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409 - Script VO

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Act 1 Teaser

We see a shot of the enormously high ceiling of an opera house outside the theater. Night. There are windows in the ceiling giving us a small glimpse of the night sky, and surrounding the windows are white lights that shine down. The shot moves down from the ceiling to an opera after party that is going on. The open architecture of the building allows us to see that the party is taking place on several floors. Men and women dressed in tuxedos and gowns mingle and drink champagne as servers walk around with trays of hors d'oeuvres.

The shot closes in on a lower level of the building and travels toward Lex who is standing alone drinking champagne. He checks his watch, looking somewhat bored. Then he walks to the edge of the floor and stands next to the railing where he is able to see the ground floor below him and the high ceiling above.

A few meters away, also standing next to the railing, is a beautiful woman with long brown hair and a red dress. She takes a sip from her glass as she and Lex make eye contact. She smiles at him temptingly. Lex smiles back. Another guest of the party walks in front of the woman, and when the guest passes, the woman seems to have disappeared. Lex walks toward where she was standing but doesn't see her.

Then he goes back to the railing and looks down at one of the lower floors where he sees the woman at the bottom of the stairs. She looks up at him for a moment, then starts to walk away. Lex comes down the stairs, following her. When he gets to the floor she is on, he turns a full circle, looking for her, then finally finds her standing at another railing and looking out a window at the city.

The woman has a far away look on her face as Lex comes up behind her. He looks over her shoulder and sees that she is holding an MP3 player in her hand. She turns her head slightly toward Lex, sensing his presence. He comes up next to her and we see the player's ear buds in her ears. She faces Lex.

Lex : What are you listening to?

Woman : My favorite song.

She takes one of the buds out of her ear and hands it to Lex. We hear soft dance music coming from the bud as Lex takes it and puts it in his ear. Because the buds are connected to each other with a wire, Lex has to lean in very close to the woman's face to listen. She touches his face softly.

Lex : [Whispered.] What's your name?

Woman : Does it really matter?

Satisfied with this answer, Lex hands the ear bud back to her.

Fade to a spiraling shot of Metropolis from above. The shot spins slowly and the buildings seem to twirl around each other. This fades to an overhead shot of Lex and the woman in an elevator, similarly swirling. They begin to kiss and Lex reaches to push a button on the wall. He pushes 40 which is the highest floor.

He moves down from her lips to kiss her neck and his hand slides from her arm to the side of her torso as her arms encircle his shoulders. They kiss on the lips again.

From the elevator security camera, we see them kissing as Lex has her pushed up against the wall of the elevator. Then she pushes him to another wall, continuing the kiss.

Her eyes close with pleasure as he trails kisses along her ear and down her neck.

Fade to the two of them entering a hotel room with the woman in the lead. Before the door is even completely shut behind them, Lex whips her around to face him and they kiss again even more passionately. She pulls Lex's tuxedo jacket off of him.

Fade to the woman sitting on Lex's lap in the bed. He watches her as she unzips her dress and pulls it off.

Fade to Lex and the woman making love. They roll around in the bed together touching and kissing hungrily.

The shot leaves them and comes to rest on a table where there is an open bottle of champagne sitting next to two partially filled glasses. We stay on the bottle and glasses as the shot fades to morning and daylight fills the room.

From there, the shot travels along the floor where we see the clothes of both Lex and the woman strewn about carelessly. We finally come to the bed where Lex is sleeping. A hotel maid calls from outside the room.

Maid : Housekeeping.

Lex remains asleep, and the maid enters with a bundle of clean towels. She looks at the bed and drops the towels, screaming at the top of her lungs. Lex immediately awakens and sits up with a start. He sees the maid who continues to scream and runs from the room. Then Lex turns and looks at the bed next to him.

There he sees the woman he brought back with him the night before. Her hands are tied above her head and she is covered in blood. She is dead. Terrified, Lex looks at his hands and sees that they have blood on them also.

[Opening credits]

Act 1 Scene 1

Lex and his lawyer, Corinne Harper, rush down the front stairs of the courthouse in Metropolis. Day. Reporters and photographers swarm around them shouting questions and flashing pictures.

Corinne : Mr. Luthor has no comment. [Quietly, to Lex.] Don't say anything.

The reporters continue to shout.

Corinne : Look, people, I told you my client has no comment, all right?

Cut to Lex and Corinne in Lex's study where they are watching footage of the preceding scene on the news. The caption at the bottom of the screen says "Billionaire Bloodbath." A female reporter's voice can be heard.

Reporter : Billionaire Lex Luthor was released today on five million dollars bail. But we're told he is still the only suspect in the grisly slaying early this morning of a young woman whose body has not yet been identified. The police investiga--

Corinne turns off the television. Lex keeps looking at the screen, thoughtful.

Corinne : So, you want to tell me how you wound up lying naked, covered in blood, next to a dead girl you hardly knew?

Lex : I didn't kill her.

Corinne : I didn't ask. Lex, you're paying me to get you off, not to prove you're innocent. But you're gonna have to be straight with me. Were you drinking last night?

Lex : Yes. At the fundraiser in the hotel. We had champagne.

Corinne : Is it possible that you were drugged?

Lex : Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

Corinne : Well, if you were drugged, it'll show up in the blood test I had you take. In the meantime, you're gonna have to try and remember anything you can about this girl.

