Nancy Drew
#105 : L'Affaire de l'esprit errant

Lorsque Nancy réalise que George est possédé par l'esprit de Tiffany, elle doit agir rapidement pour débarrasser son ami du passager fantomate avant qu'il ne soit trop tard. Un mystérieux étranger se rend chez The Claw et demande à la bande d’organiser un gala de charité.


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Titre VO
The Case of the Wayward Spirit

Titre VF
L'Affaire de l'esprit errant

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Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05

Photo de l'épisode #1.05


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Scénario : Melinda Hsu Taylor et Katherine DiSavino
Réalisateur : Claudia Yarny

Cast :
Kennedy McMann ... Nancy Drew
Leah Lewis ... Gerogia 'George' Fan
Maddison Jaizani ... Bess Marvin
Tunji Kasim ... Ned 'Nick' Nickerson
Alex Saxon ... Ace

Guests :
Alvina August ... Karen Hart
Riley Smith ... Ryan Hudson
Liza Lapira ... Victoria Ben
Katie Findlay ... Lisbeth
Miles Gaston Villanueva ... Owen
Stevie Lynn Jones ... Laura Tandy
Sinead Vass ... Tiffany Husdon
Nathanael Vass ... Officier Rawleu
Ariah Lee ... Ted Fan

George/Tiffany walks in her house. She goes to see Ryan. She walks to the bathroom and write on the mirror with George’s blood.


Nancy works on Lucy’s case.

Nancy: Lucy Sable and Karen Hart. Friends. The girl who became the ghost haunting me, and the detective who lied about ever knowing her… Dead Lucy wanted me to find this photo. Which means I have to talk to the one person I'd rather avoid to find out why.

Nancy phones Karen.

Karen: This is Detective Karen Hart. Please leave a message.


Ace and Bess are at the Claw.

Bess: When should we worry?

Ace: Never. About what?

Bess: Well, I thought this town loved its ghost stories. We actually have a ghost sighting, and nobody seems to care.

Ace: Ghosts are great for business. It's the murder that kills you.

George enters in the room.

George: Is this seriously the only Band-Aid size we have in the first aid kit? I cut my finger, I didn't impale myself on a window pane.

Bess: Hey, what happened?

George: I don't know.

Bess: Oh. Okay.

George: I woke up and my finger was all bloody.

Bess: You know, you should really disinfect that.

George: Yeah, you know what you should do? Call your friend back. She left four messages for you. Lizzy, Beth, Lizzboot, whatever her name is. Her number's in the reservation book.

Bess: Lisbeth?

Ace: Lady van driver. Why don't you call her back?

Owen enters in the restaurant.

George: Hi, welcome to the Claw. Go ahead and sit wherever you'd like.

Owen: Oh, um, I'm actually here to see if you guys might be able to cater a party.

George: Today. Today? Like today today?

Owen: Yeah. Short notice, I know. I'm sorry. It's for the charity gala at the country club. Our caterer dropped out last-minute.

Ace: Was it the minute the Hudsons commandeered the gala to announce the Tiffany Hudson charity?

Owen: Ah, that sounds like the minute I'm talking about. The big families take turns hosting each year and raise money for their pet charities. The Marvins were supposed to host this year, and...

Ace: Hudsons swooped in?

Owen: Something like that. Uh, anyway, I was helping put it together and now I... I guess I'm helping the Hudsons.

George: That's so nice of you.

Ace: It's ironic, though. The restaurant that served Tiffany her last meal being hired to cater a gala in her honour. Th... That's pretty wild.

Owen: To be fair, I tried a few other places first. Nobody's up to the challenge.

George: We are. We'll do it.

Owen: You're a lifesaver.

George: Yeah. Here. Take his order. We are so excited to cater this event. You won't regret it.


George enters in the office. Ryan phones her.

George: What?

Ryan: Why did you come into my house last night?

George: I didn't.

