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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
#102 : La Confiance

Alice et le Valet de Cœur partent vers l'endroit où la jeune fille affirme avoir enterré la lampe du génie. Le Lapin blanc, laissé derrière, court le répéter à la Reine Rouge, toujours sous la menace de Jafar. Le chemin est long et fait de rencontres pleines de souvenirs.


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Trust Me

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La Confiance

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–[Agrabah - Past]–

Jafar meets a man who name Farzeen.

Farzeen: Can I help you?

Jafar: We shall soon find out. You are Farzeen Shahmed? You work in the marketplace selling scarves.

Farzeen: Yes. Uh would you like one?

Jafar: May I? Oh. You earn very little income, and yet your home is well-appointed.

Farzeen: Thank you.

Jafar: It was not a compliment, but an observation. You have a bounty of fresh vegetables in your garden, and I couldn't help noticing you have two camels outside. Few men in Agrabah can afford even one. And yet here you are with two.

Farzeen: I have been very fortunate.

Jafar: Indeed. It seems you have everything a man could possibly wish for. Perhaps you've met someone who could grant them. Wishes.

Farzeen: I am not sure what you mean. My good fortune is due to a family investment that has finally begun to pay off.

Jafar: Is that so?

Farzeen: Yes. I can explain further, if you'll allow me to turn off the stove.

Jafar: Yes. Yes. We wouldn't want you to overcook water. Go on.


Farzeen opens his genie’s bottle in his kitchen.

Farzeen: Genie.

Cyrus: Master mine, my will is thine.

Farzeen: He's here! The one you spoke of. The man with the serpent staff.

Cyrus: Steady. It's not you he's after.

Farzeen: My third wish! I want it now.

Cyrus: Have patience. I can help you.

Farzeen: I wish you gone!

Cyrus: Don't!

Farzeen: As far from Agrabah as the Earth from the Sun!

Jafar enters at the moment the Cyrus is sent away.

Jafar: No!

Jafar strangles Farzeen.

Jafar: Where did you send him?

Farzeen: I don't know! Please!

Jafar: What is it you desire?

Farzeen: Just mercy!

Jafar: Well, then It seems neither of us are going to get what we want today.

–[Wonderland - Past]–

Cyrus lands.

Cyrus: Where am I?


Will is sleeping while Alice is training.

Will: What the bloody hell?

Alice: Good. You're up.

Will: What are you doing?

Alice: I'm getting ready. I'm a bit rusty.

Will: There. Now you've gone and hurt the tree. Happy?

Alice: I'll be happy once we get Cyrus back. We need to get moving. We've been in Wonderland for too long. Our enemies know we're here.

Will: "Our enemies"? Who would they be?

Alice: Excellent question. Come on… I have a plan, Knave.

Will: And a new outfit.

Alice: Mm.

Will: Where'd you get that?

Alice: The clotheshorse came by.

Will: Of course it did.

Alice: Our biggest problem is we don't know where Cyrus is. He could be trapped somewhere, or… Or captured.

Will: Look, is there any chance of a coffee horse coming by? I can't really think until…

Alice: But then I realized we don't need to know where he is.

Will: Oh, we don't?

Alice: Because we know something. Something nobody else does. We know where the bottle is hidden.

Will: I'm not sure you're clear on what the word "we" means.

Alice: It's a two-step plan. Step one we find the bottle. Step two we make three harmless wishes, and no matter where he is, he'll just get drawn back inside.

Will: I thought you said there's no such thing as a harmless wish.

Alice: True. That's if you wish for something big. But if you wish for something small and innocent, like a cupcake, it should be fine. Which, um, brings us to you.

Will: Here it comes.

Alice: You'll rub the bottle, and Cyrus will reappear, and we'll be together again. And then we'll figure out a way to truly free him once and for all.

Will: Um, Alice, once I rub the bottle, doesn't that make Cyrus my genie?

Alice: I guess I'll just have to trust you.

Will: Right then. Where do we find this bottle?

Alice: We buried it in the Mimsy Meadows, under the Towering Tumtum tree. It's a place where nobody goes.

Will: With a name like that, why would they, unless they were a care bear?

Alice: What’s a care bear ?

Will: Never mind. You want to wake him or should I?

Alice: Leave him be. Poor Rabbit's been through enough.

Will: Which is Alice-speak for "he's slowing us down."

The White Rabbit is faking sleeping.

Alice: Come on, Knave. Time to get the bottle. Time to get Cyrus.