Lex : I can't. [He thinks about it.] She had a pink MP3 player. We listened to it together.

Corinne : Well, that wasn't on the evidence list. Are you sure that she had it with her at the hotel?

There is a knock at the door and one of the mansion's guards enters with Corinne's assistant Shannon who is holding a cell phone.

Shannon : Uh, excuse me, Corinne. It's the DA.

Corinne : Thank you, Shannon. I'll be right there. [Shannon leaves. To Lex.] You stay put. It's a media circus out there, and I don't want you saying anything stupid.

Lex : Your bedside manner needs work.

Clark enters behind Corinne.

Corinne : I'm not here to hold your hand, Lex. You want a hug, call your mother.

Lex shakes his head unhappily. Corinne glances at Clark, then leaves the room with the guard as Clark walks to Lex.

Clark : Lex.

Lex : Clark. I take it you saw my walk of shame on the news?

Clark : How are you holding up?

Lex : Not so great, actually. I trust you're here as a friend.

Clark : Just tell me you didn't do this.

Lex puts his hands on Clark's shoulders.

Lex : I met a girl at the opera. I took her to a hotel. I didn't kill her.

Clark : [He nods, believing.] Who is she?

Lex : I don't know.

Clark : [Shocked.] Wait, you slept with her, but you didn't know her name?

Lex : It's one of those nights that never happens. You meet somebody and you just get caught up in the moment. I'm guilty of that, but I'm not a murderer. It was my father. He's framing me.

Clark : Your father's in prison.

Lex : You really think that matters? Go home, Clark. You don't want to be involved in this. Trust me.

Lex leaves Clark alone in the study.

Act 1 Scene 2

Outside shot of the Talon. Night. Lana is asleep in her apartment. Her brow is wrinkled and she breathes heavily as she jerks her head around. She is having a nightmare.

In her dream, we first only see a shaky shot of her right eye. Then the shot backs up abruptly and we see her whole face. Her hair is disheveled and blood is trailing from her mouth. She is Isobel Theroux tied to the stake and about to be burned. A series of images flash before us quickly.

We see the mob yelling at her angrily. Then a brief shot of Lana rubbing charcoal over the symbol on Isobel's tomb in Paris. Then we see Isobel tied to the stake again, smiling strangely. A quick shot of a burning fire and then Isobel speaks in French.

Isobel : Je vais dormait seulement un peu. [I am going to sleep just for a while]

A shot of Magistrate Wilkins standing at the foot of the pyre. The images continue to flash by at blinding speed as Wilkins speaks the following line in a slightly distorted voice.

Wilkins : Countess Marguerite Isobel Theroux. You have been found guilty of practicing the darkest art. Witchcraft. I hereby condemn you to burn in the fires of Hell.

A shot of the charcoal rubbing of Isobel's face from her tomb. The face bears a strong resemblance to Lana.

Several of the townspeople from 17th century France standing around the pyre, looking silently at Isobel. A shot of Isobel's face as she looks down at them.

A shot of the blood from Isobel's mouth splattering on the symbol in her spell book. Another townsperson watching the burning.

A shot of Lana in her hotel room in Paris noticing the symbol on her back in the mirror for the first time

Another shot of Magistrate Wilkins standing at the head of the crowd which stands at the foot of the pyre. A woman steps out of the crowd, coming to the front.

A shot of one of the guards holding his ax and staring at Isobel angrily. A shot of the tattoo on Lana's back. A shot of an old man watching the burning and then a close up of Wilkins' face as he says the word "Witchcraft."

A zooming close up of Isobel's eye, and then a shot of the cover of her spell book. Another shot of Wilkins' face and then a return to Isobel's eye, backing up to see her whole face.

A shot of the tattoo on Isobel's lower back as she struggles against the ropes holding her to the stake.

A townsperson holding his hand to his head in distress as another man stands next to him, indifferent.

A shot of Isobel tied to the stake, then a quick cut to the burning pyre.

Close up of Wilkins as he says "Fires of Hell."

A shot of Lana kneeling over Isobel's tomb in the Paris church at the first moment that the white energy of Isobel's power overtook her.

The woman who walked to the front of the angry mob speaks to Isobel in French.

Woman : Tu m'as trahis Isobel, maintenant tu vas mourir. [You have betrayed me Isobel, so now you are going to die]

A shot of Lana touching the symbol on Isobel's tomb and throwing her head back in pain.

A shot of the guard lighting the pyre. As the flames begin to surround her, Isobel smiles at the woman who just spoke to her. The woman gazes back at Isobel with a lopsided smile, and when she blinks, her eyes turn an enchanted shade of pink.

Another quaking shot of Isobel's face as she strains against the ropes. A shot of the burning pyre, and then a reddened shot of Isobel's eye. All is then engulfed in an explosion of flame.

Cut to Lana jolting upright in bed with a gasp. She is breathless and covered in sweat.

Act 1 Scene 3

Outside shot of Kansas State Penitentiary. Day. Inside, Clark enters the visiting area and looks at the upper floor where Lionel is standing. Lionel smiles down at him and comes down the stairs.

Lionel : Clark, thank you for coming. It's good to see you.

He offers his hand to Clark. Clark doesn't shake it, and Lionel nods to show that he understands. He gestures to the table and they sit on opposite sides of it.