Ryan: Yeah, well, somebody entered the alarm code, and nobody has that code except for you and Tiffany.

George: Okay, I don't know what to tell you, Ryan.

Ryan: Look, George, somebody came into my bedroom. They turned on the shower, they-they-they left the water running, and then they wrote something on the mirror. In blood.

George: Maybe you've been sleepwalking. I got to go. Okay? Some of us actually have to work for a living.


Nancy is at the police station to see Karen.

Rawley: Morning, Nancy. How can I help you?

Nancy: I'm just here to see Karen.

Rawley: She's not in right now.

Nancy: Okay, I'll leave a note on her desk.

Rawley: You can't go in. New policy. Chief wants to keep our new investigation free of civilian interference. Sorry.

Nancy: New investigation… Is McGinnis considering it a homicide because of what my father said at the press conference? About Tiffany's autopsy report being compromised? Because I would be happy to convey any details about the investigation to him while he's away in Boston on business.

Rawley: You know I can't talk about an ongoing investigation.

Nancy: Officer Rawley… Do you remember how I found your grandma's lost jewellery collection? You owe me.

Rawley: You've been playing that card with me since you were in eighth grade.

Nancy’s phone rings.

Nancy: No...

Rawley: It's-it's nothing personal.


Nancy enters at the Claw.

Ace: Coming in.

Nancy: Where's George?

Ace: She was chopping celery for potato salad. She cut her hand pretty bad.

Bess: Yeah.

Ace: I went and offered her the first aid kit, and then she kind of just sat there, staring, for a long time.

Nancy: Yeah.

Ace: Bleeding. Then she went to her office and locked herself inside.


Nancy knocks on the office’s door.

Nancy: Hey, George? George? George, open the door! Oh.

Nancy breaks in. George is in trans.

Bess: What is she doing?

Ace: Yeah, it might be time to worry.


Nancy, Ace and Bess are talking about George.

Ace: Could be stress. Last-minute catering this big, fancy event.

Bess: No, this isn't stress.

Ace: What else could it be?

Bess: I don't know. Maybe something supernatural?

Nancy: Right, because that's the go-to explanation.

Bess: Yeah. Around here, it can be.

Nancy: Let's just consider the possibility. What kind of supernatural thing could make her act like that?

Bess: Ooh! She put the ring on Tiffany's body.

Ace: Did something go wrong with the ritual? Bess filled me in on what you guys did at the funeral. We're platanchors now, so she tells me things… When you're not around.

Nancy: What could've gone wrong? She returned the ring, Tiffany's coffin went into the ground...

Bess: And she was supposed to leave the mirror on her heart so the spirit would know where to stay.

Nancy: But we would verify that that did or did not happen how?

Bess: Ooh! Let's check George's locker. We know you're good at that. Come on.


Nancy opens George’s locker. She finds the mirror in it.

Bess: I knew it.

Nancy: Let's think this through logically.

Bess: Hello? I am being logical. Mirror equals botched ritual. Therefore, George is possessed.


Nick enters in the Claw.

Ace: Welcome to The Claw.

Nick: What happened?

Ace: Celery mishap. What can I help you with?

Nick: You and Laura Tandy are close, right?

Ace: We're friendly. As a gentleman, I can't discuss it further.

Nick: Yeah, she, um... She broke into my place last night.

Ace: What?

Nick: Yeah, she didn't care about what was in my safe. She ignored the bearer bonds. She went straight for the empty box. Or, at least, I thought it was empty. Now how'd she manage that?

Ace: Screwdriver.

Nick: I mean, how'd she know to look for what Tiffany hid there?

Ace: Sisters, man.

Nick: If Tiffany wanted Laura to have that flash drive, she would have given it to her. But she didn't. She left it for me. Now, I need your help to get it back… You're... You're "friendly" with her.

Ace: Hey, George. Didn't see you there.

Nancy: What's she doing?

