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Football practice at Smallville High School. Day. The team is split in two with one half wearing red jerseys and the other half wearing yellow jerseys. The two halves face each other as they bend over on the field, about to play.

Player : Ready! Down! Set! Blue-47! Blue-47!

The cheerleaders scream in excitement on the sidelines.

Player : Hut!

The play begins. The ball is passed from one member of the red team to another who then throws it to another red across the field. The player catches it. Jason walks along the side of the field watching.

Jason : Nice one, Cormier! Way to find your man!

One of the cheerleaders, Mandy, cheers to one of the players, Dan Cormier. Dan is Mandy's boyfriend.

: Woo! All right, Dan! Looking good, baby!

Jason walks over to Clark who is sitting on the bench at the side of the field in his football uniform, turning over a ball in his hands and looking disappointed.

: Hey, Clark. How you holding up?

Clark : Just enjoying the view. From the bench.

Jason : [Kneeling next to Clark.] Right, listen, I, uh, talked to Coach Quigley about you. But you know him. He's old school. He already feels like he's got a squad for the season. But just, uh, hang in there for me, all right?

Clark nods halfheartedly. He lets out a small sigh as Jason walks away. Jason blows his whistle and talks to the players on the field.

Jason : Go on in, guys. Grab a drink.

Dan and another player Nate grab hands and bump each other in congratulations.

Dan : Nice catch, buddy.

Nate : It's all about you and me this year, bro.

Mandy runs up to Dan excitedly and tries to kiss him. He pulls away slightly, impatient with her.

Dan : All right, cut it out, Mandy. Just cut it out.

Dan keeps walking toward the drink table and Mandy follows him, holding a squeeze bottle of green punch. Her manner is clingy and somewhat desperate.

Mandy : Sorry. So what are we doing Saturday night?

Dan : Uh, we aren't doing anything. I'm hanging out with Nate and the boys. Didn't I mention that to you before?

Dan picks up a towel and wipes the sweat off of his face.

Mandy : It's okay. I just want to make you happy.

Dan : All right.

Mandy : I got you a drink.

Mandy hands the squeeze bottle to Dan. She glances over at a group of cheerleaders who are watching her. Each one of them is also holding a bottle of green punch. They smile and nod at Mandy mischievously.

Dan opens the bottle and squirts some punch into his mouth. We follow the green liquid down his esophagus toward his heart which starts to beat faster. Then we go up into his brain and out through his eye where we see Mandy framed in white light and looking beautiful. Dan blinks several times as if seeing Mandy differently.

Dan : You know what? [He walks toward her smiling.] Screw the guys. [He kisses her.] I want to hang out with you on Saturday night.

Mandy : Why wait till Saturday when we can go shopping now?

Dan : Whatever you want, baby. I'm gonna go hit the showers.

Dan smiles warmly at Mandy again, then walks toward the school. Mandy looks over at the group of cheerleaders again and gives them a thumbs up and a smile. They smile in return and wave. Jason stops Dan.

: Where you going, bud? The field's this way.

Dan : I'm going shopping with Mandy.

Jason : You're what?

Mandy walks between them.

Mandy : [To Dan.] I'll be in the car, baby.

Dan : See ya.

Mandy walks away and Jason watches her go with a bewildered expression.

Dan : [Suddenly angry.] You checking out my girlfriend, buddy?

Jason : What are you talking about?

Dan glares at Jason for a moment, then leaves for the school.

: [Calling after him.] Danny, you walk off this field, you're riding the bench Friday.

Dan : [Without turning around.] Yeah, bite me, dude.

Jason turns to Clark who is still on the bench.

Jason : Clark! Looks like a spot just opened up. Why don't you hop in there?

Clark stands up and grabs his helmet, walking happily toward the field.

Jason : Go get 'em. Clark. [Clark stops.] You're gonna need one of these.

Jason picks up a football and tosses it to Clark who catches it in one hand. When Clark turns back toward the field, he finds himself face to face with several of the other team members.

Player : Don't get too comfortable out there, Clark.

Player #2
: Danny's this team's quarterback.

Clark ignores them and keeps walking, but two of them knock his shoulder with their own as he tries to pass. When he is gone, the players turn toward the field.

Player : Let's get him, boys.

Player #2 : Yeah.

Cut to the next play about to begin. Clark is wearing his helmet and is behind another player about to receive the ball. He reaches between the player's legs.

: Blue 19!

Player : Not the center, jerk!

Clark pulls away as Jason shakes his head impatiently. Clark tries again hesitantly.

Clark : Blue 19!

Player : Hike!

The guy passes the ball through his legs to Clark and Clark backs up, getting ready to throw. He dodges one of the yellow players who tries to tackle him and throws the ball across the field. It soars high into the air and is then caught by another red player.

Jason : Nice throw, Kent! Keep it up!

Clark : [Pleased.] All right!

Cut to the boys' locker room which is empty except for Jason who is seated on a bench tying his shoe as he gets ready to leave. He hears something behind him and turns around to see what it is.

Someone holds out a shotgun from behind one of the rows of lockers and points it at Jason. All we see of the person holding the gun is his arms. Jason sees the shotgun and darts off the bench and lands on the floor just as the shooter begins firing. The first shot misses.

Jason scuttles to his feet and runs out of the way as the shooter cocks the gun and fires again taking out a chunk of the wall but missing Jason a second time. Jason runs down an aisle of lockers, dodging a third shot which hits one of the fluorescent lights on the ceiling. With a shower of sparks, one end of the light swings down into the room.

Jason makes it to the door and tries to get out, but the door is locked. He turns around and we see that the shooter is wearing a football uniform. Jason dives to the floor with his hands covering his head as he is shot at again. This time, the bullet hits a mirror on the wall which shatters all over Jason on the floor. He stands up and holds out his hands at the shooter who he realizes is Dan. Dan is still pointing the gun at him.

