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(Outside Cradock Marine Bank on 8th Street. SWAT team is getting into
position behind the crime scene tape. Police cars pull up. A woman,
PAM, is watching from the street. She is late twenties - early thirties.
She looks very sad and tired. SKINNER runs up and ducks under the
crime scene tape and goes to LIEUTENANT KRASKOW.
He shows his badge.)

SKINNER: You in charge here?

LIEUTENANT KRASKOW: Lieutenant Kraskow. Is the Bureau taking over?

SKINNER: You're welcome to any help that I can give you, but that's not
why I'm here. What can you tell me?

LIEUTENANT KRASKOW: Silent alarm tripped 30 minutes ago.
We think there's one robber, armed. Probably a handgun. Definitely
no pro or he would have been long gone. A single gunshot about 20
minutes ago. Blinds are down but we think we've got a body on the floor.
But you're not here to take over?

SKINNER: Two of my agents might be in there.

(PAM runs up to them, but a COP grabs her and holds her back.)

PAM: Skinner! Skinner!

COP: Hold it right here.

SKINNER: Do I know you?

PAM: Stop this. Don't let this happen!

(Inside the bank. SCULLY is kneeling on the floor with MULDER's head
in her lap. He is bleeding heavily from a gunshot wound to the chest.
She is on the verge of tears and pressing her hand over the wound.
The other customers and tellers are also on the ground. SCULLY
caresses MULDER's face then looks up at the gunman, BERNARD,
who is staring down at them breathing heavily. He is not a stable person.
Explosives are strapped to his chest. His thumb is on the switch.)

SCULLY: (quietly desperate) You're in charge here, you know.
It doesn't have to end like this.

(SWAT team enters the front doors.)

BERNARD: Yeah, it does.

SCULLY: (screaming) Nooooooo!!!!

(BERNARD reaches for the switch on the explosives strapped to his chest.
Exterior shot of the building exploding. SKINNER ducks behind one of the
police minivans to avoid the debris. Smoke fades to black.)

Opening Credits
Mulder … Whooo.
Scully rocks.

(MULDER's apartment hallway. Paperboy delivers paper hard against
MULDER's door. MULDER wakes up suddenly. He is on his waterbed
and has been sleeping on his stomach. He lies still for a moment and
realizes something is wrong. Reflected in the overhead mirror, we see
him sit up and swing his legs over the side of the bed. He is wearing
yellow pajama bottoms.

[TD NOTE: Nothing else, mind you, just the bottoms. He's shirtless in all
of the remaining waking-up-in-the-bedroom scenes except for the last one.
And the bottoms may be yellow, but they look pretty close to skin tone
... the *first* time we see this scene anyway! CarriK, I'm a little surprised
at this particular omission ;-) Back to the story ...]

His feet land on his carpet with a splash. The floor is covered in water.
He flips the corner of the sheet up and a continuous jet of water spurts
out of the bed.)

MULDER: Son of a ... (grunts what sounds like "Damn it.")

(He looks at his Radio Shack electronic clock, which has no display.
He bangs it against the nightstand. Nothing. He moves the nightstand
away from the wall and sees that the stream of water is falling directly
on the power outlet. In disgust, he pulls out the plug. [TD: Kids, don't try
this at home, NOT a good idea!] He then reaches for his cell phone,
but accidentally knocks it onto the wet floor. He looks down at it,
sighs, then picks it up. It doesn't work. He pours the water out )

MULDER: (disgusted) Yes ... Yes.

(He looks at his watch - Omega. It reads Monday, 7:16 and 9 seconds.
He curses under his breath and quickly walks out of his bedroom stepping
over his athletic shoes. [TD: Nike symbol-like logo, couldn't afford the
real thing, I guess :-)] The phone rings. He tosses the useless cell phone
to the floor in the living room and grabs a small pot from the kitchen and
goes back to the bedroom, but trips over the athletic shoes and lands flat
on the wet floor on his face and stomach. He slowly crawls to the phone
and answers it. He puts the pot in position to catch the water.)

MULDER: (on phone) Hello? …. It's coming through down there? …
Ugh! … It's my damn waterbed. My damn waterbed sprung a leak. …
I-I-I know I'm not supposed to have a waterbed. … I don't know what to
tell you. … I-I think it was a gift. … All right.

(He hangs up and puts his finger over the hole in the mattress. For a
moment the flow stops, but then water starts spraying out and when he
removes his finger, the leak is worse than before. He picks up the pot,
goes to turn it upside down over the leak, water pours back on top of the
mattress, he nearly dumps the whole thing out then he stares at the leak
with hatred and slams the bottom of the pot over it.)