Ace: She's moving. It gets freaky when she starts moving. Everything okay, George?

Bess: No, no, no, no, no, no. She's possessed by Tiffany.

Nick: No, that's not possible.

Bess: Ooh… What are you doing?

Nancy: Okay, let's just go with the idea for a second that this is Tiffany. So she kept scratching out George's face in all those photos.

Ace: So you want to show her she is George.

Nick: You know how crazy this sounds, right?

George: Oh.

George collapses.

Bess: Whoa, whoa, be careful, be careful.

Ace: Ooh, she didn't like that. That's a good call, Nancy.

George: Why is nobody working? We have a party to cater. Go hug a fryer, now! What is going on?

Bess: You're possessed. By Tiffany.

Nick: Okay. I think we all need to calm down.

Ace: No, it's for real… Check it out. When she was you, this is what she did.

Ace shows George a picture.

George: Bitch.

Ace: Bad news: Tiffany doesn't like you. The good news is Tiffany's dead, so... I'm sorry, Nick. The other bad news is that Tiffany's spirit has been hitching a ride in your body. Intermittently.

Nancy: I think we should take you home.

Bess: Good news: we can ask your mom all about it.


The crew is at George’s house.

Nancy: The House of Fan, where George is the breadwinner and the real adult. Her sisters all have different dads, none of whom stuck around.

Victoria: Turn that down. Your sister's fighting off a ghost.

Ted: Can I see?

George: No, Ted. Help Jesse braid her hair.

Victoria: So, you had contact with Tiffany's spirit when you returned her ring to her. What happened? Did you mess up the ritual?

Bess: Yeah. She forgot the mirror.

Victoria: You forgot the m... It's a two-step ritual. How do you forget step two?

George: I was under a lot of pressure, okay?

Victoria: You were dealing with a brand-new ghost. They are the most dangerous because they're looking for a body to inhabit.

George: So I'm possessed. Of course. Why can't this stuff happen to Bess? At least she'd actually enjoy it.

Victoria: Hey! Possession is not a joke.

George: Ted.

Victoria: Ted! Come on.

George: We don't have time for this.

Nancy: George. Can you answer your mom's questions? You're blacking out, you're hurting yourself.

Victoria: You could end up hurting your little sisters… Okay. In order for me to help you, I need to have the full picture.

Bess: Oh, the picture. Yeah. I have it.

Victoria: Thank you. Whoa. This spirit hates you, like, really hates you. She can't stand your face. Why does she hate you so much?

Nancy: Hey, Bess, can we have a second?

George: No, i-it's fine. I had an affair with Tiffany's husband. It's over...

Victoria: You had an affair with a married man? Ugh. And so much older than you? How could you make such a mistake?

George: I don't know. Genetics?

Victoria: Hey.

George: And I don't want to talk about it, okay?

Bess: No. Totally, totally. And BTDubs, no judgement.

Victoria: This is worse than I thought because this spirit has a reason to hate you. And soon, she's gonna be strong enough to devour your qi, your life force.

Nancy: And then what happens?

Victoria: Then, Tiffany is gonna take up permanent residence in George's body and George will be gone, forever.


In the kitchen, Victoria prepares herbs for helping George.

Bess: So, what are these herbs for?

Victoria: Tea. To build up George's yang. It'll keep Tiffany's spirit down for now.

Nancy: How long does "for now" last?

Victoria: I don't know. Days? Hours? It's tough to say. I've never dealt with a possession before. But the longer Tiffany's spirit is in George's body, the stronger she'll become. She'll regain her memories...

Nancy: Wait. Including memories from the night that she died? Because if that's the case, I can ask her what happened.

Bess: No. That's pretty insensitive, don't you think?

Nancy: I'm trying to solve her murder. How is that insensitive?

Victoria: Talking to Tiffany will take up time we don't have.

George: You can barely manage a trip to the grocery store. What makes you think you know anything about possession?