In Cyrus’s cage.

Cyrus: Alice?

Old Prisoner: What's going on over there? You all right?


At the Red Queen’s Castle.

Tweedle 1: One at a time.

Tweedle 2: Her Majesty demands order.

Villager: The water supply's running out.

Peasant: My crops are dying! Please, help us!

Red Queen: Darlings, can I be honest with you? Your problems bore me.

Everybody get freeze.

Red Queen: Dear Jafar… Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Jafar: I don't know how you can stand to listen to them, day in, day out.

Red Queen: I'm the Queen. It's my job.

Jafar: It's your flaw. You were trying to earn their respect. All you have to do is take it.

Red Queen: I took this throne. I took Wonderland.

Jafar: And yet, still it's not enough, is it?

Red Queen: I think if either of us were satisfied with what we already had, we wouldn't be messing about with Alice and her genie, now, would we?

Jafar: If you can't find that bottle for me, then maybe this is just a waste of time.

Red Queen: Actually, I am more concerned whether it is you who can do what you say you can. With the bottle's power, will you indeed be able to change the laws of magic?

Jafar: To make the impossible possible, you must have some truly unholy desires.

Red Queen: Oh, that I do. Can you do it?

Jafar: Of course. But this talk is foolishly premature until we have the bottle. So why don't you stop wasting time with these peasants and focus on the task at hand?

Red Queen: Whether I like it or not, Jafar, I am the Queen. I have responsibilities.

Jafar kills all the peasants.

Jafar: There. I've cleared your day. Now find the bottle so I can get Alice to make those wishes and you can have your Tweedles sweep her up, too.


Into the woods.

Alice: Keep up, would you? We're making good time. If we keep at this pace, we'll arrive at Mimsy Meadows before midday.

Will: You may want to lower your voice. The walls in this place have ears literally. There are walls with actual ears. You don't want all of Wonderland to know where we're going.

Alice: Of course not.

Will: You're thinking about what happens if we find him?

Alice: When.

Will: When we find him. What if it's nothing like you thought?

Alice: Meaning?

Will: Well I just think to protect yourself, you should consider the possibility that things may be different. You've been gone a long time.

Alice: Cyrus is waiting for me. He needs me.

Will: Then why hasn't he contacted you? If you know where he is, surely he knows where you are, too.

Alice: The only reason he hasn't contacted me is because he must be in trouble. That's why we need to pick up the pace.

Will: Or he's moved on.

Alice: Not a chance. What Cyrus and I have well, you wouldn't understand.

Will: No. I suppose I wouldn't.

Alice: Nothing will get in the way of us being together… Except possibly this.


The Tweedles brush the Red Queen’s feet.

Red Queen: Harder. Harder. Harder!

White Rabbit: Hum.

Red Queen: Uh Bunny! What news do you have for me?

White Rabbit: Everything is moving along as you predicted. They left this morning to get the genie's bottle.

Red Queen: So you know where it is then.

White Rabbit: Uh, I, uh…

Red Queen: Need I remind you of the consequences if you lie to me?

White Rabbit: Uh, no. Uh I know exactly where it is.


Near a lake.

Alice: I suppose we could swim across.

Will: No, we can't.

Alice: If you're afraid of dangers lurking beneath the surface, I can handle…

Will: I can't swim.

Alice: How have you lived your whole life and never…

Will: I was doing other things.

Alice: Like what?

Will: Like being afraid of water, Alice.

Alice: Fine. We'll just have to wait for the fairy.

Will: Or better idea we walk we walk around it.

Alice: Walk around the entire thing? That would take two days at least. We're taking the fairy.

They clap in their hand. A fairy comes.

Alice: Oh There she is. Over here, Fairy.

Silvermist: Mm… I am the fairy Silvermist. Where may I.. I…

Will: Hey, Silv.

The fairy slaps Will.

Will: Uhh! How's it going?

She slaps him again.

Will: There it is.

Alice: I take it you two know each other.

Silvermist: Awfully bold of you to show your face in Wonderland. Do you know how many people are looking for you?

Will: Might be easier to figure out how many aren't.

Silvermist: You think you're funny?

Will: I think I'm buggered no matter what I say right now.

Alice: Perhaps you two might continue reminiscing while we make our way across the lake.

Will: I think we have to walk.

Silvermist: Not at all. I'm happy to take you.

Alice: The both of us? Are you sure?

Silvermist: Of course. It's my job, and I'm a professional. I don't let feelings get in the way of my work, especially old feelings that I've completely moved on from.

