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Once Upon A Time In Wonderland
#105 : Cœur de pierre

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Heart of Stone

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Cœur de pierre

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–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Will and Anastasia are about to jump in the portal. Anastasia’s mother enters in the cabin.

Mother: What are you doing?

Anastasia: Mother.

Will: Did you follow us here?

Mother: Damn right I did. You're going to run off with this loser? Is that what's happening here?

Anastasia: It's none of your business.

Mother: I birthed you, dear. So if you are going to ruin your life, it absolutely is.

Anastasia: It's ruined, mom… I found Will.

Mother: I know… That's the tragedy.

Will: Oi!

Mother: I wanted a queen for a daughter, but what did I get instead? A failure.

Anastasia: I'm happy… Finally.

Mother: With him? I did not spend my entire life working my fingers to the bone so that you could move up, only to have you toss it all away. Obviously you're not princess material, but I thought you could at least land a nobleman. Not him Will Scarlet, the thief.

Will: I'm no thief. Not anymore.

Mother: What kind of a life is he going to give you?

Anastasia: He doesn't need to give me anything… I love him.

Mother: You cannot live on love, Anastasia. And when you learn that lesson the hard way, you will be right back here where you started… But when you come back, bring a bucket… Because the only way you'll be coming back inside my house is to empty my chamber pot… Off with you then. At least I have your sisters.

Will: Don't listen to her. I'll build us a life brick by brick if I have to. I love you… For who you truly are. Not for who I want you to be… Come on.

Anastasia: Good-bye, mom.

They jump in the portal.


The Red Queen is on the Great Divide. She tries to go to the other side but she stops.


Alice coverts Will with a blanket.

Alice: Here you go. There you go in case of rain or snow or anything that might fall from the sky… I'm so sorry, Will. If I hadn't bribed you with that wish, you would have never Cyrus always said they had consequences. Now I understand. I will get you out of this. If I can find Cyrus, then together we can… Who am I fooling? I don't even know where he is.

Red Queen: Then it's a good thing I do, darling. Perhaps we can help one another.

Alice: Why would I do anything to help you?

Red Queen: You'd be surprised what people are willing to do when the right circumstances present themselves.

Alice: There's not a circumstance you could present that would ever…

Red Queen: Not even finding out where your precious genie is being held? Yes. So why don't you get down off your high horse, and we can make a deal?

Alice: What sort of a deal?

Red Queen: The sort of deal to handle the one problem we both share… Jafar.

Alice: You're working together. How is he a problem for you?

Red Queen: Well, he's simply a means to an end, darling. But when that end comes, I need to ensure I have the power to protect myself. Wouldn't want to end up like your friend here, now would we?

Alice: He was your friend, too, once. More than a friend, from what I gather. Or was he just a means to an end as well?

Red Queen: That's your problem, Alice always dwelling on the past, when really you should be thinking about the future.

Alice: What exactly is it you want me to do?

Red Queen: Help me procure something. Just a little bit of magic in the form of dust. It's about a day's journey away. And it's going to protect me against dark magic such as Jafar's.

Alice: If you want it so badly, get it yourself.

Red Queen: I would, darling, but there's a reason something so powerful sits untouched. Retrieving it, for most, is a suicide mission.

Alice: And you think I'll just agree to risk my life?

Red Queen: No. No, not unless you're properly compensated. Which is why I propose a trade. You get me the dust, and I'll help you find your genie.

Alice: I'll find him myself, thank you.

Red Queen: Not if you don't know where you're looking. Jafar's tower is hidden, enshrouded by magic. You could be standing right in front of it, not knowing it's there, without my help… If you want to find Cyrus, then I am your best bet… Your only bet, actually.


In Cyrus’s prison.

Old Prisoner: Uhh! Aah!

Cyrus: What did they do to you?

Old Prisoner: Today it was the giant rocks. Some of them as large as a man. He makes me move them from the bottom of the stone staircase to the top.

Cyrus: For what purpose?

Old Prisoner: None.

Cyrus: Well, then why does he keep you here?

Old Prisoner: Like you I have something he wants.