Victoria: I have aunties in China who've told me stories. I can ask them what to do. .. In the meantime, drink. Here.

George: What the hell's in this? Dried poop?

Bess: No, drink, drink. Come on. Let's think of your yang.

George: I hate the way that sounds when you say it.

Nancy: Okay, what do we do next?

Bess: Ooh, we could tie her to a chair. I've seen that.

Victoria: No. Stress allows the spirit to come out. George needs to be relaxed.

George: You know what relaxes me? Money. We have a huge catering gig today.

Victoria: Charlie hides money under her bed.

George: Don't you dare touch that. She's saving up for BTS… I'll meet you at the country club.

Bess: I asked Nick to fill in for me. I thought I could stay with Victoria to work on our plan.

Victoria: You are a nice girl.

Bess: Thank you.

Victoria: In the meantime, keep George calm and call me the second Tiffany's spirit tries to come out.

Nancy: Yeah, I can work with that.

Bess: You can trust us with your life.


The crew gets prepared for the reception.

Nick: How you feeling?

George: Like I'm gonna be peeing herbal tea for a week.

Owen: Hey, I got this one.

Nancy: Sorry, who are you?

Owen: Owen. We're done setting up the speaker system. I saw you over here and I wanted to come pitch in… Not just you. You guys. All you people. Caterers. In need of help… How creepy am I coming off?

Nancy: Only moderately.

Nick: Sorry. Last one.

Nancy: I got it, but thank you.


George and Nancy start working.

George: You keep staring at me like that, you're gonna have to buy me dinner… Nancy. We can't pass appetizers in the same place. That's not how this works, okay? You appetize in here. I will take the lawn. I'm fine.

Nancy: Or I'll keep an eye on you out here while we maintain the pretense of normalcy.


In the garden, Nancy hears voice, she has hallucination.

Karen: Whoa.

Nancy: Karen… Uh, I didn't know you'd be here.

Karen: I'm on the board of the charity. Community liaison. Wait, is something wrong?

Nancy: You keep ignoring my calls.

Karen: Yeah, I've been a little busy.

Nancy: You said you didn't know Lucy Sable… You lied to me. Why?

Karen: Guilt… Lucy and I were best friends all the way through junior year in high school until we weren't.

Nancy: Well, what happened?

Karen: I-I don't know. She just started pulling away. It was after this party one night in early fall… A year later, someone killed her.

Nancy: W-Wait, what kind of party?

Karen: All I know is it was some exclusive underground thing… Lucy's why I became a cop… But by the time I left the academy and moved back to Horseshoe Bay, this town had turned my best friend into an urban legend. Wait, why are you so fixated on her?

Nancy: It's a long story, but I think I have a new angle on the Tiffany Hudson case.

Karen: And next week you'll be arraigned on felony charges for breaking into the morgue to gain access to Tiffany's body. Nancy, lay low.

Nancy: That's not really my strong suit.

Owen: I think this belongs to you?

Karen: Owen, right? I heard your company donated a building site for the outreach center. The town appreciates it.

Owen: Think globally, develop locally.

Karen: Hmm.

Nancy: You're a Marvin.

Owen: Yup. I used to summer here. Picture me 12 years younger, five inches shorter, and adorably rotund. There we go. She laughs.

Nancy: On occasion. Um, but I should get back... Oh, God, I lost George.


Nick and Ace are talking in the kitchen.

Nick: You get the drive from Laura?

Ace: I did, but it came with Laura.

Nick: Is this where you apologize for breaking in my place?

Laura: I have impulse control issues.

Ace: She means she's sorry, but she does have impulse control issues.

Laura: Tiffany told me about how she was collecting information on the Hudsons, to take the family down, but then she just stopped talking about it.

Nick: She tried to take the Hudsons down, and then she died. She was trying to protect you, Laura. She wanted me to have the drive.

Laura: Then why did she use a hiding spot only I would know about?