Jason : Whoa! Whoa! Danny, put the gun down, man. Let's talk about this.

Clark enters the locker room and sees what is happening.

Dan : It's too late, coach. [He cocks the gun.] You shouldn't have hit on my girl.

Dan fires the gun, and in slow motion we see a small cluster of steel beads launch from the barrel. Clark runs to Jason with super speed and pushes him out of the way and to the floor. The beads fly over Clark and Jason to another mirror on the wall which shatters on impact.

From the floor, Clark looks up at Dan who cocks the gun and is about to fire again. Clark uses his heat vision on the gun, warming the metal until it is so hot that Dan gets burned and cries out, dropping it.

: Ah!

The metal part of the shotgun glows red hot as it clatters to the floor. Dan falls down next to the gun, bathed in the cold flicker of the dangling fluorescent light. Clark looks at him wide eyed.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Outside shot of the Talon. Night. Inside Lana's apartment, Lana pours some antiseptic into a rag and walks over to Jason who takes off his shirt and sits down with a sigh. Lana brings the rag close to the wound on Jason's shoulder.

Jason : Ow, ow, ow.

Lana : I haven't even touched it yet.

Jason : I'm just practicing.

Lana : Good, because it's really deep.

Lana dabs the wound with the rag and Jason grunts from the pain. Then she puts a bandage on it.

: Well, I guess it could've been a lot worse if Clark hadn't tackled me out of the way. I've never seen anybody move that fast. I gotta get him off the bench. Of course, that shouldn't be hard now. [With a smile.] Do they still expel students for taking potshots at coaches?

Lana : This isn't funny, Jason.

Jason : [Removing his smile immediately.] Right.

: [Walking away from him.] Imagine being your girlfriend and finding out about this from Chloe. I felt faint and I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. Because why would Lana be freaking out over the new assistant coach?

Jason stands up and puts his shirt back on as he walks toward Lana.

Jason : You know, this is usually the part where I would buy you a massive bouquet of flowers and take you out to a really nice dinner. But I can't 'cause my dad has cut me off because I decided to follow my heart instead of the big bucks at business school.

Lana lowers her eyes, understanding but unhappy.

: Hey. I need this job, okay? I mean, it's something I love, you know, and it works well with my college schedule. It allows me to be close to you. I know the only downside is that we have to fly under the radar, but... I'm sorry for that.

Lana looks warmly at Jason, touched. Then she comes toward him and they kiss softly.

Lana : It's just I've never been happier, and to not be able to share that is frustrating.

Jason : Well, you know you can always take your frustration out on me.

Lana smiles, and they kiss again.

Act 1 Scene 2

Outside shot of Smallville High School. Day. Dozens of students file in the front doors. Inside, Lois walks through the hall as she talks on her cell phone.

Lois : [Angry.] Well, can you please tell the dean there's been an egregious error? I belong at Metropolis University, not walking the halls of Podunk High. [Pause.] Well, yes, I'm sure that we could work this all out if you could just get him to call me back. Thank you!

Lois slams her cell phone shut, walking right by Clark at his locker without noticing him. He is wearing a letterman's jacket. He shuts his locker.

Clark : You know... [Lois stops walking.] If you spent as much time studying as you did trying to leave, you'd be in college already.

Lois : [Turning to face him.] And where'd you get that pearl of wisdom, the Farmer's Almanac?

Clark laughs mockingly, then tugs on his jacket, showing it off.

Clark : So, what do you think?

Lois : They're not really your colors.

Lois starts to walk away and Clark follows.

: They're the school's colors.

Lois : I'm glad you made the team, Clark, but why be a conformist? At least with the whole farm boy plaid thing, as lame as it is, it completely belongs to you.

: [Annoyed.] In the future, let's restrict our conversations to "hello" and "goodbye."

Two cheerleaders walk past Clark and Lois and we hear part of their conversation.

Girl #1
: I can't believe she even tried out.

Girl #2 : I know. Did you see what she was wearing?

Girl #1
: And those thighs? One, two, three...

Both girls
: No!

They both laugh as they keep walking and Lois and Clark watch them strangely, paying attention to the fact that the cheerleaders' boyfriends, both football players in letterman's jackets, are following behind them, obediently carrying the girls' pom-poms, purses, and backpacks.

Lois and Clark keep walking and pass two more cheerleaders at their lockers. One is loading her boyfriend's arms with a stack of books, and the other gives her boyfriend her sweater to fold for her. Again, both guys are football players. Lois and Clark stare in confusion but keep walking.

Girl #3 : Yeah, so the party's gonna be way kick.

Guy : Yeah, pool party! Great!

Lois and Clark pass one more couple. The football player is holding up a mirror so that the cheerleader can apply her lipstick.

: Where are we, some kind of freakish feminist parallel universe?

Clark and Lois enter the Torch office where Chloe is working.

Lois : Hey, Chloe, have you seen the way these football players are acting?

: [Not looking up from her work.] Yeah, and I noticed one of them unloaded a shotgun in the boys' locker room. I was thinking about maybe doing an article on it, but the only two reporters I have are late again. [She finally looks at Clark and Lois. With mock surprise.] Oh! Hi. It's you.

Lois : I'm sorry. I was storming the gates of Metropolis U. trying to get them to change their admissions policy.

Clark : And I had to pick up my new jacket. What do you think?

: Not exactly your colors.

Lois clears her throat loudly, pleased.

: It's the school colors.

Chloe : Whatever. Anyway, Lois, I need you to go to the Smallville Medical Center. Apparently our gun-toting ex-quarterback woke up this morning and he's the feeling the sting of his second-degree burns. He's been apologizing nonstop, so...

: I'm sure he doesn't love the prospect of playing tight end for the Kansas State Boys' Home.

Lois's phone rings, and she answers it.

Lois : Hello? Yes, I will hold of for the dean. [To Chloe.] I've got to go.

