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#104 : Episode 4

Diana reçoit un accueil glacial lorsqu'elle cherche refuge en France au domicile de la famille Clairmont. A Oxford, des problèmes se préparent. Juliette arrive et met la vie de Marcus en danger, tandis que Satu paie le prix de sa curiosité à Venise.


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Episode 4

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Episode 4

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Satu Järvinen (Malin Buska)

Satu Järvinen (Malin Buska)

Ysabeau de Clermont (Lindsay Duncan), la mère de Matthew

Ysabeau de Clermont (Lindsay Duncan), la mère de Matthew

Timur (Julian Kostov)

Timur (Julian Kostov)

A Venise, discussion entre Gerbert d'Aurillac (Trevor Eve) et Baldwin Montclair (Trystan Gravelle)

A Venise, discussion entre Gerbert d'Aurillac (Trevor Eve) et Baldwin Montclair (Trystan Gravelle)

Marthe (Sorcha Cusack) explique à Diana ce qu'est le pacte

Marthe (Sorcha Cusack) explique à Diana ce qu'est le pacte

Marcus Whitmore (Edward Bluemel)

Marcus Whitmore (Edward Bluemel)

Baldwin Montclair (Trystan Gravelle)

Baldwin Montclair (Trystan Gravelle)

Diana est conduite par Matthew chez sa mère, Ysabeau de Clermont (Lindsay Duncan)

Diana est conduite par Matthew chez sa mère, Ysabeau de Clermont (Lindsay Duncan)

Gerbert d'Aurillac (Trevor Eve) face à Baldwin

Gerbert d'Aurillac (Trevor Eve) face à Baldwin

Domenico Michele (Gregg Chillin) arrive à la demeure des Clermont, porteur d'un message

Domenico Michele (Gregg Chillin) arrive à la demeure des Clermont, porteur d'un message

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) refuse la décision de Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode)

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) refuse la décision de Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode)

Sous la force des ses sentiments, les pouvoirs de Diana Bishop se manifestent (Teresa Palmer)

Sous la force des ses sentiments, les pouvoirs de Diana Bishop se manifestent (Teresa Palmer)

Ysabeau de Clermont (Lindsay Duncan) n'est pas ravie de la situation.

Ysabeau de Clermont (Lindsay Duncan) n'est pas ravie de la situation.

Miriam Shephard (Aiysha Hart)

Miriam Shephard (Aiysha Hart)

Peter Knox (Owen Teale)

Peter Knox (Owen Teale)

Matthew (Matthew Goode) et Diana (Teresa Palmer) en promenade

Matthew (Matthew Goode) et Diana (Teresa Palmer) en promenade

Gerbert d'Aurillac (Trevor Eve)

Gerbert d'Aurillac (Trevor Eve)

Baldwin Montclair (Trystan Gravelle)

Baldwin Montclair (Trystan Gravelle)

Peter Knox (Owen Teale)

Peter Knox (Owen Teale)


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Réalisé par : Alice Troughton
Ecrit par: Kate Brooke & Tom Farrelly

Guests :
Sorcha Cusack ... Marthe
Sophia Myles ... Rebecca Bishop
Leo Ashizawa Leo Ashizawa ... Osamu
Julian Kostov Julian Kostov ... Timur
Richard Katz ... Rico Jean
Ken Bones ... Sigismund
David Newman ... Stephen Proctor
Nila Aalia ... Sylvia Rattigan






Matthew: Once the world was full of wonders, but it belongs to humans now. We creatures have all but disappeared - demons, vampires and witches... Hiding in plain sight, fearful of discovery, ill at ease, even with each other. But, as my father used to say... In every ending there is a new beginning.


Diana: Do the villagers know about you?

Matthew: Yes. Like witches, vampires are always safer when they're in a community.

Diana: Is your mother expecting us?

Matthew: Yeah.


Matthew: Diana. This is my mother. Ysabeau de Clermont. Well? Shall we go inside or continue the greetings out here? After you.


Ysabeau: You might have shown some consideration, Matthew.

Matthew: I thought you prided yourself on being a radical.

Ysabeau: I have never been a radical. Change is overrated.

Diana: Thank you for having me in your home.

Ysabeau: Incantada.

Matthew: She's pleased to meet you.

Ysabeau: Of course, she speaks only English and New French. Modern warmbloods are so poorly educated.

Marthe: Matthew!

Matthew: Ah, Marthe.

Marthe: Cos ivas?

Matthew: Va plan, mercès. E tu?

Marthe: Aital, aital.

Matthew: This is my friend, Diana.

Marthe: Welcome.