Ace: These are all good questions, both sides. I just think that if, in the effort of teamwork, we can, like, share some information, maybe you...

Laura: Listen, I didn't come here to hand this over, okay? I came here to get the password. The only thing on this drive is a link to an anonymous site that's password-protected. There's only one more chance before I'm locked out for good.

Ace: Right, so I was thinking we could ask George for the password.

Nick: George?

Ace: You know. George.

Laura: What are you talking about?

Nick: Nothing. It's crazy. Look, if you just give me the drive, I can...

Laura: We do this together, or not at all.


Ryan joins Owen on the porch.

Ryan: Hey, Owen, I've been looking for you. You owe me a call about our deal.

Owen: I've heard some things.

Ryan: Yeah, listen, Owen, if this is about my wife, I can assure...

Owen: It's not. Your father told me about your track record. He said you lost hundreds of millions of dollars, everything you had at Hudson Enterprises.

Ryan: I'm on my way to making it back. You can't be risk-averse. That's just business, Owen.

Owen: That's not how I do business.


Tiffany is back, she takes knife.


Nancy is looking for George.

Nancy: George is definitely MIA. I called Bess. She's coming with Victoria. This is all my fault. I left her alone for one minute...

Nick: Hey, no, no, no. It's okay. We'll find her. Now, I'll-I'll take outside and you take the upstairs.

Ace: You guys think Tiffany's back?

Nick: I think we need to find George, no matter what.

Ace: I'll help.


Laura walks to Ace. They dance.

Laura: What were you saying about my sister?

Ace: Uh, nothing.

Laura: I heard you say "Tiffany", and I know you're hiding something from me 'cause you won't look me in the eye.

Ace: Oh, man.

Laura: Tell me everything.

They kiss


Bess gets out off of a car.

Lisbeth: Hey. Um...

Bess: Oh. Hi. Lisbeth.

Lisbeth: Hi, you.

Bess: Hi.

Lisbeth: I'm a driver for the Hudsons. Uh, I know. It's glamorous, right?

Bess: No. Um, no, I mean, you look great. I just, uh, uh... I should have returned your call.

Lisbeth: Yeah. Yeah, you should've.

Bess: Yeah.

Lisbeth: To be honest, I'm shocked that you got my messages. That girl who answers the phone at The Claw, she is abrupt.

Bess: Yeah. Um, Lisbeth, can we just pretend those calls never happened? Because you called my work and not me.

Lisbeth: Right, right. Yeah. And in order for it to count as you officially blowing me off, I have to call your cell phone.

Bess: Here… Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no.

Lisbeth: Is everything okay?

Bess: No. Uh, yes. It was really, really great to see you, but I've got to go.


Nancy joins Bess in the kitchen.

Nancy: Where's Victoria?

Bess: Um... She's right behind me. She's coming. We came separately. But I saw George. And judging by the stunning cocktail dress she has on, Tiffany is walking the runway. She has amazing taste, even in death.

Nancy: I'll text Ace and let him know. Um, we have to hurry if I'm gonna get the answers to my questions.

Bess: Uh, you-you mean if we're gonna save George's qi.

Nancy: Of course.

Bess: Okay.


George/Tiffany walks to Ryan with a knife.

Ryan: Well, I appreciate you gentlemen coming. Supporting the foundation means so much to the family. Will you excuse me one second? What are you doing here?

Tiffany: I know about the waitress.

Ryan: Mm. Mm-mm-mm. Mm-mm. Mm. No. No, listen to me. People are looking. I don't know what your play is right now…

Nancy: Hi. Mr. Hudson?

Ryan: …But you need to stop. Hey.

Nancy: They are asking for you inside. Something about a photo op.

Ryan: Thank you. Go home.

Nancy: They're asking about you, too. This way.


Nancy leads George/Tiffany to the kitchen.

Nancy: I don't mean to scare you or freak you out, but we do not have a lot of time to talk. So I'm gonna have to be very blunt. I need you to tell me about the night that you died.