(X-Files Office. Yea!! [TD: What she said and woohoo!] MULDER is at
the desk. He opens his paycheck with a letter opener. Addressed to:
2630 HEGAL PL #42
He endorses the check. SCULLY walks in.)

MULDER: I know. I missed the meeting.

SCULLY: You didn't miss the meeting. You're extraordinarily late for
the meeting. It's still going on.

MULDER: What are you doing down here?

SCULLY: We took a short break and I came looking for you.
What are you doing down here, Mulder?

MULDER: (sarcastically) I'm having the best damn day of my life.
Any moment I'm about to burst into song -- "Zip a dee doo dah."
My, uh, waterbed sprung a leak and shorted out my alarm clock.
(SCULLY blinks in surprise.) My cell phone got wet and crapped out
on me and the check I wrote my landlord to cover the, uh, damages is
going to bounce if I don't deposit my pay. You ever have one of those
days, Scully?

[TD NOTE: Check out the office, everything appears to be "back to normal"
... save for an empty space on the wall where Mulder's "I Want To Believe"
poster once hung ... sniff ... and don't even start with me on the door's lack
of TWO nameplates ....]

(MULDER crosses to the door.)

SCULLY: Since I've been working here? Yeah.
When did you get a waterbed, Mulder?

(MULDER pauses in the doorway and thinks about it for a moment.
SCULLY stares at him questioningly. MULDER ignores the question.
Very funny.)

MULDER: Bank's just down the street. I'll be back in ten.
Cover for me, will you?

(MULDER leaves.)

SCULLY: (to herself) When do I not?

(Corner of E Street and 8th Street. Outside the bank. A really ugly car
driven by BERNARD with PAM as a passenger cuts across two lanes of
traffic and pulls up across the street from the bank. Other cars angrily
blow their horns.)


BERNARD: Yeah? You want some? (looks at PAM) We good? Pam?

PAM: Go run your errand already.

BERNARD: (very nervous) Yeah. I just got to go pick something up.
No biggie.

PAM: (not looking at him) Right, Bernard. No biggie.

BERNARD: I'll be ten minutes. Wait here for me.

(BERNARD gets out of the really ugly car just in time for a bicyclist to
almost hit him. Pam mouths the dialogue along with them. TD: Freaky!)

BICYCLIST: Hey, man, you need to watch it next time!

BERNARD: You watch it!

(BERNARD goes into the bank. PAM sees MULDER approaching.)

PAM: (sadly) Right on schedule. Poor guy.

(MULDER looks in the car window and stares at PAM for a moment,
then continues on into the bank. PAM stares in surprise.)

PAM: (to herself) You never did that before.

(MULDER enters the bank and gets in a long line. He looks at his watch,
starts tapping his toe and mouthing, "Come on, come on ..."
At one of the tables, BERNARD is writing on an envelope -
"This is a robbery …")

(SKINNER's office. SCULLY is in Hell. She and SKINNER and two other
agents are listening to AGENT ARNOLD give a report. There is a vertical
bar graph next to him serving as a visual aid. He is EXTREMEMLY boring
- flat delivery with meaningless pauses. The chair next to SCULLY is
conspicuously empty.)

AGENT ARNOLD: Now, that's assuming these trends continue well
into the coming year. Um, other D.O.J. (Department Of Justice)
projections estimate a larger, uh, two to three percent drop in the overall
homicide rate versus the, uh, one to one and a half percent cited in the
earlier, uh, Tanner study. However, there is some dispute that the, uh,
statistical methodology in this latter study is not the D.O.J.-preferred
methodology. In any case added variables make crime trends for the
coming year particularly hard to predict.

SKINNER: The unpredictable future. Which brings us to Agent Mulder.
Will he or will he not grace us with his report?

(SKINNER looks meaningfully at SCULLY who gets up and leaves the office.)

(Inside the Cradock Marine bank. MULDER is still in line behind the

TELLER: May I help the next in line, please?

CUSTOMER: I've got … a few transactions.

(MULDER checks his watch. BERNARD, has finished writing his note,
"This is a robbery. Put the money in the bag. No alarms." He crumples
the note angrily, takes a moment to breathe and sweat heavily, then,
in slow motion for a second, turns and points a gun at the customers.)

BERNARD: (yelling) Customers, face down! You know what this is!

WOMAN WHO NEEDS TO BE SLAPPED: (hysterical) Oh, God.

BERNARD: You! On the floor!

WOMAN WHO NEEDS TO BE SLAPPED: (more hysterical)
Oh, God, don't shoot us!

BERNARD: Shut up!

MULDER: (kneeling) You're the boss.

(MULDER lies down on the floor next to WOMAN WHO NEEDS TO BE
SLAPPED who begins sobbing.)

MULDER: (quietly to the WOMAN) It's all right.

