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#101 : Episode 1

A Oxford, dans la Bibliothèque Bodléienne, l'historienne américaine et sorcière malgré elle, Diana Bishop, appelle involontairement un manuscrit magique antique, l'Ashmole 782 qui a disparu depuis des siècles. Elle se retrouve confrontée au généticien renommé et vampire, Matthew Clairmont, qui est déterminé à mettre la main sur le livre. La détermination de Diana de ne pas être effrayée par Matthew alors qu'il lutte pour contrôler ses instincts de prédateur envers d'elle, alimente une connexion dangereuse entre eux. Quand les nouvelles de l'apparition du livre se répandent dans le monde des démons, vampires et sorcières, vivant cachés parmi les humains, la chasse à la sorcière l'ayant appellé prend une intensité mortelle.


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Episode 1

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Episode 1

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Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) ne maîtrise pas bien ses pouvoirs

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) ne maîtrise pas bien ses pouvoirs

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) regarde Diana s'éloigner précipitamment

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) regarde Diana s'éloigner précipitamment

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) étudie un vieux livre à la bibliothèque

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) étudie un vieux livre à la bibliothèque

Le vampire Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode)

Le vampire Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode)

Matthew Clairmont rend à Diana Bishop le livre qu'elle a fait tomber ((Matthew Goode et Teresa Palmer)

Matthew Clairmont rend à Diana Bishop le livre qu'elle a fait tomber ((Matthew Goode et Teresa Palmer)

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) retrouve Diana à la bibliothèque

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) retrouve Diana à la bibliothèque

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) a récupéré ses documents

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) a récupéré ses documents

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode)

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode)

La sorcière Gillian Chamberlain (Louise Brealey)

La sorcière Gillian Chamberlain (Louise Brealey)

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) sur la balcon de la bibliothèque

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) sur la balcon de la bibliothèque

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer)

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer)

Diana (Teresa Palmer) n'arrive pas à travailler avec Matthew (Matthew Goode) en face d'elle

Diana (Teresa Palmer) n'arrive pas à travailler avec Matthew (Matthew Goode) en face d'elle

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) observe Diana sur le fleuve

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) observe Diana sur le fleuve

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode)

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode)

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode)

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode)

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode)

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode)

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer)

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer)

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) en plein travail

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) en plein travail

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer)

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer)


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Plus de détails

Réalisé par Juan Carlos Medina
Ecrit par : Kate Brooke

Guests :
Dominic Borrelli ... Fred
David Newman ... Stephen Proctor
Sophia Myles ... Rebecca Bishop
Adam Stevenson ... James
Nila Aalia ... Sylvia Rattigan
Alister Cameron ... Mr. Johnson
Imogen Comrie ... Clem
Michael Culkin ... Professeur Marsh






Matthew: Once the world was full of wonders, but it belongs to humans now. We creatures have all but disappeared. Demons, Vampires and Witches hiding in plain sight, fearful of discovery. Ill at ease, even with each other. But as my father used to say: "In every ending, there is a new beginning."


Diana: Hi, Fred !

Fred: Good morning !

Diana: Good morning.


Diana: No! Stop!


Professor: Please join me in welcoming back to Oxford this year's visiting research fellow. As many of you know, she took her DPhil in the history of science here and after publishing two prize winning books, she was awarded tenure at Yale, one of the youngest ever to have been awarded that distinction. We are delighted to have her back amongst us. Dr Diana Bishop.

Diana: Thank you, thank you so much. Alchemy. In the 17th century, Alchemy was at the very heart of the study of nature and a precursor to modern chemistry... All parts of the natural world, be they animate or inanimate, were believed to experience these stages. Although these images were often interpreted as allegory, they actually represent the chemical process. With access to the Bodleian Library's collection of unique manuscripts owned by Elias Ashmole, the seventeenth century antiquarian, astrologer and alchemist, I will continue to explore the role alchemy had in 17th century thought and how it influenced great scientists such as Isaac Newton and Robert Boyle. Thank you.

