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#103 : Episode 3

Un autre tournant sombre attend Diana lorsqu'un paquet est glissé sous sa porte. Pendant ce temps, sa relation avec Matthew va de l'avant, mais quelque chose est sur le point de se produire qui les mettra encore plus en danger.


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Episode 3

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Episode 3

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A Discovery of Witches Episode 3 (Teaser VOSTFR)

A Discovery of Witches Episode 3 (Teaser VOSTFR)


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Pour Diana, Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) évoque son passé

Pour Diana, Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) évoque son passé

Peter Knox (Owen Teale) attend Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) à la bibliothèque

Peter Knox (Owen Teale) attend Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) à la bibliothèque

Diana réclame des explications à Gillian (Louise Brealey)

Diana réclame des explications à Gillian (Louise Brealey)

Peter Knox (Owen Teale) utilise ses pouvoirs de sorcier

Peter Knox (Owen Teale) utilise ses pouvoirs de sorcier

Peter Knox (Owen Teale)

Peter Knox (Owen Teale)

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) laisse entrer la lumière

Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) laisse entrer la lumière

Gerbert d'Aurillac (Trevor Eve) confie une mission à Juliette Durand (Elarica Johnson)

Gerbert d'Aurillac (Trevor Eve) confie une mission à Juliette Durand (Elarica Johnson)

Matthew (Matthew Goode) s'est porté au secours de Diana (Teresa Palmer)

Matthew (Matthew Goode) s'est porté au secours de Diana (Teresa Palmer)

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) lance un puissant sortilège

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) lance un puissant sortilège

Marcus Whitmore (Edward Bluemel) et Miriam Shephard (Aiysha Hart), vampires

Marcus Whitmore (Edward Bluemel) et Miriam Shephard (Aiysha Hart), vampires

Dans son labo, Matthew prélève du sang de Diana

Dans son labo, Matthew prélève du sang de Diana

Juliette Durand (Elarica Johnson) a t-elle bien compris les consignes de Gerbert d'Aurillac (Trevor Eve) ?

Juliette Durand (Elarica Johnson) a t-elle bien compris les consignes de Gerbert d'Aurillac (Trevor Eve) ?

Juliette Durand (Elarica Johnson)

Juliette Durand (Elarica Johnson)

Mais qui interrompt Sean (Tomiwa Edun) et Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) ?

Mais qui interrompt Sean (Tomiwa Edun) et Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) ?

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) sait-elle que Peter Knox (Owen Teale) est là ?

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) sait-elle que Peter Knox (Owen Teale) est là ?

Peter Knox (Owen Teale)

Peter Knox (Owen Teale)

Sean (Tomiwa Edun)

Sean (Tomiwa Edun)

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) et Sean (Tomiwa Edun)

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) et Sean (Tomiwa Edun)

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer)

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer)

Sean (Tomiwa Edun) et Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) jouent-ils à cache cache dans la bibliothèque ?

Sean (Tomiwa Edun) et Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) jouent-ils à cache cache dans la bibliothèque ?

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) est plus puissante qu'elle n'y parait.

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) est plus puissante qu'elle n'y parait.

Matthew (Matthew Goode) vient à la rescousse de Diana (Teresa Palmer)

Matthew (Matthew Goode) vient à la rescousse de Diana (Teresa Palmer)

Diana (Teresa Palmer) et Matthew (Matthew Goode)

Diana (Teresa Palmer) et Matthew (Matthew Goode)

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) en pleine lecture

Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) en pleine lecture


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Plus de détails

Réalisé par : Alice Troughton
Ecrit par : Kate Brooke

Guests :
Richard Katz ... Rico Jean
Nila Aalia ... Sylvia Rattigan






Matthew: Once the world was full of wonders, but it belongs to humans now. We creatures have all but disappeared - demons, vampires and witches... Hiding in plain sight, fearful of discovery, ill at ease, even with each other. But, as my father used to say... In every ending there is a new beginning.


Diana: Matthew.

Matthew: Are you off to the library?

Diana: Yes.