BERNARD: All right, I'm the boss! No silent alarms, no dye packs.
Do it like the insurance company taught you. Start with the counter money.
Quicker you go, quicker I go. Everybody else out here on the floor.
(TELLER begins removing money.) Ahh! Leave the last one. No tricks.
(TELLER pushes silent alarm with her foot) All right, come on. Come on,
come on, come on! (Signals with his gun for TELLER to move to the next
till, she does.)

MULDER: (disgusted, to himself) Zip a dee doo dah.

(Through a window, MULDER sees SCULLY approaching the bank.)

BERNARD: (to TELLER) All right, get your keys. Come around here.
We're going to open up the ATM.

(TELLER obeys. BERNARD starts to push her toward the ATM as soon
as she's out from behind the counter.)

MULDER: (to BERNARD) Hey, lock the doors!
You forgot to lock the front door.

BERNARD: (to TELLER) On the ground!

(SCULLY enters the bank then pauses as BERNARD points his gun at her.
MULDER stands and aims his gun at BERNARD's back.)


(BERNARD turns and shoots MULDER on the left side of his chest.
He falls.)

SCULLY: Drop it! Drop it now!

BERNARD: You drop it!

(SCULLY looks at MULDER lying on the ground. BERNARD opens
his jacket to reveal the explosives strapped to his chest.)

BERNARD: You drop it.

(SCULLY stares at him in shock then slowly lowers her gun.)

(SKINNER's office.)

SKINNER: Travel expense reimbursement. Who's got those figures?
All I've got here is third and fourth quarter. (No answer from other men
at the table.) No?

SKINNER's ASSISTANT: (entering the room) Assistant Director?

(A look of concern passes between them.)

(Street outside the bank. PAM is sitting in the ugly car.
She hears tires screeching as the SWAT team arrives.)

PAM: (resigned, not looking at them as they run past) Go, go, go.


(PAM gets out of the car.
SKINNER arrives on the scene showing his badge.)

COP: Sir.

SKINNER: Who's in charge here?

LIEUTENANT KRASKOW: I am. Unless the Bureau's taking over.

(PAM comes running up to them. A COP grabs her and holds her back.)

PAM: Skinner!

COP: Hey, hold it!

PAM: Skinner! Don't let them charge in there. Skinner!

SKINNER: Do I know you?

PAM: Skinner!

(Inside bank. SCULLY removes MULDER's tie and rips open his shirt -
go Scully! - and then cradles MULDER's head in her lap and presses her
hand onto the wound in his chest. Throughout the scene, she is on the
verge of tears, but stays calm.)

BERNARD: They're supposed to call, right?

SCULLY: They're not going to call. What's your name?


SCULLY: Look, I got to call you something, right? How about Steve?
It's a nice ... honest name. Steve.

BERNARD: Bernard.

SCULLY: (voice breaking) Bernard. I have to get my partner out of here.

BERNARD: I am blowing this whole freaking place right off the map if
they come in here.

SCULLY: Oh ... look, they don't know that. Don't you realize that?
They can't see you. They don't know what your plan is.

BERNARD: They better know. They damn well better figure it out.

SCULLY: Look ... just walk in front of the door and show them.

BERNARD: You want to get me killed!

(BERNARD raises his gun and points it at SCULLY.
SCULLY looks down at MULDER who is barely conscious.
She strokes his cheek.)

SCULLY: (quietly pleading) I just want everybody to live. That's all.
I just ... just show them. You have control over everything that happens here.
You do. And it doesn't have to end this way.

(The SWAT team runs in the front doors.)

BERNARD: Yeah, it does.

SCULLY: (screams) Noooooo!!!!

(BERNARD flips the switch on the explosives on his chest. Exterior shot
of the bank exploding. SKINNER ducks behind the minivan to avoid the
debris. Smoky haze fades to black.)

(Commercial 1.)

(MULDER's hallway. Paperboy flings a paper against the door. MULDER,
startled, wakes up on his waterbed. He was sleeping on his back.
He notices that the sheets are wet. His feet hit the wet carpet.
He finds the stream of water shooting out of the bed.)

MULDER: Oh, son of a ...

(He bangs his alarm clock. No response. He knocks his cell phone to
the floor, then picks it up to use it, then pours the water out of it.)

MULDER: Son of a bitch.

(He sets the cell phone down and picks up his watch.
Monday 7:14 am. )

MULDER: Oh ... that's great.

(He walks out of the bedroom to his kitchens stepping over his athletic shoes.
He returns, steps over his shoes and sets a pot in position to catch the water.
His phone rings.)

MULDER: (on phone) Yeah? … It's coming through down there? …
It's my damn waterbed. … It sprung a leak. … Yeah, I know I'm not
supposed to have a waterbed. … I don't know what to tell you. …
I... I... I'm sorry. I mean, I...