Lionel : How's Lex? I've been trying to contact him since I heard, but he won't speak to me.

Clark : He thinks you're trying to frame him. Are you?

Lionel : No, Clark.

Clark : Why should I believe you?

Lionel : There's no reason you should.

Lionel tiredly covers his face with his hands and sighs.

Lionel : Listen to me. I was ill, Clark. The liver disease I had was a death sentence. And something happened. I can't explain it. I woke up on the floor. There was a riot. I... I felt as if... a different kind of energy had been... inside me. Something strong and... good. I was changed. [He laughs quietly.] And my liver had healed.

Clark : [Nervous.] What was it?

Lionel : I don't know. All I can say was... it was miraculous. I could see the darkness, the destructive power that had always been inside me. I can see it in Lex now. I have to help him, Clark.

Clark : Do you think he did it?

Lionel : No. This was a crime of passion. Or it was an elaborate frame. The girl, did she have a car?

Clark : Lex told the police that he took her to the hotel in his Ferrari.

Lionel : Then they'll look for her car at the opera house. They won't find it there. Lex has patterns. He would've had the girl drive her own car back to the hotel so he could slip away in the morning and wouldn't have to worry about taking her home. The patterns-- The girl, she had brown hair, yes? [Clark nods.] She reminded him of Lillian. It's his mother. You have to help him, Clark.

Clark : [Hesitant.] If I find this car...

Lionel : Anything you find, bring it to me. I can help you.

Clark : I'll see where it leads. [He stands up to leave.] But I still don't trust you.

Lionel : I know. But you will be back. Won't you?

Clark looks at Lionel without answering, then leaves.

Act 1 Scene 4

Martha is trying to use the cappuccino machine in the Talon. Day. She is having trouble with it as Lana walks up to the bar behind her.

Martha : Stupid, stupid.

Lana : I swear, one time, that thing actually bit me.

Martha : Oh, hi, Lana. It does take a certain touch. [Martha turns to face Lana.] Are you feeling all right? You look a little pale.

Lana : I just had this really weird dream last night. I can't seem to shake it.

Martha : Oh, I'm sorry, Lana. You have a visitor.

Martha gestures beyond Lana to a woman who is standing with her back to them. The woman is well dressed and very elegant.

Lana : [Disbelievingly.] She's here for me? [Martha nods.]

Lana looks at the woman again, then walks toward her.

Lana : Excuse me.

The woman turns around and we see that she is the same woman who spoke French to Isobel in Lana's dream. Her name is Geneniève Teague. She speaks in a British dialect.

Genevieve : Lana.

Lana recognizes her from the dream and looks very startled.

Genevieve : It's wonderful to finally meet you. You are beautiful.

Lana : I'm sorry. Do I know you?

Genevieve : I'm Jason's mother.

Lana makes a soft noise with her voice, exhaling sharply as her unease grows.

Genevieve : [Apologetic.] Did I catch you off guard?

Lana : [Quickly.] No, no. [Pause.] Yeah, actually. Um, you have a little. I just didn't know that he was expecting you.

Genevieve : Well, he isn't. Could we sit?

Lana : Sure. [Leading Genevieve to a table.] Would you like some tea?

Genevieve : Um, no thank you. [They sit.] I know this may sound impossibly British, but I just can't bring myself to drink tea from a mug. [She laughs.] Is that terrible?

Lana : No, of course not.

Genevieve : How's Jason? I haven't spoken to him since he left Paris, and he won't answer any of my calls. I'm afraid that, um, I'm afraid he thinks I'm angry with him.

Lana : You're not?

Genevieve : [Shaking her head.] I simply want to see him again.

Lana : Mrs. Teague, I... I've wanted to meet you. But if Jason isn't ready to be a part of your life, I don't think that I can either. Not behind his back.

Genevieve : [She nods, disappointed.] Well, the last thing in the world I want to do is to put you in the middle of all this, but... if you could just tell him that I'm here and that I'm staying at the Smallville Inn. Tell him I want to see him.

Lana : Sure.

Genevieve : Thanks.

Genevieve stands up to go. Lana stands too, and then Genevieve turns to her.

Genevieve : You know, it's interesting. A moment ago, when I first met you, you looked at me as though you recognized me. [Lana doesn't answer.] How can that be?

Lana shakes her head with a nervous smile. Genevieve smiles.

Genevieve : Goodbye, Lana. You must come and visit me in Metropolis. [She kisses Lana on the cheek.] You are so beautiful. I see now why he had to be with you.

Lana smiles and nods uncomfortably as Genevieve touches her shoulder, then leaves. When she is gone, Lana lets her smile go as she takes a deep breath.

Act 1 Scene 5

Outside shot of Smallville High School. Day. The bell rings as students go inside. Chloe walks through the hallway and into the Torch office where Clark is seated at the computer.

Chloe : Where have you been all afternoon?

Clark : I went to go see Lionel at the prison.

Chloe : Why? Are you backlogged with your community service hours or something?

Clark : No. Look, um, I know this is gonna sound crazy, but Lionel gave me a lead in Lex's case. He said that I could probably find the girl's car at the hotel, and I think I did. Check this out. [Clark hands Chloe a piece of paper.] There were 22 cars that were checked into the hotel valet that night after 10 PM when Lex said he left the opera. Now, of those cars, all but three were hotel guests, and of those three, two belonged to guys who had too much to drink at the hotel bar.

