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Act 1 Teaser

Clark's class on a fieldtrip in the woods. Day.

Teacher : Okay, people, you've got 15 minutes. A storm's on its way and I want to be on the road before it hits.

Pete : How many more rocks do we have to find?

Clark : Two. Rose quartz and meteor rock.

Pete : All right. Let's see who can find it first.

Pete walks away. Clark uses his x-ray vision to find a rose quartz underground. He reaches through the dirt to pick it up.

Clark : Make that one.

Pete : You're a regular rockhound, Clark.

Clark begins to get sick as the veins in his hand bulge.

Lana : Hey, Clark. [She is wearing the meteor necklace]

Clark : Hey, Lana.

Chloe : When is this whole geological scavenger hunt over?

: Not having much luck?

Lana : Someone's doing a little more ranting than digging.

Chloe : I'm sorry, but I find geology even more pointless than algebra. I mean, I could just order these rocks online and have them delivered vacuum-sealed.

Cut to a boy breaking open a rock with his hammer. He finds meteor fragments inside and puts it in his bag.

Eric : Hey, Holly, do you want a piece of meteor rock?

Holly : Oh, I've got it checked off already. Thanks anyway.

Eric : No problem. Any time.

Another boy in a letterman's jacket approaches.

Brent : Hey, loser. Stop hitting on my girlfriend, all right? Next time, I'm going to knock your rocks into the next county.

Eric : I'd like to see you try.

: Oh yeah? [The teacher walks up] Lucky your daddy's a teacher. [Walks away]

Teacher : [To his son] Eric... how many samples have you collected?

Eric : Just a couple. My glasses keep fogging up.

Teacher : Get with the program, Eric!

: Dad--

Teacher : It's Mr. Summers at school. You have ten minutes to complete this assignment. You better find every rock.

Pete and Clark watch as Eric walks away.

: I'm glad he's not my dad.

Cut to Mr. Summers getting on the bus as thunder rumbles.

Mr. Summers : Has anyone seen Eric? Apparently he's got himself lost.

Clark : I'll find him.

Clark gets off the bus and super speeds away.

We see Eric standing on the railing of a dam high above. Clark sees him from the ground and super speeds to the dam. Lightning crashes all around.

Clark : Eric! Eric!

Clark stops short. Eric is holding the meteor rock in one hand and his bag in the other.

Clark : Would you just--

Lightning strikes the dam right next to Eric and he loses his balance. He falls and Clark caches the strap of Eric's bag, leaving Eric hanging. Lightning strikes Clark in the chest. The current goes through his arm and into Eric as a green glow comes from the bag. He pulls Eric up. Eric's jacket smolders in several areas. Clark touches it and he draws back as it burns him.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Jonathan's truck is stuck in the mud outside the house. Day.

: Clark! I could really use your help. [Clark comes outside] I loaded all the hay my-- hey! You all right?

Clark : Yeah, I'm just a little tired.

Jonathan : The truck's stuck up to its axle in the mud and the--

Clark : The cows aren't gonna feed themselves. Don't worry, I know.

Jonathan : Yeah, can you give me a hand, please? [Jonathan gets in the truck and starts it as Clark grabs the back] Ready?

Clark : Ready. [Jonathan pushes the gas and the truck remains stuck] Hang on! [He takes off his backpack and grabs on to the truck with both hands] Okay.

Jonathan : Clark, are you pushing?

: Yeah.

The truck doesn't move and Clark falls back into the mud.

Jonathan : [Getting out of the truck] Clark. Come on, son, we don't have time to-- [He sees Clark on the ground. His nose is bleeding] What happened?

Clark : I-I don't know.

Cut to Jonathan and Clark on the porch. Martha comes out.

Martha : Here's a clean coat, sweetie. Are you feeling better?

Clark : I just don't understand what's wrong with me. Why am I bleeding?

Martha : Maybe it's just part of your development, like x-ray vision. Or maybe the lightning had something to do with it. I don't know.

: I am going to be okay, right?

: What you ought to do right now is go to school, and if anything else happens or if it gets worse, give us a call.

Clark : You know, it's weird. I never worried about being sick before.

Martha : You're not sick, Clark. You're just... not yourself.

Jonathan : [Sees the bus drive away] You just missed your bus. You better hurry. [Clark runs to the street and stops] Something wrong?