Cyrus: Which is what?

Old Prisoner: Doesn't matter. Because it's something he will never get… And so my punishment continues.

Cyrus: Well, not for long, old man… Because today's the day we get out of here.

–[Wonderland - Past]–

Anastasia and Will are looking for food into the woods.

Will: Are you sure this is the spot? I've not seen a single berry, and I'm bloody starving.

Anastasia: Yeah, there was a bunch here last week.

Will: What about that fish we caught the other day? We got any of that left?

Anastasia: No. Just the bones. We could soak 'em in water long enough and call it soup.

Will: Bloody hell, will you look at that? This'll make a right fine stew.

Anastasia: Ah! No! Don't! Those are the mushrooms that make you grow big. We can barely fit in the wagon as it is.

Will: The wagon too small for ya?

Anastasia: No, of course not. It's all we need.

Will: I'm sorry, love. I am doing the best I can.

Anastasia: I know. I just thought things would be different here. When I first heard about Wonderland, I figured that the "wonder" was short for "wonderful," not "wonder how we're gonna make it?"

Will: Well, I love ya. And I promise ya, we will make it.

They see a carriage full of food.

Anastasia: Ahh! Smell that bread, it smells heavenly.

Will: Can you spare a loaf, mate?

Man: Can't. It's for the palace. There's to be a ball, and every crumb's spoken for.

Will: Well, thanks a lot then.

Anastasia: Maybe we should go.

Will: But we haven't found any berries yet.

Anastasia: No, to the ball. We should go. I hear the palace is dazzling inside.

Will: Yeah .There's the slight matter of not being invited.

Anastasia: Since when has that ever stopped us? We could both do with a little change of scenery. And more importantly, some of that bread.

Will: You know, that dress will never do. We'll have to borrow you a new one.


In the Red Queen’s carriage.

Alice: Where's this dust?

Red Queen: The other side of the Great Divide.

Alice: I've heard of that place. There's a darkness there.

Red Queen: There's a darkness everywhere when the sun goes down.

Alice: Just so we're clear, I'll get you your magic dust. But when this is all over… Jafar will be the least of your problems.

Red Queen: Let me guess, you're going to make me suffer for what I did to your Cyrus? I'm not the monster you take me for. I didn't kill Cyrus.

Alice: Being a prisoner again is the same as death to him.

Red Queen: But not to you… Which is what got you back to Wonderland.

Alice: What exactly do you hope to gain from all of this? You have power, wealth… What more could you possibly need?

Red Queen: There are some things that all the wealth and power cannot get you.

Alice: Like what?

Red Queen: We all come to Wonderland looking for something more, darling. I seem to remember a little girl in a blue dress wanting her father's love.

Alice: You and I are nothing alike.

Red Queen: We both want something we don't have, Alice… It's just a matter of what we're willing to do to get it.


In Cyrus’s prison.

Cyrus: Tell me again what you saw.

Old Prisoner: This hallway goes North to a staircase that only leads down.

Cyrus: And the guards?

Old Prisoner: Only a few which worries me.

Cyrus: How's that?

Old Prisoner: Jafar is vigilant always ahead of his enemies. If he only has a handful of guards inside…

Cyrus: Then perhaps the majority of them are on the outside. Well, then we wait for nightfall, and make our way out under the cover of dark.

Old Prisoner: I've seen others try. None succeeded… But I think none were as determined as you.

Cyrus: Well, the trick is to not see the bars, but rather what lies beyond them… Surely there's someone out there you love. A family?

Old Prisoner: I had a life once. It is lost to me now.

Cyrus: Well, then a new one awaits you. After a lifetime in a bottle, I know this no one deserves to be another man's prisoner. And if I am to be free, then so are you.


In Jafar’s cave.

Tweedle 1: The item you requested.

White Rabbit: Jafar Uh what do you want?

Jafar: I'm intrigued by you, Rabbit.

White Rabbit: Not in a… A main course kind of way, I hope?

Jafar: Rest easy, you're far too valuable to cook.

White Rabbit: Oh, what a relief.