Alice: Okay. Thank you very much.

Silvermist: Mm.

Will: Yeah, thank you very much.

Alice: Excellent. Well, then we need to get to the Tumtum Tree in Mimsy Meadows… What? I need to tell her where we're going.

Silvermist: Don't worry. You can trust me. I'm here to help.

The fairy wave her wand, coverts Will and Alice with fairy dust. They all start to fly.


In Cyrus’s prison.

Old Prisoner: That burn you got from the bars I'm starting to understand why yours is the only cage made of silver. Is that to keep you from escaping?

Cyrus: It's to keep me from even thinking of escaping. Genies and silver we don't mix.

Old Prisoner: Perhaps we can take your mind off the pain. Last move was Rook to D3.

Cyrus: Sorry, old man. I can't play with you today.

Old Prisoner: You have something better to do?

Cyrus: Yes. Actually I do.

Cyrus finds a piece of paper and writes a note.

–[Wonderland - Past]–

In the Maze.

Cyrus: Mistress mine, my will is thine… Open your hand.

Alice: What?

Cyrus: Your hand. Open it.

Alice: What are these?

Cyrus: They're your wishes.

Alice: Ah, they're so pretty.

Cyrus: As are you.

White Rabbit: Forget about me?

Alice: Oh. Sorry, Rabbit.

White Rabbit: Oh.

Alice: No hard feelings?

White Rabbit: No, I suppose it's my fault. I never should have led you down here in the first place. It's been nothing but trouble for you.

Alice: You didn't leave me here. I followed you.

White Rabbit: You always were a curious girl. Good luck, Alice.

The White Rabbit leaves.

Alice: So what happens now?

Cyrus: Anything. Everything.

Alice: So I can wish for anything I want?

Cyrus: Ah. There are a few restrictions. The laws of magic, as it were.

Alice: Laws of magic?

Cyrus: Yes. There are four of them. I can't kill anyone. I can't bring anything back from the dead. I can't change the past. And I can't make anyone fall in love.

Alice: Reasonable enough. After the third wish, what happens then?

Cyrus: I get returned to my bottle, and then someone else finds me.

Alice: So you spend your entire life…

Cyrus: Serving at the pleasure of my masters. Yes.

Alice: What if I wish for your freedom?

Cyrus: It’s… It's been tried, and it's never gone well for either party. Wishes come with a cost, Alice. The bigger the wish, the greater the consequence.

Alice: Sounds dangerous.

Cyrus: I get the feeling you like a little danger. You're still not sure what to wish for. Perhaps we could take a walk. I can give you some suggestions.

Alice: I'd like that very much.


Will and Alice are flying over the lake.

Will: I must admit, I do enjoy the flying.

Silvermist: You always did.

Will: For what it's worth, Sil, I enjoyed some of the other bits as well.

The fairy stops them.

Silvermist: Not nearly as much as I'm going to enjoy this.

She makes Will diving.

Will: Whoa!

Alice: Will!

Silvermist: I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for that.

Alice: How could you?

Silvermist: Trust me. He deserved it.

Alice: But we have to get him! He can't swim!

Silvermist: Sorry. No detours.

Alice: Oh, bloody hell!

Alice dives in the water.

Silvermist: Ooh!


Will is drowning.

Will: Help!

Alice catches him. They get on a rock.

Alice: What did you do to that fairy?

Will: What did I do to her? She just tossed me into the bloody lake!

Alice: Which you clearly deserved. Now we're stuck in the middle of nowhere, all because you broke a fairy's heart.

Will: Well, she shouldn't have given it away in the first place.

Alice: People can't help falling in love, Will.

Will: Sure, they can. You just sneak out in the middle of the night, grab your trousers, your keys, and don't ever look back.

Alice: How did you get this way? Who did this to you?

Will: This isn't about me, Alice. If it were, I'd be sat back at home, happily watching the telly. Don't ask. Look, all I'm trying to tell you is, you've got this picture of Cyrus in your mind, these perfect little memories of how things were. But maybe that's just how they were for you.

Alice: It wasn't like that. And if you really believe that, what are we doing here?

Will: This is your quest, Alice, not mine. I'm in it for the wish, just like everybody else looking for a genie.

–[Wonderland - Past]–

Alice and Cyrus are having a drink.

Alice: Is something wrong? You seem a little on edge.

Cyrus: Sorry. Being a genie is a lot like being a wanted man.

Alice: Someone's always after you… Do you know who that "someone" is?