: My speed is gone, too.

Act 1 Scene 2

Eric joins his parents for breakfast. Day.

Eric : Morning, Mom. Morning, Dad.

Mr. Summers : You're late and I can't wait for you.

Mrs. Summers : Just give him five minutes. What's the hurry?

Mr. Summers : I have a faculty meeting.

Mrs. Summers : Fine. [To Eric] I'll take you when you're ready to go.

Eric : Thanks. [She leaves the room] Mr. Summers...

Mr. Summers : Don't you take that tone with me. Your little stunt yesterday almost cost a fellow student his life.

Eric : I can only apologize so many times.

Mr. Summers : It was stupid and selfish.

Eric : Why don't you save the speeches for you classroom?

Mr. Summers moves to strike Eric, who blocks him with super speed.

Mr. Summers : How did you do that?

Eric : You're the science teacher. You figure it out.

Mr. Summers : Get a ride with your mother. [Exits]

Act 1 Scene 3

Clark and Pete in the locker room. Day. Clark is sweating and out of breath.

Pete : You feeling okay?

Clark : Yeah, why?

: Usually you run the bleachers without breaking a sweat. Today you look like you're about to die.

Clark : No, I'm fine. Oh! Ah! [Falls to the bench]

Pete : What's wrong?

Clark : My leg, it hurts.

: It's a cramp. Walk it off. You're falling apart today, Clark. [Walks away. Eric enters]

Clark : Eric. Hey, you got a minute?

Eric : Yeah, sure. What's up?

: We really didn't get a chance to talk after what happened yesterday.

Eric : Yeah, thanks for grabbing me. That was a pretty stupid move on my part.

: So, you feeling all right?

: Actually, I feel great.

: But there's nothing different about you?

: Why? Should there be?

: No, um, I'm just glad you're okay.

: Clark, your, uh, your nose is bleeding.

Clark catches the blood with his hand and walks away. Eric, sitting at the bench press machine, sets the weight at 600 pounds, the heaviest. He smiles as he benches it easily.

Act 1 Scene 4

Whitney and Lana drive up to Nell's shop. Day.

Lana : Thanks for the ride.

: You're welcome.

: Do you want to come in and say hi to Nell?

Whitney : I can't. I got to get over to the store. It's stock day.

: See you tonight?

: Uh, I've got to run the numbers over to my dad at the hospital.

: I thought he was supposed to be recovering.

: He is. He's just... he needs to feel like he's in control.

: How are you doing?

: Not that great. I can't get my homework done, I can't train. I might as well kiss my scholarship goodbye.

Lana : Come over tonight. I'll help you with your homework. [They hug]

: Hey... when did Nell put the shop up for sale?

: What?

Lana sees a For Sale sign in the window.

Cut to Lana and Nell inside.

: Why didn't you tell me you were selling the shop?

: I'm sorry, sweetie. I only made the decision this morning.

: And when were you planning on telling me this?

Nell : Lana, I don't understand why you're so upset. I mean, you've never shown any interest in this store before and now I'm supposed to consult you?

Lana : Are you selling the movie theater as well?

Nell : Yes, Lana. It's part of the building.

Lana : You know how much it means to me.

Nell : Lana, if I had made business decisions based on sentiment, I would have gone bust a long time ago. Besides, the movie theater's been closed for months now. I'll just sell the building and relocate to a smaller store.

Lana : There has to be another way.

Nell : Look, I'm just thinking of our future.

Act 1 Scene 5

Jonathan and Clark working on the farm. Day.

Clark : Finished with the hay.

Jonathan : How you holding up?

: Considering my chores used to take me five minutes and now they take two hours, I'm all right.

: Well, as long as you don't get any worse, I guess we can count our blessings.

Clark : I better get to that fence before dinner.

: Ah, don't worry about it. You need your rest. I'll take care of it in the morning.

Clark : Dad, I can do it.

: All right, but just remember something, Clark. It took you 12 years to get used to your abilities. Nobody expects you to adjust in 24 hours. Get the gate.

: [Close gate] Hey, dad?

: Yeah?

: How do you find the strength to do this everyday?

: Years of practice.

Act 1 Scene 6

Lex's study. Day. We see a simulation of Lex's car hitting Clark on the computer.

Lex : This is very good work, Roger.