Tiffany: I'm... Not... Dead.

Victoria: Tiffany! You cannot stay in my daughter's body. It's time for you to leave!


They start the ritual.

Nancy: Tiffany, please try and remember the last moments of your life. Otherwise, your murder could go unsolved. A-And I'm just trying to help you.

Nick: Do you know me? Tiffany used to do that while we talked.

Bess: Yeah. It's about time you got on board… In her defense, Victoria said that there's a lot of new ghosts out there that don't know they're dead yet.

Tiffany: Dead?

Bess: That's not your body.

Nancy: Your body is in the ground. W-We buried you yesterday.

Nick: Tiffany, I am so sorry. We think you were murdered.

Nancy: We're trying to figure out who wanted you dead.

Tiffany: No. No!

Bess: Hey, hey. Wait.

Ace and Laura enters in the kitchen.

Laura: Is this the girl you told me about?

Ace: Sorry, guys. She knows everything.

Tiffany: Laura.

Laura: Is it you? Oh, my God, Tiff. Tiff, it's gonna be okay. We're gonna... we're gonna help you.

Bess: No, no, no, no, no, no. She is kind of killing our friend right now. So she has to go.

Laura: What are doing?

Bess: The incense will break the bond between Tiffany's spirit and George's body, and then we will banish her forever.

Laura: Banish? No, no, no. I have to talk to my sister.

Victoria: There's no time for that!

Laura: Listen, listen, that waitress slept with your husband, okay?

Victoria: Hey! Wait.

Laura: You don't have to go.

Victoria: Fight, okay? No! Hey! No!

Laura: Run, Tiffany!

Victoria: Hey! No!


Tiffany runs in the hallway. She hits Ryan.

Ryan: Okay. Hey. Whoa. Hey, hey. Come here.

They hide in a room.

Ryan: Why are you acting so crazy? Do you realize what you've done? If my father finds out about that little stunt in the garden, he's gonna cut me off. George, he's gonna freeze me out of the family assets.

George: Ryan, please, you have to help me.

Ryan: Why would I do that? Huh? Hey. Hey, stop playing with me, George. Stop it. Hey! This is not a game, George! This is my life!

Victoria and Nancy enter.

Victoria: Hey!

Tiffany: Go away!

Victoria: No. She's my daughter. Leave her!

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, I'm happy to. Happy to.

Victoria: Easy.

Nancy: I know you're scared. And you didn't deserve to die. But neither does George. And right now, her life is in your hands. And I know she disrespected you. And George knows that, too. But she was young and she was lost and Ryan saw an opportunity with her. And I'm asking you to forgive her.

Victoria: Tiffany, let my daughter live… We have to move quick… East… West.

Bess: Awesome.

Victoria: Nick! North!

Nancy: I will solve your murder.

Nick: Nancy won't give up on finding out what happened. And neither will I. Look, I don't want to ask you to go, but I can't let George die. I'll-I'll stay with you. I'll stay with you to the end.

Tiffany: Keep... Laura... Safe.

Nick: I promise you, I will.

Tiffany: Dantès… Remember me.

George collapses.


George wakes up.

Nancy: George? Hey, hey, George... Is it you?

Bess: Hey, careful. Not too fast.

George: Wait, where's Ryan? I remember he...

Nancy: He took off. He's probably headed somewhere in his limo by now.

Bess: Are you okay?

Victoria: She'll make a full recovery. We've banished Tiffany from the earthly realm, and now... I'll go summon an Uber.

Nick: Hey, I'm... I'm glad you're all right.

Nancy: Are you okay?

Nick: Yeah. And, um, I... I think I understand what Tiffany was trying to tell me.

Nancy: Go. I get it.

They kiss.

George: Did you get what you wanted?

Nancy: Yeah. You didn't die. I'll figure out another way to solve Tiffany's murder.