Chloe : Leaving one.

Clark : Exactly, but I haven't been able to trace her name or address.

Chloe : [Teasingly.] Why am I not surprised? Let me try.

Clark stands up and Chloe takes his seat at the computer.

Clark : You know what the weird thing is? The police aren't even looking into this.

Chloe : Well, of course not, Clark, they think that Lex is guilty and they've already got their man. But don't you think it's possible that this is all just a set up? I mean, Lionel Luthor goes all Hannibal Lector and tells you what to look for and where to find it?

Clark : I don't think so. Look, I can't explain this, but something happened to Lionel in prison. I think it changed him.

Chloe : [Skeptical.] Clark...

Clark : And what if he really can help?

Chloe : Clark, he's the master manipulator. You cannot trust him, okay? And besides, Lex is in great hands. I mean, he's got Corinne Harper leading his defense. They call her "The Barracuda." What he really needs is a good publicist. Have you seen this?

She hands Clark a newspaper with a headline that says "Luthor Sex Scandal Expands!"

Chloe : The police have interviewed over 13 women that have slept with Lex in the last year.

Clark looks hurt.

Chloe : What's wrong?

Clark : Lex told me that this little one night stand was something that never happens.

Chloe : And you believed him?

Clark : I gotta believe somebody, Chloe. [Clark notices something come up on the computer screen.] There it is.

Chloe turns around to face the screen and Clark kneels down next to her.

Chloe : [Reading.] Eve Andrews, age 28. Lives in Metropolis.

Cut to Clark super speeding down a sidewalk in Metropolis and coming to a stop outside a house. He enters through the front door which is unlocked.

Inside, we see dozens of pictures of Lex Luthor sitting on a counter. A hand covered by a black glove picks up one of the pictures and places it in a fire that is burning in the sink over the ashes of several pictures that have already been burned. We see that the person burning the pictures is Lex. Clark enters the kitchen behind him.

Clark : Lex. [Lex whips around.] What are you doing?

Lex : I'm saving my ass, Clark. What the hell are you doing here?

They hear police sirens approaching outside.

Lex : You've got to help me, please.

Clark is silent.

Fade to black.

Act 2 Scene 1

Outside shot of Lex's mansion. Day. Inside, Clark and Lex walk through the hallway toward Lex's study.

Clark : You were burning evidence, Lex. Not exactly actions of an innocent man.

Lex : [Turning to face Clark.] Come on, Clark! Think about it. If I killed that girl, why would I take a nap next to her body? So the maid could find me? It doesn't make any sense.

Clark : Neither does breaking into her house, but you did that. You better be honest with me, because right now, I'm an accomplice.

Lex : I didn't ask you to show up. How did you even know to go there?

Lex turns away from Clark and enters the study. Clark follows.

Clark : I tracked down her car.

Lex : Did you call the cops too?

Clark : No.

Lex : Because this is gonna be all over the six o'clock news now.

Clark : Why'd you go there, Lex?

Lex : I got a call from Corinne's office saying they had a lead on an address. I thought maybe I could find out who she was. I had no idea what I was walking into. [He starts to make a drink.]

Clark : What did you find out?

Lex : Her name's Eve Andrews. And as you could tell from the stack of photos, she's been stalking me for some time.

Clark : So you did know her.

Lex : No. Only by name, which she failed to tell me at the fundraiser. So how was I supposed to know? Clark, you know I didn't do this. It's my father trying to get back at me. He knows about all these stalkers. LuthorCorp's lawyers compiled a database of them last year. My father knew Eve would be the perfect victim to make it look like I had motive.

Clark : I don't think it's your father, Lex. I went to see him. He wants to help.

Lex is silent for a moment in disbelief.

Lex : He was the one who sent you looking for her car, wasn't he?

Clark : Yes.

Lex : You're playing right into his hands.

Clark : [Arguing.] Lex--

Lex : [Angry.] You can't straddle the fence on this one, Clark! My father and I are enemies. You have to decide who you really trust.

Startled, Clark stares at Lex, unable to answer.

Act 2 Scene 2

Chloe and Clark are in the Torch office. Night.

Chloe : She was stalking him, and he didn't know what she looked like?

Clark : He said he'd never seen her before. Lex lied about a lot of things. He lied about all those women. Do you think he could've done it?

Chloe : I'd have to say the whole fire starter thing doesn't exactly scream innocence, but there's something really strange about this. Look at this.

Chloe leads Clark to her computer and clicks the mouse, starting the video taken by the elevator security camera of Lex and the woman kissing.

Clark : Wait, I thought Lex's attorneys would have all this under lock and key.

Chloe : Yeah, well, she may know people at the top, but I know people at the bottom, and they work for tips. Check this out. See?

Chloe pauses the video at a point where Lex is kissing the woman's neck and her face is turned up toward the camera with both of her ears in sight.

Chloe : [Pointing to the screen.] She's wearing two diamond earrings. See that?

Clark : Yeah.

Chloe : Okay, now, we're gonna skip through all this gross Zalman King stuff.

Clark smiles at Chloe's comment as she speeds up the video through all the kissing.

Chloe : Just before they get out of the elevator onto the penthouse floor, and look.

She pauses the video and zooms in again. She points to the screen and we see one of the woman's ears is bare.