Roger : All the physical evidence points to this explanation.

Lex : I'm sure you consulted a rogues' gallery of qualified professionals.

Roger : A journalist never reveals his sources.

Lex : You work for the Inquisitor, not the Planet. I want to verify these experts myself. I'll give you ten grand a name.

Roger : Done. This could make one hell of a story.

: Nobody's ever gonna know about this. And if this story is accidentally leaked, you and I are going to have a serious trust issue.

Roger : As opposed to the close, personal relationship we enjoy now?

Roger exits and Lex continues to watch the simulation.

Act 1 Scene 7

Clark is working on the fence. Night.

Clark : [Accidentally hitting his finger with the hammer] Ah! [Lex drives up] Lex, what brings you all the way out here?

Lex : [Gets out of the car] I needed to talk. You have a minute?

: If you want to help me with this fence.

Clark picks up one side of a board.

Lex : You can't lift that by yourself?

Clark : Look, I've been baling hay for the last two hours. I can barely lift my own arms. [Lex helps him] So what's up?

Lex : We're friends, right?

Clark : Yeah, last time I checked. Why?

Lex : I want you to tell me what really happened the day my car went off that bridge.

Clark : I dove in and I pulled you out.

Lex : And that's it?

: Lex... seriously, what's wrong?

Lex : I don't think you're being completely honest, and I think I know why.

Clark : All right. Well, then you tell me what happened.

Lex : I think I hit you at 60 miles an hour. Then you ripped open my roof, pulled me out, and saved my life. You're the closest I've had to a real friend my whole life. You don't have to hide anything from me.

Clark : You think I'm hiding something from you? Here. Take this hammer. Hit me anywhere.

Lex : I'm not gonna hit you, Clark.

: Come on! If I can get hit by a car, you can't hurt me.

: Clark, I just want the truth.

Clark : The truth is I'm just a guy who tried to do the right thing. Isn't that enough? [Walks away]

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Eric stands outside a shop. Day. He watches Holly and her boyfriend getting into a car across the street. Pete and Chloe walk by him.

: [Holding her cell phone] Apparently, Clark is still doing his chores and that's why he blew us off.

: He's been acting weird lately.

Chloe : Well, okay, Clark's always acting weird. Why don't you give me a gauge?

: He was so tired in math class today, he face-planted on his desk.

Chloe : I have two words for him. Power bar. [They walk past a man standing in a doorway. He comes out behind them and grabs Chloe's bag] Oh my God!

Chloe and Pete hit at him.

: What-- get off!

: Give me my laptop!

He pushes them to the ground and starts running with the bag. Eric sees it, and runs with super speed to stop the man.

Eric : Give it back.

: Get out of my way, kid.

He pulls out a knife and raises it to stop Eric. Eric blocks it with his hand, shattering the blade. He takes the bag and throws the man across the street. He lands at Holly and her boyfriend's feet.

: Did you see that?

: Yeah. Unbelievable.

They go to Eric who is receiving congratulations and pats on the back from passersby.

: Thank you. That was amazing.

Eric : Any time.

Act 2 Scene 2

Martha, Jonathan, and Clark in the Kents' dining room. Day. Martha is reading the paper. There is a picture of Eric and the headline says "Super Boy. Smallville's Newest Hero."

: I guess we know what happened to your powers.

: Must have been the lightning strike. You said that Eric was holding a meteor rock. It must have transferred your powers somehow.

: You know, all these years of hiding. I wonder if it was worth it. Everyone's fine with Eric.

: Well, that's just for now, Clark.

: The question is whether it's temporary or permanent.

: You know what they say. Lightning never strikes twice in the same place. Look, my guess is that your powers aren't coming back.

Clark : Maybe being normal won't be so bad. I mean, it works for you and Mom.

Martha : Oh, thanks.

Clark : You don't feel any differently about me now, do you?

: Clark! You're our son. Whether you can bench press the tractor or not.

: What do I do now?

: Well, life isn't easy for anybody, whether you're normal or super. But you're still Clark Kent. You were raised a certain way and that's never gonna change. Sure, your abilities were part of you, but they didn't define you.

: Look on the bright side, Clark. You don't have to hide anymore. Try to have some fun. [Clark leaves] You're kind of relieved aren't you?