Jafar: I'm interested why someone who's known Alice for so long would betray her so deeply.

White Rabbit: I, uh, haven't known her that long. I'm more of an acquaintance, really.

Jafar: You have a problem, and I'm good at solutions. I'm offering to help you with your debt to the Queen. All that I require in exchange is that you help me.

White Rabbit: With what?

Jafar: Alice… You’ve known her since she was a girl. I need to know everything about her particularly everyone she's ever loved. Now do we have a deal?


In Cyrus’s prison.

Old Prisoner: My friend… Don't look down.

Cyrus swings his cage. He gets through the hole in his cage and jumps on the cliff. The guard comes back.

Old Prisoner: Orang! I need something up here.

Guard: No!

Cyrus: You looking for me?

Cyrus and the guard fight. Cyrus knock out of the cliff, he falls down.


On the Great Divide.

Alice: I haven't seen this place.

Red Queen: Few have and lived to tell the tale.

Alice: Comforting. Well, then… Where exactly is this magic dust?

Red Queen: Over there.

Alice: Across the ravine? I don't suppose there's a bridge or…

Red Queen: Afraid not.

Alice: And your magic?

Red Queen: Darling, if I could have gotten it myself, don't you think I would have by now?

Alice: Maybe it's impossible.

Red Queen: Not for everyone.

Alice: "The pure of heart shall make the leap."

Red Queen: It appears to be some sort of test.

Alice: How do you know I'll pass?

Red Queen: I don't. But between the two of us, I like your chances better than mine. I am many things, darling, but pure of heart is not one of them.

–[Wonderland - Past]–

Anastasia and Will are at the ball.

Anastasia: Wow. Look here. It's even more beautiful than I imagined.

Will: Me trousers feel like they're on backwards.

Anastasia: Stop squirming, will you? People are looking.

Will: That's 'cause we don't belong here, Anna.

Anastasia: Just for a moment, imagine we do. If we believe it so will they.

Will: Look at all that food. It would be a shame to let it go to waste… Are you coming?

Anastasia: In a moment. I'm just gonna look around.

Will: All right. I'll be back.

Lady 1: And don't you look lovely?

Lady 2: Why, thank you. I was just admiring the crown jewels, darling. They're simply to die for.

Anastasia: I was just admiring. Your crown jewels, darling. I was just admiring your crown jewels, darling. Hello, darling.

King: Most people go with "Your Majesty."

Anastasia: So sorry. I didn't mean to…

King: I know. No need to apologize… Milady?

Anastasia: Don't mind if I do… It's been so long since I've been to a proper ball.

King: Are there many improper ones?

Anastasia: Indeed.

King: I must confess, I find them boring. I'm desperate for a change of scenery.

Anastasia: Yes. Yes, I know the feeling.

King: I know every lady in my court… Why haven't I seen you before?

Anastasia: I'd say either you haven't been looking hard enough… Or maybe I'm no lady.

Guard: Thief! Thief! Grab him! Come on.

Will gets catch.

Guard: Move it! Sire his invitation is clearly a forgery.

Lady 3: That's my dress! She stole it from my carriage.

Guard: A common thief!

Lady 3: Imposter!

Lady 4: Peasant!


Outside the Castle.

Will: We did it.

Anastasia: Did it? We got pinched.

Will: Nah, we did the pinching. This'll last us a week at least. And we won't have to bother with them stuffed shirts. Literally. Right?

Anastasia: Right.

Will: Come on, let's go home. Bread's still warm.


On the Great Divide.

Alice: How do I know this isn't a trick? That you intend for me to fall? Then I'll have to use one of my wishes to save my life.

Red Queen: If I wanted you to fall off the cliff, I'd push you.

Alice: "The pure of heart shall make the leap." No one could leap over that, no matter how pure their heart was. Unless that's the point.

Red Queen: What do you mean?

Alice: There's no way you can do it. It's a riddle. Maybe it's a figurative leap like a leap of faith.

Red Queen: Faith in what?

Alice: I don't know.

Red Queen: I had such high hopes for you. Alice, you can say good-bye to seeing your genie again.