Matthew: Well, you should know that it's absolutely full to the brim with creatures. Waiting to see if you can call the book up again. I thought we'd... Would you let me take you out for the day instead?

Gillian: Diana? Erm... Do you mind if we just...? I, er... I just wanted to explain about Peter Knox being at my house.

Diana: It was you who told him about the book.

Gillian: I told Sylvia. She asked. I... I couldn't lie to another witch.

Diana: I trusted you.

Gillian: You haven't exactly been honest with me. You've used magic for your own gain.

Diana: Did Knox tell you that?

Gillian: He's a good man. He's in the Congregation. He's worried about you and so am I.

Diana: Well, you don't need to be.

Gillian: Look, I know that you're angry with me. I understand. But that does not mean that you need to spend time with that.

Diana: I can open my own door.


Diana: Where are we going, anyway?

Matthew: My house.


Matthew: I spend most of my time at All Souls, but... I come back here very occasionally.

Diana: This whole place... It's like a time capsule.

Matthew: Mm. Can't stay in the same place for too long. Humans tend to get suspicious, so... I closed it up and left. But I've dropped by over the years. Updated the plumbing. Put in the electricity.

Diana: Who's she?

Matthew: My sister, Louisa.

Diana: Did you have to change your name?

Matthew: I always keep my Christian name. Otherwise, yes.

Diana: What is your real name?

Matthew: De Clermont.

Diana: You're French?

Matthew: Don't you ask a lot of questions.

Diana: Yeah. It's the historian in me.

Matthew: I took my mother's name when she sired me. She lived in France with my step-father, Philippe. He's no longer with us.

Diana: He died?

Matthew: Mm. Yes. We can be killed... If you try hard enough.


Rico: Rico Jean.

Satu: Satu Järvinen.

Rico: Welcome to the Congregation.

Satu: You're human.

Rico: The job of administrating the Congregation has been passed down to the oldest male in my family for centuries.

Satu: Have you got siblings?

Rico: An elder sister.

Satu: Well, she must be pleased.

Rico: Oh, we're also tasked to help keep all this secret from humans… The Congregation chamber.

Satu: I want to see inside.

Rico: I'm afraid you can't. Not unless we're in session… The demons are to the north of the building. The vampires over there. And this... Is the witches' archives.


Diana: Were you an alchemist?

Matthew: No, no. I inherited those from my brother. He was fascinated by it. Science with magic, magic with science. He never knew which way round it was.

Diana: I'm not sure either, to be honest. That's why I'm drawn to it.

Matthew: Did you... Cast a spell to call the book up?

Diana: No. No. No, I've never been very good at spell casting.

Matthew: Well, then... Perhaps... There was a spell on it and you just happened to meet its conditions.

Diana: What are you doing?

Matthew: I thought so. Your magic's instinctive. It just comes out of you when you need it. You needed... Ashmole 782 for your research.

Diana: It's not that simple.

Matthew: Well, no, of course not. There's something else, some kind of link between you and the book.


Sarah: Em?

Emily: I thought I was getting something there.

Sarah: How was I to know you were scrummying?

Emily: I couldn't sleep. Dreams about Diana.

Sarah: What?

Emily: Odd things. I thought I'd try to peep.

Sarah: Did you see anything?

Emily: A man... In the shadows. With her, following her.

Sarah: It was Knox.

Emily: No, he wasn't a witch.


Diana: Maybe you're right. Maybe my magic is connected to need.

Matthew: Don't you have any memories of it having surfaced before?

Diana: No. I don't remember much about my childhood. My parents died when I was young.

Matthew: Yes, I know.

Diana: Living without magic isn't... Bad. I've survived without it.

Matthew: Well, that's not quite true. You use it all the time. You can feel me when I'm looking at you.

Diana: That feels cold. Like ice growing under my skin.

Matthew: Witch power is in your blood and it's in your bones. You were born to be a witch, just as you were born to have blonde hair. Or those blue eyes.

Diana: And you?

Matthew: Well, I was born a human… We didn't keep track of birthdays back then. But I'd estimate it was in 500 and then I was reborn as a vampire in... The year 537.

