Avatar : Le dernier maître de l'air
#108 : Légendes

Comptant affaiblir la Tribu de l'eau, Zhao entraîne la Nation du feu au Nord. Lorsque la bataille prend une mauvaise tournure, Aang laisse libre cours à son pouvoir.


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Soldier 1: We're under attack!

Soldier 2: Attack!

Sokka: Watch out, Katara! There's a new group coming in starboard side. Aang, contain the soldiers at the front. I got some things to take care of. Appa, yip yip!


Soldier 3: Come on. Let's go.


Katara: Let's go!

Aang: Hyah!

Sokka: Hyah! Nice job, troops. Those flame heads aren't going anywhere.

Katara: Thanks to your plan.

Sokka: And some kick-ass teamwork.

Katara: One ship down.

Aang: How many more to go? You gotta be kidding me.


Iroh: The wall is impenetrable and heavily guarded. The surrounding cliffs are hundreds of feet high. Impossible to scale.

Zuko: I know you think I'm being reckless, but Zhao has cornered the Avatar, and he's not gonna stop until he has him, so neither can I... One way or another, this is where my journey ends.

Iroh: Search the coastline for fissures, signs of warm water outflows from the city. They could provide a pathway inside.

Zuko: Uncle... Lu Ten would have been proud... To have you as his father.

Iroh: Remember your Breath of Fire. It could save your life out there.

Zuko: We'll meet again... After... I have the Avatar.


Sokka: Just forget about engaging them at sea. Even with all of your benders on all of your boats, their numbers are just too great.

Pakku: Then we make our stand here.

Arnook: How far away are they?

Sokka: They'll probably be in range in an hour. Two, tops.

Arnook: We need to call the patrols home. Shore up the defensive lines.

Pakku: Thank you.

Aang: This is bad, isn't it?

Sokka: They mean business, but so do we. I'd say it's 50-50... 60-40... Where are you going?

Katara: To even the odds.


Iroh: Forgive me, Admiral, but I'm confused.

Zhao: You're wondering why the command ship isn't leading the attack.

Iroh: It does seem an unusual strategy.

Zhao: Weren't you the one who pointed out a frontal assault on the Waterbenders would be fruitless?

Iroh: Well, yes, but...

Zhao: So it would make sense to attack on multiple fronts.

Iroh: Open a new front? With one ship?

Zhao: One ship, but not one vessel.


Iroh: Fire Nation engineers created this?

Zhao: Oh, this isn't our work. No, this comes courtesy of our spies in Omashu. This is just a prototype.

Iroh: Even if you use this to bypass Agna Qel'a's main defenses, it's far too small to carry any kind of significant fighting force.

Zhao: You, of all people, should know that victory doesn't always depend on the numbers, but it should get the job done.

Iroh: Job? What job?

Soldier 4: Fire!


Hahn: Incoming! Hurry!

Pakku: Ice shields now!

Katara: I'm here to help.

Pakku: Now is not the time, Katara.

Katara: Now is exactly the time!

Pakku: Thought I made myself clear. Women are not allowed in combat.

Katara: I thought I showed you how stupid that is. Forget your pride. This is about the survival of the Waterbenders, and you need all the help you can get... You know we can make a difference.

Pakku: "We"?

Katara: All they want is what you want. A chance to defend their home.

Yagoda: Pakku, what good is it relying on the past when it stops us from having a future? Get... Get over yourself, you old fool, and let us get the job done!

Pakku: Western side of the wall needs reinforcement. You can help them repair the damage and see if their warriors need any other assistance.


Arnook: The entire city will be in range soon. If the Firebenders breach the wall, you'll be the first line of defense.

Hahn: We'll be ready.

Arnook: Yue!

Yue: I'm not going to hide while everyone is risking their lives.

Arnook: Listen to me.

Yue: No. You have to stop being overprotective.

Arnook: Yue, if anything should happen to me, you must take over. You are the future of the Northern Water Tribe. My daughter... My gift... Sokka... I need you to go with Yue and help her move the people away from the wall. But most importantly, make sure the princess stays safe.

Sokka: I swear I won't leave her side.

Hahn: Sokka... Take care of her.

Sokka: Come on!


Trainee: We're here to help. Master Pakku told us to report to you.

Katara: Pakku sent you to me?

Trainee: He told us to help you in any way we can. We haven't finished our training yet, but... We'll try our best.

