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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
#103 : Nœud-m'oublie pas

Alice et le Valet se rendent dans le repaire de la Chenille pour obtenir le Myosotis, seul moyen de voir le passé et de découvrir qui a volé la lampe de Cyrus. Jafar et la Reine de Cœur essaient quant à eux de trouver un moyen de forcer Alice à utiliser ses trois souhaits.


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Forget Me Not

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Nœud-m'oublie pas

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–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Men on carriage drive into the woods. There are three men into their way. One of them is laid on the ground, in pain.

Friar Tuck: Aah!

Driver: Whoa, whoa. Who's that?

Little John: Please, sir, we need your help. Our friend got knocked off his horse, and he can't move his…

Merry Man: Kind sirs, please, we beg you, you have to help us!

Lord: What's all this then?

Driver: Wait here. We'll take care of this.

Lord: Gladly. Be quick about it.

Driver: Watch them.

Merry Man: His leg I fear it's broken.

Friar Tuck: Aah!

Driver: Is that blood?

Little John: We need something to stop the bleeding quickly! Help!

Merry Man: And water if you have it! Please!

Little John: He's helping.

Merry Man: Quickly!

Friar Tuck: You're all rig. Ahh! Oh, God

Driver: Here. Drink.

A Merry Man steals a purse while the driver helps.

Friar Tuck: Oh! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh! Aah!

–[Sherwood’s Forest - Past]–

At the Merry Men’s camp.

Little John: Did you see the look on that guy's face? I thought he was gonna faint!

Merry Man: Tuck, those brambleberries came in handy. It looked just like bloody flesh!

Robin Hood: Brilliant job. And here is to my Merry Men!

Merry Men: Robin Hood!

A man approaches.

Robin Hood: Well?

Will: What do you say to that?

Robin Hood: I say well done, lad. Welcome to the merry men. Here's to Will Scarlet!

Merry Men: Will Scarlet!


Alice and Will are walking and they find a picture for a reward of Will.

Will: That is a handsome chap.

Alice: That is a wanted chap. "For theft, fraud, posturing, in-posturing, gambling, disturbing the peace, and public nudity"?

Will: In my defence, I was tied to a tree and stripped of my clothes, so that one wasn't really my fault.

Alice: These signs are everywhere. The Caterpillar must want you badly. "Wanted with or without head."

Will: Right. We should split up. You don't need a thief, much less a wanted thief, getting in the way of you finding your genie.

Alice: No. Somebody stole Cyrus' bottle. Who better to catch a thief than someone who thinks like one?

Will: I believe there was a compliment in there somewhere.

Alice: Cyrus and I were the only two people that knew where the bottle was buried, so I figure whoever dug it out of the ground either has Cyrus or knows who does.

Will: See? You don't need me. You got this all sorted on your own.

Alice: It'd be one thing if they left behind a clue, something to go on. But right now all we've got is an empty hole in the ground… If we'd just got there a bit sooner, we would have caught them in the act.

Will: That's it.

Alice: What's it?

Will: All we have to do is find out who got there right before we did.

Alice: I'd like nothing more, but unless you have a way to go back in time, then I don't see…

Will: We don't have to go to the past, Alice. We simply have to see it. Have you ever heard of the forget-me-knot?

Alice: The what?

Will: It's an incredibly valuable enchanted piece of rope That when tied together at one end like a lasso makes a sort of round picture frame.

Alice: Wow, that is magic.

Will: The magic part comes when you look through it. Because when you do, you can see the last thing that happened at any particular place.

Alice: So if we held it above where Cyrus' bottle was buried…

Will: We should see who dug it up.

Alice: Knave, that's brilliant. Where do we find this terribly useful item?

Will: Yeah. That's gonna be the hard part.

Alice: I don't care. I can handle whatever it is. I'm too close to finding him.


In Cyrus’s prison.

Cyrus: What is this?

Red Queen: Dinner.

Jafar: We thought you might like to join us.

Cyrus: I'd rather starve.

Jafar: Are you sure? But you haven't seen the centerpiece yet. I made it out of a cheap bit of magic I found flitting around the hall… Your message to Alice. It seems she wrote back. "I'm coming for you." That's right, genie. She didn't heed your warning. You don't seem in a festive mood. Perhaps the centerpiece was a bit much.

Red Queen: Mmm.

Jafar: You should know better than anyone magic always comes with a price.

Cyrus: So does stealing it.