Clark : She lost an earring.

Chloe : Exactly. Now, the police report said that the dead woman was wearing two diamond earrings. So either she found it, or--

Clark : Lex was with two different women.

Chloe nods.

Act 2 Scene 3

Lex and his lawyer Corinne are in Lex's study. Night. Corinne is talking on her cell phone and Lex sits on a sofa next to the fireplace.

Corinne : Thank you, Shannon.

She hangs up the phone and walks around the sofa as she talks to Lex.

Corinne : That was my assistant. Your tox screen came back negative, Lex. There were no drugs in your system.

Lex : So it left my system or the test was altered. That's certainly not beyond my father's capability.

Corinne : They've got you lying next to the body covered in blood, and now that they've IDed the victim, they also have motive.

Lex : Why, because she was stalking me?

Corinne : Yes! Do you even know why she was stalking you, Lex? Because you slept with her 18 months ago. And then you sent her a pair of diamond earrings as a consolation prize. How could you not remember her?

Lex is shocked.

Lex : [Guiltily.] I don't always get their names or remember their faces.

Corinne : I suppose it doesn't help that we all look alike, does it? I was your type too, Lex, or don't you remember that either?

Lex : [He stands.] I remember, Corinne.

Corinne : [Sarcastic.] Ooh. Goodie for me.

Lex : [Aggravated.] You know, you must be enjoying this on some level, seeing me pay for my indiscretions.

Corinne : Yeah, I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a certain amount of satisfaction seeing you hoisted on your own petard.

Lex : On the plus side, the view from up here is exceedingly clear. You see, I've been thinking that whoever did this would need to have access to my legal files to know Eve was stalking me. [Accusatory.] I thought it was my dad, but maybe I was wrong.

Corinne rolls her eyes dismissively. He walks toward her, not letting the issue drop.

Lex : That database was your project, wasn't it?

Corinne : You know what? I knew there might be a conflict of interest when I took this case. But I'd hoped we got past all that. Apparently, I was wrong.

Corinne walks to the coffee table where her open briefcase is sitting. She slams it shut and picks it up.

Corinne : I'm removing myself as your attorney.

She leaves the study. Lex's agitation increases.

Act 2 Scene 4

Outside shot of Metropolis. Night. Clark and Chloe are in the hotel where Lex took the mystery woman before she was killed. They walk toward the bank of elevators and Chloe pushes the button.

Chloe : So the police still haven't picked up on the missing earring thing, and according to the people at the front desk, they haven't found anything yet. So that's where we're at.

A soft ding is heard as an elevator arrives and the door slides open. Clark and Chloe step inside the empty elevator and Chloe pushes a button inside.

Clark : [Looking around.] Well, if I were an earring...

The door slides shut and the car starts to ascend.

Chloe : Let's re-enact the event, okay? [Gesturing to the side of the elevator.] So Lex had Eve up against this wall right here, so...

Chloe stand up against the wall as if she is Eve, and waits for Clark to join her. Clark looks at her awkwardly.

Chloe : Okay, come on, big boy, it's for the cause of truth and justice. Now, push me up against the wall.

Clark : I don't--

Chloe takes Clark by the hand and pulls him back toward the wall. He bumps into her intimately, looking extremely uncomfortable. Chloe doesn't acknowledge his discomfort and keeps talking in a businesslike manner.

Chloe : And her hand was like this... [Chloe puts her right hand on Clark's shoulder.] ...and I think his hand was like this.

She takes Clark's right hand and puts it on her face.

Chloe : And they were...

With her free hand, Chloe feels up and down Clark's back trying to find the right position. Clark becomes even more embarrassed.

Clark : Maybe he knocked the earring off accidentally.

Chloe : Yeah. Yeah, and then she pushed him up against this wall over here like this.

Chloe pushes Clark across the elevator and up against another wall. When she and Clark are again standing face to face, she finally seems to notice their closeness, and her attraction to him comes out.

Chloe : [Quietly.] Hi.

They stand with their faces very close for a long moment, looking into each other's eyes timidly. Then the elevator dings and the door slides open. Standing outside is a woman with her young twin daughters.

Woman : Oh, my.

Clark : [Pulling away from Chloe quickly.] It's okay. You can come in.

Woman : Um, no, that's fine. We'll just, uh, take the stairs.

The woman starts hurriedly escorting her girls toward the stairs. Chloe steps out of the elevator to speak to the woman.

Chloe : No, but nothing was happening! We weren't doing anything, really!

The woman looks at Chloe one more time, and pushes her daughters around the corner. Chloe steps back onto the elevator, but remaining in the doorway so that the door cannot shut. She looks down at the threshold between the elevator car and the level they are on and a thought occurs to her. She kneels down.

Chloe : Hey, Clark. What if the earring fell down this crack?

Clark looks through the floor of the elevator with his X-ray vision. His sight zooms all the way down the elevator shaft to the ground floor where he sees a single diamond earring on the ground.

Act 2 Scene 5

Clark and Lionel are visiting at the prison. Day. Lionel is holding the diamond earring and looking at it closely.

Lionel : I'm glad you came back, Clark. But why did you bring me this?

Clark : I didn't think Lex would tell me the truth.

Lionel : And you believe that I will?

Clark : Well, you wanted to help. I'm trusting you. That belonged to the girl who Lex met at the opera.

