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Pretty Little Liars is in its final season on Freeform, and many of the questions fans have had throughout the series are being answered. During Tuesday night’s episode, titled “Power Play,” the killer, Mrs. DiLaurentis, Ali’s mother, is revealed.

Warning: possible spoilers ahead. If you have not watched the latest episodes of Pretty Little Liars, stop reading now.

Jessica DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker) was murdered early on in the series, but it was never revealed who killed her. That is, until now. During last week’s episode, Spencer finds out that her biological mother is Mary Drake (also Andrea Parker), Jessica’s twin sister. After seeking the help of Hannah, Spencer sets off to find Mary, who is currently in hiding because the police are looking for her. When Spencer’s father, Peter Hastings, finds out that Spencer is trying to find Mary, he explains to her why he is so against them having contact with each other.

According to Peter, Mary was desperate to get back at him and Jessica for lying to her about Charles’ dying, when Charles never actually died but transitioned to being a girl named Charlotte. He said Mary killed Jessica and then tried to frame him for the murder. Is he telling the truth? During a recent interview with TV Guide, Andrea Parker discusses the revelation, and her character’s involvement.

“Since I’m loyal to Mary, let me give you her perspective,” Parker said when asked if Mary’s story will line up with Peter’s. “I think Peter lies like a rug. That’s what I tweeted last night. The two of them really get around… Quite frankly, I think that Mary tricked Peter into thinking he was with Jessica. As we saw in the episode last night, that’s not the first time she’s done that, pretended to be her sister. Who knows what really happened? Last night’s episode was so intense. Let me tell you, it doesn’t let up. It increases from here. I don’t know if that’s good news or bad news for you. There will be more revealed about what happened the night that Jessica was murdered, how that went down and how Peter is related.”

During a separate interview with TV Line, Parker said she was shocked to learn about Mary’s involvement with Jessica’s murder.

“I had several conversations with Marlene [King] as Mary was being developed, and we were specific about her characteristics and her point of view,” Andrea said. “I didn’t really become aware of Mary’s true heart until we were well into these last episodes. As the actor, I was expecting her to remain darker. Without revealing too much, I think there is a genuine heart in there.”

According to Parker, Mary just wants a family. She has been isolated from everyone for so long that she is simply looking for someone to love and love her back.

“I’m just going to give you one word: family. She has always wanted a family,” Parker said. “Mary was ostracized and I think that Mary thinks that a lot of her childhood pain comes directly from Jessica. These two sisters have been going at it their entire lives. They have never been close. They have always had a volatile relationship. I think that Mary is still misunderstood. There’s still a lot more to be revealed about why Mary behaves the way that she does. I think that her love for Spencer and Alison is deep and genuine.”

Did you catch this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars? Do you think Mary Drake killed her twin sister? Leave your comments below.

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