Jafar: I'm not going to steal your magic, genie. I'm simply three wishes away from owning it.

Cyrus: She'll never make them.

Red Queen: Just like she'll never come back for you.

Cyrus: Oh, Alice is stronger than you think.

Jafar: Well, we're about to find out.

Red Queen: Jafar, you should really bathe your prisoners from time to time. This one's beginning to smell. Must we sit so close?

Jafar: Just for a while. I want to see the look on his pathetic face today when his love makes her first wish.

Red Queen: Hmm.

Jafar: The book.

Red Queen: Yes.

Cyrus: What are you going to do to Alice?

Jafar: No, Cyrus, no. The proper question is, what are you going to do to her?


Alice and Will are on the road to meet the Caterpillar.

Alice: The Caterpillar has a forget-me-knot. That's not a solution. That's another problem.

Will: It will be okay. Wait here. I'll pop in and get it.

Alice: You'll pop in? To the creature who has all of Wonderland hunting you? You think he'll just hand over the knot?

Will: He likes to make deals, and I have a deal for him.

Alice: You think he'll take it and not just kill you on sight?

Will: There's always an element of risk.

Alice: You're willing to do this for me?

Will: Don't get all mushy, Alice. I'm doing this for me. This thief's gonna clear his name.

Alice: How about we go in together?

Will: Fine.


They enter in a mushroom.

Alice: It's a lot bigger than it looks from the outside.

Will: You're used to Wonderland, Alice. Welcome to the Underland… Follow my lead. This is my world. Let me handle things.

Nazim catches Will and pushes him to the wall.

Will: Nazim! Pleasure to see you again.

Nazim: Don't "pleasure" me.

Will: I wouldn't dream of it.

Nazim: You owe me money. You owe everyone money!

Alice treats Nazim.

Alice: Let's all keep our heads now, shall we?

Will: I said, let me handle it.

Everybody treat them now.

Will: Okay, maybe I could use a little help.

Caterpillar: Stop! Let him go. Let them through… The Knave of Hearts. I've missed you.

Will: The feeling is certainly not mutual.

Caterpillar: Or rather, I've missed the money you owe me. I take it you've brought it to me. Or is the girl your form of payment?

Alice: Hey!

Will: Actually, I came here hoping to make a deal for the forget-me-knot.

Caterpillar: Yeah. You want to go deeper into my debt.

Will: Not me first choice. But one day, with that knot, I'll be able to pay everything back and then double.

Caterpillar: I don't believe you. Now shall we talk about other forms of payment?

Alice: He doesn't have it.

Will: What?

Alice: The knot. He's greedy. He would have taken double. You don't have it, do you, Caterpillar?

Caterpillar: Alice. Still so smart.

Alice: Mmm… But you know where it is.

Caterpillar: Indeed.

Will: New deal. Tell us, we'll get it for you, and my debt is erased.

Caterpillar: Hmm… Ah, the deal is accepted.

Will: Cheers, mate. Now where is it?

Caterpillar: With the Grendel.

Will: The Grendel?

Caterpillar: I believe he still lives and eats in the Whispering Woods. Good luck.

Will: You want me to fail?

Caterpillar: I don't care. All outcomes favour me. Either you achieve what none before you have and get the knot from the Grendel… Or you die trying. Or you get the knot and try to keep it for yourself.

Will: How does the last one favour you?

Caterpillar: Because then I get to exact the revenge on you I've been waiting so long for. And when I am through, I will not only possess the knot, I will possess you.

Will: Possess me? I thought you wanted me dead.

Caterpillar: There are fates worse than death… I can always use another pretty face on my desk.


Alice and Will are walking into the woods.

Alice: What do you know about the Grendel?

Will: Nothing pleasant. Only a few people have seen him and lived to tell about it, and what they tell is nasty.

Alice: What would a creature like that want with a forget-me-knot?

Will: I suppose he wants it for the same reason the Caterpillar does, Alice. There's power in knowing things other people don't knowing their secrets, things they've tried to hide, mistakes they've made.

Alice: So we're going to make the most cruel and powerful insect in Wonderland even more powerful and therefore even more cruel?

Will: That looks to be the size of it.

Alice: There must be a way to get what we want without just putting our troubles onto others.

Will: Well, what if I was to tell you, you could be with Cyrus forever, but somebody else had to suffer because of it? Would you do it?