Matthew: Marthe has been with our family for centuries.

Diana: Thank you.

Matthew: She needs some rest. It's been a long journey.

Marthe: I'll make up her room.

Matthew: No, I'll do it. She'll be sleeping in my tower.


Matthew: You need to get some sleep.

Diana: You must be tired to.

Matthew: Oh, vampires don't sleep often. Not in the same way you warmbloods do.

Diana: Your mother doesn't want me here.

Matthew: It's been a long time since anyone other than family has visited Sept-Tours. Not since my step-father Philippe's death.

Diana: What happened to him?

Matthew: He was killed. During World War Two. I'll be downstairs. Just... Call me if you need anything.


Marcus: At least they got there safely.

Miriam: And witches won't mess with Ysabeau.

Marcus: Ysabeau's more likely to rip off Diana Bishop's head than they are.

Miriam: Marcus? Marcus? Marcus, are you there?


Juliette: Hello, Marcus.

Marcus: Juliette. What are you doing here?

Juliette: Where is he? Is he chasing after that witch?

Marcus: What witch?

Juliette: If you don't tell me, Gerbert will be very angry with me.

Marcus: Do you really think I care?

Juliette: Does he miss me?

Marcus: He's moved on. He doesn't think of you, ever!

Juliette: Can't do anything on your own, can you? Always need someone to take care of you. Tell Matthew I called.

Miriam: Eternity's a long time to be chasing a man who doesn't want you, Juliette.


Ysabeau: I don't want that room open while she's here.

Matthew: I have some work to do. I'd like to use Philippe's office… Maman, I need the key… I don't want to fight.

Ysabeau: I'm not fighting.

Matthew: Diana didn't kill Philippe… Thank you.

Ysabeau: Her kind killed him, nobody else… Do you truly understand what you're exposing us to?


Diana: Mum? Mum?

Rebecca: Diana.

Diana: Mum?

Rebecca: Diana!


Diana: Hello.

Sarah: Diana, your ringtone's changed. Where are you?

Diana: Oh, I had to leave Oxford.

Sarah: What? Why?

Diana: Peter Knox threatened me.

Emily: I think it was right for you to leave. He harassed your parents too. Honey, where are you?

Diana: I'm with Matthew.

Sarah: Where's he taken you?

Diana: To his mother's house. In France.

Sarah: His mother? Ysabeau de Clermont?

Diana: Yeah. You know her?

Sarah: Listen to me very carefully. You need to get out of there... Now. She has destroyed entire covens. In the '50s and '60s, South America... Dozens of witches lost their lives, many of them elderly.

Diana: Why would she do that?

Sarah: Why? Because she's a witch killer. Come home now, Diana.


Satu: Demons.

Peter: Yes. That's Agatha Wilson. Their leader.

Satu: You won't tell them about the book?

Peter: No, of course not, but we need their support. Agatha. Please meet Satu Järvinen. Our new witch on the Congregation.

Agatha: Nice to meet you.

Peter: Agatha's always telling us how we need to up our women count. Which doesn't go down well with the vampire colleagues.

Satu: Why?

Agatha: It seems to me that every vampire appointed over the last 900 years has been a white male.

Baldwin: Finished, Agatha?

Agatha: Actually, Baldwin, I'd only just started.

Baldwin: Gentlemen. Now we're all gathered...


Matthew: Merde!


Baldwin: I bring this meeting to order. Peter Knox has called this emergency session.

Peter: Thank you. On behalf of the witches... I formerly request the assistance of this chamber. Congregation rules have been broken.

Baldwin: By whom?

Peter: Matthew de Clermont… Your brother has abducted a witch.


Diana: Does your mother use the whole house?

Matthew: Well, she used to. Now most of it's closed up… That used to be Philippe's office.

Diana: I know you told me he died in the Second World War. Then Ysabeau spent the next few decades wiping out covens in South America… I remember my aunts telling me that some witches worked with the Nazis… They played a part in his death.

Matthew: Yes. But that has nothing to do with you.

Diana: For her it does.


Miriam: Take that out. It's been in there long enough… What's wrong?

Marcus: I know my results are back. Why aren't you telling me what's in them?

Miriam: No one hands out results without the appropriate tests being run. And I need a second opinion from Matthew.

Marcus: For fuck's sake, Miriam! Stop buying time. I need to know what happened with James.

Miriam: There are markers in there that we've seen before in other cases of failed sirings.

Marcus: It's Baldwin.

Miriam: Here we go. Defcon 1.

Marcus: Baldwin.

Baldwin: Does Matthew want to cause a war?

Marcus: No.