(He hangs up. He puts his finger over the leak. The leak gets worse.
He stands up and begins looking around for something else. He backs
up and trips and falls backwards over his athletic shoes. The phone rings
again but MULDER, seeing that the pot is already overflowing, ignores it.
He goes back to the kitchen.)

(PAM and BERNARD's apartment. PAM is alone in a room on the phone
waiting for MULDER to pick up. It rings several times, then she hangs up
as BERNARD enters the room.)

BERNARD: Who you calling?

PAM: Nobody.

BERNARD: What do you mean, nobody? It's got to be somebody.

PAM: It's nobody you know, Bernard. Forget it.

BERNARD: There's something I got to do. I want you to come.

PAM: (turning away) I'm not going with you.

BERNARD: Look, I'm not asking. Pam? Don't go getting all weird on me.
It'll only take a couple of minutes.

PAM: Look, Bernard ... just go to work. It's not too late.

BERNARD: I'm not going to work today.
And don't say they're going to fire me.

PAM: I wasn't going to say that.

BERNARD: 'Cause you know what? Who cares? Like there's a big
future in mopping floors. Like that's something to lose.

PAM: We lose everything.

BERNARD: No, no. I got a plan. This time tomorrow, Pam...

PAM: Everything will be roses.

(They exit the room. Old digital flip clock clicks to 7:17 am.)

(X-Files office.
MULDER is at his desk opening his paycheck without a letter opener.
When he pulls the check out of the envelope, one corner is mangled.)

MULDER: Aw... Damn it.

(He seperates the check from the check stub and starts to sign one half.
SCULLY enters.)

MULDER: I know. I missed the meeting.

SCULLY: Well, not yet, but, uh, only because it's the longest in FBI history.

MULDER: What are you doing down here, then?

SCULLY: Well, I came looking for you. We took a five-minute break
(looks at watch) three minutes ago. Mulder, your cell phone's not working.
(He glances up at her.) Did you oversleep?

(MULDER is taping the check back together.)

MULDER: Scully, did you ever have one of those days you wish you
could rewind and start all over again from the beginning?

SCULLY: Yes. Frequently. But, I mean, who's … who's to say that if
you did rewind it and start over again that it wouldn't end up exactly the
same way?

(MULDER endorses the check.)

MULDER: So you think it's all just fate? We have no free will?

SCULLY: No, I think that we're free to be the people that we are --
good, bad or indifferent. I think that it's our character that determines
our fate.

MULDER: And all the rest is just preordained? I don't buy that.
There's too many variables. Too many forks in the road. I meant to be
on time to work this morning but my waterbed springs a leak flooding my
apartment (… SCULLY looks surprised …) and the apartment below me
so that makes me late for the meeting. And then I realize I got to write a
check to cover the damages to my landlord but, as I'm walking to work,
I realize that that's gonna bounce unless I deposit my pay. So now I got
to go to the bank, which makes me even later.

SCULLY: Since when did you get a waterbed?

MULDER: I might just as easily not have a waterbed then I'd be on time
for this meeting. You might just as easily have stayed in medicine and
not gone into the FBI, and then we would never have met. Blah, blah, blah...


MULDER: Free will. With every choice, you change your fate.

(SCULLY steps forward and takes the signed paper from him.)

SCULLY: Then let's change yours. I will deposit your check.
You gather your files, go to Skinner's office, give your report before he
takes it out on both of us.

(She leaves. MULDER goes to the file cabinet.)

(SCULLY enters the bank and gets in line.
BERNARD is writing another note. "This is a HOLDUP….")


(X-Files office. MULDER gets some more files out of the cabinet and is
almost out of the office when he looks down and sees a paper on the desk.
He turns it over. It is his paycheck.)

MULDER: (amazed at his own stupidity)
I endorsed my damn check stub.

(He angrily slams the drawer shut and leaves the office with the check.
There is a pair of wind-up chattering teeth on the desk.)

(MULDER on the street almost to the bank. He looks behind him, checking
the traffic before he goes to cross in front of a parked car. PAM gets out of
the car and runs up to him.)

PAM: Mulder! Don't go in the bank today.

MULDER: Excuse me?

PAM: Bernard's in there. Please don't go in the bank.

MULDER: I'm sorry. Do I know you?

PAM: You pass me every day on the street. Every single day.
This day, on your way to the bank. And then you go inside, and
everybody gets killed -- you, your partner, Bernard, everybody.

MULDER: . I pass you ... and then we die.

PAM: Yes. Over and over. Only ... only last time you looked at me,
you looked at me like you knew me. Like you remembered.
Please remember me.

(They hear a gunshot from inside the bank.)