Alice: Well, that's not an option…

Will: Maybe it's not an option today, but it could be tomorrow. How much is he worth to you, Alice? Don't forget what we're doing here. It's thieving.

Alice: Yes, I'm getting that.

Will: Yeah. You wanted a thief well, you got one.

–[Sherwood’s Forest - Past]–

At the Merry Men’s camp.

Robin Hood: Will? Will Scarlett? Give me your hand.

Will: You worried I pinched something?

Robin Hood: Not at all.

Robin cuts Will’s hand.

Will: Aah!

Robin Hood: You're one of us now… For life.

Will: A thief for life?

Robin Hood: No. Not a thief. People call us that. That's not what we are.

Will: Then what are we?

Robin Hood: We help those in need. A thief only steals for himself.

Will: Right. And that's not us?

Robin Hood: We have a cause that's bigger than any one of our own needs. And that cause is humanity. When you steal for personal gain, the first thing you lose is yourself… Rest up, Will. We leave these woods at dawn.

Will: Actually, I wanted to speak to you about that. It might be worth hanging round for a few more days.

Robin Hood: What for? We've swept the area clean.

Will: Not completely. There's a place that sits on top of the Forbidden Mountain.

Robin Hood: No. That is Maleficent's Castle.

Will: Yes, I'm aware.

Robin Hood: She's a sorceress, Will. The one thing we do not mess about with is magic. It's dangerous. No matter how valuable it is or how much wealth it can bring you, it's never worth the consequences.

Will: Which is why we walk right past all that stuff and go for the gold… There's a chest that she keeps hidden in the walls somewhere in the main hall. Word is there's a lot of gold inside to… To care for the people of this village and the next for years to come... Isn't that the point of all this? Helping humanity? I've got a plan, but it'll take eight men to get past the guards. She's away from the castle and not expected back for several days. We make our approach at nightfall and return here with the gold, and only the gold, well before dawn.

Robin Hood: You'd steal the pitchfork from the devil himself.

Will: And be out of hell before he realized it was gone.

Robin Hood: All right then. The gold. Nothing else.

Will: I wouldn't think of it. I'm no thief.


Will comes back to his home. His wife is sleeping.

Will: Don't wake up. It's only me, love… It's only me. I'm here. The newest Merry Man. They bought it. They think me a believer of their cause, and now their cause is ours.

Anastasia: Really?

Will: Really. Tomorrow at sundown we rob that castle. Soon you and I will have everything we need to get out of this place. A new life awaits us.


In Cyrus’s prison.

Jafar: Alice is a brave girl. That much is clear. So the question we have to answer is, what will force her to make her first wish?

Cyrus: Do you honestly think that I will tell you?

Jafar: If I honestly thought you knew, you'd have no choice but to tell me.

Red Queen: I think I found something… The Mumwrath. Its mouth is so filled with fangs, it's like being pressed together between two beds of nails.

Jafar: We don't want to kill her, Your Majesty, not until we're done with her.

Red Queen: Jafar, I know this girl. Fear… Fear of losing her Cyrus is the only thing that will make her wish.

Jafar: Go on.

Red Queen: Ah, yes. The Sarlacc. This will digest her over a millennia. Plenty of time to make a wish.

Jafar: Keep going.

Red Queen: Here's one. Something she faced here when she was a child, something that almost killed her, and according to my large-eared friend, is the source of endless nightmares. The Bandersnatch.

Jafar: That's it. That's the one.

Red Queen: Are you certain?

Jafar: Look at him. Do you see the concern on his face? The Bandersnatch it is. Thank you for your assistance, Genie.


In the Whispering Woods.

Alice: Do you think the Grendel's in there?

Will: Doesn't matter. We don't have a choice. We're going in there either way… You gonna challenge him to a duel?

Alice: I've fought monsters before. Have you?

Will: I've stolen from them. And what my experience has taught me is, the only thing better than defeating a monster is never having to fight one in the first place.

Alice: Well, how do you propose we get the knot from him then?

Will: Simple. I'll create a diversion. Once I've drawn the Grendel out, you go inside, grab the knot, and run. If we lose each other, meet at Greener Pastures where the bottle was buried.

Alice: That plan is actually quite sound. You really are a thief.

Will: Aye. Follow me. The trick is poise. Keep your cool and always stay one step ahead of your mark.

They fall in a hole.


They wake up in the Grendel’s house.

Will: Alice? Alice?

Alice: Will, are you all right?