Jonathan : Well, he always said he wanted to be normal. I guess he got his wish.

Act 2 Scene 3

Clark, Chloe, and Pete come down the stairs at school. Day.

Pete : Clark, you should have seen it. Eric threw the guy like 30 feet.

: Not only did he recover my laptop, but I got my first byline in the Smallville Ledger.

: That's great, Chloe.

Chloe : Come on, Clark! How can you be so blasé about this?

: The guy stopped a purse snatcher. It's not that big a deal.

Eric walks up.

Eric : Chloe. Hey, thanks for getting that story in the paper.

Chloe : Thanks for saving my computer. It's my life. Okay, how pathetic did that just sound?

: So, uh, who came up with "Super Boy"?

: I did.

: Really? I like that.

: Thanks.

Eric walks away.

Clark : I thought it was kind of lame.

: I don't remember asking you.

: Clark's just jealous.

Clark : I hope all this attention doesn't go to his head. He needs to be careful.

: Well, you know what, Clark? The second you start throwing people 30 feet, I'll write nice things about you too.

Chloe leaves as Whitney and Lana approach.

Lana : Hey, guys.

: Hey.

Clark sees that Lana is wearing the meteor necklace and he is unaffected.

: Clark, are you okay?

: I'm great.

: Ross, I'm getting a pick-up game together in the gym. You and Kent versus me and Brent. What do you say?

: Clark doesn't really play.

: No, I play.

: Great. Bring it on.

: Since when do you play?

: Since now.

Cut to Whitney in the gym dribbling the basketball.

: The first one to 15 wins.

We see a montage of the game.

Whitney throws the ball to Clark as Lana and Holly cheer in the bleachers. We see Clark shoot for the basket and miss, then Whitney making a shot. Then we see Whitney block Clark, knocking him to the floor. Whitney helps him up and Clark holds his elbow smiling. A shot of Pete making a basket, and then of Clark missing again. Whitney catches it and throws it to Brent who makes a basket. Clark catches it and makes it in, then smiles at the cheering girls. We see Whitney make one more.

: Good game. You guys, we need to play every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch.

: Good game. [To Brent] Good game, man. [To Clark] Why you grinning? We lost.

: I know. Pretty cool, huh?

Act 2 Scene 4

Lex looks out the window of a Metropolis building. Day. Victoria and her father enter.

Victoria : Lex, you remember Dad.

: Sir Harry. Victoria, I've been waiting 45 minutes.

: Oh, we were closing a deal.

: The city of Metropolis giving you the recycling contract?

: Lex, you seem upset.

: If this is the level of respect you show your business partners, I'm beginning to wonder if I made the right decision.

: You see, Lex, it doesn't really matter. The deal is off.

: I'm sorry, I thought it was your life's ambition to crush my father.

: No, that's your life's ambition. Mine is to take over LuthorCorp.

: How do you plan to do that without my shares?

: You heard of Catmus Labs?

Lex : [Shocked] I've been researching them for about a year.

: Well, your research has just paid off. I bought them... an hour ago.

: And with the profits you'll reap from their patents, you'll buy LuthorCorp outright.

: Tell your father I said hello. [To Victoria] Come on, girl. [He leaves]

: Congratulations. I hope it was worth it.

Act 2 Scene 5

Lana walks around inside the Talon, the old movie theater. Day. Clark enters.

Clark : Trying to score the last box of Jujubes before this place is sold?

: Those things could probably survive a nuclear winter.

: You must have a thing about bad sound and stale popcorn.

: My parents met here. My dad worked the concession stand during college and my mom came to see "Close Encounters." She got bored.

: How do you get bored watching "Close Encounters"?

Lana : I don't know. Maybe she had a thing against aliens. She hung out in the lobby and spent the entire night talking to my dad. They'd only been a few years apart in high school, but they never really noticed each other and that night, they just clicked. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but I feel that whatever tangible evidence I have of my parents' existence is slowly being chipped away.

: Sometimes, letting go is the only way to move forward.

Lana : I guess you're right. Besides, there's nothing I can do to stop it. How did you find me anyway?

: Nell told me you were here. I was wondering if I could borrow your English notes. I kind of dozed off in class.

Lana : Sure. [Gives him the notes] Have you been feeling okay lately?

Clark : Yeah, great. Why?