Professor: Very stimulating.

Diana: Thank you.

Professor: There's an opening coming up soon in the faculty. I'm drawing up a short list of candidates. Would it interest you?

Diana: Yes!

Professor: We'll need to evaluate all your work. The talk that you just gave today, I assume it's ready to be published?

Diana: It is, it's almost finished.

Professor: Well, I'd need it by late October.

Diana: Absolutely.

Professor: I look forward to reading it.

Diana: Thank you!

Gillian: Diana! That was brilliant!

Diana: Gillian Chamberlain? At a lecture for Alchemy? What a lovely surprise!


Diana: It's been what? Four years since I've seen you?

Gillian: Almost six, actually. Can't believe it. When did you arrive?

Diana: Over a week ago. I've been living in the library. I haven't even unpacked! It is so good to see you. It's like, I don't know, it's like coming home. Nothing's changed.

Gillian: Tell me about it. I'm not regular faculty. Still no vacancies for a classical historian.

Diana: I'm sorry. If there is anything I can do...

Gillian: It'll happen. Otherwise, Oxford's still great. Coven's pretty active. We're meeting tonight for the equinox. You'll know loads of us, if you wanted to come?

Diana: I'm still not comfortable around magic, not after what happened to my parents. I still find it... I just find it difficult.

Gillian: Do you not use your powers at all?

Diana: I am a walking disaster on that front. My powers are so unpredictable. This morning it happened by accident, in public. I mean, no one saw, but they could have.

Gillian: You should speak to Sylvia about that, she's the head of coven now, she might be able to help you.

Diana: It's ok, I'm used to it.


Sean: I hear your lecture impressed a few people yesterday. So, now you've got to get that paper finished, right ? What do you need?

Diana: Ashmole 37, 92, 183 and 782.

Sean: 782? No problem. Be with you shortly.

Diana: Thanks.


Gillian: Hey.

Diana: Hey.

Gillian: How's it going?

Diana: The usual, you know.

Sean: Your Ashmole Manuscripts.

Diana: Thank you.

Gillian: Right. So, I'm out by the call desk. Maybe we could have a coffee later?

Diana: Yeah, great. Ok.

Gillian: See you.

Diana: Bye.


Man: Chrissakes, it's a library...


Marian: Is it happening to you?

Matthew: Yes.

Marian: Our blood, it's reacting to something.


Diana: Sorry. Sorry.


Sean: Dr Bishop?


Diana: Dad? Dad? Dad?

Gillian: Diana! What happened in there? Did you feel it? I don't think the humans did! That Ashmole manuscript, there was something weird about it… Did you see anything unusual? Diana? Are you alright? Diana? Where are you going?


Marcus: I presume I'm seeing you tonight?

James: No.

Marcus: Come on. James, look, I found a new place.

James: I've just been on a twelve hour shift, I'm going home to crash.

Marcus: Last week was a mistake and I admit.

James: That's what you said last week.

Marcus: Tuesday is better than the weekend, you can get a booth, it stays open til 3am.

James: Three am, mid-week, are you off your rocker?

Marcus: I'm pretty sure the DJ plays almost exclusively 90's R&B.

James: See, when I'm not on shift I'm in bed by twelve. How come you never look tired?

Marcus: I'm not a lightweight like you… Have a good sleep.

James: Five aside, next week!

Marcus: If you're awake! No! James! Mate! Hang in there, James! No!


Miriam: Matthew? Have you been here all night?

Matthew: She's a witch, Miriam. A powerful one if her family's anything to go by.

Miriam: Who is?

Matthew: The academic I overheard outside the Bodleian. She's a direct descendant of Bridget Bishop, the first woman to be executed at the Salem Witch Trials.

Miriam: You think what happened yesterday was witchcraft?

Matthew: I don't know. But she'd just taken out an alchemical manuscript… An Ashmole manuscript.

Miriam: Come on, Matthew. It's not possible.

Matthew: What, that she's found Ashmole 782? Why?

Miriam: Because you've been looking for that book for over a hundred years!