PAM: (pleading) Don't go.

(MULDER runs to enter the bank, pulling out his gun and avoiding passing
cars. Tires screech. MULDER enters the bank and sees BERNARD and
SCULLY holding guns on each other. The WOMAN WHO NEEDED TO BE
SLAPPED has been shot. He points his weapon at BERNARD.)

MULDER: Drop your weapon!

SCULLY: Drop it.

BERNARD: I ain't dropping nothing. You put yours down. I'll shoot her!

MULDER: What do you think I'll do then?

(BERNARD opens his jacket showing the explosives.
MULDER and SCULLY look at each other.)

MULDER: Bernard ... that's your name, right?

(SCULLY gives MULDER an odd look, then kneels down and checks

SCULLY: Bernard, she's not dead. You're not a murderer yet.

MULDER: You can end this the right way.

TELLER: Sir, please. Listen to them. Don't hurt anybody else.
A whole lot of police are coming.

(BERNARD stares at her.)

BERNARD: You tripped the alarm.

(BERNARD lowers the gun in resignation then drops it as he reluctantly
flips the switch on his chest. MULDER runs to try to stop him.)

MULDER: Noooo!!!

(Exterior shot of the building exploding. Outside, PAM ducks behind the
car and covers her ears as the debris flies, she cries.)

(Commercial 2.)

(MULDER's hallway. Paperboy delivers paper against MULDER's door,
then quick cut to paper delivered again and finally a third time as if to
show that the day played three more times. MULDER wakes up on his
left side in his waterbed. He realizes he is wet. He finds the leak.
He puts his feet on the wet floor. Phone rings. He picks it up knocking
his cell phone to the floor. He looks at the dead cell phone, makes a face,
then speaks into the phone.)

MULDER: (on phone, impatiently) Yeah, I know. … Yeah, I know.
I-I know already. … I'll pay for it.

(He looks at his dead alarm clock then he picks up his watch. He makes
a puzzled face, then returns the watch to the table. The camera slowly
moves toward the watch as off camera he trips over his shoes and falls
to the ground with a wet thud and yells "Owww!" Time on watch is
Monday 7:15 exactly.)

(FBI building. SCULLY is walking to an elevator, cell phone to her ear.)

RECORDING: The cellular customer you are trying to reach is not
responding … (Closed captioning: We're sorry, the D.C. Cellular
subscriber you wish to reach cannot take your call at this... )

(She hangs up and pushes the down button on the elevator.
PAM, wearing a badge marked TOUR, comes running up to her.)

PAM: Agent Scully...


PAM: Please don't go inside the bank today.

SCULLY: The bank?

PAM: Cradock Marine -- Eighth Street branch a block from here.

SCULLY: Uh... I'm not following. Did-did you get separated from your tour?

PAM: I'm here to see you. I'm begging you ... please don't go this time.
Don't let Mulder go, either.

(Elevator opens behind SCULLY.)

SCULLY: Um... I'm sorry...

(TOUR GUIDE walks up to them.)

TOUR GUIDE: Excuse me, miss? You're not supposed to be in this area.

PAM: If you walk in that bank, you'll die. Both of you.

(TOUR GUIDE escorts PAM away down the hall. [CarriK: Is it just me,
or did he cop a feel on her butt?] [TD: The nerve, eh? Actually he just
brushes the bottom of her knapsack which is very close to her butt. ]
SCULLY makes a scoffing sound and enters the elevator.)

(SCULLY enters the X-Files office. No one else is there.
A moment later, MULDER enters.)

MULDER: Oh, hey.


MULDER: Did I miss the meeting?

(MULDER opens his paycheck without an opener.)

SCULLY: Huh? No. No, we, uh, took a five-minute break about, uh,
three minutes ago. Uh, Mulder, your cell phone's not working.

(MULDER gets a very odd look on his face. Shakes his head.)

MULDER: Wow, that is so strange.


MULDER: I just got the weirdest sensation of déjà vu.
I've been having it all morning.

SCULLY: Well, that's fairly common.

MULDER: Yeah, but never to this degree. I mean, I woke up,
I opened my eyes, I was soaking wet ...

(SCULLY looks at him curiously. He endorses his check.)

MULDER: It's a long story but I had the distinct sensation that I had
lived that moment before.

SCULLY: Well, you may have. Did you do a lot of drinking in college?

[TD NOTE: Bwwwaaa! Oh that Scully, she cracks me up!]

(MULDER looks up at her, a slight smile passes his lips.)

MULDER: I wonder what it means.

SCULLY: Mulder, I don't see why it has to mean anything.

MULDER: Well, you know, some Freudians believe the déjà vu
phenomenon to be repressed memories escaping the unconscious.
That it represents a desire to, uh, have a second chance to set things right.