Alice: Wait. "The pure of heart shall make the leap." Maybe I just need to have faith in the purest thing in my heart my love for Cyrus. My faith in him will carry me across.

Red Queen: You're quite sure?

Alice: When two people love each other there's nothing they can't accomplish together.

Red Queen: If only that were true.

Alice: Our hearts are entwined.

Alice makes the leap and falls.


At the bottom of the ravine.

Alice: Ugh! Queen?! Hello?! Queen?! Can anybody hear me?!


On the Great Divide.

Red Queen: She failed.

Tweedle 2: Back to the palace, Your Majesty.

Red Queen: I shall be the one that tells you when we are leaving.

–[Wonderland - Past]–

At Anastasia and Will’s wagon.

Anastasia: We failed. It's time to go home.

Will: I'm sorry, did you say you wanted to go…

Anastasia: Home… To my mother.

Will: No. No way. Look, I know things aren't exactly how we imagined.

Anastasia: They're nothing like we imagined.

Will: You're not going back to your mother's. She'll never let you live it down.

Anastasia: Didn't say we had to go back empty-handed, eh?

Will: What do you mean?

Anastasia: We are gonna steal the crown jewels.

Will: Sorry?

Anastasia: I saw them. They were at the palace. In a case off the main hall… Oh, Will, come on. Weren't you the one that said it was okay to steal if it was for a good reason? When you were with the Merry Men, isn't that what you did? Stole from the rich and gave to the poor? Well, we are poor, Will. Only difference is no one's givin' us anything.

Will: I know.

Anastasia: You'll wait beneath the balcony on the East side of the palace. I'll sneak up take the jewels and drop 'em down to ya.

Will: We said we were done with all that thieving, life on the run.

Anastasia: That's why it's perfect. One last time… Then we disappear through the Looking Glass and sell the riches when we're back home, without any fear of being caught.

Will: You've given this a lot of thought.

Anastasia: Yes. Because it's our best chance of living the life we imagined.

Will: I thought I was your best chance for that.

Anastasia: It's gonna work… It has to work.


In Cyrus’s prison.

Cyrus: We only get one shot at this… You ready?

Cyrus casts the keys to the Old Man. He lets those falls in the well.

Cyrus: What are you doing?

Old Man: Making certain I don't slow you down. You know what you must do… Good luck, Cyrus.

Cyrus: I won't leave you!

Old Man: There's no time to argue.

Cyrus: When Jafar learns you witnessed my escape without alerting the guards, he will kill you.

Old Man: No. He won't.

Cyrus: How do you know?

Old Man: Trust me… I know… You're as familiar with the guards' schedule as I am. If you don't leave now, you have no chance.

Cyrus: Farewell, then… And good luck.

Old Man: To you as well, my friend.


In Jafar’s cave.

Jafar: She enjoys tea parties? That's the insight you give me?

White Rabbit: Well, it's true.

Jafar: I already know that. In fact, I know everything you've told me thus far. Stop stalling… She has a weakness. And that weakness is she cares about people. I need you to tell me who else in Wonderland matters to her enough so she might wish for their survival.

White Rabbit: Well, I'd like to help you, but I really don't know any…

Jafar cuts the rabbit’s foot.

White Rabbit: Oh!

Jafar: I wonder who coined the term "lucky rabbit's foot." Certainly wasn't the Rabbit, was it? Now it so happens that for about the next minute, I can reverse your predicament.

White Rabbit: Oh, please.

Jafar: I can make you whole again.

White Rabbit: Please, anything.

Jafar: Who else in Wonderland does she care about? Tick tock.

White Rabbit: There… There is someone, but they're not in Wonderland.


At the bottom of the ravine.

Alice: Hello?! Can anybody hear me?

Young Alice: Alice!

Alice: Is somebody there?

Young Alice: Alice.

Alice: Who's there?

Young Alice: Alice…

Alice: Show yourself!

Young Alice: Hello, Alice… It's lovely to see you again.

Alice: What… What are you?

Young Alice: I'm here to help you.

Alice: Do you know where I can find the magic dust?