Matthew: Longer! Ever since I began to believe it'd help us understand our origins.

Miriam: It's missing. It's always been missing. How could this witch have found it?

Matthew: Perhaps it wasn't missing… Perhaps it was waiting.


Diana: Dad!


Sarah: Hello.

Diana: Hey. It's me.

Sarah: D, are you all right? It's five o'clock in the morning, Diana!

Diana: I know. I'm sorry. Something's happened.

Sarah: Are you alright, honey?

Diana: I was in the Bod studying, I took out a manuscript. But it was bewitched or something.

Sarah: Was it a grimoire?

Diana: It was an Ashmole manuscript. There were alchemical illustrations.

Sarah: What else?

Diana: Moving under the pages. I couldn't read it.

Sarah: It definitely sounds like it was bewitched. How did you unravel the spell? Did you say any words?

Diana: There was no witchcraft involved, Sarah. How many times? I refuse to practice. I couldn't wait to get rid of it. I returned it.

Sarah: What!? Diana, we've always told you, if you ever come across something magical you should always, always try to understand it.

Emily: Honey, what is happening?

Sarah: It's Diana, she's discovered some magical book.

Diana: That is not even why I called. It's what happened afterwards… I think I saw Dad.

Emily: What do you mean, you saw your dad?

Diana: He was just as I remembered him. What do you think it mean?

Sarah: Well, honey, we're not going to know now, are we? You've given it back! Really Diana, it's time you faced what you are! A witch!

Diana: We've been over this, Sarah, I'm a historian, that's what I am! Oxford might offer me a professorship.

Emily: Honey, that is wonderful news, Diana.

Diana: Yeah, well, I don't have it yet. I have to get a paper in.

Sarah: You can't just hide in your work. You saw your father! This is important! If the book is bewitched, there's no telling how you unlocked the spell. You have to take the book out again. Work out what's going on!

Diana: That may be what you would do, Sarah, but I'm not you. I called for your advice, not another lecture.

Emily: Well, you know how she feels about all this. Give her time to cool off, honey, and try again.


Officer: Y7. 53 BCY. You say the car took off at speed. Are you sure registration number's right?

Marcus: Positive! I have very good eyesight.

Officer: And you say you left the hospital at 5:30. But you didn't call the incident in until 6.15?

Marcus: I was giving him CPR.

Officer: For over half an hour?

Marcus: Yes. I'm a doctor, I was trying to save his life.


Marcus: Hey, Matthew.


Matthew: Think of the risks you took! You could have been seen!

Marcus: James was my friend and a brilliant doctor. I couldn't bear for all that potential to go to waste.

Matthew: Did you even get his consent? Christ, Marcus! How many times do you have to be told!?

Marcus: Alright! I messed up… Why didn't it work?

Matthew: That's what we need to find out.


Marian: What's he doing here?

Matthew: Marcus is our new research subject. Another failed siring. Would you take his bloods and do a cheek swab? Thank you, Miriam.

Marcus: Hello, Miriam.

Marian: Hello, Marcus… I'll need that. Can you roll up your sleeve?

Marcus: I can take my own blood.

Marian: Not in my lab you can't.


Marcus: You should have told me. You knew that there'd been other failed sirings, so why the secrecy?

Matthew: You're not meant to be siring anyone.

Marian: Do I have to haul you two both out of here or can we finish our wine first?

Marcus: You know I didn't plan to sire James. If there'd been more time I would have asked permission. If I'd known there was a risk of failure, I'd never have attempted it… Matthew. His last moments were ugly, confused and desperate and he didn't know why. I did that. He was my friend and I took his death away from him: for nothing.

Matthew: The reason I didn't tell you is because we're all in the dark. We know there's a problem, but we don't know the cause and that's the reason that we need the Book.

Marian: Matthew thinks Ashmole 782 covers early creature history. It could help us understand our evolution, our origins.

Matthew: The witches cannot be allowed to have that information. Some would want to use that knowledge to destroy us.

Marcus: So what do we do?