Diana: The things you must have seen.

Matthew: Mm… And done.

Diana: Would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow?


Owner: New stock's arrived.

Sophie: Oh, what's come in?

Owner: Ghosties and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night.


Sophie: Hey!

Nathaniel: Hey, look at this.

Sophie: Oh.

Nathaniel: The story's been up since this morning and already it's got over 100 messages.

Sophie: I knew this was gonna work.

Nathaniel: The stories they're telling. Demons born to humans who had no idea why they were different. They've spent half their lives thinking they were freaks.

Sophie: And now you've got them talking to each other.

Nathaniel: Someone's gonna want to meet face to face. What do you reckon?

Sophie: Stay online for now. It's risky enough.

Nathaniel: What's this?

Sophie: I got them from the library. Look. Does this remind you of something?

Nathaniel: That's your statue.


Diana: Hey, Sarah.

Sarah: What are you doing... Hanging around with a vampire?

Diana: Has Em been spying on me? Anyway... Most of the things we've been told about them aren't true.

Sarah: He could feed off you, take your memories.

Diana: I'm sure that's not true.

Sarah: That's what they do, Diana. He could have fed off you already. Seen everything you saw when you opened that book. You wouldn't remember.

Diana: He wouldn't do anything like that. I'm not in any danger with him.

Emily: Diana, do you remember the stories your mum told you when you were little? The Shadow Prince that lived between sunset and moonrise?

Diana: Yeah. Yeah, I used to love those stories.

Emily: What if it's him?

Sarah: We are putting two and two together and making five. We have no idea who this vampire is or what he wants!

Diana: Well, he's coming to dinner tonight... So I can just ask him.


Marcus: Morning.

Diana: I presume it's not a coincidence you're outside my college.

Marcus: Matthew's away at a conference. Molecular biology techniques. He asked me to keep an eye on you.

Diana: Is he always this controlling?

Marcus: With us, yes. But with a witch... It's a first.

Diana: Okay, then, I may as well utilize you. I'm feeding Matthew tonight. Talk me through it.


Marcus: Look, I'll tell you what Matthew likes if you come to the lab and get your bloods done… We're taking DNA from witch remains clans.

Diana: Thanks.

Marcus: Don't you want to find out which one the Bishops belonged to?


Satu: This is our archive. It's not for vampires.

Dominico: "Test of Diana Bishop's powers." Who is Diana Bishop?


Miriam: Surely, you've wondered about the Bishop blood? I certainly have.

Diana: What will this tell us?

Marcus: Your inherited traits and powers and where you come from. Through your DNA we can trace descent back to one of four witches who...

Matthew: What the hell are you doing? Stop now. If any vampire is going to take her blood, it's going to be me… Are you all right?


Gerbert: Grazie.

Dominico: A strange story came to me today. Apparently, Matthew de Clermont's harassing a witch in Oxford.

Gerbert: What?

Dominico: If it's true, we should capitalise on it. Bring him in front of the Congregation, punish him.

Gerbert: It sounds unlikely to me. Did your source tell you who this witch is?

Dominico: Her name's Diana Bishop. I couldn't get more than that. My source was a witch herself.

Gerbert: Probably lying to you like they all do. Why would Matthew leave himself... So… So vulnerable.

Dominico: There might not be any truth in it, but if there is, we can't afford to miss this opportunity. Someone should go over there and find out.


Gerbert: In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.

Meridiana: Beware the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf.


Agatha: Don't you ever close your door? Anyone could walk in. Oh, darling!

Sophie: Are these for us?

Agatha: You need to eat when you're pregnant. Has the baby moved yet?

Sophie: Oh, she's lazy, I reckon.

Agatha: What's all this?

Sophie: I've been reading up on alchemy. Nat, your mum's here.

Agatha: "Alchemy exits to transform mortals from a state of suffering to enlightenment." I didn't know you were into all this. Hey!

Nathaniel: They've given me a day to close the chatroom. Did you tell them?

Agatha: Of course not. I might not approve, I'd never report you.

Nathaniel: Demons need to communicate with each other.