Lana : Nothing. You're just less... Clark Kent-like. It's kind of nice. You seem more relaxed. Like you haven't got the weight of the world on your shoulders.

: Well, I guess I woke up and realized my life had changed. I decided to kick back and accept the fact I couldn't control everything.

Lana : Maybe I should adopt that philosophy myself.

Act 2 Scene 6

Eric enters his house. Day.

: Mom! Hey, have you seen the paper?

Mrs. Summers
: People have been calling all day. It's wonderful, dear.

: What's wrong?

Mrs. Summers
: Nothing. [She backs away]

: Are you afraid of me? [Mr. Summers enters]

Mr. Summers
: Eric, we're just a little concerned about this new found strength you have. Where did it come from?

: It must have been the lightning.

Mr. Summers
: I've set up an appointment with Dr. Litvac.

Eric : Dad, I'm not sick. I'm special.

Mr. Summers
: Once you get a clean bill of health, we'll take you to Metropolis.

Eric : W-what are we gonna do there?

Mr. Summers
: I've got an old colleague who's a professor at the university. He wants to meet you.

Eric : Don't you mean study me? I'm not one of your damn science experiments, Dad. This is about you, Dad, it's always about you. Even with this it's still not enough.

Mr. Summers : You might be special, but you still live under my roof and you'll do as I say.

Eric lifts him up by the shirt.

Eric : I am not a freak and I am not going anywhere!

Mr. Summers : Eric, put me down!

Eric : What are you gonna do, Dad? Ground me? Huh? I never have to listen to you ever again. I can do whatever I want and have whoever I want and no one can stop me!

Eric puts Mr. Summers down and runs out with super speed.

Act 2 Scene 7

Eric walks outside the school with a blaring boom box. Day. He stops at a table where Holly and Brent are seated.

: Hey. Wanna go out sometime?

Brent : What do you think you're doing, Summers?

Eric : I'm asking Holly out.

: What, are you suicidal? You're not going out with my girlfriend, all right?

Eric : Watch me.

: Hey! [Stands and pushes Eric] You make the cover of the paper with some bogus stunt and suddenly you're somebody? Huh?

Holly : Brent...

Brent : Face it, Summers. You're still nothing.

Eric punches the rearview mirror off a nearby truck. Students gather around including Clark, Chloe, and Pete. Brent runs around the truck and crawls underneath.

: What's the problem, Brent? [Picks up the side of the truck] Why are you hiding from nothing?

Brent runs away and Eric flips the truck away. Brent stops running when Eric blocks his way. He runs the other way and Eric blocks him again. Eric picks him up and throw him at a table.

: Eric! You can't do this.

Eric : Watch me.

: No, I'm serious! You could kill someone. You don't want that on your conscience, believe me. You've just got to calm down.

: You're not my father, Clark. Now shut up and get out of my way!

Eric throws Clark at a parked car. Holly is at Brent's side.

Holly : Get away from us, you freak!

Eric super speeds away.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Clark is having his ribs wrapped in the hospital. Day.

: How much longer is it going to hurt like this?

Doctor : Oh, you'll be fine in a couple weeks.

: A couple weeks?

: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Martha and Jonathan enter.

: Clark! [She hugs him]

Clark : Easy on the ribs, Mom.

: Sorry.

: How's he doing, Doc?

: Well, nothing seems to be broken. We could get an x-ray just to be safe.

: Um, I think we'll just take him on home.

: It's your choice, but I want to see him back again in a week.

: Thanks, Doc.

Jonathan : [To Martha] You help him get dressed, I'll go take care of the paperwork.

Martha : What happened?

: Eric just flipped out. It was kind of scary.

Martha : I wish you hadn't gotten in his way.

: I don't know what it is. Even though Eric has my abilities, I still think of them as my responsibility.

Lex enters.

: Clark, I just heard.

Martha : Hi, Lex. [To Clark] I'll go see your dad. See ya. [Walks away]

: So did you come by to make sure I was hurt?

Lex : I wanted to make sure you were all right.

: Yeah, never better. Maybe we could go out in the parking lot and you can hit me with your car.

: Clark, what I said about you the other day... I'm sorry. Nothing appears to be what it seems lately.

: You gonna stop snooping around my back now?

Lex : Listen, I had no right to questions your honesty. All I can do is plead temporary insanity and hope we can find a way to put this behind us.