Will: I've been better. Where are we?

Alice: I think we're in his house.

Will: Actually, I think we're in his kitchen… Excuse me, sir? I think now might be a good time to use one of them wishes.

Alice: There has to be another way out of this.

Will: The only way out seems to be through his digestive tract.

Alice: You said you were such a great thief. Maybe it's time you show what you can do.

–[Forbidden Fortress - Past]–

The Merry Men are in the Forbidden Fortress.

Robin Hood: Maleficent traffics in the darkest of magic… Do not touch anything. We're here for one thing and one thing only the gold.

Will: The gold's hidden behind a wall panel. Look for one quite a bit smaller than the rest.


Will is looking for something.

Will: Come on. Where are you?

He finds a mirror and takes it.


At the Grendel’s house.

Grendel: Fire's ready.

Alice: Will, did you hear that? I think he's talking to someone.

Will: Brilliant! Because one bloody monster isn't enough.

Grendel: What's for dinner?

Will: He's alone. The crazy bloke's talking to himself.

Alice: Will, come on. He might see you.

Will: Well, hello.

Alice: What is it?

Will: The knot. It's right there… Bloody hell.

Grendel: Mmm. You smell lovely.

Alice: Will, we've got to get out.

In the knot.

Grendel: Fresh meat, my dearest.

Wife: Oh.

Grendel: Get the fire nice and warm.

Wife: Mmm. Thank you.

Grendel: Did you have a good day?

Wife: I did.

Grendel: Did you go for a walk?

Alice: Those two must have been the last ones in the room. What did he do to those poor people?

Grendel: Mmm.

Will: I don't think he did anything to them.

Alice: What?

Will: Alice, I think there may be a way for us to get everything we want today.


In a cave.

Red Queen: The Bandersnatch is a unique creature. Once it gets the scent of what it wants, it won't stop until it has it.

Jafar: It appears you and this creature have something in common.

Red Queen: Well, I am so much more than I appear.

Jafar: That much is becoming apparent. Beneath the surface and it is quite a surface to behold there is something else.

Red Queen: There's a Queen. That's all you need to know. Now we have work to do.

Jafar: Indeed.

Jafar puts Alice’s note near the nose of the Bandersnatch.

Jafar: That's it. Take her scent. Now find Alice.


Alice tries to free herself.

Alice: Will, let's get out of here. I can't find Cyrus if I'm dead. Forget the knot.

Will: We've got to have it. Let me talk to him. Don't worry. I'm good with monsters.

Alice: No. This is for me, and I say we find another way.

Will: This is for me, too, and we're doing it… Excuse me, Mr. Grendel? That woman that you've been looking at she's quite lovely.

Grendel: Stop talking.

Will: Do you know her? Does she have a name?

In the knot.

Wife: Tell it again, dear. I love that story.

Grendel: I would gladly tell it to you… Forever.

Will: She was yours, wasn't she? You loved her… Losing someone you truly love it can change you.

Grendel: How do you know?

Will: Because the way you look is how I feel… Believe me, I understand what you're going through.

Alice: Keep talking. It's working.

Will: I say that the only way to move on is to leave the past behind you. Looking through that knot, thinking about her, seeing her, remembering her it hurts too much. You want to move on, you have to let go of the hurt. It's the only way.

Grendel: I don't want to move on.

Will: Sometimes you don't have a choice. It's for the best, mate. Trust me.

Grendel: Silence! Dinner time.

–[Sherwood’s Forest - Past]–

At the Merry Men’s camp.

Little John: Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in your entire life?

Will: A chest of gold cannot compare to the beauty of a woman.

Robin Hood: Depends on the woman.

Little John: Depends on the chest.

The fire starts to grow. Maleficent speaks.

Maleficent: To the thieves who took from me what is not theirs keep the gold if you must. It is nothing more than offal from the bowels of the earth. But return the other treasure you have stolen, for while its power is alluring, it will only bring you misery!

Robin Hood: My instructions were clear! Who among you disobeyed me?! Who took this other treasure?


At the Grendel’s house.

Alice: He's out chopping wood. He'll be back any second.

Will: Don't panic. I've been in worse binds than this… Well, equivalent binds.

Alice: So who's that woman, the one you had to forget?

Will: Really? We're about to be eaten alive.

Alice: Was it Anastasia?

Will: I mean this as a friend, Alice. Sod off! Now if you give me a second, I'm almost…

Alice: Free.