Agatha: You know it's against Congregation...

Nathaniel: Well, it shouldn't be. It... If we were allowed to come together, there'd be fewer problems.

Agatha: Not necessarily. Think of the risks. Demons aren't good at doing things quietly.

Nathaniel: So we just get told to shut up and hide away?

Agatha: Nat, don't fight it.

Nathaniel: So you fight it for me. You're on the Congregation. You have a voice!

Sophie: It's gonna get better. This has been in my family for generations.

Agatha: How will that make it better?

Sophie: Well, it's the White Queen, from alchemy.

Agatha: I don't think that's what that is. She's got a bow and arrow.

Sophie: She's like her, anyway. My... My dad told me when the time comes that I must give her to the person who needs her.

Agatha: How will you know who that is?

Sophie: I don't know... Yet. Just have to wait for a sign.


Florist: You like something maybe?

Matthew: They're lovely.

Florist: Thank you.


Matthew: Hello, Miriam.

Miriam: You're craving her.

Matthew: Miriam, how I feel about Diana Bishop has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Miriam: She's a witch. You're a vampire. You know the rules. It's forbidden by the terms of the Covenant.

Matthew: The Congregation isn't about to enforce a thousand-year-old rule.

Miriam: Does Diana even know about it? Because Marcus doesn't seem to think so.

Matthew: Bye, Miriam.


Diana: Coming. Okay… Sorry, I'm running...

Peter: Expecting someone?

Diana: Get out of my rooms!

Peter: Feeding him? You shy away from us and yet you seek out vampire company.

Diana: I'm not a bigot like you.

Peter: Yes, just like your father. So open-minded that he put himself and your mother in mortal danger.

Diana: Mr Knox was just leaving.


Matthew: Red deer. A young Highland stag from the taste of it.

Diana: How could you possibly know that?

Matthew: Our senses are heightened.

Diana: Oh, so some of the stories are true. Can you fly?

Matthew: No. But we can run and jump very well, which makes humans think that we can fly. And we're efficient, too. Our bodies don't use up much energy, so we have an awful lot to draw upon when we need to.

Diana: You don't breathe much.

Matthew: Well... Our hearts don't beat... Very often. I thought you knew about vampires. That's why you invited me to dinner.

Diana: I probably know a little less than most humans do.

Matthew: Most legends about us were... Dreamed up by humans.

Diana: Black hats and bats and brooms.

Matthew: Yes. Somewhere in all those stories there's a speck of truth. Something that frightened humans and... Helped them to deny that we were real. What do you taste?

Diana: Flowers and spice. You?

Matthew: Oh, there's violets in there. Purple sugared ones. Elizabeth Tudor absolutely adored them. Ruined her teeth. Also blackberries from hedgerows. Cigar smoke, redcurrants in brandy. I could go on.

Diana: What would I taste like?

Matthew: Don't ever... Say that to me.

Diana: I only asked to understand.

Matthew: It would take but a moment. You wouldn't be able to stop me if I struck and I wouldn't be able to stop myself.

Diana: I'm safe with you.

Matthew: The smell of you... Willow sap. Camomile honey. Frankincense. Lady's mantle. Ancient things I thought I'd forgotten. It's not only your scent. I can hear your witch's blood... Moving in your veins. When I touch your skin... And it rushes to the surface… Thank you for dinner.


Gerbert: Go and find Matthew.

Juliette: Thank you, Father.


Diana: You knew about this!

Gillian: What? Who are they?

Diana: My parents.

Gillian: Oh, I... I'm so sorry.

Diana: Knox sent these to me.

Gillian: Why would he do something like that?

Diana: Where is he?

Gillian: I... I have no idea.

Diana: This is sick.

Gillian: Please, can we just a talk about the... Are you going to give the book to the vampire?

Diana: I will understand that book. I'm gonna deal with this myself.


Matthew: Diana?


Diana: Hey, Sean. Hey. Sorry, I know you're closing. I need to get a book. Ashmole 782.

Sean: People have been asking for that all week. It's missing. Last one who had it out was you.