Lionel : Eve Andrews, yes?

Clark : Well, that's the thing. Eve Andrews was wearing two earrings when she died. I think there's two girls, and I think the girl in the elevator is still alive. I just don't know how to find her.

Lionel is silent as he studies the diamond earring again. He realizes something.

Lionel : Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. When I was younger, and I wanted to get rid of a woman, I would send her a pair of diamond earrings delivered by courier. No messy farewells. It was my signature. My son, it seems, is carrying on the tradition. The girl on the elevator is a former lover of Lex's. [He gives the earring back to Clark.] She's the killer.

Clark's eyes widen as he looks at Lionel.

Act 2 Scene 6

A mini tape recorder is playing on the desk in Corinne's office. Night. The tape is of a man's voice reading off facts from legal cases. Corinne is seated in her swivel chair which is turned away from the desk. All we see is the back of her head peeking up over the top of the chair. It is after hours in the office and no one else is around. Lex comes in to the building and enters the double glass doors that lead to a small reception area outside Corinne's office. He looks through the window next to Corinne's office door and knocks, then steps inside.

Lex : Okay, Corinne, I'm here. What's this new evidence you want to talk about? [She doesn't turn around.] First you quit, now you're back. Look, I came along way. What do you want?

Lex walks toward the desk and Corinne doesn't answer.

Lex : Come on.

Lex impatiently grabs her chair and turns it around, finding that blood is smeared down Corinne's front from her throat which has been cut. Lex backs away with a start.

As he walks toward the door to the office and out into the reception area, he pulls his cell phone out of his coat pocket and dials. A woman picks up. Lex paces frantically as he talks, looking around the office in a panic.

Woman : 911 Emergency.

Lex : Yeah, uh, someone's been killed.

Woman : I'm sorry, all lines are busy at the moment. Please hold for the first emergency operator.

Lex looks down at a table next to the wall and sees the pink MP3 player sitting there. It is turned on and he can faintly hear music coming from the ear buds, the same song the woman played for him before they slept together.

Shocked, he touches the player lightly with one finger. Then he picks up one of the ear buds and holds it to his ear. Then the shot circles around Lex and we see that a woman is standing in front of him pointing a gun at him. It is Shannon, Corinne's assistant. She gestures with the gun for Lex to hang up his cell phone. He does.

Lex : What are you doing?

Shannon : What's wrong, Lex? Don't you recognize me?

Shannon's hair is pulled up tightly behind her head and she is wearing glasses. She lets her hair down and takes off her glasses revealing that she is the woman Lex took back to the hotel. She strikes Lex across the face with the butt of her gun and he falls to the floor, unconscious. Shannon stares down at him with a sadistic grin.

Fade to black.

Act 3 Scene 1

Lex is unconscious and tied to a chair which is sitting in the middle of the floor of his study at the mansion. Night. There is a square of electrical tape placed over his mouth, and he slowly regains consciousness. Shannon is standing near him, pointing the gun at his face.

Shannon : Promise to be quiet?

Lex nods and Shannon rips the tape off of his mouth.

Shannon : Welcome home.

Lex : How'd you get past my security?

Shannon : I work for your law firm, Lex. I told them that you'd been drinking in Metropolis and you needed a ride home. [She laughs quietly.] They helped me carry you up here.

Lex : Why here? Why are you doing this?

Shannon : Because this is where it all happened. This is where I earned my earrings... the first time. You see, you remember the other night, but you don't remember the first time. I do. [She puts the gun down on a table.] I had a fiance, but you didn't know that. I cheated on him with you because I thought that you loved me. [She kneels next to Lex.] And when I broke it off with him, I called to tell you that, but you wouldn't take my call.

Lex : I'm sorry. If I had known--

Shannon : [Becoming more upset.] But you didn't. And then three months later, I bump into your outside of Corinne's office and you don't even recognize me. It was like I never happened to you.

She stands up and walks behind Lex, touching his shoulder.

Shannon : And so I started going through your files. It turns out I wasn't the only one.

Lex : Eve Andrews.

Shannon : Among others. She was such a fan. I told her that you wanted to make amends, and she agreed to come to the hotel. And then I slipped a little something into your champagne after we made love. It's funny your blood test didn't pick that up.

Lex : You rigged the test.

Shannon : I just switched out the results.

Lex : You were the one who sent me to her place. You called the police.

Shannon : You were supposed to get caught. But you didn't. And so here we are.

Lex struggles against his bindings, angrily trying to get free.

Act 3 Scene 2

Outside shot of the Talon. Night. Lana is sitting on the couch in her apartment staring at the fireplace distantly. Jason kneels down in front of her.

Jason : Hey. What's wrong? You haven't said anything all night. [Lana doesn't respond.] Talk to me.

Lana : [Softly.] I met your mom.

Jason : Where?

Lana : Here. She, um, she said that you weren't returning her calls, so she came to see me. She's staying at the Smallville Inn, wants you stop by.

Jason : Why didn't you tell me earlier?

Lana : I don't know. I guess, um... Maybe I don't want to be the one passing notes between you and your mother.

She stands up and walks away from Jason toward the fire.

Jason : I wouldn't have asked you to do that. She had no right to come here. Sorry.

Lana : She seemed really worried about you.