Clark : Only temporary? [Smiles]

Lex : You need some help?

Act 3 Scene 2

Mrs. Summers on the phone in the Summers' living room. Day.

Mrs. Summers
: Yes. Thank you. [Eric enters] Eric, where have you been?

: Mom, I think I really messed up. I need your help.

Mrs. Summers : Your father spoke with Principal Kwan. We know what happened.

: No, Mom, it was an accident. Mom, don't be afraid of me!

Mr. Summers : [Enters with a golf club.] Stay away from her, Eric.

: What are you doing, Dad?

Mr. Summers : I-I told you that someday you'd have to take responsibility for your actions. Well, that day has come.

Sirens are heard.

: What did you do?

Mrs. Summers : Eric, you need help.

: So you called he police? You're my dad. You're supposed to protect me.

Act 3 Scene 3

Clark and Jonathan in the Kents' living room. Day.

: I stopped by to see Eric's parents this morning.

Clark : How are they?

Jonathan : They're scared, Clark.

Clark : Were you ever scared of me?

: Well, you threw a few temper tantrums when you were little. We had some holes in the walls, but... nah. You were a good kid, Clark.

: I don't think Eric's a bad kid.

Jonathan : Neither do I. He's just a teenager who's in way over his head. That's all.

Clark : You know, when this first happened, I was kind of freaked out. Now I'm kind of enjoying it. I played basketball for the first time without worrying if I'd hurt anyone. I can be around Lana without her necklace making me feel sick. [Touches his ribs] Even this is better than being around the meteor rocks any day of the week.

Martha enters.

: Something happened at Eric's house. The police came but they couldn't control him.

: I have to stop him.

: Hang on a second. You're hurt, remember? If you try to face him down again, he could kill you.

: But he has my strength. Maybe he has my weakness too.

: The meteor rocks?

Clark : No one else knows how to stop him. Mom, this is who I am, whether I have my powers or not.

: Clark, what about a meteor rock? It's not like we keep them laying around.

: I know where to find one.

Act 3 Scene 4

Lex, Victoria, and Sir Harry in the Metropolis building. Day.

Lex : I got an urgent call you wanted to see me?

: How'd you do it, Lex?

: Do what?

: Catmus Labs, it's worthless.

: I know. Maybe you should have done your homework before acquiring it so recklessly. Now you've left yourself open for a hostile takeover.

: [To Harry, defensively] I read the report.

: You mean that little piece of fiction you stole off my computer?

: [To Victoria] This your idea of having it covered?

: That's what you get for trusting family. My father and I will be making an offer on your company in the morning. I'll tell him you said hello.

Harry leaves.

Victoria : How could you do this to me, Lex?

Lex : You did it to yourself, Victoria. You though you could make your bones with Daddy by taking me down.

: It was just business.

: You call sleeping with me business? I hate to think what that makes you.

Victoria slaps him.

Victoria : We could have been great together.

Lex : I plan on being great all by myself. You better check on your dad. He didn't look well.

Act 3 Scene 5

Lana is in the Talon rolling up a movie poster. Night. Clark enters.

: I was driving by. I saw the light on. I figured it was you.

: Are you okay? I called the house earlier, but your mom said you were asleep. I was really scared.

Clark : I'm sorry.

Lana : How do you think Eric got that strong over night?

: I have no idea.

Lana : Can you imagine waking up one morning and having powers?

Clark : It's scary... I guess. I mean, look at Eric. It hasn't helped him.

Lana : That's true. But I still always wished I could fly.

Clark : Yeah, that'd be something, Lana.

Clark looks at her necklace.

: What is it?

: It's your necklace. I never realized how beautiful it was until now. This is gonna sound really strange. Can I borrow it?

: Sure. [She gives it to him] What do you need it for?

: It's complicated. Whatever happens to me, I promise you'll get this back.

: You're scaring me again. What is going on?

Clark kisses her on the cheek.

: Goodbye, Lana. [Exits]

Act 3 Scene 6

Clark walks up to Eric's house. Night. The fence is scattered everywhere. The yard is a mess and a cop car is overturned. Clark looks at the house and sees another cop car sticking out of the roof.

Mr. Summers : Clark, what are you doing here?

Clark : I was worried about Eric.