Diana: I returned it to the stacks.

Sean: Yeah, I remember. It's odd. Well then, it's got to be there.

Diana: Can you check again? Just for me, please.

Sean: I'll go and have a look. Give me a few minutes.

Diana: Thank you.

Peter: We'll wait together, shall we? Gillian thought you might take the book out. You see, she understands its importance to us.

Diana: You sent me those photographs.

Peter: I don't want you to end up like Rebecca. Your father made her turn her back on her own kind. Just as you are.

Sean: Sorry, Diana, it's just not there.

Diana: Don't worry about it. It's fine.

Sean: What's going on?

Diana: It's okay.

Peter: Diana. Ask him to look again.

Sean: All of you, get out!

Peter: With this binding knot...

Diana: Stop! Sean! Sean!


Matthew: Hold on, Diana! Don't hold your breath. Just breathe, Diana... I've got you... You're safe.

Diana: Sean, are you okay?


Marcus: Is she okay?

Matthew: No, she's exhausted.

Marcus: Not surprising. Witch wind… I've checked on Sean. He's fine. And I've sorted out the Bodleian.

Matthew: If she wakes up, tell her I'll return soon.

Marcus: Where are you going?

Matthew: I'm going to fight Peter Knox.

Marcus: If you make a move on him, it'll be seen as a direct challenge to the Congregation.

Matthew: He sent her those photographs. His scent was all over them.

Marcus: Are you seriously considering endangering our family just to avenge a witch?

Matthew: Are you questioning my loyalty?

Marcus: I'm questioning your judgment. Think before you do this… Get Diana out of Oxford, fine, but don't take on Knox. If you do, it'll be war.

Matthew: I've never felt so protective over anyone.

Marcus: You can protect her without causing a shit storm… Drop her off with Hamish in Scotland. Leave her at Woodstock.

Matthew: No. I'll take her to Sept-Tours.

Marcus: What? You can't put Ysabeau through that. You can't leave a witch at her house.

Matthew: It's my house too. And I'm not leaving her there… I'm going with her.


Diana: Matthew. What time is it?

Matthew: Five o'clock. You've been asleep for ten hours. You were exhausted from the witch wind.

Diana: Witch wind?

Matthew: Mm. No witch has summoned it for centuries. You have to leave Oxford.

Diana: No, I... I can't leave.

Matthew: Peter Knox will come after you.

Diana: I can deal with Peter Knox.

Matthew: Not yet, you can't. Your power is extraordinary, but it's undisciplined. You have to come to terms with it somewhere safe.

Diana: I could go to my aunt's.

Matthew: No. No, I'm taking you home with me to France. No witch would dare trespass on vampire land… You'll be safe there.

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Bon je mets mon commentaire sur cet épisode avant d'être influencée par le visionnage du prochain.

Autant j'ai été séduite par les deux premiers, même si certains éléments me déplaisaient comme le jeu de l'actrice qui joue Gillian. Ses interactions avec Teresa Palmer (Diana) et d'autres personnages faisaient sonner les dialogues "faux". Bref me semblaient être "mal joués". 

Pour ce troisième épisode, je suis aux anges !

Matthew Goode... OMG !!!!! (et pourtant je n'étais pas emballée par cet acteur lorsque j'ai visionné le trailer). C'est incroyable comment il donne vie au personnage emblématique et énigmatique de Matthew. Toutes ses interactions avec les différents personnages sont magistrales. (Bon ok jen suis plus que fan, j'avoue)

Au-delà de l'alchimie qui se forme dans cet épisode et depuis le premier entre lui et Teresa Palmer, les autres acteurs sont également extrêmement bons dans leurs rôles. Les personnages de Marcus et Miriam sont parfaitement interprétés. Ceux de la tante Sarah et Em, un régal. Les « méchants » sont très bien aussi : Satu, Gerbert et Domenico à glacer le sang et je hais déjà Peter Knox autant que dans les livres 

Il sagit là dun épisode bien ficelé, que jai savouré du début à la fin. Et quelle fin !! mais chuuuut ! 


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