SCULLY: Set what kind of things right?

MULDER: Whatever's wrong.

SCULLY: Mulder, it's more likely that we're talking about simple
neurochemistry -- a glitch in the brain's ability to process recognition
and memory. Doesn't mean that the memory's authentic.

MULDER: Yeah? Well, but what if it were?

SCULLY: What if you'd lived this moment before and now you're living
it again?

MULDER: Yeah -- so that I could right some wrong or change fate.

SCULLY: Well, right now I'd say you're fated to go to this meeting.

MULDER: No. Actually, I'm fated to go to the bank.

SCULLY: Mulder ... what bank?

MULDER: Cradock. Right down the street.

SCULLY: Eighth Street.

(MULDER pauses in the doorway.)


SCULLY: (sighs) Some ... some woman just stopped me in the
hallway not ten minutes ago. She knew both of our names and she
warned against either of us entering into the Cradock branch on Eighth
Street. She said that we'd die.

MULDER: What did she look like?

SCULLY: Five-eight, thin, green eyes, dyed hair. M-maybe you know her.
Maybe ... it's just somebody pulling a prank.

MULDER: I'll use the ATM machine. I don't want to tempt fate.

(SKINNER's office. Back to the meeting from Hell.)

SKINNER: All right, our next order of business is federal crime
projections. Who's got those figures?

AGENT ARNOLD: Uh, right here. Um, if you all could just bear with me
one second. (He looks through his files. There is a colored horizontal bar
graph next to him.) Uh, "federal crime projections."

(SCULLY looks at MULDER's empty chair.)

(Street outside the bank. MULDER is standing in front of the ATM
machine. He seals the envelope, then gets his wallet out, but then
sees that the ATM is out of order. He looks apprehensively at the door
to the bank, then turns and sees PAM as she gets out of the car.
She stands with her arms crossed looking at him. He crosses over to her.)

PAM: (hopefully) Do you remember me?

MULDER: You match a description. You're the, uh ... you're the
woman that gave a warning to my partner, aren't you? (She nods.)
Uh... Have we met?

PAM: More times than I can count. Right here on this sidewalk.
Usually, you walk right by. You'll pass a few minutes earlier, a few
minutes later -- little details, they change. But it always ends the same.

MULDER: What always ends the same?

PAM: I keep having this conversation.

MULDER: We go inside the bank... and we all die. That's what you told
my partner. Is ... is something going to happen inside the bank?
Is there going to be a robbery?

PAM: (on the verge of tears) Every time I tell you there's going to be
a robbery you run in there to try to stop it and that's when things go bad.
Don't you see? We're all in Hell. I'm the only one who knows it.
Something went very wrong on this day the first time around.
Something got screwed up. Things didn't end the way they were
supposed to. Now it's like a needle stuck in a groove.

MULDER: You're saying this day repeats over and over again.

PAM: Until we get it right. Till my boyfriend doesn't blow up that bank.
I have tried everything to stop him. I've hid his keys, I've drugged his
coffee ... I even called the police on him myself. He always gets here.
He's meant to. It's you. It's you and your partner every time. If it wasn't
for you, nobody would die.

MULDER: If what you're saying is true, how come I don't remember it?
How come you're the only one?

PAM: That's got to be 50 times you've asked me that.

MULDER: 51. What's the answer?

PAM: I don't know. I just do. Be glad you don't. Please ... you can
stop this. You're the variable. It has to be you. I have tried everyone else.
All I'm asking is just walk away.

(SKINNER's office. AGENT ARNOLD is droning on. MULDER enters with
his files and gives a weak smile to SKINNER who does not smile back.
He then notices the empty seat beside him.)

AGENT ARNOLD: That's assuming these trends continue well into the
coming year. Other D.O.J.. projections estimate a larger two to three
percent drop in the overall homicide rate, uh versus the, uh, one to one
and a half percent cited in the earlier Tanner study. However, there is
some dispute that...

MULDER: (interrupting) Um, excuse me, uh... Agent Arnold.
(to SKINNER) Um, where's Scully?

SKINNER: She just left, Mulder -- I assume to look for you.

MULDER: Uh, excuse me. Um...

(MULDER gets back up and leaves the room.
SKINNER looks quite over it all.)


(Inside bank. SCULLY enters and looks around unsuccessfully for
MULDER. BERNARD finishes writing and turns around holding his gun
on the customers.)

BERNARD: Everybody, face down! You know what this is!
Give me the money.


BERNARD: You! On the floor!

(SCULLY kneels.)

going to shoot us? Oh, God he's going to...

BERNARD: Shut up!

Please don't kill us! Please don't do this!

BERNARD: Shut up! (to TELLER) Give me the money!

Don't shoot us!