Cyrus: At the moment, a man called Jafar. He carries this staff with the head of a serpent. If you ever see him…

Alice: What?

Cyrus: Well, let's just hope you never do.

Alice: What does he want with you?

Cyrus: What everyone wants. What they don't have.

Alice: You don't have to stay out here on my account. If you're safe in your bottle, you should…

Cyrus: No. This is the closest thing I've had to freedom in a long time.

Alice: I could say the same.

Cyrus: If your home is such a prison, why make it your mission to return?

Alice: I have nowhere else to go.

Cyrus: You have the whole world, Alice. I can show it to you. All you have to do is wish.

Alice: But I have more questions.

Cyrus: What else would you like to know?

Alice: Everything. The people you've met, the things you've done Have you ever slain a dragon?

Cyrus: Once. I can't recommend it. It required some deft swordplay.

Alice: I've never been comfortable with a sword.

Cyrus: You've never felt comfortable with a sword? Then how have you survived here all of this time?

Alice: There's other ways to fight. And in Wonderland, you just have to be creative.

Cyrus: Like this?

Cyrus makes a rose with a magic paper. He gives it to Alice.

Alice: It's beautiful. And it actually smells like a rose.

Cyrus: It's magic paper. A little something I picked up on my travels.

Alice: You've travelled a lot, I take it.

Cyrus: Indeed. It's the price of many masters. I'm never in one place very long. They make their wishes, and then they just… Move on.

Alice: I'm afraid I know the feeling. I know what it's like to be moved on from.

Cyrus: I find it hard to imagine anyone wanting to move on from you.

Cyrus makes the rose hatch.

Alice: Amazing. Can you teach me?

Cyrus: An origami lesson shall be yours.

Alice: Actually I meant the swordplay.

The rose turns red.


At the Red Queen’s castle.

Jafar: The genie's bottle. You have knowledge of its whereabouts.

Red Queen: Dispensing of pleasantries so early on in our relationship? How tragic.

Jafar: This is not a relationship, and I'm a very busy man.

Red Queen: So you keep saying. Yet it appears to me that I am the one doing all the work. I brought Alice back to Wonderland, and I found out where the bottle is hidden.

Jafar: Where?

Red Queen: I'm happy to share that information with you, Jafar. But first, I feel like we need a little chat. I have needs… Before I am happy to play another hand in the game, I need proof that you can satisfy them.

Jafar freezes the Red Queen.

Jafar: What you need, my girl is to be quiet. What you need is to be still. Silent. Follow orders. Most of all, be grateful for the air I'm allowing you to breathe. We're not partners. I don't owe you anything. I have given you my word, and that is more than most ever receive. Is that clear? Oh! Let me help you with that.

He releases her.

Jafar: Is that clear? Tell me where the bottle is.

Red Queen: Mimsy Meadows, beneath the towering Tumtum Tree.

Jafar: See? We make a wonderful team.


On the rock in the lake.

Alice: We're never gonna make it there. It's miles and miles away.

Will: True. This is a bit of a setback, I'll give you that. But I'm sure we'll find another way.

Alice: How?

Will: Give me a minute… Two minutes.

Alice: We don't have two minutes, Will. We need to get there today!

Alice hits the rock with her foot. The rock moves and they fall into the lake.

Will: Oh! What the bloody hell was that then?

Alice: I don't know.

Will: What kind of an island is this?

Alice: This isn't an island.

Will: What?

Alice: Hold on tight.

Will: Tight? To what?

Alice: Anything.

Will: Alice!

Alice jumps.

Alice: Did that tickle?

Will: A turtle?

Alice: If you want to keep your head, I suggest you take me where I want to go! Good boy. Now go!

–[Wonderland - Past]–

Alice is training with Cyrus.

Cyrus: For someone who's not comfortable with a sword, you're quite good.

Alice: I must get one of these someday. No, that's not a wish.

Cyrus: Now all you have to do is learn how to use it. Well done. Now loosen your grip. You're holding it like a street fighter… Better. Have you always been such a quick study?

Alice: I learned how to play Mozart's "Sonata in C" in under a week.

Cyrus: Amazing. How?

Alice: My mother used to play. Or so I was told. She died when I was born. I thought if I learnt to play like her, it would make my father happy.

Cyrus: Did it?

Alice: It's hard to be happy again when you've lost someone you love… Sorry. I didn't mean to.

Cyrus: Don't be.

Alice: Hey! What do I do now?