Matthew: I talk to Dr Bishop, and if need be, we take the Book for ourselves.


Diana: Notes and Queries, Notes and Queries, where are you? Goddammit!

Matthew: Yours, I believe? That's a nasty burn.

Diana: You're a vampire… 'Professor Clairmont. Biochemistry.'

Matthew: Dr Bishop… Your article on colour symbolism in alchemical transformation's fascinating and your work on Robert Boyle's approach to problems of expansion and contraction quietly persuasive. You have a wonderful way of evoking the past for the reader.

Diana: Thank you.

Matthew: I'm hardly likely to forget you now after that. I didn't think that witches were allowed to show their magic in public?

Diana: I didn't mean for that to happen.

Matthew: Not in control of yourself, Dr Bishop?

Diana: I'm perfectly in control! Thank you… Now if you'll excuse me, Prof. Clairmont, I have to get back to my work.


Sylvia: Focus! Gillian!

Gillian: Sylvia.

Sylvia: Is everything all right?

Gillian: The disturbance we all felt. Your text said, if anyone knew anything.

Sylvia: Yes?

Gillian: I think, maybe I do.


Matthew: Anything of interest?

Diana: You're following me?

Matthew: We work in the same place, it's hardly strange our paths should cross again?

Diana: You knew who I was yesterday.

Matthew: I call that a Professional Hazard. Your photograph's on the back of all of your books.

Diana: I checked in with the staff at the Bod. You were in and out of it in 5 minutes. You were looking for me, not because you enjoyed my thesis on Robert Boyle. What do you want, Professor Clairmont?

Matthew: That's a fair question… You called up an Ashmole manuscript, earlier this week and something happened, something that disturbed you. Was it Ashmole 782? I'm assuming you used magic to retrieve it.

Diana: Why do you care? Alchemy is not your area.

Matthew: This is about more than just alchemy. Where's the manuscript now?

Diana: Where it always is! You can't take books out of the Bodleian… Excuse me.

Matthew: Dr Bishop. Please hear me out. No one has seen that book for a long time and it's not just me who wants it. Word is spreading. It might be safer for you if the creatures of Oxford knew that it was no longer in your possession.

Diana: Is that a threat?

Matthew: No. It's a warning. You need to be careful.

Diana: I will be. Goodbye, Professor Clairmont.


Diana: Sean?

Sean: Yeah?

Diana: I need a drink.


Diana: For you.

Sean: So now I know what you drink. I know what you read. Pretty much everything pre-eighteen hundred? What else is there? Oh, come on. Family? Brothers, sisters.

Diana: I'm an only child. I was actually raised by my aunt and her partner. Yeah. My parents died.

Sean: Both of them? Car crash or something?

Diana: They were... They were murdered.

Sean: I shouldn't have asked, you really don't have to talk about it.

Diana: It's ok. They were on a research trip to a village on the Ukraine-Russia border. We think the villagers turned on them. They thought that they... That they were witches.

Sean: Witches?

Diana: Some people still believe in witches. That magic is real, they believe in other creatures too.

Sean: Superstitious crap! How people can still be so ignorant? We're living in the 21st century! I'm so sorry, Diana.


Huntsman: No-one's here. The bed's still warm though. She can't be far away.

Satu: We never are!

Huntsman: Where'd you come from, witch?!

Satu: Cover him.

Huntsman: Oh earth, go in his mouth and ears. No, wait!

Satu: Silence him. Cover him.

Peter: I found him in the local pub, told him about the witch in the woods, humans and their prejudices. Tell me, are you always this assertive?

Satu: The equinox gives me an edge.

Peter: You've proven yourself more than worthy, Satu. I shall take you to be sworn into The Congregation. But we have work to do first. There's been a disturbance.


Mr. Johnson: He's already put in his requests. These are his too. Give them to him, will you?

Sean: Sure.

Diana: Hey. What's going on?

Sean: Hey. Some hotshot scientist's graced us with his presence. Sorry, he requested A3. Yours, Professor Clairmont.

Matthew: Thank you. Good morning.