Lois rushes out of the office.

: All right, I guess I'll go to Smallville Medical Center. Clark, I need to you to talk to Coach Teague. After all, you were there. Nice save, by the way.

: [Pause.] Actually, Chloe, with this whole football thing, I'm gonna have to dial back my time at the Torch.

Chloe looks at Clark, surprised.

: Oh. I guess I've got my work cut out for me.

Clark : I'm sorry. You know, my priorities...

: [Smiling, covering her hurt feelings.] You know what? Don't worry about it. This has got to be a pretty big deal for you. I mean, you're the new starting quarterback, right? It's got to be pretty exciting.

: It is, but... I'm just not sure the other guys want me around.

Chloe : They've been playing together for three years. You're on the team for two weeks, and all of a sudden you're starting. What did you expect, hugs and kisses?

Clark shrugs.

Act 1 Scene 3

The boys' locker room. Day. The football team is in the locker room opening boxes full of brand new uniforms. One player pulls out a helmet.

Player : Nice.

He tosses it to another guy. The other players also comment on the new uniform as Clark enters.

Clark : What's going on?

Another player presses a jersey to Clark's chest that says "Kent" on the back.

: You owe me one, Clark. I saved it from the toilet.

Clark : Thanks.

Another player glares threateningly at Clark as Jason enters the room.

Jason : All right, ladies. Listen up. You've obviously found the new jerseys. I want to introduce you to the man responsible for them. Lex Luthor!

All the guys except for Clark clap and cheer as Lex, dressed in a suit, enters the locker room, passing Clark to get to the center of the circle formed by the players. The applause dies down. Lex's back is to Clark.

Lex : The coaches tell me this is going to be a rebuilding season. And I want to encourage you to keep at it.

He turns around, facing in Clark's direction, but speaking to everyone.

Lex : In my life, I've learned that you can never give up on something that means a lot to you, even when you're coming off a losing season. You keep trying. Because sometimes you just need a fresh start.

Lex looks at Jason who nods. Lex then looks at Clark who looks back coldly.

Lex : So please, enjoy the new uniforms.

: All right! All right!

Everyone applauds again and Lex starts to leave, passing Clark.

: I know what you're doing. [Lex looks at Clark.] But you can't buy back my friendship.

Lex looks at Clark sadly without responding. Clark walks away.

Act 1 Scene 4

The players are beginning practice on the field outside the school. Day. Chloe catches up with Jason.

Chloe : Coach Teague. Hey.

Jason : Hey.

: I'm, uh, doing a story on the Torch on Dan Cormier and I was just wondering if I could talk to you for a little bit.

Jason : Can it wait? I'm in the middle of practice.

Chloe : It's only gonna take, like, two seconds, I promise.

Jason : I'll do it later.

Chloe : [Unsure.] Okay.

Jason : I will.

: Okay.

Chloe stops walking and Jason walks away. Nearby, a group of four cheerleaders including Mandy walks toward the drinks table. Two of the cheerleaders hold several squeeze bottles of green punch, and the other two carry a large cooler and stack of plastic cups which they place on the table. Jason walks up to them and takes a cup.

Jason : Hey, ladies.

Jason fills the cup with green punch from the cooler.

Mandy : [Flirtatious.] Gee, Coach Teague, I sure hope you have someone special in your life.

Jason : [Laughing uncomfortably.] Well, Mandy, I don't think that's any of your business.

Jason drains the cup in one gulp, then looks back at Mandy who smiles at him.

Jason : But yeah, I do have somebody.

He walks away from the table and out to the field where the guys are practicing.

Jason : Guys! You gotta give your quarterback some protection. You gotta hold the pocket! Hey, Carlsen! You gotta move around, pal!

Chloe watches this from the drinks table. Clark comes toward her in his football uniform.

: Hey, Clark! Hi. I know you're not exactly journalistically inclined right now, but I was just--

Clark : This isn't a good time, Chloe.

Clark keeps going toward the field.

Chloe : Right. [To herself.] Priorities.

Chloe drops her notepad on top of the cooler and grabs a plastic cup which she feels with the green punch. She takes a sip and watches Clark on the field beginning a play.

Clark : [Hunched behind another player.] Blue-23! Blue-23!

Chloe : [Softly, with a bright smile.] Clark...

Clark : Hut!

Cut to Chloe entering the Torch office where Lois is just hanging up the phone.

Chloe : Hello! Uh, look, I'm gonna need you to run with that psycho quarterback story. You might want to interview his girlfriend Mandy. She's a cheerleader.

Chloe hands her notepad to Lois.

Lois : Hi, I'm busy trying to get out of Mayberry.

Chloe : That's fine. Do whatever you want. You're in charge now. [With a smile.] I'm quitting the Torch.

Lois : Whoa! Wait. Quitting? Why?

: I finally understand why it never worked with Clark.

Lois : Okay, I'll bite.

Chloe : Because I was never there for him! I was always here buried in this stupid school newspaper. I wasn't devoted to him. But that's all gonna change now.

Chloe walks toward the Wall of Weird and starts taking down pictures.

Lois : Please stop with your crazy talk! You can't quit because, seriously, I need the credit, and how many anvils are you gonna let this guy drop on you?

Chloe : [Walking to Lois, angry.] You know what's crazy? I actually thought you'd be happy for me. Now that Lana and Clark are finally a thing of the past, I may actually have a shot at this. Why are you getting in my way?

Lois : [Giving up.] Fine. Looks like I'm gonna be covering the pom-pom beat.

Chloe : Thank you.

Lois leaves the room.

Cut to Lois turning a corner in the hallway of Smallville High where she sees Mandy talking to three other cheerleaders.

Rhonda : Seriously, Mandy, the 24-hour mourning period is over. You need a new boyfriend to take to our pool party.

: Okay, I'm not taking a step down from Dan and dating some wide receiver, Rhonda.