Cyrus: Same thing you've always done. Be creative .

Alice: It's hard to be creative when your opponent's uncommonly creative, too.

Cyrus: Well, I suppose the trick is to always be smarter than your opponent. Which means you have to know who you're up against.

Alice: I'll remember that.

Cyrus: So, Alice, what now?

Alice: I think I know my opponent. I think I know his weakness.

Cyrus: Really?

Alice: I hope so.

She kisses him.

Alice: Looks like I was right.

They kiss.


Alice and Will are on the land again.

Alice: What are you waiting for?

Will: I nearly drowned and was eaten by a mock turtle .Can I have a moment, please?

The fairy comes.

Silvermist: Nope.

Will: You again?

Silvermist: I'm actually glad to see you alive, Knave.

Will: That's strange, since you're the one that tried to kill me.

Silvermist: That was before I heard about the bounty on your head. Turns out you're in pretty deep to the Caterpillar.

Will: Okay, look. I made a horrible mistake. The thing is, you were right about everything. I felt bloody awful after what happened between us.

Silvermist: If you ever had a heart, I don't know what happened to it. But then again, maybe your precious Anastasia used it all up.

Will: You're right. I don't feel terrible. Not even a little bit. But that's because I don't feel much of anything anymore. So why don't we both agree that I'm a right bastard and go our separate ways? We don't need to bring the Caterpillar into this.

Silvermist: Why should I care about your fate?

Will: You shouldn't. But care about hers. She's a decent person, and so is the man that she loves, whose life is literally hanging in the balance as we speak. Don't make the good guys pay for the bad guys' mistakes. I am sorry, Silvermist. For everything.

Silvermist: Be on with you, then.

Will: Really?

Silvermist: Get out of here. Go.

She leaves.

Alice: Was that you apologizing?

Will: It happens. Don't dwell on it. Come on.

Alice: So who's Anastasia?

Will: Nobody.

Alice: Well, in any case, thank you.

–[Wonderland - Past]–

Alice is waking up.

Cyrus: Good morning.

Alice: All the mornings are good since I've met you. So what should we do today? You mentioned that place, the Boiling Sea. I've always wanted to…

Cyrus: Alice. I think it's time.

Alice: For what?

Cyrus: For you to make your wishes.

Alice: Did I do something wrong?

Cyrus: No. In fact, I can't imagine you ever doing anything wrong. Which is the problem.

Alice: I don't understand.

Cyrus: I'm falling in love with you, Alice.

Alice: Cyrus

Cyrus: I can't allow that to happen. Because at some point, you're going to make your wishes and move on with your life. And while I've gotten used to being alone inside this bottle for years at a time, the thought of spending an eternity there without you it's too much for me to bear.

Alice: But if I don't make my wishes, you'll never go back inside.

Cyrus: Everyone makes their wishes.

Alice: I won't.

Cyrus: You say that now, but I've lived countless lifetimes and no one has ever not made their wishes.

Alice: Why would I wish for anything? I have everything I could possibly wish for. You are everything I've ever wished for, Cyrus.

Cyrus: What if you change your mind?

Alice: I won't.

Cyrus: But what if you do?

Alice: You just have to trust me… How about we make a deal? I'll never move on from you if you never move on from me.

They kiss.

Alice: What do you propose we do with this?

Cyrus: We bury it.


Jafar send his bugs to find the bottle.

Jafar: Find the bottle.


Will joins Alice.

Will: Wait for me! You can't just go running…

Alice: Shh!

Cyrus: What is it?

Alice: We've got company.

They sees Jafar.

Will: I'm sorry, Alice. We're too late.

Alice: Actually, we're just in time.

Will: What do you mean? He's about to finish digging.

Alice: Let him. The bottle's not here.

Will: Huh?

Alice: Never was.

Will: Then, um… Then… Then why are we here?

Alice: I wanted to know who we're up against, and now I do.

Will: So that's why you kept telling everybody where we're headed.

Alice: The one thing you can count on in Wonderland is that you can't count on anyone.

Will: You are clever.

Alice: His name is Jafar.

Will: Do you know him?

Alice: I know of him.

Will: Wait a second. You didn't tell me the bloody truth, either. Does that mean you don't trust me?

Alice: Well If it helps, I do now. Which is why you're coming with me.

Will: Where?

Alice: To where the bottle is really hidden.


Alice leads Will to the place she really hides the bottle.

Alice: Passage made of peas. Tower of Tigers. The Windmill. This is it.

Will: Mmm!