Jason : [Spiteful.] I'll bet she did. I'll be she seemed sad and heartbroken. But she's not. She's manipulative. And all my life, she's tried to control me.

Lana looks upset.

Jason : What, is there something else?

Lana : [Fearful.] I dreamed about her. I mean, I was dreaming about Isobel Theroux. She was being burned at the stake. And suddenly, your mom was there.

Jason : Well, it's probably not that unusual to dream about someone you just met.

Lana : Jason... I dreamt about her before I met her.

Jason looks at Lana disbelievingly.

Act 3 Scene 3

Clark and Chloe are looking at the diamond earring through a microscope in the Torch office. Night. They are looking at a series of numbers and letters engraved on the diamond, too small for the human eye to see.

Clark : There it is. Just like he said.

Chloe : How do they get the serial number so small? It's Lilliputian.

Clark : Lasers. Lionel said all the high-end diamond dealers do it. In case it ever gets lost or stolen, you can track it down.

Chloe : Or it can track you down. [The FAX machine starts printing a page.] Oh. [She goes to it.] I still can't believe that Lionel actually called his old jewelry guy and had him send over the purchase orders.

Chloe picks up the FAX pages and looks at them.

Chloe : All right, give me the numbers.

Clark : [Reading from the diamond serial number.] 7-2-2-D-J-S-3-9-7-0.

Chloe finds a matching number on the page.

Chloe : Here we go. Two diamond earrings. Wow, very expensive. Couriered to Miss Shannon Bell.

Clark : Shannon Bell. How do I know that name?

Chloe : Well, according to this, she works in Lex's law firm.

Clark : We have to warn him.

Chloe : I'll call the police.

Just as Chloe turns away from Clark to grab her phone from the desk, we hear Clark super speed away. Chloe dials the police and turns around, seeing that Clark is gone. She makes a small annoyed sound, but does not look at all surprised.

Act 3 Scene 4

Shannon and Lex at the mansion. Night. Lex is still tied to the chair, and Shannon walks toward him with two open bottles of alcohol, one in each hand. She has replaced the electrical tape on Lex's mouth.

Shannon : You know you could've stopped all this, Lex. All you had to do was recognize me outside of the opera. [She splashes a little of the liquor into Lex's lap, and he moans angrily.] Just say, "Hi, Shannon. It's nice to see you." But you didn't.

She circles him, pouring the liquor all over him.

Shannon : I was wearing the earrings that you bought me. We had sex again and you still didn't recognize me!

Shannon walks back to the table and picks up another bottle of liquor. She pulls out the cork and pours it all over the floor in a circle around Lex.

Shannon : I had a life, Lex. I had a fiancé. [Hurt laughter.] You ruined my life, and you didn't even know who I was. And you do this all the time.

After making a full circle, she puts the empty liquor bottle back on the table. Then she picks up a lit taper candle and walks toward Lex. He becomes even more fearful when he realizes what she is about to do. He tries to speak, but his words are muffled by the tape. She ignores him as he tries to beg for his life and walks a good distance past him, until she is standing behind him and outside the circle of alcohol. She starts to tip the candle.

Shannon : It has to stop.

She lets the candle fall from her hand and it lands on the wet floor, immediately starting the alcohol on fire. The fire quickly spreads in a circle, surrounding Lex, blazing almost as high as his face.

Clark super speeds into the room and sees what is happening. Both Lex and Shannon are facing away from him and don't see him enter. He super speeds toward Shannon and pushes her away from the flames. Then we see Clark move in slow motion as everything around him seems to stop. Shannon is in mid flight toward the wall. Lex is seated in the middle of the unmoving flames. Clark takes off his jacket starts to wave it above his head like a propeller.

The wind caused by his jacket sweeps all of the flames toward him until they leave the ground completely and distinguish themselves in the air. Then he super speeds out of the room.

Shannon finishes her descent to the ground and the impact knocks her unconscious. Lex is still in the chair breathing heavily with his eyes shut tightly, still anticipating the fire. He finally opens his eyes and looks around with surprise. The fire is gone and all that remains are several thin clouds of smoke and a burnt black ring around him on the floor.

Fade to black.

Act 4 Scene 1

Outside shot of the Kent farm. Day. Jonathan is in the kitchen reading the front page of the Daily Planet. There is a picture of Lex and a headline that says, "Luthor Acquitted of Double Homicide." Martha is pouring a cup of coffee, and Clark is in the kitchen also.

Jonathan : I'm glad Lex was found innocent, but I sure wish you would've come to us before you got yourself involved.

Clark : Well, at first, Dad, I just wanted to help. Then I had to figure out if I could trust him or not.

Martha : What did you decide?

Martha hands the cup of coffee and a bottle of honey over the counter to Jonathan.

Clark : [Sad.] I haven't. I mean, the way he treated those women... It showed me a side of Lex I hadn't seen before. I mean, how could you just not care that you hurt someone?

Jonathan : He's just following what he's learned, son. That's all.

Clark : There's something else you should know. I went to see Lionel.

Martha : What?

Clark : He wanted to help Lex, and he did. I couldn't have done it without him.

Jonathan : Clark. You know how dangerous that man is to you.

Clark : But, Dad, that's the thing. I think he's changed. And his liver's healed.

Martha : I thought his condition was terminal.

Clark : I think something in me actually healed him.

Jonathan : [Stunned.] Clark, does Lionel know about this?

