be where?

EPHRAM: Your show. You go on at nine, right?

[Madison comes out with the skirt on. She looks at herself in the mirror.]

EPHRAM: Wow. Short yet extremely tall.

MADISON: Sweetie, I know you need an ID to get in. I mean, normally you could just ride with us but with everybody just so uptight right now...

[Ephram stands after tossing the thng aside and pulls out his wallet and walks up to her.]

EPHRAM: Oh, I don't think you'll be a problem. I don't believe we've met yet. [affecting a Southern accent] I'm Gus Walhberg. I'm 26 years old, a organ donor from Kentucky.

[Madison laughs.]

MADISON: Oh my God. Where did you get this?

EPHRAM: You would not believe me if I told you.

[Madison gives him a look.]


MADISON: I just don't want you in trouble. That's all.

EPHRAM: Why? Do you think they'll know it's a fake?

MADISON: I'm talking about your dad. [changing some earrings] If he finds out, he'll ground you. It'll be a whole another fight. I just, I just don't think it's worth this trouble. It's just one show.

EPHRAM: Yeah, but it's one show that can change your entire life.

MADISON: I know and I love that you wanna support me. I do. I, I just hate being the cause of all these arguments with you guys. I mean it gets Delia upset...

EPHRAM: Delia? When did Delia become a factor in all this?

MADISON: Well, everything's a factor.

EPHRAM: Well, I can take care of Delia and I take care of my dad. I've been doing it for a long time. You're not the only thing we fight about. If that's all that's worrying you, then...

[Madison gives a look.]

EPHRAM: Is this about Jay? [beat] Oh, OK. I'm sorry. Please. Forget that I said that. If you don't want me to be there, then fine.

MADISON: Of course I want you to be there.

EPHRAM: Good. Because I want you to be there. So I'll see you tonight?

[Madison nods.]

MADISON: Nine o'clock. Gus.

[Madison smiles and then turns to look at herself in the mirror again.]

[Cut to a motel. A party in full swing. Techno music playing. Amy and Tommy arrive.]

AMY: So your friends just rented out a bunch of rooms in a motel and called it a party?

TOMMY: No. This place isn't exactly what you'd call operational. Ran out of money a few years back, it's mostly since deserted. My friend Mike here had this really brilliant idea of having a progressive.

[Cut to inside the motel. Amy and Tommy enter and walk a bit.]

AMY: Progressive?

TOMMY: [to guy] Yeah, hey, what's up, man? [to Amy] Yeah, you know, using all the different rooms for different drinks. Like, uh, 1C over here is jack and coke. And 1F is...

[Some person who is drunk or high or maybe both bumps into them.]

TOMMY: (CONT'D) 1F is gin and tonic.

[They enter a room and we see some drinks.]

TOMMY: (CONT'D) And, oh, yeah. Definitely picked the right room.

AMY: So I guess this means you're drinking again?

TOMMY: That's the party, baby. What else are you going to do? I thought when you said you wanted to come here, you...

AMY: Whatever. I don't care.

[Tommy pours some drink.]

TOMMY: Would you like yours with cranberry or without?

AMY: Anti-depressant girl over here. Can't mix the two. You taught me that, remember?

TOMMY: Yeah. I was just saying to get you to like me. I was trying to seem all concerned. No, look, the pharmaceutical companies try to sell you that line in case something freaky happens and you try to sue them or something. Trust me. I work in a pharmacy. I know these things.

AMY: OK, Dr. Callahan.

[Tommy and Amy laugh.]

TOMMY: I swear, Amy. It's not going to kill you. Alright? This is your night, babe. I want you to loosen up. I want you to have a good time. We're going to forget about everything. We're going to forget about our parents. We're going to forget about grades. Anything. Because tonight, tonight is about us.

[Amy takes the drink.]

TOMMY: (CONT'D) Cheers.

AMY: Cheers.

[They bonk their plastic cups and they drink. Tommy finishes before Amy. Amy coughs as she did in "My Brother's Keeper" when Laynie gave her some drink with orange juice. Pan across the party and we fade out.]



[Open at The Hook. Madison is performing a song called "Day by Day" with Jay and the rest of their band Joe Lies.]