Girl #3
: Well, Clark Kent's the new quarterback.

Girl #4 : And he's hot.

The other girls laugh and nod.

Mandy : No decisions. I'll scope him out.

Rhonda notices that Lois is listening, and gestures to her to let the other girls know. Lois walks toward them and talks to Mandy.

Lois : Mandy, right? I'm Lois Lane. I'm doing an article for the Torch about what happened to your boyfriend.

Rhonda : She doesn't want to talk about it.

Lois : I don't want to write the article either, but my cousin dumped it on me and I need the credit, so let's--

Mandy : I wouldn't give that geek rag a quote if it were the last paper on earth.

Lois : Darn. And I thought it was gonna be so insightful.

They all glare at Lois.

Lois : Oh, look. Your valets are here. [Three of the football players walk up to them. To Mandy.] Except you don't have one anymore, do you?

Mandy : I could have another boyfriend like that. [She snaps her fingers.]

Lois : It's amazing what a short skirt and the ability to rhyme will get ya.

Rhonda is at her locker and hands one of her folders to her boyfriend. He drops it on the floor, and Lois picks it up. She opens it and the front page is titled "The Love Molecule." There is a picture of a molecule called phenylethylamine.

Lois : Oh, advanced chem. How many cheerleaders does it take to draw a double helix?

Mandy : You want a quote?

Lois : Yeah.

Mandy : Back off, bitch.

Lois smiles as the cheerleaders push past her and walk away. They wave goodbye mockingly.

Lois : Just got my headline.

Act 1 Scene 5

Outside shot of Clark's loft. Night. Inside, Clark walks up the stairs and sees Chloe sitting on the couch.

Clark : Chloe. [Pause.] What's going on?

We see that Chloe is dressed only in Clark's football jersey. She pats the couch inviting him to sit down. Clark takes off his backpack nervously and drops it to the floor. He sits down as far away from Chloe as he can get.

Chloe : So, do you remember that conversation we had this morning about your priorities? Well, I've been thinking about my priorities, and I think they're a little screwed up. Who needs the Torch? Especially if you're not gonna be there.

Chloe moves closer to Clark.

Clark : Right. But that still doesn't answer why you're only wearing... my football jersey.

Chloe : I want to make you my number one priority. [Clark stares at her in confusion. She comes closer.] I would do anything for you. Things that Lana would never do. Things to help relieve your stress.

Chloe puts a hand on Clark's chest.

Clark : [Apprehensive.] Like what?

Chloe smiles as she starts running her hand down Clark's chest to his stomach.

Clark : Chloe...

Her hand keeps lowering until Clark stops it.

Clark : Chloe! Hey, Chloe! [He takes her hand away from his body and pats it.] Are you feeling okay?

Chloe : I've never felt happier. [She straddles Clark's lap.] Clark...

Clark : [Even more uncomfortable.] Uh--

Chloe : Can't you see? I'm devoted to you. I love you, Clark.

Chloe kisses Clark heavily on the lips and his hands rise into the air with surprise.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Clark comes down the stairs of the Kent house carrying his backpack. Day. He enters the kitchen and puts the backpack down on a chair. Martha puts a pie down on the counter and starts to wrap it with plastic wrap. Next to her on the counter is a large gym back and a football.

Martha : Clark, I got all your football gear together, but I can't find your jersey.

Clark : It's, uh, in the barn. I forgot it up there. I'll, uh, I'll get it later.

Clark goes to the fridge and takes out a container of milk.

Clark : Hey, Mom, can I talk to you for a second?

: Of course, honey. What's up?

Clark : It's about Chloe. Um, she came on to me last night, pretty strong. I'm worried about her. Don't worry, nothing happened.

Martha : I thought you two agreed to be friends.

Clark : We did, and then she pulled a 180 on me.

Martha : Maybe Chloe's decided life's too short to bury her feelings anymore. How do you feel about her?

Clark : The problem is, I'm not over Lana yet. [Sadly.] Sometimes I think I never will be.

Martha : [Consoling.] Oh, sweetheart. There's somebody out there for you. I know it.

Clark : So, what do I do about Chloe?

Martha : If you don't feel the same way, just be honest.

Clark nods as Jonathan enters from outside.

Jonathan : Hello!

Martha : Hi. Oh, I gotta get to the Talon. Okay, um, I'll see you too later. Bye.

Jonathan : Bye. So, Clark. Tell me, how's football practice going?

Clark : It's actually not going so good. Some of the guys have been giving me a hard time since they found out I was starting. Missing my passes...

Jonathan : Nobody said it was gonna be easy.

Clark : The frustrating part is, I could score every time.

Jonathan : Clark, we talked about that whole thing, remember? The football field is not a place for you to be using your powers to save the day.

: I just said it was frustrating.

Jonathan : Look, son, if you're gonna be the quarterback, then you have to be the leader. Of course a bunch of the guys are gonna want to challenge that, especially if they don't think you deserve it. Same thing happened to me.

Clark : I thought your team worshipped the ground you walked on.

: Well, not when I was a sophomore, they didn't. See, the coach made me starting quarterback. A bunch of the seniors didn't like that very much.

Clark : What'd you do?

Jonathan : I earned their respect.

Clark thinks about this, then nods.

Act 2 Scene 2

Outside shot of Smallville High School. Day. Inside, Lana walks down an empty hallway holding a note in her hand. She finds Jason who is walking toward her.

Lana : [Concerned.] Hey, is everything okay?

Jason : Yeah. It is now.

Jason kisses her, and she pulls away looking around to see if anyone is watching.

Lana : Hey, what are you doing?

Jason : It's called kissing my girlfriend.

Lana : No, I was talking more in the "big picture" sense. [She holds up the note.] The lady from the attendance office announced to my entire advanced lit class that Coach Teague needed to see me.

Jason touches her face, and she pulls away again.