Baldwin: Then explain what the hell he's doing. What was he thinking?

Marcus: Why don't you ask him yourself?

Baldwin: I've tried. He's not picking up. Does he have the witch? He may be your father... But unfortunately for me he's also a De Clermont. As head of your family, you can't refuse me. Where is he?


Matthew: Her name's Rakasa. My mother used to ride her, but, er... She has a quieter horse now.

Ysabeau: Well?

Diana: She's nice.

Marthe: I haven't smelt such power for centuries. Sweet and green. Like the spring.

Matthew: Mind your head.

Ysabeau: She's bewitched him.


Diana: What's her name mean?

Matthew: Nar Rakasa's Arabic. It means "fire dancer".

Diana: Let's see you dance then. Yah! Come on!

Matthew: Yah! Slow down!


Peter: As you can see, he's been stalking her. And now she's disappeared from her rooms. No doubt abducted by Matthew de Clermont. Your father set up the Congregation to avoid drawing human attention to us and to keep peace amongst the species. Your brother has broken that peace.

Gerbert: If this is true, then I'm afraid Matthew must be brought to account.

Agatha: What I don't understand is why he'd want to do it.

Baldwin: The lineage is distinguished, isn't that right? Is she powerful?

Satu: No. She was tested as a child. So if she did have the power, it would have come up then.

Peter: No, we're straying from the point, which is, where is she and how are you going to get her back?

Baldwin: Yes, but she is the only creature who has found The Book of Life.

Agatha: Is that true?

Baldwin: Peter has failed to provide us with the full facts, as usual.

Peter: Take that back!

Dominico: Oh, come on, we all know you lie like thieves.

Agatha: If she's found the book, she must bring it here to us.

Peter: She doesn't have The Book of Life. But she does know how to retrieve it.

Gerbert: And you were going to keep that information to yourself?

Peter: At least I haven't snatched her like Matthew de Clermont.

Agatha: It belongs to all of us, Peter!

Baldwin: Enough! My brother does have the witch. He's taken her to Sept-Tours. We will send a Congregation representative and he will hand her over for investigation.


Diana: You know, your mother's right, I should go home. I don't want you to feel responsible for me and your mother does not want me here.

Matthew: Her bark's worse than her bite.

Diana: Well, maybe, but Sarah's right. I... I should be with them. And the Madison coven, they can protect me.

Matthew: You can't go back to Madison. It's not safe amongst the witches.

Diana: I'm not going to go into hiding my whole life. I have to face Knox at some point, Matthew.

Matthew: It's not just about Knox… The photographs of your parents. They were staged... To make it look like a fear of devil worship, but I examined them… Underneath the debris there was a chalk circle. A witches' circle… Your parents weren't killed by humans. Your parents were killed... By witches. I'm sorry… Diana.


Satu: Why didn't you tell me you tested Diana Bishop? You missed her power. How could you have?

Peter: Stirred to motion. Rest what is and what shall be. Rest all things that be. I brought you here to serve as my ally. Not to look up information and use it against me… In the Salem trials... When a witch refused to plead... Humans crushed them to death with weights. Shall I treat you as a human would? We can only protect ourselves against humans and other creatures... If we work together.


Nathaniel: Hey, Mum.

Agatha: How's Sophie?

Nathaniel: Yeah, good, yeah. The baby's started moving.

Agatha: Great. Can I talk to her?

Nathaniel: Did you speak to them about the rules?

Agatha: I didn't get a chance. It's been chaos here. Put Sophie on, will you?

Nathaniel: It's Mum.

Sophie: Oh? Hi!

Agatha: That statue of the huntress that you were given by your family. Why do you link it to alchemy?

Sophie: Because the moon in her hair reminds me of the White Queen in the books. And the person I have to give it to, she's in alchemy, too.

Agatha: How do you know?

Sophie: Well, I've had visions of her. She's in this castle with seven towers. Seven's the big number in alchemy. Seven planets, seven metals. Even the transformation process... Has seven stages. It hasn't started yet though. It must be beginning. She's with her Dark King.

Agatha: And you dreamt about him, too?

Sophie: He's distant. I can see her face. I can't see his.

Agatha: Sophie...

Rico: The session will recommence in ten minutes.

Agatha: You mustn't talk to anybody about this.

Sophie: Why would I? Do you know who she is?

Agatha: I might.

Sophie: Then you need to get me to meet her.

Agatha: No. She's in trouble with the Congregation. She's broken God knows how many rules. I don't want you getting mixed up with her.

Sophie: She knows who she is.


Rebecca: Diana.


Ysabeau: Does she know?