SINGING MADISON: ...Day by day. What my friends say...

[Instrumental. Ephram is going through the crowd.]

FRAT BOY 1: Hey, check out those legs on the singer. That chick is hot.

FRAT BOY 2: Oh, I wouldn't throw her out of bed for eating nachos.

FRAT BOY 1: Hell, no. In fact, I'd drip that melted cheese right off her...

EPHRAM: [to frat boys] Hey.

FRAT BOY 2: What do you want?

[They give threatening looks to Ephram. Ephram looks back and forth between them.]

EPHRAM: No, I was, um, I was, I was just wondering if you guys might know where, um. Where the bathroom is?

[Frat Boy 1 looks Ephram over.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Thank you.

[Ephram walks off. We pan across the audience.]

SINGING MADISON: ...I take it day by day. Day by day...

[Some woman gets two beers from the bartender. Ephram makes his way to the bartender.]


EPHRAM: Uh, can I get a drink?

[Ephram shows his fake ID and the bartender looks at it.]

[Cut to the Brown living room. Dr. Brown comes in with some logs to bring them to the fireplace. Dr. L. Abbott is sitting at the couch.]

DR. BROWN: You OK? [beat] You know, we don't have to make fire if you're tired.

DR. L. ABBOTT: No, I'm not tired.

[Dr. Brown stands.]

DR. BROWN: But you're not OK. [beat] See? I'm learning to read between the lines.

[Dr. L. Abbott laughs. Dr. Brown comes closer to his girlfriend and sits across from her.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) What is it? Did something happen at work today?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Um. Actually I was just thinking about Nina.

DR. BROWN: Oh, I know, I know. I can't stop thinking about it either. I keep thinking there's something more I can do but, uh, I don't know. I don't do there.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Actually, that was what I was thinking exactly.

DR. BROWN: What do you mean?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, you do so much. I mean, you've done so much. And still. Well, this entire night, I can still tell you're thinking about her.

DR. BROWN: Well, that's because you're the one who brought her up.

[The female doctor laughs.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, you're right. Let's just forget about it.

[She sits up.]

DR. BROWN: No, you're upset about something. So let's talk about it.

[Beat. Dr. L. Abbott sighs.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: OK. Um, I guess I'm just, I'm confused by your friendship. I mean, it seems to go behind the boundaries of what constitutes a normal male-female relationship.

DR. BROWN: Well, I didn't know there were boundaries. Is there a book somewhere I can buy that explains it to me?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Please don't be sarcastic. You asked me what's wrong and I'm trying, to be honest.

DR. BROWN: Right. I'm sorry. I just, I just, it seems very clear to me. Nina's going through a very painful divorce and she needs a friend to see her through it. That's all.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, of course she needs a friend. And when you weren't there, I was the first one to tell you you were wrong.


DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, I don't know. Don't you find it above and beyond the call of duty to go with her to all these meetings and to pay for the lawyer?

DR. BROWN: Oh, I'm not paying for all the lawyers.

DR. L. ABBOTT: That's not the issue. [beat] Nina's a single woman now. It's hard. I know. I've been there. But I mean, you acting, I don't know, like her pseudo husband isn't going to help. It's at least going to make it harder when she finally realizes that she's alone.

DR. BROWN: But she's not alone.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Andy, you know what I mean. She leans on you for things that are frankly more husbandly than friendly. And well, you do the same with her.

[Dr. Brown laughs and stands to work with the fire.]

DR. BROWN: Are you... You, you make it sound like I'm, I'm...

DR. L. ABBOTT: No, I... I don't mean anything for it. I'm just saying that I'm... uncomfortable.

[Dr. Brown gets up from the fireplace.]

DR. BROWN: Well, I understand that and I'm sorry. But you're just going to have to get over it.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Excuse me?

DR. BROWN: This is all in your head. And I'm, I'm not going to apologize for friendship which I cherish. Nor do I plan on changing it. It's, it's just the way it is.

DR. L. ABBOTT: And if her feelings for you grow?

DR. BROWN: They won't. That's not what we're about.

DR. L. ABBOTT: And, and so the fact it bothers me means nothing to you?