Lana : I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but this sudden, spontaneous outburst-- It's a little strange. Even for you.

Jason : Mm.

Lana : You have sacrificed an incredible amount to be with me. I will not cost you your job.

Jason : My job doesn't matter, okay? You do. I want to make you happy.

Lana : I know. And I love that. I just think that we should discuss this later.

Jason : Okay, but will you promise me something?

Lana : Depends...

Jason : Come by practice after school. Just stand on the sideline for, like, ten minutes. But I just want to see you.

Lana smiles.

Act 2 Scene 3

The cheerleaders are practicing their cheers on the football field as the football players do jumping jacks. Day. Jason blows his whistle.

Jason : All right, guys. Let's grab a drink before scrimmage.

The guys all jog over to the drink table. On his way over, Clark notices Lana sitting on the bleachers.

Clark : Lana? [He takes off his helmet and walks over to her.] What are you doing here?

Lana : I-I heard that Clark Kent was our new starting quarterback, and I had to see it for myself.

Clark : Really? You came out here to watch me practice? That means a lot.

Lana smiles awkwardly in response. Jason sees Clark talking to Lana.

Jason : [Unfriendly.] Hey, Kent! Do you want to join us or what?

: [To Lana.] I better go.

Lana : Seems like our new assistant coach is working you pretty hard.

Jason takes a swig of green punch from a bottle as he watches Clark and Lana.

Clark : No, he's, uh, actually pretty cool. [Lana nods. Clark looks at her for another moment.] I'll see ya.

Lana : See ya.

Clark walks away from the bleachers toward the drinks table. Lois catches up with him.

Lois : Hey. What did you do to my cousin? She's freaking me out.

: Nothing. She's hitting on me.

: Well, obviously you sent some kind of signal that you were interested.

: Look, Lois, I got a big game coming up, and I'm trying to make a good impression here, all right? So could we talk about this later?

Chloe is running, nearly skipping, toward Clark and Lois. She is wearing a Smallville High cheerleading outfit and waving pom-poms in the air. She is deliriously excited.

Chloe : Hey! Hey, Clark! Hi!

Lois : Oh, my God.

Chloe : Hi, Clark! Hi! [She laughs excitedly.] Ta-da! Hi!

Clark : Chloe. W-what's up with the cheerleader outfit?

: I found it in the storage locker. I thought, you know, what better way to support my new favorite starting quarterback than to join the cheerleading squad? We can be together all the time!

Clark : [Unenthused.] Yeah.

Lois looks at Chloe strangely. Chloe looks from Clark to Lois and her smile fades.

Chloe : What is she doing here?

Jason calls to Clark from the field where he is talking to the other players.

Jason : Hey, Kent! Some time today!

Chloe : Good luck! Bye!

Chloe blows Clark a kiss and runs to the sideline.

Lois : Oh, my God. She's taken the fast train to Stepford.

Clark : I need you to keep her away from me.

Lois : With what? A tranquilizer gun?

Clark : There's obviously something wrong. I just need some time to figure it out, okay?

: Okay.

Lois walks away, and Clark goes to the drinks table, pouring a glass of green punch. He downs the whole cup and almost immediately bends over in pain, gagging. Jason walks up to him.

Jason : Kent. What's wrong with you?

Clark : [Breathless.] Coach, I'm not feeling very good. I think I better leave.

Jason : You're gonna walk away because you don't feel well. You know, maybe I was wrong about you, Kent.

: Coach, I--

: You know, your team's waiting for you out there. Are you a leader or not?

Clark gives in, stumbling toward the field for practice. Nate starts to walk toward the field and Jason stops him.

Jason : Tell the rest of the guys they got a green light on Kent. I've been too easy on him.

Nate smiles and runs toward the field excitedly. Jason takes another long drink of the punch.

Cut to a play beginning. Clark is jogging backwards preparing to throw the ball when three players tackle him viciously. Chloe is waving her pom-poms on the sidelines cheering for him.

Chloe : It's okay, Clark! It's okay! Just shake it off!

Nate looks down at Clark who is lying on his back.

Nate : How's it taste?

He laughs cruelly as Clark weakly tries to get up. Jason watches him angrily from the sidelines. The cheerleaders are standing in neat rows nearby practicing a cheer as Chloe runs around the field wildly, cheering off the top of her head.

Chloe : Clark Kent! Come on! Give me a K! Give me an E! Give me an N! Give me a T!

Clark is hunched over behind another player, beginning the next play.

: Blue-37! Hike!

The ball is hiked to Clark, and almost immediately, another player throws himself at Clark's back, knocking him to the ground. Then two other players pounce on him. Chloe gasps.

Chloe : Oh! Keep going, baby!

Another play starts.

Clark : Hike!

Clark passes the ball to another player and starts running toward the yellow players. Two of the yellow players standing side by side hold out their arms, knocking Clark in the chest and toppling him onto his back.

Player : Need a hand?

The player grabs Clark by the face mask of his helmet and pulls him up. Clark grunts in pain.

Chloe : Let's hear it for the number one quarterback! Yeah!

We see Clark toss the football and then get tackled from behind by two players. Then at the beginning of the next play, Clark pulls on his helmet and hits it a couple of times, trying to clear his head.

Clark : Blue-17! Hut!

Before Clark can even move with the ball, two more players pull him to the ground.

: Oh! Uh... It's okay! It's okay! It's just a bruise!

Nate : [Laughing.] Atta boy, Kent! How's that feel, Kent?

Chloe : Go, Clark! You can do it! You can do it! Defense! Go defense! All right!

Clark is still on the ground the whole time Chloe is cheering, and he watches as Mandy and another cheerleader take the cooler from the drinks table and carry it back to the school.

Chloe : Whoo! Yeah! Go, Clark!

Clark adjusts his helmet and lowers his eyes, confused and unhappy.