Matthew: Yes. Yes, I just told her.

Ysabeau: And?

Matthew: Well, she's not falling apart, if that's what you were hoping… One of the reasons I'm drawn to her is her bravery. She reminds me of you. You were open-minded once. Loved everyone for who they were. Why can't you at least try?


Baldwin: Matthew won't keep the book for himself. If he gets hold of it, he'll bring it to me.

Gerbert: Are you sure? He does what he wants. Always has.

Baldwin: I have him under control.

Gerbert: Doesn't seem like it. The witches on the Congregation are plotting for more power. Even the demons have become unruly. We used to rule with an iron fist.

Baldwin: It's the 21st century, Gerbert. We must at least show a semblance of democracy.

Gerbert: And Matthew's behaviour has weakened us further. Your family affairs are compromising all of us. After eight centuries of rule. Do you know what I think? I think... The De Clermonts are finally losing their grip.


Ysabeau: Didn't my son warn you not to move from his tower?

Diana: Yes.

Ysabeau: You should listen to him.

Diana: This was your husband's office.

Ysabeau: It's still his office. It always will be.

Diana: How exactly did he die?

Ysabeau: How dare you ask me that?

Diana: My parents were murdered. By witches.

Ysabeau: Who are capable of anything.

Diana: There is good and evil in every species. My parents were the best. And I'm a witch... Who's willing to make up my own mind, despite the stories I've heard about you.

Ysabeau: Why were they killed?

Diana: I don't know.

Ysabeau: Whoever did it, make them pay. It doesn't take the pain away. But it helps.


Diana: Do all vampires love red wine like you do?

Matthew: Actually, most vampires drink a lot more than we do. Our family's known for its restraint.

Marthe: With regard to wine perhaps.

Ysabeau: It doesn't have the same effect on us as it does on warmbloods.

Diana: Thank you for letting me ride Rakasa.

Ysabeau: She's too willful for my liking. Fiddat's more biddable. As I get older, I find that quality admirable in horses.

Matthew: And in sons.


Diana: You didn't need to light that for me.

Ysabeau: It's good to have a fire. We haven't had one in that grate for too long.

Diana: This is a wonderful room for a party.

Ysabeau: We used to celebrate Christmas in here. We'd invite all the villagers, the family would come too. Do you remember, Matthew?

Matthew: Mm.

Ysabeau: Louisa would dance with anyone and everyone.

Matthew: You didn't exactly hold back… Maman. Dansons ensemble voulez-vous ?


Matthew: I'm not sure you'd like this one. Come on. Your turn.

Diana: I'm not a dancer.

Matthew: Neither am I. Come on, just give it a try. I am not exactly a great dancer either but it could be fun.

Diana: That's not true.

Matthew: All right. The secret is, go back on this one to start off with. Pretty good.

Ysabeau: Let him lead! Your dance, at least.

Matthew: Come on, spin. To me… To me… Yes! My God… Diana… Extraordinary.


Matthew: That's the first time I've seen you enjoying your magic.

Diana: I'm glad it's happening when I'm with you.

Matthew: What spell have you put on me?


Sylvia: Goodbye.

Witch 1: Goodnight, Gillian.

Gillian: See you at the next coven meeting. Thanks for coming. Bye!

Witch 2: Goodnight.

Witch 3: Goodnight.

Gillian: Bye. Bye!

Sylvia: Diana is with Matthew Clairmont at his family home.

Gillian: Oh, no.

Sylvia: Do you think he forced her or she went willingly?

Gillian: I can't believe she'd do that.

Sylvia: Why? She half killed us all with witch wind. She's capable...

Witch 4: Thank you so much.

Gillian: Oh, it's pleasure. Bye-bye. Bye!

Witch 4: À bientôt.

Gillian: À la prochaine.

Sylvia: Gillian, she is capable of anything.

Gillian: Maybe she doesn't understand. I don't think she knows much about Congregations.

Sylvia: Because she willingly kept herself ignorant.

Gillian: What will they do to her?

Sylvia: They'll interrogate her. She has a lot to answer for.

Gillian: What about Matthew Clairmont?

Sylvia: He'll be punished too. Of course, the more information we have on him, the better. Peter Knox wants us to find out exactly what he was doing in Oxford. Mm?


Diana: Will you please tell me about William Harvey?

Matthew: Well... It's not a particularly interesting story.

Diana: Well, maybe not to you, but to this historian, it is the closest thing I'll get to meeting the man that discovered that the heart is a pump.

Domenico: Matthew.

Matthew: Domenico. It's been years.

