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Octobre 2019

You joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy just in time to celebrate the 300th episode. Did you watch the series before getting the role of Taryn?

Growing up in France my friends and I were obsessed with anything American. Grey’s Anatomy was very important to us. We would watch it religiously and it quickly became our favorite. Needless to say we all still watch it today, so being a part of it now feels surreal. It’s impressive for any show to get to 300 episodes but in this case it’s even more incredible as the show seems to be getting better every season!

What did you feel when you learned that you were chosen to play in this cult series?

I was in disbelief for a long time. I remember laughing at how just simply impossible it felt, I think I blacked out a little. To be honest I still pinch myself at times. It’s when I travel that my involvement really strikes me. It’s such an iconic show and it has meant so much for so many generations. I’ve always been a fan so it’s very satisfying to actually be part of it now.

How did you experience your very first day on the set?

Our first day on set was long, as most days are. I was very intimidated because it was my first day ever as an actress on a show. I couldn’t believe where I was. I was so excited, like a little kid at Disneyland, it was truly a dear diary moment. It’s funny how the show parallels reality. In real life we were all so nervous about our first day on the set and on the show our characters were going through the stressful interviewing process to get into Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, so the energy was definitely right. I remember going over and over my monologue until I went up for the interview. I was the last one to go on that day, I know now that it was an accurate introduction to the job.

How is a day of filming Grey's Anatomy? Is it as much intense as Taryn day's work at the hospital?

The set is fun. Every day is a new challenge but the whole crew is very willing and the job always gets done! I think everyone’s been there for so long that it’s become a family. As in the show, the hours on set can be intense and the stakes can be high. Unlike Taryn though, my work does not have life or death consequences. We do hope to move people and create mirrors of life that hopefully inspire them to reflect on their own experiences. I’m so proud of being part of many meaningful storylines that tackle important subjects. In the end though I think that, in our own way, Taryn and I do valuable work except that the experiences are very different.

What do you particularly like in your character? On the other hand, are there things you would like to change about it?

Taryn is strong. She has a lot of character. We don’t know much about her personal life as of now, but she has shown her colors. We have seen time and again how determined she is and, even though she can appear to be distant and stubborn, she has a lot of compassion. Taryn’s emotions definitely run deep. I think she gets herself in uncomfortable situations by trying so hard to be perfect when, in fact, she is far from perfection and she is more clumsy than she's willing to admit. 
In the same way I think Taryn could use a little self-leniency. She deserves to give herself a break and have a little more fun. Growing up with a demanding mother I think she is used to having high standards and can let it get in the way of the true expression of herself. 

Apart speaking French, do you have anything in common with her?

When I speak of standards it reminds me a lot of myself. Taryn and I have much in common actually. Like her, I'm a rookie in this industry, I am at the heart of my training and I’m always worried of failing. It seems we both like to appear stronger than we are but can’t help but be overwhelmed by our compassion. I feel I can intimately relate to my character’s questions, frustrations and joys because our lives seem so intertwined. We have both learnt so much these last two years. This third season is very exciting for me, as both Taryn and I feel more grounded and we're ready to take on new challenges. I’m really looking forward to what this new year brings!

With Grey's Anatomy, we never know in advance which character will be present the next season, or even if they will finish in one piece. What evolution would you like for Taryn?

Of course I would like to see Taryn do better and grow into a successful doctor. I would also really like her to fall in love. Taryn deserves to bloom and I think that love may be where she finds her force, like so many of us I’m sure. But as I mentioned before, there is a certain synchronicity between us and knowing and understanding her ambition I wish her success first. I hope she finds it in her to become the surgeon she so desperately longs to be and so creating her place in the world. She’s a bad ass, she just need to find that out for herself.

You studied at Cours Florent and you started at the theater. Can we hope to applaud you one day on stage in France?

I am French, and as with theatre, it is part of who I am. My wish is to one day share my life between these two worlds. I have been on stage in France before and look forward to returning there. I feel very lucky to have opened this new door of opportunity in my life. I have always thought I would remain a theatre actor but I am now facing a whole new version of my work that I hadn’t seriously considered before. Theatre occupies a very special place in my heart and I often return to it as a grounding force in my work. I’ve also put on shows in Los Angeles. I have never forsaken theatre, it follows me wherever I go. It’s always been close and I have no doubt I will be back on the planches of Paris sometime soon.

For the rest of your career, do you have projects in sight or desire roles in different genres (police, fantasy, horror...)?

That’s a big question. I am of a curious nature and definitely want to try all genres. I first started in comedy and so that feels more natural to me, closer to home and hopefully one day I can go back to that. On the other hand, I am a big horror fan. I'd love to do a wonderfully campy horror movie. Something about that makes me giggle like a kid. Of course that is more of a guilty pleasure sort of wish but it feels exciting. In other genres I’ve always been curious about historical dramas. I’m a big fan of dressing up for the job and I could geek out for hours on sets! Fantasy is also something I’d want to try... I don’t know, too many things I want to do, one of each maybe?

Ecrit par albi2302 
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