Alice: And there's the Dandelion!

Will: These actually aren't half bad. You're lucky no one came along and ate your bloody landmark.

There is a hole in the ground.

Alice: No. It's impossible. The bottle, it's gone… What you said before maybe you were right… Maybe he's moved on.


In Cyrus’s prison.

Cyrus: Aah! Find her!

Cyrus sends this note to Alice.

Jafar: Get up! On your feet, Genie.

Cyrus: What do you want?

Jafar: Where is it?

Cyrus: What?

Jafar: You know what. The bottle. Where is it?

Cyrus: Go ahead. Kill me.

Jafar: I don't have to kill you. I'll kill her in front of you, unless you tell me where the bottle is immediately.

Red Queen: I have it. Very good advice you gave me this morning. There was I thinking I needed to earn your respect, when really all I needed to do was to take it.

Jafar: You have the bottle?

Red Queen: Stop underestimating me, Jafar… Very nice dungeon you have here.  I can really see you enjoy dankness. Remind me to tell you the value of keeping pretty things around. Well, mmm. There's one.

Jafar: Tell me where it is.

Red Queen: How about we start with changing the game? Beginning with a new rule do not talk down to me anymore! You see, I was planning on telling you where the bottle was hidden. And then I realized something. I don't trust you. And the reason I don't trust you because this relationship is not mutually beneficial. What with you holding all the cards and me holding nothing… But all that's changed now, hasn't it, darling? You have the genie… And I have the bottle.


In the garden.

Alice: He's moved on. It's the only thing that makes sense. Cyrus and I were the only two people in the world that knew where that bottle was.

Will: Or you weren't. Are you positive that you never mentioned…

Alice: Yes! Maybe this whole thing was a fool's errand, and I'm the fool.

Will: Alice, we should get some shelter. It's not safe here.

Alice: Who cares?

Will: Alice?


At the Red Queen’s Castle.

White Rabbit: Everything went well then?

Red Queen: Very well, thank you.

White Rabbit: So, then…

Red Queen: Yes?

White Rabbit: All due respect, Your Majesty, I… I fulfilled my obligations. I… I went above and beyond the call of duty.

Red Queen: It's true. Indeed you did.

White Rabbit: And you promised me that if  I, uh…

Red Queen: Promises were made to be broken. As are the bones of little bunnies who forget what they have at stake. Now, for the last time, when I get what I want, you will get what you want. Why is it such a difficult concept for everyone? Now tell me how did you really know where that bottle was hidden? You never did say.

White Rabbit: I-I saw them.

–[Wonderland - Past]–

In the garden.

Alice: Before we do this, understand, life with me will not be easy.

Cyrus: Life without you hasn't been easy. You'll always have to keep one eye over your shoulder. Someone will always be coming… Do you truly believe that love is powerful enough to give us our freedom?

Alice: I believe ours is… Do you? Because if you don't…

Cyrus: Alice, I've told you, I will never leave you.

Alice: What are you waiting for?

They bury the bottle.

White Rabbit: Crazy kids. Honey! Sorry I'm late!


In the garden.

Will: Please go to sleep.

Alice: I can't. You sleep.

Will: How can I sleep if you insist on thinking so loudly? I'm sorry, Alice… I put that terrible idea in your head. Don't listen to me, love I don't know nothing about it.

Alice: I think you do. Who's Anastasia?

Will: That is a tale of heartbreak.

Alice: Yours or hers?

Will: Either way, does it matter? So there. You got me. I do know something about love. But that doesn't mean I'm right about you two. Do you believe that he truly loves you? Cyrus?

Alice: I did.

Will: Well, that's good then. Because when somebody truly loves you, they can never move on.

Alice: My father did.

Will: I'm sorry?

Alice: He loved me, and he moved on… And now it's happening again.

The origami  flies to Alice.

Will: What the bloody hell is that?

Alice: Proof.

Cyrus: My dearest Alice, it took several lifetimes to meet you, but only seconds to love you. And it is a love that cannot be broken. Not by a thousand spells or swords. So it is with my heart in your hands that I ask you to grant me one wish. Leave Wonderland. You're not safe here, and you cannot save me. The only thing worse than my own demise would be knowing that I have caused yours… I beg you to go home. And know that I am with you always. Forever thine, forever mine Cyrus.

Alice: He's alive.

Will: I thought when you truly loved somebody, you didn't need any proof.

Alice: You don't, but it's still nice to have.

Alice writes an answer and sends it back.

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