DR. BROWN: Well, I've gotten over a lot of stuff to be with you, Linda. Much bigger than this.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Got it. [beat] Good night, Andy.

[She leaves. Off Dr. Brown.]

[Cut to Amy and Tommy at the party at the motel. They move through the halls.]

AMY: Shh. I think I'm being followed.

TOMMY: Followed? You look so wasted right now.

[They go into room 1B, Amy leading. They run into people.]

TOMMY: Wooo.

[Amy laughs and closes the door.]

AMY: You are cute.

TOMMY: And you are drunk.

AMY: Oh, not so bad.

TOMMY: Yeah, you are.

AMY: Not as bad as you. What do you want? C'mon, I know I'm ranked. Just tell me.

TOMMY: No, I'm just drunk.

AMY: Liar. I'm right.

[Amy sits on the bed. Tommy shakes a small water bottle.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Water? You're on water?

[Amy laughs.]

TOMMY: Look closer.

[Tommy comes onto the bed. Amy looks closer.]

AMY: What is it?

TOMMY: A little bit of gino. Gee, you know GHB?

AMY: Isn't that for daybreak?


[Amy and Tommy laugh.]

TOMMY: (CONT'D) I mean, I guess some idiots use it for that. A guy dropped some of it into this girl's drink and waits until she's unconscious. Not really my scene. But if you take the right amount, it can gives you this nice little high. That's all. You can't even taste it. Then when it hits you...

[Techno music builds here.]

AMY: What does it feel like?


AMY: C'mon, tell me. [laughs] Tell me.

[They lie on the bed.]

TOMMY: It feels... it feels like violet. Like smooth and chocolatey and heaven. Like you go outside your body and just like, you feel these incredible things on your skin. You know? It's like the air around you is like giving your skin a massage. It just feels really good.

AMY: Does it feel like... happy?

TOMMY: Yeah, it makes me feel really happy.

[Amy reaches for the bottle.]

TOMMY: (CONT'D) No, no. Baby, what are you doing?

AMY: I just a little bit.

TOMMY: No. You're already drunk. You don't need any of it.

AMY: Please?

TOMMY: Well, OK. OK, but just a sip. Not even a sip.


TOMMY: Let me make sure.

[Tommy takes most of it. Amy finishes and lies on the bed.]

AMY: Thank you.

[Cut to The Hook. We're on Jay playing the guitar and hear Madison singing "Without Me" as we pan out.]

SINGING MADISON: Without me. Without me.

[Jay finishes with some guitar solo. Applause.]

MADISON: Thank you so much. You guys are great. Thank you.

[Madison puts her hand on Jay's shoulder and then exits off to the side. Ephram comes up to her, obviously drunk.]

EPHRAM: You were amaze...

[He meshes up against her mouth before he finishes.]

MADISON: Really?


MADISON: Wow. It felt great.

[They laugh. A guy, Glenn, comes up to them.]

GLENN: It was very tight. I'm Glenn.

[Madison and Glenn shake hands.]

MADISON: Thank you so much for coming.

[Jay has walked off the stage and greets Glenn.]

JAY: Hey man.

GLENN: Hey Jay. Great stuff.

EPHRAM: Yeah, but she's the star, right? I mean, c'mon. Is this not star quality? I think it is.

MADISON: Ephram, are you drunk?

JAY: [to Glenn] I got the table to shoot. Do you want to grab a drink with me?

EPHRAM: Yes. Absol- friggin' -lutely. You comin?

GLENN: Who is this kid?

MADISON: OK, you are drunk. I need, I need to get you a cab.

EPHRAM: No, no. I'll sober up the next place I'm going. Where are we going?

MADISON: Ephram, you can't come.

EPHRAM: Why? [beat] Look, w-why d-do I always feel like I'm begging with you? Does it feel that way to you?

MADISON: Can we please not do this right now?

EPHRAM: No, no. I'm serious. I tell you that I love you. Not only do you not say it back, but you, you basically start avoiding me? Are you avoiding me?

MADISON: That's not what's happening.

EPHRAM: Then, then, tell me what's happening. I can't figure it out. I'm dying here. What?