Katara: You can start by reinforcing that section. If you spot incoming fireballs, don't try to take them on yourself. Let me know.

Trainee: Yes, Master Katara.

Katara: What? I'm not a...


Iroh: Admiral, the Waterbenders draw their strength from the moon, and on a night like tonight, their powers will be at their peak. I suggest you pause the attack until daybreak.

Zhao: No. I have been studying up on matters beyond this realm, which is why I know that that isn't just any moon. It's the Ice Moon, a rare cosmic event. The barriers between the physical and spirit worlds grow thin... On this night... When I received the Fire Lord's orders to conquer the North, I knew brute force wasn't gonna be enough. I needed an edge.


Zhao: Nothing. Just a bunch of mumbo jumbo about lion turtles and cosmic balance and push and pull.

Great Sage: And yet there is wisdom to be gleaned from the old tales... Agna Qel'a... Is built on the site of the ancestral home of the water tribe, an oasis deep in the ice that provided warmth and nourishment for their people in the harsh environment. It was from this oasis that the tribe looked up to the sky and learned to waterbend by watching the moon push and pull the tides. And so the Waterbenders believe their lives come from the spirit of the ocean, while their powers come from the spirit of the moon. These same spirits give up their immortality for one night every year to be among the Waterbenders. They take physical form and become part of the mortal world.

Zhao: They appear in this world?

Great Sage: In order to better understand the balance between light and darkness, yin and yang, life... And death.


Iroh: Zhao, you're not thinking of tampering with the Spirit World, are you? Are you?


Kuruk: Aang. Aang.

Aang: Aang. Avatar Kuruk?

Kuruk: I've come to warn you. My knife is near. I can sense it.

Aang: Knife?

Kuruk: One created with materials from the Spirit World. And if it has returned to the North, it can only mean one thing.


Iroh: You're going to kill the ocean and moon spirits?

Zhao: Of course not.

Iroh: Killing the ocean spirit would deprive Waterbenders around the world of their lives. Men, women, children. I'm not a monster... No. I'm only gonna kill the moon.


Kuruk: Zhao cannot be allowed to meddle with the primal forces of nature. In doing so, he will throw the entire world out of balance. The Avatar's power is great, but it pales before the power of the elemental spirits.


Katara: There you are. When I didn't see you up there, I got worried.

Bender 1: Help!

Bender 2: I'm coming!

Katara: Are you okay?

Aang: We need to find Sokka and Yue. Something terrible is about to happen.


Yue: Everyone, head to the palace!

Sokka: You'll be safer there.

Yue:Hey, it's okay. You're okay.

Mother: Are you okay?

Child: I'm okay.

Father: Thank you.

Sokka: Good job, Momo. You actually made yourself useful... Momo?

Yue: Is he...

Sokka: Alive? Barely.

Yue: Here. Come with me. I can help him. We don't have much time.


Sokka: Where are we?

Yue: It's the most sacred spot in the North. The waters that feed this grove are heated by the earth... Here, give him to me... This is where the priest brought me when I was sick... To the source of all spiritual energy in our land.

Sokka: Momo! You dumb dummy. Don't scare me like that... Thank you.


Yue: Sokka, what is that?

Sokka: Something that shouldn't be here... It's a war balloon.

Yue: A war balloon?

Sokka: Stolen from Omashu. From what I can tell, this one's not designed for combat, just transport.

Yue: How do you know that?

Sokka: Because I helped design the thing.


Zhao: The sage didn't know the precise form the ocean and moon spirits will take, and that, General, is... Where you come in. Since you're so well-versed in spiritual matters, I need your help identifying them.

Iroh: I have no idea what to look for. This isn't like trying to find a lost puppy. They could appear as a pair of trees in a grove or insects on a blade of grass.

Zhao: Well, we won't know until we start looking, right? General Iroh, either you help me find the spirits or watch as I burn this whole place to the ground.


Katara: Can Avatar Kuruk protect the spirits?

Aang: No, but I know where we need to go.

Zuko: Avatar! There's nowhere left to run.

Aang: Zuko, listen to me. We need to stop Zhao.

Zuko: This isn't about Zhao. This is about us! And you're coming with me now!

Katara: Go. Stop Zhao. I'll deal with him.

Aang: Go easy... Enough people have been hurt already.

Zuko: I don't care.

Aang: I wasn't talking to you.

Zuko: You've learned some new tricks, but I didn't come this far to lose to you... You little peasant! You found a master, haven't you?