Young Alice: Maybe. I know a lot of things.

Alice: Will you show me?

Young Alice: Not yet.

Alice: Why not?

Young Alice: Because you haven't earned it.

Alice: Tell me what I need to do.

Young Alice: You know what you have to do, Alice.

Alice: Really, I don't.

Young Alice: When you were locked away, your dreams. Remember your dreams?

Alice: Yes. I dreamt of Cyrus.

Young Alice: Why?

Alice: Because I loved him. I thought he was dead.

Young Alice: Because you wanted revenge.

Alice: No!

Young Alice: You dreamt of what you'd do to those who took him.

Alice: That's not true.

Young Alice: Alice, I'm you! You can't lie to me! You can't lie to yourself!

Young Alice hits the ground and makes the cliff shaking.

Alice: Oh! What are you doing?

Young Alice: I'm helping you get what you want.

Alice: Which is what?

Young Alice: The chance to kill the Red Queen.


The Red Queen falls.

Red Queen: Aah!


Young Alice: Go ahead.

Alice: But she's gonna tell me where Cyrus is.

Young Alice: And you believe her?

Red Queen: Now then, what is going on here?

Young Alice: Do it, Alice. I'm the one you can trust!

Alice: No, you're just a vision. You're just in my head.

Young Alice: I'm in her head, too. I know what you know. I know what she knows. Kill her! And I'll tell you where Cyrus is… Ha.

The Red Queen tries to hurts Alice with her magic.

Young Alice: Magic doesn't work down here. She's defenceless, just like you were when she took Cyrus away…  She's been bad her whole life, and we've been good. And where's that gotten us? She's a Queen, and we're suffering.

Red Queen: Alice… Please.

Young Alice: Do it!

Alice: I'm sorry. But someone needs to make you pay for what you've done.

Alice stabs the ground instead of the Red Queen.

Alice: That's just not going to be me.

Young Alice: Alice congratulations. You did it.

Alice: But she lives.

Young Alice: Indeed, that was the test. You truly are pure of heart. Would you?

The little girl turns into dust.

Alice: The magic dust! We did it.

Red Queen: Yes… I don't understand. Why didn't you kill me? You'd have had everything you wanted.

Alice: Because I'm not like you.

Red Queen: No I suppose you're not.

–[Wonderland - Past]–

Anastasia is in the Castle. She opens the case off the main hall and takes the jewels.

King: Pretty, isn't it?


On the Great Divide.

Red Queen: Come on, then. Hand it over.

Alice: First, tell me where I can find Cyrus.

Red Queen: Oh, Alice. Isn't being such a good person reward enough?

The Red Queen takes the purse.

Alice: You lied.

Red Queen: Indeed. Lest we forget… One of us is pure of heart.

Alice: I gave you your life.

Red Queen: No! Nobody ever gave me anything… Everything I have, I had to take.

Alice: What about everything you've lost?

Red Queen: Take care, Alice. I'm sure I'll see you again soon… Can't hold onto those wishes forever or the hope of seeing Cyrus again.

Tweedle 2: Hmph.

They leave. Alice keeps a part of the dust in her hand.

Alice: I will see him again.


In the tunnels of Jafar’s Tower.

Guards: Did you hear that? Jafar will have our heads if anyone gets away. Let's go have a look.

Cyrus runs.


In Jafar’s cave.

Jafar: Thank you, Rabbit. I actually think that was helpful.

White Rabbit: Uh, can I leave now?

Jafar: Not quite.

White Rabbit: But I've told you everything.

Jafar: There might not be more to say, but there's certainly more to do… I'd like to take a trip now.

White Rabbit: Well, you've got your carpet.

Jafar: Where I want to go is a place only you can take me… Start digging.

White Rabbit: Jafar, I can't just leave. The Queen will know something is wrong, a and then…

Jafar: You work for me now, Rabbit… Or do I really need to remind you?

The Rabbit runs away.

Jafar: Rabbit!


Cyrus and the White Rabbit meet in the tunnels. Jafar is closed.

Jafar: Rabbit!

Cyrus: Please don't.