Act 2 Scene 4

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Dusk. In the loft, Clark is seated at his desk with his shirt unbuttoned. He holds an icepack to his ribs and gasps breathlessly at the cold. He hears somebody enter.

Clark : Chloe, if that's you, I'm not feeling very well right now.

Clark stands up with some difficulty and sees Jason walk into the loft wearing a black jacket with the hood over his head.

Clark : Hey, Coach Teague.

Jason : [Walking up the stairs.] Clark, we need to talk.

: [Buttoning his shirt.] Look, I know this is gonna sound weird, but I think there's something in that drink cooler.

Clark comes down the stairs meeting Jason halfway.

Jason : Yeah, you should've stayed away from my girlfriend.

: What are you talking about?

Jason punches Clark hard in the stomach. In his weakened condition, Clark feels the pain clearly and he gasps, doubling over. Jason then elbows Clark in the back, sending him tumbling to a lower level of the loft where he lands near several haystacks.

Jason comes down the stairs and grabs Clark by the shirt, holding him up with one hand and punching him in the face repeatedly with the other. After three punches, Jason pulls Clark to his feet and throws him at the railing. Clark hits the railing with his stomach, his torso leaning over the edge. Then he straightens up, realizing with surprise that his nose is bleeding. He turns around to Jason, and Jason punches him again in the face with enough force to send him crashing through the railing and plummeting to the ground.

Clark whimpers on the ground, nearly unconscious. Jason comes down the stairs watching Clark threateningly the whole time. Clark looks up at him, unable to move, and just as Jason is raising his arm to take another swing, Lex walks up behind him and knocks him on the back of the head. Lex then throws him against a beam. Jason knocks his head, then gets to his feet and runs from the loft. Lex leans down over Clark, holding his shoulder.

Lex : [Concerned.] Clark.

: [Surprised.] Lex.

Lex : Are you okay? Who was that?

Breathless, Clark doesn't answer.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Outside shot of Kent farm. Night. Inside, Clark is seated and Lex is standing near by.

: Are you sure you don't want to call the police?

: Yeah. It's not like either of us got a good look at him anyway.

Lex turns away from Clark and walks toward a table where there is a first aid kit. A drop of green liquid drips from Clark nose and lands on the floor. Clark touches his nose, then glances over at Lex. When he sees Lex's back is still turned, he opens his shirt and sees the bruises on his chest disappear before his eyes. The cut that was on his forehead moments ago has disappeared.

When Lex turns back to Clark and walks toward him, Clark closes his shirt and wipes his nose with a tissue, not making eye contact with Lex.

Lex : That's odd.

Clark : What?

: I could've sworn you had a cut above your eye.

Clark : Actually, I'm feeling a lot better all of a sudden.

Lex : Yeah, well, I still think you should have a doctor take a look at you.

Clark : I guess I was lucky you were here.

Clark stands up and walks past Lex to the table.

Clark : Why are you here?

Lex : I wanted to give you something.

Lex picks something up and when Clark turns to face him, he tosses a blue LuthorCorp file to Clark.

: It's every file I ever had on you.

Clark : How do I know you don't have a copy?

Lex : You don't. But it's the truth.

Clark : Lex, if this friendship was so important, why'd you lie to me for so long?

Lex : I don't know, Clark.

Clark lowers his eyes, and Lex walks toward him.

Lex : There's a darkness in me that I can't always control. I'm starting to think that's my curse, why every relationship I have ends badly.

: We all have a dark side, Lex.

: Yeah. But I can feel mine creeping over the corners. Your friendship helps keep it at bay. It reminds me that there are truly good people in the world. I'm not willing to give up on that.

Clark looks back at Lex cautiously.

Lex : Good night, Clark.

Lex leaves the loft. Clark lowers his eyes silently.

Act 3 Scene 2

Outside shot of Smallville High. Night. Inside, Lois and Clark walk through the empty hallway.

Clark : I'm looking for Coach Teague. He just attacked me in my loft.

Lois : After that performance on the field today, I'm not surprised.

Clark stops walking to look at Lois.

: I'm kidding.

: Look, the cheerleaders are spiking the water cooler at practice. That's why Chloe and the players are acting so weird.

: Nice work, Smallville. You want to know what they're using?

: You actually did some investigative reporting?

Lois leads Clark into the Torch office.

: My cousin goes Martha Stewart without the jail time? Yeah. Suddenly, the power of the press interests me. [She picks up a file and shows it to Clark.] Look what I found.

Clark : [Looking at it.] Mandy and Rhonda did a science fair project together. So?

Lois : So that's our smoking gun. According to the chemistry teacher, they researched a hormone called phenylethylamine.

: Phenylethylamine? [Lois hands him the file and he reads it.] "The love molecule."

Lois : Exactly.

Clark : So it's a love potion?

Lois : Yeah, but it didn't work.

: Until they added the meteor rock.

Lois : [Not understanding.] Whatever.

Clark : We have to find a way to reverse the effect.

Lois : Well, it must wear off at some point. Otherwise they wouldn't keep juicing the football players.

Clark : We don't have enough time. What if another player goes into a jealous rage and hurts someone?

Lois : Wait a minute. You drank some of it, too. I saw you. How come you're not going all love slave?

Clark : [Pause.] I don't know. What's your point?

Lois : That science report's in Mandy's faux Prada bag. Presumably it can tell us how to reverse this, right? And presumably, you're infected. [Clark thinks about this. Lois becomes teasingly flirtatious.] The cheerleaders are having a pool party tonight. How do you look in a swimsuit, Clark?

Clark looks at Lois, shaking his head, about to refuse her. She smiles at him, refusing to let him say no.

Act 3 Scene 3

The swimming pool at Smallville High School. Night. The whole room is decorated for the party and there are football players and cheerleaders everywhere. Some of them are sitting in the pool on inflatable furniture while others stand around the pool socializing. One of the football players jumps into the pool with a big splash. There are flashing lights and loud music.