Bess: So, what was it like being possessed by Tiffany? Was it all, "Boo..."?

George: No. It wasn't all like, "Boo..." It was like a radio tuned to pure emotions. I hated it. I don't want to talk about it… Okay, Drew.

Nancy: Okay.


Nancy: Pure emotion. So that'show ghosts work. Then what was Lucy emotionally attached to? Maybe... Something she wanted me to unearth.


Laura, Nick and Ace are talking in the garden.

Ace: I promise you I'll take care of it.

Laura: I thought we were in this together.

Nick: Laura, your sister told me to keep you out of this and keep you safe. I got to respect her wishes.

Ace: Without Nick's password, you're gonna get locked out of the site forever. If you want answers, you're gonna have to trust us. At least... Trust me.

Laura: I do. But I'm beginning to regret it.


Nancy goes to speak to Owen.

Owen: Hello again.

Nancy: So... When you're not busy organizing parties and offering to help cater-waiters you don't know and wearing fancy suits, you are in real estate, right? I mean, the Marvins are famed for wheeling and dealing in properties.

Owen: Wheeling and dealing... Is that what they say about us in town?

Nancy: They say you're in construction, too.

Owen: That part is true.

Nancy: So... Still want to make yourself useful?


Nick and Ace are at the Claw.

Ace: Laura had all these guesses for the password. It really bothered her to get shut out.

Nick: Yeah, she's gonna forgive you, bro.

Ace: I don't know. She's a woman of strong emotions. There was one time that...

Nick: Ace, Ace. I'd love to hear about it... After we get into these files.

Ace: Yeah. A story for another time. Okay, the drive contains exactly one thing. It's a masked URL. A secret website. Password-protected.

Nick: Okay… First book Tiffany gave me. It's the first password I would have tried.

Ace: Hey… Regular backups to the cloud.

Nick: Okay, what was the... What was the last thing she added?

Ace: "Ryan's getting desperate. Invited rival to dinner for five. Pine Hill won't be happy to see me there. His family sees me as a threat".

Nick: Hey, hey, there's a folder labelled Pine Hill.

Ace: Old shareholder reports. Insurance statements… New documents signed... By the officer of the corporation… Owen Marvin? That's Mr. Calamari Spender, from the party. You think he had something to do with Tiffany's death?

Nick phones Nancy.


Nancy doesn’t pick up her phone.

Owen: You think this'll do the trick?

Nancy: I... I mean, I thought you would have an electric shovel or something.

Owen: You mean an earth auger? What? That's the name for it.

Nancy: I just mean this seems extreme.

Owen: Well... I'm an extremely useful guy. Where are we headed again?

Nancy: The lawn of my old high school. Plaque marks the spot.

Owen: Okay. Mission Excavate Time Capsule… I can't remember the last time I had this much fun.

Nancy: Mm. That's depressing, Owen.


Bess texts Lisbeth.


Victoria cooks for George.


Nancy opens the time capsule in her bedroom.

Nancy: Sorry, Class Day 1999. I know you wanted this bad boy cracked open a hundred years from now. And I'm sure the denizens of the future would have been fascinated by this enormous cell phone… Or a packet of poetry from The Alliterators. Or that... Toothbrush? Seriously? But I think Lucy wants me to find something else. That's a little on the nose, but sure.

Girl: Well, hello there. Greetings from 1999. How cool is this! Our very own time capsule video in honour of Class Day.

Nancy: Is that Lucy?

Guy: I've been trying to imagine what senior year will look like, and I think... I've been trying... I've been trying... Trying... Trying... Trying... Trying... Rying... Rying... Rying... Rying... Rying... Rying... Ryin, ryin, ryin...

Nancy: Ryin... Ryan?

Guy: Ryin, ryin, ryin,

Nancy: Are you saying... ?

Guy: Ryin, ryin...

Nancy: Ryan… Ryan Hudson?

Kikavu ?

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