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Juillet 2019

New Amsterdam is coming to France very soon. Can you tell us about Georgia Goodwin, your character?

Georgia is the wife of Max Goodwin and she’s a dancer who has given up her career to raise their child. She’s a very warm and generous soul who would do anything for Max and finds herself in a new role of care giver when she learns of his Cancer Diagnosis.

This is the first serie in which you have a recurring role. How was your first day of filming with TV’s regular actors such as Ryan Eggold, Janet Montgomery or Freema Agyeman?

They are genuinely the most generous group of artists and I felt instantly at home. It has been wonderful working with Ryan he has such an extensive knowledge of the camera and how to work with it. I was so grateful to be in such safe hands. We were very comfortable with one another from the beginning and I felt I could be vulnerable with him on set which was so important due to the nature of our scenes.

Georgia is a dancer, just like you. Simple coincidence or was it a requirement for the role?

Well Initially it was a requirement but I think it became less about that as the season progressed. It became more about the marriage and our journey as a couple. We get to see where she came from and how they met in the middle of the season and it was sweet to see Georgia in her earlier dancing years. Playing a character that so closely mirrors my own life is quite wonderful.

You became pregnant and gave birth to your second child during the filming of Season 1. How did you live this experience?

It was truly a wonderful thing to be playing a pregnant character while actually being pregnant. It made everything that much more raw. When Max laid his hand on Georgia’s bump there really was a life growing in there. It was wild. Being a mother is the highlight of my life and I’m thrilled to get to play a mother-to-be on this show.

You have played in several musicals, do you want to go back on stage soon?

I am actually going to have an opportunity to play a Broadway house this year between filming and I am extremely excited about it. It’s a new play by Florian Zeller called The Height of the Storm. It’s an incredible cast that I feel honored to be a part of. The theatre is where I began and it will always feel like home to me.

Have you ever had the opportunity to come to France?

J’adore Paris! It is possibly one of, if not my favorite city in the world. There is a magic to it that I haven’t found in any other city.

Ecrit par albi2302 
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