A muscular guy wearing only a pair of shorts walks along the edge of the pool with a tray of cocktails. Mandy stands near the edge of the pool and when the guy passes her, she takes one of the cocktails and sips it with a look of boredom on her face.

Some of the other students are gathered beyond the pool where three football players are wearing grass skirts and coconut bikini tops and dancing the hula. Clark and Lois enter. Clark is wearing a swimsuit and a T-shirt and has a towel draped over his shoulder. They first notice the men dancing the hula, then Lois notices a purse on a table near Mandy. Mandy has her back to Lois and Clark.

Lois : Okay, Clark. Faux Prada bag, folder, show time.

Clark : [Apprehensive.] Lois, I don't think--

Lois : [Pushing him forward.] Go.

Clark : Lois--

Lois gives Clark one last shove and he gives in.

Clark : Okay.

Clark continues walking toward Mandy and looks back at Lois nervously. She gestures for him to keep going, and he does. He walks in front of Mandy.

Clark : [Forced brightness.] Hi, Mandy.

: [Pleased to see him.] Hey, Clark. [She puts her drink down on the table.] Welcome to the party.

There is an awkward silence and Clark glances over Mandy's shoulder to Lois. Mandy starts to turn around to see what Clark is looking at, and to prevent her from seeing Lois, Clark quickly takes Mandy by the shoulders and leans in to kiss her. Lois starts to creep toward them. Clark ends the kiss, surprised at himself, and Mandy is smiling.

Clark : I'm devoted to you.

Mandy looks him over, lifts up the front of his shirt and looks at his tight stomach.

Mandy : Yeah, I can work with this.

Mandy takes Clark by the hand, grabs her purse from the table, and leads Clark away from the swimming pool. Lois turns away so that Mandy doesn't see her. As Mandy and Clark are leaving the room, Clark turns back to Lois.

Clark : [Desperate whisper.] Lois!

Lois gestures to Clark to stay with Mandy. Mandy leads him into the empty locker room where she immediately starts kissing him. Without ever breaking the kiss, she leads him to a weight machine and pushes him against it. When Mandy's back is to the entrance, Lois enters the room and grimaces when she sees Clark and Mandy kissing. Lois goes to another weight machine and watches from behind it.

Mandy : Oh, you're so strong.

Clark : Y-You're so beautiful.

Lois : [To herself quietly.] I'm so grossed out.

Mandy and Clark continue to kiss and Mandy takes the towel off Clark's shoulder and throws it behind her where it hits Lois in the face. Mandy leads Clark to a bench and sits him down on it, then straddles his lap. Her purse is still over her shoulder.

Mandy : So, tell me. If you like me so much, what are you gonna do for me?

Clark : I'll buy you dinner.

Mandy kisses Clark again. He glances over Mandy's shoulder at Lois who seems less than impressed by Clark's answer.

: [Trying again.] I'll cook. I'll cook you dinner.

Mandy : Oh, that is so hot!

Mandy attacks Clark's neck with her kisses. Clark carefully slips the bag off of her shoulder and tosses it to the floor, pointing at it wildly for Lois to pick it up.

Mandy : You seem distracted.

: Um, I'm just nervous.

Mandy : Why?

Clark : I've, um, never done what I think we're about to do before.

Lois sneaks around the edge of the room, coming closer to the bag. Mandy smiles at Clark and begins kissing him again. Lois is inches away from grabbing the bag when suddenly Mandy stands up and backs up toward the bag. Lois scampers away and hides under the coach's desk as Mandy picks up the bag and drags Clark over to the desk. Mandy lies down on her back on the desk and pulls Clark down over her to kiss him.

Clark succeeds in getting the bag a second time and drops it off the desk where it lands on Lois's head.

Lois : Ow.

: What?

Clark : [Making pleasure noises.] Oh! Oooh!

Mandy : [Mimicking him, having fun.] Oh! Oooh! [She laughs. They kiss.]

Mandy starts to lift Clark's shirt. Lois is on the floor opening the bag when Clark's shirt lands on her head. She pulls it off, disgusted and annoyed and gets out from under the desk with the bag in hand. Mandy is too busy with Clark to see Lois go. Lois leaves the room and goes into a boiler room next door. She hears Mandy laugh.

Lois : Gross.

Lois opens the bag and pulls out the folder.

Lois : All right.

She opens the folder and starts to read. Suddenly, Chloe comes up behind her and hits her on the back with a wrench. Lois turns around startled.

Lois : Ow! Chloe, what the hell?

: [Furious.] I know what you're up to. [She swings and Lois blocks it.] I went through this with Lana, and I'm not gonna go through it with you!

Chloe swings and Lois blocks it again.

Lois : Do what?!

Chloe : Steal Clark!

Cut to Mandy straddling Clark on the desk in the locker room.

Mandy : Are you getting bored?

Clark : No.

Mandy : Good. Because I'm just getting started.

She kisses Clark again.

Cut to Lois doing a somersault down the hallway of the boiler room as she runs away from Chloe. Chloe runs after her with the wrench screaming in her rage.

Lois : [Dodging more swings.] Chloe, this is stupid!

Chloe swings again and Lois catches her arm.

Lois : I don't want to hurt you!

Lois throws Chloe to the ground.

Chloe : Too late. You already did.

Chloe gets to her feet and prepares to swing the wrench. Lois does a spin kick and knocks the wrench out of Chloe's hand. Chloe turns around, thrown off balance, and lands with her face and hands against a hot pipe. She screams as the pipe sizzles against her skin and then she falls to the ground.

Lois : [Kneeling next to her.] Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry! Are you okay, Chloe?

Chloe : [Confused.] Yeah. What happened? What's going on?

Chloe looks around the room in a disoriented manner. Lois's eyes light up with an idea as she looks at the hot pipe that pulled Chloe out of her rage.