BERNARD: Damn it, shut up!

(SCULLY slowly reaches for her gun. BERNARD sees her.)

BERNARD: Hey! Hey! Get your hands up where I can see them! Do it!
Do it now!

(MULDER enters the bank and pulls out his gun.)

MULDER: Drop your weapon!

(BERNARD turns. MULDER shoots him in the shoulder and BERNARD
falls to the ground. SCULLY jumps up and grabs the dropped gun,
MULDER and SCULLY look at each other and then, guns still out,
approach him. BERNARD rips his jacket open exposing the explosives
strapped to his chest. MULDER and SCULLY freeze.)

MULDER: (quietly repeating to himself) He's got a bomb. He's got a bomb.
He's got a bomb. He's got a bomb. He's got a bomb. He's got a bomb.
He's got a bomb. He's got a bomb.

(BERNARD flips the switch. Quick fade to black.)

(Commercial 3.)

(MULDER's apartment hallway. Paperboy delivers the paper against
MULDER's door waking him up. Everything in the apartment happens in
slow motion, like he is just going through the motions. He wakes up on
his left side. He sits up and his feet hit the wet floor. He looks at his watch.
Monday 7:15 and 2 seconds. He talks on the phone and hangs up.
We don't hear any words due to the slow-motion effect.)

(X-Files office.
MULDER is at his desk endorsing his check - Fox W. Mulder.
There is a pair of wind-up chattering teeth on the desk.
SCULLY enters.)

MULDER: I know, I know. I missed the meeting.

SCULLY: You didn't miss the meeting.
You're extraordinarily late for the meeting.

MULDER: (touching her shoulder familiarly and leaving the office)
The bank's just down the street. Cover for me, will you?

(BERNARD and PAM pull up in front of the bank in the ugly car.
Another car blows its horn. PAM closes her eyes and holds them
shut tightly. BERNARD honks the car horn back at the other driver.
She opens her eyes again.)

BERNARD: We good, Pam? ... Pam?!

PAM: (not looking at him) I know -- you just got to go pick something up.
No biggie.

BERNARD: What is with you? Why are you always in a mood?

PAM: 'Cause nothing ever changes.

BERNARD: Things are going to change. You wait and see.
I'll be ten minutes. Wait here for me.

(He gets out of the car and is almost hit by the BICYCLIST. She barely
mouths the words of the next two lines, her lower lip starts to tremble.)

BICYCLIST: Hey, man, you need to watch it next time!

BERNARD: You watch it!

(PAM begins crying quietly. MULDER comes down the street and pauses
beside PAM's car window. She rolls it down. She doesn't look very hopeful.)

MULDER: Do I know you?

PAM: Do you?

MULDER: Yeah, you just look really familiar to me.

PAM: Do I?

MULDER: Yeah. No? (no response) Uh, all right.
I'm-I'm sorry to bother you.

(She slowly rolls the window back up as he leaves.
Inside the bank, MULDER gets in line.)

TELLER: May I help the next in line, please?

(MULDER looks out at PAM sitting in the car, then over to where
BERNARD is writing. Camera closes in on MULDER's face.)

MULDER: (whispering): ...He's got a bomb. He's got a bomb.
He's got a bomb. He's got a bomb.

(SKINNER's office. Meeting from Hell. SCULLY is very nervous.
The graph is now the jagged line type … for which CarriK doesn't know
the exact name ... neither does TD, sorry!)

AGENT ARNOLD: ...estimate a larger two to three percent drop in the
overall homicide rate, uh, versus the one to one and a half percent cited
in the earlier Tanner study. However, there's some dispute that the statistical
methodology in this latter study is not the D.O.J.-preferred methodology.

(SKINNER looks at his watch, then looks sternly at SCULLY.)

AGENT ARNOLD: In any case, added variables make crime trends for
the coming year...

(SKINNER's assistant enters the office.)

SKINNER's ASSISTANT: Excuse me. Agent Scully?

(SCULLY gets up from the table and goes out of the office with SKINNER's
ASSISTANT. [TD NOTE: Which looks very odd. Twin Scullys! ;-)])

SCULLY: (to SKINNER as she passes him.) Excuse me.

SKINNER's ASSISTANT: It's Agent Mulder, and he said it's urgent.

SCULLY: (on phone) Mulder, where are you?

MULDER: (quietly, on phone) I'm at the bank.

SCULLY: (on phone) Yeah, I know where you are, but what's taking
so long?

MULDER: (on phone) Scully, I need you to do something for me
right now.

(Street in front of bank. PAM is sitting in the car. Her watch says 9:55.
[TD: The first time we make note of this particular time.]
SCULLY knocks at the window showing her badge.)

SCULLY: Ma'am, will you come with me?

PAM: Why?