Mr. Summers : It's a police problem now. Damn kid's out of control. Look what he's done to the house.

: Do you have any idea where he went?

Mr. Summers
: He talked about getting rid of it. He said that there was only one place he could do that. Whatever that means.

Cut to Clark running to the dam where Eric is standing on the railing.

: Eric! Eric! [Eric looks back and smiles. Clark pulls out the lead box Lex gave him] Eric, don't!

Eric jumps off the dam.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Clark runs to the ground below the dam. Night.

: Eric!

Eric : You should have let me go the first time, Clark. It would have been better than living like this.

: Eric, why did you jump off that dam?

Eric : I was testing myself to see if I had any limits. Apparently I don't.

Clark : Look, you can adjust to these abilities. You've got to give yourself some time.

: How do you know, Clark?

Clark : [Gripping the box] I-I'm just saying you got to give yourself some time.

: Oh, so in time, my parents won't be scared of me. The girl of my dreams won't think I'm a freak. The cops won't be after me.

: I can help.

Eric : I don't want your help, Clark. [Eric throws him into a chain link fence surrounding a generator. The fence falls with Clark's weight. He reaches for the box, but the necklace isn't in it] If they're gonna treat me like a criminal, then I'll give them something to be scared about.

Clark : It's not the answer.

: [Grabs Clark by the shirt] Come on, Clark. If you had the power to do whatever you want, what would you do?

: I'd stop people like you.

Eric : Nothing on this earth can stop me. Eric pushes Clark back against the generator. When Clark hits the ground, he finds the necklace.

Clark : You're wrong.

: We'll see about that.

Eric pulls a thick wire from the generator. It has sparks and electricity coming from the end. He goes to touch Clark with it. Clark grabs his arm, the necklace hanging from his fingers. They scream as the current shoots through both of them and a green glow envelopes them. They fall to the ground. The cut on Clark's forehead heals instantly. He sits up and grimaces as the veins of his hands bulge because of the necklace. He goes to Eric's side

Eric : It's so cold. It's so cold.

Cut to Eric being wheeled into an ambulance. Jonathan and Clark walk away.

: What do you think's gonna happen to them now?

: I'm not sure. Hey, they had problems long before he had your abilities. How are you feeling?

: Normal, for me.

: Clark, your gifts are... well, they're part of you but they don't define you.

: I know. But they complicate all of our lives.

Jonathan : Seeing how destructive Eric got, it just reminds me of how special you really are.

: That's because Eric didn't get my two strongest gifts. You and Mom.

: Let's go home.

Act 4 Scene 2

Lex in the living room of his castle. Night. He talks to Lionel on speaker phone.

Lex : Hello, Dad. How's business?

Lionel : Tomorrow's Planet is announcing our takeover of Sir Harry's company.

Lex : Did I merit a mention?

: Third paragraph. That's what happens when you trust your family, Lex. I'm proud of you.

Lex : Thanks, Dad. That means a lot coming from you. [He hangs up the phone as Roger enters] Your so-called experts were wrong about Clark Kent. I saw it with my own eyes. He's just regular kid.

Roger : That's not possible. So how do you explain the accident?

Lex : I can't, but I'm closing the book and putting it behind me.

Roger : There's something there, Lex.

: I don't care. The Kents are off-limits, understand? You have something for me? [He hands Lex a large envelope. Lex pulls out some pictures] Nice picture quality. Who initiated this little encounter?

Roger : Well, who do you think?

Lex : Victoria?

Roger : Your father.

Roger leaves. We see the pictures are of Lionel and Victoria in bed together.

Act 4 Scene 3

Lana in the Talon. Night. Clark enters.

: Hey. I was just locking up.

Clark : I brought your necklace back.

He hands her the lead box.

Lana : This is beautiful. Where did you get it?

: A friend. It's made of lead armor. I want you to have it. I figure that way it can protect your memories.

: Is this your way of telling me I shouldn't wear my necklace?

: I don't want it to hold you back.

: Sometimes letting go is the only way to move forward. [They go outside] You okay? You look like you've got the weight of the world on your shoulders again.

: Yeah, I guess I do. Can I walk you home?

: Actually, I'm meeting Whitney at the store. Rain check?

: Rain check. Good night, Lana.

: Good night.

They walk away in opposite directions.

The end

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