Will: How the bloody hell did you do that?

Alice: You were the one that kept telling me to use a wish.

Will: Oh, Alice, you didn't. What a bloody waste. It's just rope!

Alice: Oh, relax! Their sharp corners come in handy. There's more than one way to use a wish.

They detach themselves.

Alice: Hurry. What are you doing?

Will: I ain't leaving without that Knot.

Alice: Will.

Will: I made the deal with the Caterpillar. It's my bloody head on the line.

Alice: It'll be both our heads if we don't get out of here… Come on!

The Grendel attacks.

Will: Whenever you're ready, Alice. No hurry.

They opens the door, there is the Bandersnatch.

Will: What in the hell is that thing?

Alice: It's a Bandersnatch.

Will: What's it doing here?

Alice: It's here for me… Come on. I have a plan!

The Bandersnatch enter in the house. It knocks out the Grendel It walks to the Knot and sees Alice and Will.

Will: He bought it. Now!

The Bandersnatch enters in the Knot. Alice pulls the rope and catches the Bandersnatch.

Will: You did it!

Alice: Not yet! Where are you going?!

The Bandersnatch knocks out the Grendel for the second time.

Will: Hyah!

Will kills the Bandersnatch.


In the cave.

Jafar: What was that?

Red Queen: The female. They mate for life. She's dead, which means so is he, which also means Alice used her first wish.

Jafar: She didn't.

Red Queen: Are you certain?

Jafar: I would know.

Red Queen: But Cyrus indicated that was the perfect beast.

Jafar: Exactly!


The prison is shaking.

Old Prisoner: What was that? Why are you smiling?

Cyrus: Because it worked. My plan worked.


At the Grendel’s house.

Will: How did you know that thing would fall for your trap?

Alice: It was Cyrus. That's how I did it.

Will: What now? I didn't see him here getting attacked.

Alice: Bandersnatches are deadly. But they're also dumb and have terrible eyesight. He taught me that.

Will: Charming.

Alice: I told him about how they scared me when I came to Wonderland as a child, so he taught me all about them. "Know who you're up against."

Grendel: You saved me. Thank you.

Will: Yeah. Well, bygones and all that. So that means we're square, right? Off the dinner menu?

Grendel: She's gone.

Alice: Who was she?

Grendel: My wife. I lost her long ago.

Alice: I'm sorry.

Grendel: I thought I would die of heartbreak. But then I heard this object owned by the Red Queen.

Will: The forget-me-knot.

Grendel: I stole it from her and brought it here. That night, two things happened I saw my wife alive again… But for my crime, she turned me into this.

Will: The Red Queen destroyed your life.

Grendel: Yes. But I had no choice.

Will: You did what you had to do to be with the woman you loved. There's no crime in that. The only crime is what she did to you.

Grendel: Take it. It holds no value for me now.

Alice: Thank you.

Grendel: I hope it brings you what you desire.

–[Sherwood’s Forest - Past]–

Will is leaving the Merry Men’s camp.

Robin Hood: You sold us out, Will.

Will: I was just getting fresh supplies.

Robin Hood: Don't even try. I know you did… What I don't know is why. What was so important you'd go after magic? Was it debts? A sick parent? A woman? It was a woman, wasn't it?

Will: I've got my reasons.

Robin Hood: Well, whatever they are, they're not good enough. You made a bad mistake last night, and it will haunt you.

Will: What are you going to do to me?

Robin Hood: Worst thing possible. Nothing.

Will: You're gonna let me go?

Robin Hood: Yes. You will meet the fate you've earned… The fate you deserve.

Will: That's rich, coming from the prince of thieves himself!

Robin Hood: Today you've shown yourself to be the only thief among us.

Will: Because I'm stealing for meself and not living by your code? Well, I've gotten along just fine living by my code, thank you very much.

Robin Hood: Well, for your sake, I hope your luck continues. But my experience tells me different.


At the Grendel’s house.

Jafar: Good evening.

Red Queen: You're looking well. Just like I left you. Although what happened here?

Grendel: Bandersnatch attacked.

Jafar: Did you kill it?

Grendel: No.

Jafar: Who did?

Grendel: I had guests.

Jafar: Guests? More than one? Tell us who… Tell us who, and we can help you.

Grendel: You can bring back my wife?

Jafar: Perhaps.

Grendel: But that is impossible.

Red Queen: If we succeed, the impossible will be possible.