Diana: Professor Clairmont.

Matthew: I'm sorry, am I bothering you?

Diana: No. I'm just surprised you find a southern exposure comfortable.

Matthew: You don't believe everything you read, do you? Alright then. I thought that you might like some company… The library's busy today. Quite a few witches here… Do you see?

Gillian: Hey.

Diana: So what? They often work in here.

Matthew: They're here to watch you. I did warn you that other creatures would take an interest in you.

Diana: It's because I'm talking to you! They're not the ones with the problem.

Matthew: Leaving so soon?

Diana: Yeah.


Gillian: Hey! Diana!

Diana: Hey.

Gillian: That was a vampire.

Diana: Yes, yeah.

Gillian: What was he doing in the library?

Diana: I don't know any more than you do.

Gillian: But he talked to you?

Diana: Yeah. He'd read my work. It's not a big deal.

Gillian: They're very dangerous! And they hate us as much as we hate them.

Diana: Hopefully, he'll be gone by tomorrow.

Gillian: Yeah.

Diana: I'm going back to my rooms to work.

Gillian: Okay, sure.


Sylvia: Welcome to Oxford, Mr Knox. It's such an honour to have you in our city.

Peter: Come in. Don't linger out there… So? Ms Chamberlain?

Gillian: Hello.

Peter: Please sit down… Now tell me exactly what happened.

Gillian: There was this Ashmole manuscript in the Bodleian Library. An alchemical one.

Peter: Old?

Gillian: Medieval, two clasps, distinctive binding… My friend took it out.

Peter: If it's the book I think it is, then I've been looking for it for a while. What's the name of your friend?

Satu: You heard him. The name.

Gillian: Diana Bishop.


Matthew: Do you actually think it's safe down here in the dark, Dr Bishop?

Diana: Are you stalking me?

Matthew: I'm merely pointing out that rowing on your own is a risk. So The Book of Life. What did you do with it?

Diana: I don't know what that is.

Matthew: A witch with your powers?

Diana: Just because you saw me in the library that was unusual, I don't use magic.

Matthew: Don't lie to me, Diana. I can feel your power!

Diana: If you want the book, why don't you go get it? I told you, I gave it back!

Matthew: I don't believe you.

Diana: Let's say I'm lying. What are you gonna do? Rip my head off to get the truth out of me?

Matthew: I could. But it's not how I operate.

Diana: I'm gonna say this to you one more time. I don't have your book.

Matthew: Ashmole 782 has been missing for centuries and yet you were able to call it up. Aren't you curious why? That book has never appeared to me or anyone else no matter what we've done. Only to you. It could be the key to our survival. So, isn't it strange, that the only creature who can summon it, is a witch who can't control her magic?... Walk past me. Slowly. No sudden movements. Go. But don't run.

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mnoandco  (01.12.2018 à 13:19)

Excellente mise en bouche qui permet en 45 mn de bien présenter chaque personnage de manière efficace. L'essentiel est dit ou montré. Paradoxalement, pour l'instant, le clan  vampire semble plus sympa que celui des sorciers. Heureusement, les dernières minutes nous rappelle que Matthew est un vampire et que ceux-ci restent des prédateurs ;  je n'ose même pas imaginer ce qu'il aurait réservé comme sort à Diana si elle avait couru (mention à Matthew Goode sur ce coup là).

J'ai adoré Oxford, les bâtiments sont magnifiques et la bibliothèque juste sublime.

La grosse différence est l'apparition de Satu dès cet épisode (29èm chapitre, sur 46, dans le livre)

Les faits sont différemment présentés, en concentré, mais les éléments principaux des premiers chapitres du livre y  sont.

La scène d'ouverture est géniale. Les acteurs sont justes parfaits.

En clair, rien de négatif sur cet épisode et impatiente de passer au second. Le boulot pour passer du livre à la série a été réalisé de main de maître.

StefLibre  (22.09.2018 à 20:59)

Ce premier épisode pose les personnages principaux... pas déçue pour l'instant wink



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