Clark : No. He actually thinks it's a miracle.

Martha : It is.

Clark : Look, I know this sounds crazy, but I really think he has changed. I could see it in his eyes.

Jonathan : Clark, as far as I'm concerned, Lionel Luthor is never gonna change, and neither is Lex. Now, we're just gonna have to accept that.

Clark looks from Jonathan to Martha noncommittally.

Act 4 Scene 2

Lex enters the visiting area of the prison. Day. Lionel is waiting for him at the table with his back turned. Lex walks to the table.

Lex : I understand you helped vindicate me, Dad. [Lionel turns around.] There's just no telling the influence you seem to have from behind these bars.

Lionel : I pointed your friend Clark in the right direction. That's all I did. You still believe I had something to do with this, don't you?

Lex : No. I just assume you must want something in return.

Lionel : Yes. [He smiles.] Yes, I do.

Lex : [Coldly.] I'm not helping you get released.

Lionel : No, you don't understand. I know that I deserve to be here, in this terrible place. I have no one to blame but myself.

Lex finally sits down across from Lionel with a heavy sigh. He smiles to himself as if he doesn't believe what he is about to say.

Lex : I'm in a generous mood, Dad. So let's say I believe that. [He leans forward.] What do you want from me?

Lionel : I want to be your father, Lex. If you'll let me.

Lex : [Lowering his eyes.] You've got your health, Dad. Don't expect another miracle.

Lex says these last words while looking straight into Lionel's eyes, and he holds that gaze for another moment as if to let the sting set in. Then he gets up from the table and starts to go. He stops and turns around.

He looks at Lionel for a long time, wanting to say something. Lionel looks up at him silently, hoping.

One more beat, and the moment is gone. Lex turns away from his father and leaves the prison. Lionel clasps his hands together in front of his mouth sadly and lowers his head onto his knuckles. The harsh clanging noise made by the opening and closing of cell doors is all that is left.

Act 4 Scene 3

Outside shot of Clark's loft. Night. Clark stands at the open window and stares out with his arms folded over his chest. He hears someone entering behind him and turns to see Lex coming up the stairs. Then he turns away from Lex and back to the stars. Lex remains at the top of the stairs.

Lex : I wanted to say thank you. And I'm sorry. I know you were only trying to help me.

Clark : [Turning back to Lex.] How long is this gonna continue, Lex?

Lex : I don't know. What do you want me to tell you?

Lex walks to Clark's side and looks forlornly out the window.

Clark : [Quietly angry, hurt.] I don't want you to tell me anything. I want you to change.

Lex : I don't know if I can.

Clark : You know, it seems the only person you care about is yourself. There's a whole side of you that I don't know about, Lex. And what else don't I know about you?

Lex : You don't know that every day, I wonder why I keep going. Why I do the things I do. You know, Shannon might have been crazy, but she was right about me. I treated those women terribly, Clark. People died, and I could've stopped it. I see that now.

Clark : Well, that's a start.

Lex : You know, there was a moment the other night when that fire she set was coming towards me. I thought, good. It would save the world a lot of grief. But somehow, the fire went out. And she was lying on the floor. And suddenly, I had a second chance.

Clark : The last few days, Lex, I... I thought your father was being more honest with me than you were. And I hated that feeling. I felt like we were enemies.

Lex : [Looking into Clark's eyes pleadingly.] Don't give up on me yet.

Clark returns his gaze.

Act 4 Scene 4

Jason comes out of the Talon through the backdoor into the alley. Night. The rain is pouring down. In the alley, there is a chauffeur standing under an umbrella next to a parked car. Jason comes to the car and the man opens the back door for him. Jason gets inside and sits down next to his mother, Genevieve. She smiles at him.

Jason : What are you doing here, Mother?

Genevieve : I know you don't want to talk to me, Jason. But every mother has a right to see her own son.

There is a thunderclap and flash of lightning. The light reflects off of Genevieve's red coat and casts a strange red glow onto Jason's face that is gone almost immediately.

Jason : You didn't come here to see me.

Genevieve : Is it so terrible to want to meet your girlfriend?

Jason : It's the way you go about it. But I'm not gonna let you do it this time. Because it's different. [Another flash of lightning.] I will come see you when I'm ready.

Genevieve : When will that be?

Jason : I don't know. But you can't come back here.

Genevieve : I just want you to know, Jason, that I'm really glad that you're happy. I mean, Lana is... an enchanting girl. I can see why you moved to the middle of nowhere to be with her. I mean, she's... She's special.

A third lightning flash makes Genevieve's face impossibly pale for only an instant.

Genevieve : I knew you'd meet someone like her one day.

Jason looks at Genevieve for a few seconds, processing what she just said.

Jason : Did I meet her by accident, or not? [Lightning.]

Genevieve : [Laughing.] What on earth are you implying? Of course you did, Jason. How else could you meet her?

Genevieve leans across the seat and kisses Jason on the cheek, dismissing his question. He remains very still, unconvinced that her answer is the truth.

Genevieve : I'll wait to hear from you.

The lightning holds a fairly steady rhythm as mother and son share a last look, and then Jason gets out of the car. He walks a few feet away, then turns back as the chauffeur gets into the driver's seat and starts the engine.

Even as the car drives away, Jason remains in the middle of the alleyway in the pouring rain.


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