Grendel: It was a young woman… And a man.

Jafar: Who was this man?

Red Queen: She called him "Knave."

Jafar: Thank you for your honesty. You've been of great assistance.

Grendel: Now You will reunite me with my wife?

Jafar: With pleasure.

Jafar kills the Grendel.


Will and Alice are walking.

Alice: The way you talked to that monster you were really getting through to him.

Will: I'm a thief. Playing parts is what I do.

Alice: I don't think you were playing a part. You were identifying with him.

Will: Ah, bollocks.

Alice: Is it? He was heartbroken, and you saw that. And what of this mysterious Anastasia that you never talk about? You said it was a tale of heartbreak.

Will: It was.

Alice: Well, what happened?

Will: Doesn't matter. She's gone.

Alice: Maybe I can use the knot to get the answer.

Will: Save it for your own answer. This thing can look into the past, but it can't do anything to change it. So let's use it for what I can do to change the future. We'll find out who stole Cyrus' bottle, get you one step closer to being together, and then we'll hand it over and Make me square with the Caterpillar.


Alice and Will are back to the garden where the bottle was buried.

Alice: Are you ready?

Will: Better hurry. The sun will be setting soon, and I've got a debt to settle.

They put the Knot before the hole.

Alice: I don't understand. Why isn't…

Will: Wait. Look.

They see the White Rabbit takes the bottle…

Alice: Rabbit.

… And gives it to the Red Queen.

Red Queen : Well done, darling.

Alice: I don't understand… We were friends. How could he just betray me like that?

Will: You'd be surprised what some folks are willing to do.


In the pub.

Caterpillar: Mmm… Not much time left, Knave… Well speak of the devil.

Jafar: Expecting someone else? This Knave?

Caterpillar: Yes.

Jafar: Excellent. I want you to tell me everything you know about him… Everything.


Alice and Will are walking.

Alice: The Rabbit I would have never thought him capable of betraying me.

Will: I'm sorry.

Alice: Everything we've said, everything we've done The Red Queen knows it all.

Will: Probably a safe bet.

Alice: After we settle matters with the caterpillar, it's time to pay her a visit.

Will: Looks like we'll just make it.

Alice: What are you waiting for? Time to clear your name.

Will: I've been thinking.

Alice: Oh, no.

Will: And maybe you were right. Handing this thing back to the Caterpillar might be a truly horrible idea.

Alice: What do you mean?

Will: Well, he's not exactly Wonderland's chief humanitarian, now, is he?

Alice: No.

Will: Chances are he'll use it for the same way he uses everything to hurt people.

Alice: But if you don't hand it over to him, you'll spend your remaining days as a desk ornament.

Will: Ah.

Alice: That thing is your key to freedom, for you to no longer be a hunted thief.

Will: Actually, being a thief ain't up to anyone but me. If I give this to him, then I went to steal this thing for me, that makes me a thief. But if I don't give it to him, well, then I got it for you.

Alice: And what does that make you then?

Will: Hopefully someone with a shred of humanity left.

Alice: No "hopefully" about it.

Will burns the Knot.

–[Enchanted Forest - Past]–

Will rides back to his home.

Will: Anastasia! Anastasia!

Anastasia: Will!

Will: Oh I got it.

They enter in the house.

Anastasia: Oh, it'd been so long, I was starting to worry.

Will: I'm fine, darling, just fine. And now so are we… The Looking Glass.

Anastasia: It's beautiful. I is it real?

Will: As real as they come.

Anastasia: Can it actually do what they say? Take us far away from here?

Will: There's only one way to find out.

Will opens a portal.

Will: Ready?

Anastasia: As long as I'm with you I'm ready for anything.

Will: I love you, Anastasia.

Anastasia: I love you, Will Scarlet.

Will: Now, what is this new world it will take us to?

Anastasia: A place filled with magic and wonders beyond all imagination. Where anything is possible. Where we can be whoever we want to be.

Will: Sounds lovely. What's it called?

Anastasia: Wonderland.

Will: Right, then. Next stop, Wonderland.

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Section de recherches est annulée après 14 saisons par TF1 !

Section de recherches est annulée après 14 saisons par TF1 !
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La seconde saison de La Guerre des Mondes début Juin !
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Une série sur la trap latino en développement sur Freeform !

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Bonjour à tous. Nouveau mois sur les quartiers Alias, Dollhouse, The L Word et nouveau calendrier chez Angel.

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