Cut to Mandy still straddling Clark as she unties his swimsuit.

Mandy : So, how far do you want to go here?

: Um...

Lois and Chloe enter.

Lois : Right about there would be great, thanks.

Annoyed, Mandy gets off of Clark. He hurries off the desk, grabs his shirt, and runs to Lois and Chloe.

Clark : Chloe, you okay?

Chloe : Yeah, fine.

: I can't believe you, Clark.

Lois : Oh, please! Do you know how pathetic it is that you had to resort to chemicals to control your boyfriend?

Mandy : I'm sick of being a distant second to a football.

Lois : So you created a bunch of psycho nut-jobs. [To Chloe.] No offense.

Chloe : None taken.

Clark : [Putting his shirt on.] What, uh, what took you so long?

Chloe : Oh, she was attacked by a, uh, crazy plumber.

Lois : Yeah.

Clark : [To Lois.] Did you find the cure?

Lois : Yeah, we worked out our own little experiment. [Clark doesn't understand.] I accidentally burned her on the furnace in the boiler room and she snapped out of it.

Clark : Just like Dan snapped out of it when the gun heated up.

Chloe & Lois : Exactly.

Clark : So it's the heat.

Lois : Yeah.

Chloe turns around.

Chloe : Uh, you guys, where's Mandy?

Mandy is gone.

Lois : [Blaming.] Oh, nice, Clark. You know, you only had one thing to do.

Clark : Me? You're closer to the door.

Lois : Okay, so it's automatically my fault?

Mandy walks back into the room.

Chloe : [Quieting them.] Uh, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys.

Lois : [To Mandy.] Oh, hey. We were just talking about you.

Mandy : Yeah? Well, now you're gonna wish you never crossed me.

Lois : Yeah? What are you gonna do, cheer us to death?

Several large football players, including Nate, enter the room wielding baseball bats.

Lois : Oh, great. Here comes the love squad.

The players stare at Clark, Lois, and Chloe threateningly.

Clark : Let's get out of here. Come on, Lois.

Clark and Chloe start to leave, but Lois stays where she is, staring at Mandy.

Lois : Bring it on, hotshot.

Nate steps forward and swings his bat at Lois. She ducks to dodge it, then kicks Nate in the stomach, sending him falling back against the other football players.

Clark : Lois, what are you doing?

Lois : Hey, Clark, do you got any explosions up your sleeve?

Lois is looking at the ceiling above the players. Clark follows her gaze and sees that she is looking at a pipe that says "Caution Hot".

Nate : You're gonna pay, bitch!

Nate gets back to his feet. Clark uses his heat vision on the pipe, heating it up until it bursts and a cloud of steam jets down onto the players, knocking them and Mandy to the floor.

Lois : Okay, what the hell was that?

Clark : I guess the pipe must've broken or something. Pretty lucky, huh?

Lois : Yeah. You better hope for that kind of luck tomorrow on the field.

Clark rolls his eyes at Lois's insult.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Outside shot of Lex's mansion. Night. Inside, Clark is escorted into a room by a servant. The room is the place where Lex had all of his research on Clark stored. Lex is in the room waiting for him.

Lex : When they told me Clark Kent was downstairs, I couldn't believe it. I wanted you to see for yourself that the investigation is over.

Clark : [Looking beyond Lex.] What's that?

The shot widens and we see that the large room is completely empty except for a small cube of compacted metal.

Lex : The Porsche you pulled me out of the day we met.

Clark : Why is it still here?

Lex : [Walking toward the metal.] To remind me of what I almost lost. [He turns to Clark.] It's over, Clark. It really is.

Clark doesn't respond.

Lex : Look, I'm willing to give this friendship another shot if you are.

Clark is silent for a moment, then nods in agreement. Lex smiles.

Clark : In the spirit of friendship, I was wondering if you could help me with a problem.

Lex : Absolutely. What is it?

Clark : Well, it's a who. Lois Lane.

Lex nods.

Act 4 Scene 2

Clark is dressed in his football uniform in the locker room. Day. He takes his helmet off the locker as Jason walks up to him.

Jason : Clark. I don't know what to say, man. I mean, you saved my life, and I practically tried to kill you. It's not the best way to get this coach-player relationship off the ground.

Clark : It's okay.

Jason : If you want to bring this to the school's attention, I totally understand.

Clark : No, coach. You weren't yourself. I'm just glad it wore off.

Jason : Yeah. You're gonna do great out there today. I think after all that's happened, the guys are finally behind you.

: [He nods.] Thanks. [Jason starts to leave.] Hey, coach? When you were in my loft, you told me to stay away from your girl. Who were you talking about?

Jason : Honestly... I have no idea. I mean, like you said, I guess I wasn't myself. Good luck today, Clark. I'll see you out there.

Clark smiles.

Act 4 Scene 3

The football field outside Smallville High. Day. The scoreboard shows that the score is 28 for the Crows and 31 for the guests with the clock stopped at 7 seconds left of the fourth quarter.

Announcer : The Crows are behind 31 to 28 with 7 seconds remaining. Fourth down on their own 40-yard line.

Lois, Chloe, and Lana are sitting together in front of Martha and Jonathan in the bleachers as the players get ready for the last seconds of the game. The girls talk to each other excitedly. Two rows ahead of them, Lex is sitting quite still, watching the field anxiously.

On the field, Clark is talking to the players.

Clark : Nate, I need you to get open in the end zone.

Nate : Are you serious? Can you throw that far?

Clark : Can you run that fast?

Nate : Hell yeah.

Clark smiles and nods.

Nate : Let's do it!

Clark : All right, guys. Hail Mary on one.

Guys : Hey! [They all clap their hands once and break the huddle.]

As the players run onto the field, the crowd stands up and claps. Lana stands up, and Chloe stands up, somewhat unsure of herself, but following the example.

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