JAY: Madison, let's go. Robbins' loading the van. We'll take my car.

MADISON: OK, OK. I just need a minute.

EPHRAM: Oh, is this what it's about? You're dumping me for the hair model?

MADISON: No, stop. You're drunk.

JAY: And ugly.

EPHRAM: Alright, back off. We're having a conversation here.

JAY: Well, actually, it sounds like she's trying to get out of a conversation. So why don't you be a good little high school boy and take the hint?

[Ephram looks at Madison who says nothing. Then he tackles Jay after pretending to leave.]

MADISON: Ephram! Ephram!

[Bouncers take Jay away from Ephram. Jay was punching away at Ephram.]

[Cut back to the motel party. Amy walks around in the halls, worse than before. She sees Colin in the murky stupor that she's in. She bumps into people. She sees Colin again at a table. But when she gets there, he's not there. She looks around. When she turns completely around, she sees Colin.]

AMY: It's you. I know you.

COLIN: Stop following me.

[He turns.]

AMY: Stop, stop. Please.

[He turns back around.]

AMY: (CONT'D) You left me. You left me alone. And now, you're here and I'm here and you shouldn't be here.

COLIN: Neither should you.

AMY: I loved you. I loved you. I want you to come back...

[Amy holds Colin's hand but Colin drops it.]

COLIN: Stop following me. Just stop.

AMY: Why are you being mean?

COLIN: I want you to leave me alone. Don't you understand? I want you to go.

AMY: Go where? Where am I supposed to go? I failed school, Colin. I failed my brother, I failed my parents, I failed you. Where do you want me to go? I don't even know where to start.

COLIN: You start by saying good-bye.

[Amy's in tears.]

AMY: No, no. I can't.

COLIN: Yes, you can.

[Amy breathes.]

AMY: Goodbye.

[Colin turns to leave.]

AMY: Goodbye.

[Everything is hazy for Amy again and the party is back in full swing.]

[Cut to the room that Amy and Tommy were in earlier. Tommy is lying down with his eyes closed. Amy stands by the door.]

AMY: Hello? Are you OK?

[Amy enters the room and comes onto the bed.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Hey. Hey.

[She shakes his head but he doesn't wake up.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Tommy. Tommy. You're cold. Tommy?

[Fade out on a frightened Amy.]



[Open on Amy shaking Tommy's head at the party.]

AMY: Tommy? Tommy, are you... Tommy, please wake up. I don't know what to do. Please. Please wake up.

[Amy gets off the bed and goes to the door of the room.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Someone, help.

[Amy walks to a guy at a vending machine.]

AMY: Help me. My, um, my boyfriend passed out in there.

GUY: That sucks. Sorry.

AMY: Listen to me. I need to call an ambulance. He might die.

GUY: Chill out. He's probably just napping.

AMY: He's not napping.

GUY: Well, you can't call an ambulance, sweetheart. They bring the cops with them and if you bring the cops here, we're all busted. Including you. [beat] Wait a minute. I know who you are. You're Tommy's girl.

AMY: I need to use your phone.

GUY: Forget it.

[Guy walks off.]

[Cut back to room where Tommy's unconscious. Amy comes back in. She searches through Tommy's things and finds a cell. She dials a number.]

AMY: Hello. Come. I need help.

[Cut to a computer screen that reads Everwood Police. We see Dr. Brown emerge. A police officer is on the phone.]

POLICE OFFICER: ...Absolutely. Now, hold on for a second.

DR. BROWN: I'm looking for Ephram Brown.

POLICE OFFICER: Yeah, he's all yours. We gave him a warning and confiscated his ID. We scared the crap out of him too.

DR. BROWN: Thank you.

[Dr. Brown walks to Ephram. Ephram stands.]

DR. BROWN: Are you OK?


[Dr. Brown moves to let Ephram pass him and Ephram does.]

[Cut to outside the station. Ephram emerges, followed by Dr. Brown. They stop when they see Madison.]

DR. BROWN: I'll be in the car.

EPHRAM: Thanks.

[Ephram walks down the steps to Madison.]

EPHRAM: What are you doing here?