Katara: Yes. You're looking at her.


Sokka: We got company.

Soldier 5: Keep moving.

Aang: We need to stop Zhao. He's trying to kill the ocean and moon spirits.

Yue: He can't. That would mean the end of our people.

Sokka: We can't let that happen.


Zhao: Push and pull. Yin and yang. Yes... Yes!

Iroh: Zhao, the power of the spirits is not to be trifled with. Without the moon, the world will be thrown out of balance, and chaos will be unleashed. Even Ozai wouldn't want that.

Zhao: Ozai lacks vision. He's so fixated on the games he's playing with his family, he can't see the bigger picture.

Iroh: Zhao, whatever you do to that spirit, I'll unleash on you tenfold!

Zhao: Spare me your empty threats. This can still work out for you, Iroh... Once I take my place as the new Fire Lord, you can stand by my side. Your presence will lend legitimacy to my claim. The Dragon of the West can rise again... As long as he bows... Before Zhao, the Moon Slayer! I am a legend now! They will tell stories about me! For generations. Zhao the Moon Slayer.

Aang: Zhao!

Zhao: You're too late, Avatar.

Aang: Zhao, don't... No matter what you think, this isn't power.

Zhao: No? Do you realize what I can do? I can wipe out an entire race of benders. Can you imagine what that's like?

Aang: Yes... I can... You wanna rule the world, but if you do this, there won't be a world to rule. So release the spirit, and I'll go with you... Peacefully.

Zhao: You think anyone cares about you? How much of a threat will the Avatar be once I eliminate waterbending from the world? Master of Three Elements doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it? Let's face it. You don't matter anymore. Actually, I'm not sure you ever did!

Aang: You're right... I don't matter... The world needed the Avatar... And I failed.

Zhao: Touching. Not that I care.

Sokka: Yue!


Waterbender 1: What's happening?

Waterbender 2: I can't bend! I can't bend!


Hahn: Warriors, the city has been breached!


Arnook: Fall back! Fall back! Fall back!

Pakku: We're almost there.

Hahn: Go! We'll cover your retreat.


Yue: The moon is gone... There's no hope now. It's over.


Kyoshi: Being the Avatar means putting your duties above all else, even your life!

Roku: The Avatar has to make the impossible choices, placing the world's needs ahead of your needs.

Kuruk: The Avatar's power is great, but it pales before the power of the elemental spirits.


Aang: No. It's not over.

Yue: Aang, don't do this. You'll be lost forever.

Aang: I should have been lost a hundred years ago. This isn't my time or my world. I couldn't save my world, but I can save this one.

Soldier 6: Run!

Sokka: What... What just happened?

Yue: Aang has given himself over to the ocean spirit, allowing it to channel its rage through him and access the power of the Avatar.

Sokka: We've gotta reach him.

Yue: No, you don't understand. There is no Aang anymore.

Sokka: Yue!


Iroh: Zuko! Thank the spirits you're alive!

Zuko: Uncle, what... What is that?

Iroh: That... That is Wrath.

Zuko: The Avatar!

Iroh: There is no Avatar. Not anymore... We must go!

Zuko: No. No.

Iroh: Zuko, we must!

Zuko: We can't.

Iroh: We must!

Katara: Aang.


Soldier 7: Fire!


Iroh: Zuko, don't!

Zuko: Let me go.

Iroh: He's a small man who's gonna meet a small end.

Zuko: He took everything from me... Zhao!

Zhao: You're alive... Traitor.

Zuko: Coward! You ruined everything! The Avatar was mine. My mission was...

Zhao: Your mission was a sham. Did you really think the Fire Lord was gonna take you back? Ozai was playing with you... It was all a game... And the winner is the one without the scar from Daddy... Ozai was just using you as motivation for your sister.

Zuko: You lie... You're lying! Admit it, you're lying!

Zhao: Who do you think was my ally... Through all this? Who convinced the Fire Lord to send me the Yuyan archers? Who identified the Blue Spirit's swords as yours? Azula told me everything I needed to know... You are the fire in which her iron was forged. That's all you were.

Iroh: Come, nephew.


Soldier 8: Come! We must go!


Soldier 4: Fire!

Soldier 9: Is it dead?

Soldier 4: No! No! No!


Katara: Aang! Aang! Aang! It's over! Please come back!