Domenico: When was the last time? In Ferrara? We were both fighting the Pope. I was trying to save Venice. You, the Knights Templar.

Matthew: Why are you here?

Domenico: Ah! And this must be the witch I've heard so much about.

Matthew: Diana, go back to the house… Go.

Diana: I'm not going anywhere.

Ysabeau: Domenico. What an unexpected visit.

Domenico: Ysabeau, it's a pleasure to see you. How did you know I was here?

Ysabeau: I smelled you.

Matthew: Maman. Take Diana back to the house.

Domenico: I think she should stay until I deliver my message. Diana Bishop, you must come before the Congregation for questioning and to hand over The Book of Life.

Diana: You tell the Congregation that I don't have it. If they want it, they can get it themselves.

Domenico: But you must come and tell us how to.

Matthew: Diana will not be going anywhere with you.

Domenico: Are you refusing to let me carry out Congregation orders?

Matthew: I am.

Domenico: You do know the consequences?

Matthew: Yes, I do!

Ysabeau: Matthew, please, don't do this.

Domenico: Ah, it's not about the book, is it? No. It's about her. You're breaking the Covenant.

Diana: What is the Covenant? What is he talking about?

Domenico: She doesn't even know, Matthew. You've lost your mind.

Ysabeau: Take her back now!

Matthew: One twitch and I will rip your head off! You've delivered your message and you've been answered. Now, leave!

Domenico: We'll hunt you down. I'll kill you both. Even De Clermonts can die.

Ysabeau: The Book of Life? Why didn't you say?

Matthew: It was what drew me to her. And then it became about something else. Maman.

Ysabeau: I can see that. And so can Domenico. Give her to them. They won't kill her if you do. They will if you don't.


Diana: What is the Covenant?

Marthe: You really don't know? It forbids interspecies relationships.

Diana: That's insane. Why would anyone ever agree to that?

Marthe: There were a lot more of us creatures back then. And we'd grown accustomed to taking what we wanted. Philippe decided that if creatures from different species mated, it might upset the balance of power. So... The Covenant was drawn up.

Diana: What happens when creatures break it?

Marthe: To my knowledge, it never has been broken.

Matthew: He's gone. There'll be no more visits from the Congregation.

Diana: How do you know that?

Matthew: Because we're not going to break the Covenant.

Diana: You're giving in?

Matthew: Domenico's visit was a diplomatic mission. The next one will not be. Even if we stood up to them, what then? Hmm? We'd be opening up old animosities that would spiral out of control and expose us to humans. I won't let that happen.

Diana: So that's it? We're just going to abide by some ancient, narrow-minded agreement that was made a thousand years ago?

Matthew: Yes.

Diana: No. We are bound together. My magic started coming out when I met you.

Matthew: Three weeks ago, you'd never even heard of me. You don't know me! You have no idea what I'm capable of… You don't even know yourself.

Diana: Stop. Stop it. Why are you being like this?

Matthew: Yes? Is there damage? I'll get there as soon as I can. Someone broke into the lab. I have to get back to Oxford.

Diana: I'll get my things.

Matthew: You're not coming.

Ysabeau: Diana should go back to her aunts.

Matthew: She's staying here. Maman...

Diana: Stop making decisions for me.

Matthew: Guard her with your life.

Ysabeau: Yes, Matthew.

Diana: Leaving me isn't the answer… I love you… Tell me how you feel. Forget the Covenant, forget the Congregation. How do you feel?

Matthew: You know how I feel.

Diana: Say it!

Ysabeau: Let him go.


Marthe: Look!

Ysabeau: My God! She's doing this.

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StefLibre  (08.10.2018 à 13:27)

Dans cet épisode ce que j'ai le plus aimé ce sont les fights de vampires. Miriam est so badass face à Juliette et Matthew montre enfin ses biceps de vampire... il y a du nonosse de brisé et du grognement !!

Les luttes de pouvoirs au sein de la congrégation m'ont également bien plu. 

Le seul hic (mais je passe au dessus) ce sont les raccords de scènes qui ne sont pas toujours top. j'avais déjà remarqué ça au moins dans le 3ème épisode. Mais peut-être que je pinaille wink

Sinon chapeau pour le cast. Ils sont tous impressionnants dans leurs rôles, j'adore ! Avec un big crash sur Matthew Goode évidemment et une mention spéciale à Teresa Palmer (Diana), Trystan Gravelle (Baldwin), Edward Bluemel (Marcus) et Aiysha Hart (Miriam)... J'ai même fini par me faire au jeu de Gillian malgré mes remarques sur les épisode précédents.

Hâte d'être au suivant, comme d'habitude !


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