(PAM rolls down the window.)

SCULLY: Just come with me, please.

PAM: What's this about?

SCULLY: My partner said you'd know.

(Inside the bank BERNARD is writing his note. "This is a robbery.
Put the money in the bag. No alarm. No tricks."
MULDER places his gun on top of the note.)

MULDER: (quietly) Take it. I'm a federal agent.
I don't want us all to die in here.

BERNARD: What are you talking about?

MULDER: You've got a girlfriend outside in the car and you've got a bomb.
Something very bad is going to happen here today and I want you to know
that I'm not going to let it happen. But if you walk out that door right now?
I'm not going to stop you. You're in charge here, Bernard.

BERNARD: You're damn right.

MULDER: You could change your fate.

(BERNARD struggles with the thought for a moment, sighs and nods,
then lets out a big breath and picks up the gun and aims it at the customers.)

BERNARD: Everybody down! Now! You know what this is!


(BERNARD points the gun at her.)

BERNARD: Get down!

(BERNARD spins to point the gun at MULDER as he says ..)

MULDER: If you don't believe me, ask her.

(MULDER nods toward the door as SCULLY and PAM enter.
BERNARD spins to point the gun at them.
SCULLY draws her gun and steps in front of PAM.)

SCULLY: Drop it!

(BERNARD quicks pulls out his own gun and now has one pointed at
SCULLY and PAM and the other pointed at MULDER.)

BERNARD: Get away from her, Pam.

PAM: (to MULDER) This isn't gonna work. You can't be in here.

SCULLY: Drop it now!

BERNARD: You drop it.

MULDER: Listen to me, Bernard...

BERNARD: You get her out of here.

MULDER: You get her out of here. You're dooming her. You're making
her live this day over and over again -- her, you, me, all of us.

BERNARD: What the hell are you talking about?

MULDER: Every day you die in here and every day it starts all over again.
You can't want this for her. It's Hell!

BERNARD: Hell? I'm doing this for her.

PAM: (starting to cry, shaking her head) Listen to him, Bernard.

BERNARD: (to SCULLY) Put your damn gun down!

MULDER: Put your gun down, Scully. Trust me, it's the only way to get
out of here. You got to put your gun down and let them out. He's got a bomb.

(After a long hesitation, SCULLY kneels down and puts her gun on the floor.)

PAM: (crying) Come on, Bernard. Let's go.

(BERNARD's arms go loose as he starts to relax and surrender.
Sirens are heard approaching.)

BERNARD: You son of a bitch!

(BERNARD aims his gun at MULDER.)

PAM: No!

(PAM throws herself in front of MULDER and takes the bullet in her
shoulder and falls to the ground. BERNARD, shocked, lets the guns
fall to the floor and then drops to his knees, his arms limb at his sides.
MULDER handcuffs him with no resistence. SCULLY checks PAM's
pulse, pulls out her cell phone to call 911 then steps away.)

SCULLY: (on phone) This is Agent Dana Scully with the FBI…

(MULDER kneels down beside PAM.)

PAM: (to MULDER, a look of wonder on her face)
This never happened before.

(PAM's eyes slowly close.)

(MULDER's apartment hallway. Paperboy delivers paper against MULDER's
door. It wakes him up from where he is sleeping … on his couch! He is
wearing a gray shirt and dark plaid pajama bottoms. The phone rings and
he answers it.)

MULDER: (on phone) Yeah?

(SCULLY is sitting at the desk in the X-Files office playing with the
wind-up chattering teeth.)

SCULLY: (on phone) Mulder, it's me.

(MULDER looks at his watch. Tuesday 7:17.
He gets up and goes to get his paper.)

MULDER: (on phone) I'm late again, aren't I, Scully?

SCULLY: (on phone) No, not yet but Skinner wants to see us in his
office as soon as possible. He's asking for our report on the robbery

MULDER: (on phone) I'll be there in an hour.

SCULLY: (on phone) I'd like to hear it, too.

MULDER: (on phone) Well, you were there, Scully.

SCULLY: (on phone) That's not what I mean. You still won't explain
what happened yesterday -- how you knew that Bernard Oates was
strapped with explosives.

MULDER: (on phone) Call it a feeling.

SCULLY: (on phone) And it was also a feeling that he had an
accomplice waiting in the car?

MULDER: (on phone, looking at the paper) I don't think she was an
accomplice. I think she was just trying to get away.

SCULLY: (on phone) Are you okay?

MULDER: (on phone) I'll be there in an hour.

(MULDER hangs up and sets the paper down on the couch.
One of the headlines is above a smiling picture of PAM.
"Woman Dies in Robbery Attempt", the story next to it is marked
"Police Officer Named Hero")

(Fade to black.)

The End.

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