MADISON: They wouldn't let me come inside and see you. What happened? Did they put you behind bars?

EPHRAM: No. Just holding cell.

MADISON: [exhales] Oh my God.

EPHRAM: Look, I'm sorry, Madison. I'm so sorry. I never meant to ruin your big night. I just, I wanted to be there for you. I did, I, 'cause you mean so much to me. I love you. I, I know that you don't feel the same way about me and you never will but...

MADISON: This is so out of control that I don't even know what's happening anymore.

EPHRAM: Well, tonight or...

MADISON: I mean, with everything. It, you, it, it wasn't, we weren't supposed to be. It's, it's just so serious now and I, I wasn't planning, on that. I, I don't, I don't think I'm ready for that.

EPHRAM: With anybody or just me?

[Madison says nothing. They look down.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) OK. You probably should get back. It's getting late. The band's probably waiting for you. The manager.

MADISON: Can we talk tomorrow?

EPHRAM: Yeah. Yeah, of course. Of course.

[Madison goes back to her car. We hear Matthew Fisher's "Let Me In" begin.]

EPHRAM: Madison.

[Madison turns.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) You were amazing tonight.

MADISON: Thank you.

LYRICS: How much gold but are you going for

[Madison's car drives off and Ephram goes to the Brown SUV and gets in.]

LYRICS: Try to soothe your soul / And I don't stay anymore / All I ever did was try to get close to you

[Cut to Dr. Brown and Ephram entering their house through the back door.]

EPHRAM: Is this going to be bad?

DR. BROWN: It's not going to be great.

[Ephram walks some.]

DR. BROWN: Were you drinking?

[Ephram turns.]


DR. BROWN: Did you drive?

EPHRAM: No. And I wasn't going to, I swear.

[Dr. Brown slightly nods.]

DR. BROWN: That cut on your face...

EPHRAM: They put some antiseptic on it at the station. It's just a scratch. Look, whatever you're thinking about doing for punishment, you can double it. I deserve it. I'm hanging low. Trust me.

[Ephram turns away.]

DR. BROWN: Well, you're through administering your own punishment, Ephram. I got it from here. But I'm not going to ground you.

[Ephram turns around.]


DR. BROWN: Not for this. This is your free pass.

[Dr. Brown sits.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) We each get one a year and this is yours.

[Ephram sits.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) I am, however, going to make you tell me about what happened tonight. And what's been going on. With Madison.

EPHRAM: I went to the club with a fake ID that I bought. I, uh, ordered a bunch of drinks. Started a fight with her ex-boyfriend. Basically just made a complete fool of myself.

DR. BROWN: Why? Did you think she'd like you better if you went?

EPHRAM: I guess. I don't know why. Everything that I do to bring us closer together just pushes her further and further away and's definitely one of those moments that it sucks that Mom is not here. No offense.

DR. BROWN: None taken.

EPHRAM: Just if she was here, I could ask her, you know, I could ask her what went wrong, why Madison doesn't love me.

[Dr. Brown extends his hand.]

DR. BROWN: Hey. It's OK.

EPHRAM: [crying] I just, I love her so much.

DR. BROWN: I know. I know you do.

[Ephram wipes away tears.]

[Cut to the party. We see someone holding a doctor's bag and walking down the hallway.]

LYRICS: They say his love is blind.

[Cut to the room where Amy is crying over Tommy. We hear Dr. H. Abbott.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Amy? Amy?

AMY: Dad. Daddy.

[Amy gets off the bed.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: What happened? Honey, you OK?

[They hug and he kisses her hair too.]

AMY: He's unconscious but he has a pulse. I checked his pulse.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Honey, are you on something right now?

AMY: Yeah, I took a little GHB. That's what he took but he took too much.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Was he twitching at all?

[Amy shakes her head no.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Did you see his body seizing or convulsing?

AMY: I didn't see that. I don't know.

[Dr. H. Abbott goes over to Tommy.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Amy, get my bag.

[He turns Tommy over. Amy does nothing.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Amy, my bag.

[Amy moves to get it and she gets something out. She hands it to her dad. Then she sits and watches her dad check Tommy's eyes on fade out.]

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