Yue: Aang is lost. All that's left is a vengeful spirit who will roam endlessly looking for its partner but will never find it. The world will be forever out of balance.

Sokka: There must be something we can do. Some way to bring the moon back to life.

Yue: Sokka... Thank you.

Sokka: Yue, what are you doing?

Yue: I was touched by the moon spirit as a child, so I have its life within me... It's time for me to give it back... This isn't a sad thing... Do you know why the ocean and moon spirits take physical form for a night? It's because they wanna know what it is to be mortal... It's worth the risk to be alive... Even for just one night... Especially for one night.


Katara: Just please come back! Aang, don't be an idiot! You're not just the Avatar. You're my family! This is your world! This is your home! We are your family! Aang!


Sokka: Yue, please. Please don't! No! No! Please, you don't have to do this! Yue, no. No. No. No... Yue!


Katara: Aang, listen to me... I know you think you don't belong in this world, but you were never meant to die a hundred years ago. If you had, you wouldn't be here now, and the world needs you... I need you.


Aang: So much destruction... Hahn.


Sokka: I'm sorry I couldn't protect her.

Arnook: My daughter always made her own choices. And that was not something you or anyone could have stopped.

Sokka: She sacrificed herself for all of us. Me... I watched it happen... I stood on the sidelines while others fought and died, being the warrior I could never be.

Arnook: Sokka, in a moment when she must have been scared, you made sure she wasn't alone. You don't have to be a warrior to be a hero.


Pakku: I thought I'd never see the light of a new day, but the sun rises, and the water tribe is still here.

Katara: So much was lost.

Pakku: Yes, but we'll rebuild, and we'll emerge stronger. Do you remember how I told you water is the element of change? I'd forgotten what that truly meant. Change is the key to new life. You reminded me of that, and I'm deeply grateful that you did... You know, there's a whole new generation of Waterbenders who will need training... We could use your help.

Katara: Thanks... But Aang still has a journey to complete, and so do I. After all, the Avatar still has to learn waterbending.

Pakku: In that case, he couldn't have asked for a better master... Hmm. For you.

Katara: What is it?

Pakku: Water from our oasis. A reminder of what we've gone through and an invitation to return anytime.


Iroh: Lieutenant Jee would have known to stay out of the worst of the battle. He and the crew may be looking for us right now... What do you think, Prince Zuko? What do you want to do?

Zuko: I don't know... I'm tired.

Iroh: Then you should rest. A man needs his rest.


Aang: I caused this.

Katara: No, the Fire Nation did.

Aang: Because I failed to be the Avatar. How do I do this without causing so much pain?

Sokka: Aang, this is war. There's going to be losses. There's going to be pain. None of that is your fault.

Katara: And the Firebenders aren't giving up. We have to prepare for whatever they throw at us next. And so stop worrying about the past, and start thinking about what you still have to do.

Aang: I think I understand something Gyatso was trying to tell me. He told me let go of the past, or I'll never have a future.

Katara: That's right. You're gonna learn waterbending, and I'm gonna make sure of that. And then earthbending...

Sokka: Which means back to Omashu... So, anyone else hungry?

Katara: Why is everything always about your stomach?

Aang: Because that's where his brain is.

Sokka: Oh, says the kid with the melon head.

Katara: Ooh, I could go for a melon.

Sokka: See? Food is always the right answer. Just gotta listen to Sokka.


Great Sage: Agna Qel'a took heavy damage, but our forces were unable to take the city... Also, it seems the Avatar remains alive and free.

Ozai: Pity... But not unexpected. Conquering the North was always an unlikely proposition.

Great Sage: If that was the case, then why attack the North at all?

Ozai: Distraction... The North was never the true target.


Ozai: For the first time in a century, Omashu is ours. Now only Ba Sing Se stands between us and the total conquest of the Earth Kingdom.


Great Sage: A brilliant strategy, but was the Fire Lord aware Prince Zuko was among the forces at Agna Qel'a? The loss of life among our troops was substantial.

Ozai: If Zuko is strong, he'll survive... If not... Sometimes you have to sacrifice the weak to keep yourself strong.


Azula: mashu is ours! For the Fire Nation!

Soldiers: Fire Nation!

Azula: So... What's next?


Great Sage: Measuring the movements of the heavens has always proven difficult, but we have devised a method to better understand celestial motion... It's taken a hundred years, but the time finally draws near.

Ozai: When?

Great Sage: Soon... We shall see the return of Sozin's Comet.

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