Jafar: Rabbit!

White Rabbit: Just go.

Cyrus: What?

White Rabbit: Find her. Go!

Cyrus runs away and Jafar comes.

Jafar: Rabbit!

White Rabbit: I know it's futile to resist you, Jafar. I'll do what you ask.

Jafar: You made the right choice. Even if you did find your way out of the tower, there's no escaping what's beyond it.

White Rabbit: Wh… what does that mean?

Jafar: Just be glad you didn't find out. Now dig your hole.

White Rabbit: Where to?

Jafar: You know where.

White Rabbit: Oh.

The Rabbit digs a portal.

–[Wonderland - Past]–

Will is waiting for Anastasia.


In the Castle’s King.

King: Sneaking into my ball was one thing. I rather admire the boldness of it… But stealing from me? What possessed you?

Anastasia: Does it matter?

King: It might.

Anastasia: You have more wealth than anyone in the realm. You'll hardly miss it… I need it more than you do.

King: What does a peasant need with jewels?

Anastasia: What does a King need with them?

King: That, my dear, is the way it goes. My world… Filled with wealth, and yours… Filled with longing. Generally, our realms don't meet.

Anastasia: You caught me… What will my fate be?

King: That depends on you. Ah, there's something about you, girl… The life you're in, it isn't the one you were meant for, is it?

Anastasia: It's all I need.

King: Then why are you stealing? What if instead of stealing these jewels, they simply… Belonged to you?

Anastasia: You'll give them to me?

King: Perhaps.

Anastasia: At what price?

King: Your hand… In marriage… I have been searching for a Queen… And you fit the bill.

The King puts the crown on Anastasia’s head.

King: What you have goes far beyond your beauty. What you have is what is most elusive the drive to be more than you are. That is how one rules. And that… Is what I desire at my side.

Anastasia: What if I love another?

King: Yes, the fellow from the ball. Love… Is a noble thing. But how far will it get you, hmm? Let's say you sell this. How long would it last you before you're right back where you started? And that love you cling to, it won't be long before you realize, it's not enough. And then? And then, my dear, it will be too late for you.


Will is still waiting for Anastasia.

Will: Come on, come on.

The King is made an announcement.

King: People of Wonderland, I give you… Your Queen.

Anastasia shows up on the balcony.

Will: Anastasia.


The Red Queen is in the Maze, near Will.

Red Queen: I'm sorry.

She uses the dust to turn Will into human and leaves.


Alice is on a cliff.

Alice: All right, Cyrus. I know you're out there somewhere… Now show me.

Alice blows the dust in the air and Jafar’s Tower appears.

Alice: I'm coming for you.


At Jafar’s Tower.

Cyrus: Alice, I'm coming for you.

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Audiences US : bilan du 12/01 au 18/01 !

Audiences US : bilan du 12/01 au 18/01 !
Vendredi 12 janvier: Le trio de CBS, MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0 et Blue Bloods, est en grande forme...


mnoandco, Aujourd'hui à 14:31

Hello, nouveau sondage "La saison 4 de The Blacklist arrive le 24 janvier sur TF1. Allez-vous la regarder ?" Venez donner votre avis.

mnoandco, Aujourd'hui à 14:33

Nouvelle photo de la quinzaine sur le quartier Blacklist. Vous aimez Lotte Verbeek?

StoneHeart, Aujourd'hui à 14:35

Bonjour à tous ! Nouveau sondage & nouveau jeu (Survivor) sur "Stranger Things" !! Venez nombreux

mnoandco, Aujourd'hui à 14:35

Que vous soyez fan d'elle dans Blacklist, Borgia, Outlander ou Agent Carter, venez voter pour votre rôle préféré !

mnoandco, Aujourd'hui à 14:36



Supersympa, Hier à 20:36

Ca me dit*

Daisy2860, Hier à 20:36

Bah go écouté

Supersympa, Hier à 20:37

Peut-être plus tard.

Juliette11, Aujourd'hui à 12:59

bonjour !

LastAmy26, Aujourd'hui à 14:06


Viens chatter !


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