Flynn Carson et les nouveaux aventuriers
#101 : La Couronne du Roi Arthur

Résumé : Agent de l'anti-terrorisme, Eve Baird croise Flynn Carson lors d'une mission à Berlin. De retour aux Etats-Unis, elle apprend qu'elle est désormais affectée à la protection de celui-ci. Car Flynn est menacé. Il cherche à rassembler les derniers bibliothécaires, des individus dotés de talents spéciaux. Trois d'entre eux sont repérés : la mathématicienne Cassandra Cillian, l'historien de l'art Jacob Stone et le cambioleur Ezekiel Jones...


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And the Crown of King Arthur

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La Couronne du Roi Arthur

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Eve: This is team leader. We have confirmation on a weapon of mass destruction inside the building.

Officer: Let's go.

Eve: Priority one is retrieval of that package. Breach in 3, 2...


Eve: Freeze! Hands in the air!


Eve: Freeze! Drop your weapon! Hawkins, I need backup. Hawkins! Why is that beeping?

Man: Nope. That's not it.

Flynn: Where's the steam vents? Nazis are always mad about steam vents. Whoa! Ah! Don't mind me. You're obviously busy. I'm just here for the Opal of Samarrah.

Eve: The Opal of... What?

Flynn: Samarrah. Teutonic knights recovered it from Jerusalem during the Third Crusade. It was stolen... By the Nazi occult division and stored here… Forgotten after the war, it is still... Ha! Locked in the original magical safe. Which makes sense, as it is dangerous and valuable.

Man: Uh, dangerous?

Flynn: And valuable. It summons demons, but it doesn't control them. And that is demonologists for you... Careless, homicidal. Another common pair.

Eve: A pair of...

Flynn: Adjectives. They travel in pairs. Dangerous, valuable. Careless, homicidal. Do try to keep up… Ah… I apparently set off a trap, which I have about... Three minutes to disarm before the opal transforms every corpse in a 100-mile radius into flesh-eating zombies, which seems unnecessarily dramatic.

Eve: Make it stop.

Flynn: Well, I'm trying. This is a very complex alphanumeric code based on Latin Bible verses. And it would be a lot easier to concentrate if someone were to turn off that beeping nuclear bomb!


Eve: How do I defuse this thing?

Flynn: Of course. The stations of the cross.

Eve: For... The bomb?

Flynn: No, no, no, no. For the death trap. The bomb is actually much easier. Is it a black cylinder or round like a soccer ball?

Eve: Cylinder.

Flynn: Pop open the side casing. See that blue wire?

Eve: Yes!

Flynn: Don't touch the blue wire.

Eve: Aah! Start with "don't." Start with "don't"!

Flynn: So, there are eight stations of the cross.

Eve: 14.

Flynn: Only eight in the Bible. John is the fourth gospel... Condemned to execution. Book 19, verse 17, Latin numerals 4-1-9-1-6-1-7. Hey, hey! We're 50% less likely to die.

Man: Aaaaah!

Flynn: We are, anyway. Final disarm... 2-2-5-6-6.

Eve: Yours or mine?

Flynn: Improbably, both.

Eve & Flynn: 2... 2... 2... 2... 5... 5... 6... 6... 6. 6.

Flynn: Ahh.

Man: Give me the bomb.

Flynn: Flynn: 3-1.

Eve: 3-1?

Flynn: There are 30 rounds in an AK-47 magazine and one in the chamber. I heard him fire 31 shots. I did not hear him reload.

Eve: How did you know all that?

Flynn: I'm the Librarian.

Man: Ohh, my shoulder!

Hawkins: Colonel Baird! Colonel Baird! You good?


Jonas Sheir: Hello. I must speak to Flynn Carsen. I must speak with the Librarian.

Flynn: Mr. Carsen is actually in Minneapolis at a library-sciences seminar.

Jonas Sheir: Flynn Carsen was not in Minneapolis. He was in Berlin recovering the Opal of Samarrah. It's you, isn't it? This is Flynn Carsen, the Librarian.

Flynn: How do you know who I am?

Jonas Sheir: You won't remember me. I'm outside. I'm coming in.

Flynn: How do you know about The Library?

Jonas Sheir: I will explain everything in greater detail when we meet. Just tell me where to meet you.


Dulaque: The crown is mine.

Man: All right, stand back. Stand back!


Eve: No. No, sir, I do not need any time off. My report? No, I'm not saying he was a Librarian. He claimed... A... A month on leave? What am I gonna do for a month? Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

Woman: "You have been selected to interview for a prestigious position with the Metropolitan Public Library."

Eve: Library? Librarian.


Eve: I'm Colonel Eve Baird. I received... This. Slipped under my door.

Charlene: You got the white envelope. I'm Charlene. And you are... What? Colonel what? Colonel military? Colonel police? Air force? What?

Eve: NATO counterterrorism unit. Please, stop touching me.

Charlene: You are the new guardian. Oh, Flynn's gonna make a fuss. He hasn't had a guardian in 10 years. But even he can't argue with the white envelope.

Eve: What's a guardian?

Charlene: What's a guardian?" Adorable… All right, Eve Baird. Got that.

Eve: We're going down. Very far down.

Charlene: Oh, those. It's really a metaphor, not real numbers. Okay, sign here, here, and here. Each Librarian has a guardian... Someone who's trained in combat, tactics, survival.

Sort of the brawn to the Librarian's brain. But... No, no. Much more than that. Sort of the, uh, common sense to their head in the clouds.

Eve: Didn't see a lot of threatening situations in the bookshelves upstairs.

Charlene: Oh, the Metropolitan Library upstairs. That's just the entrance to the real library downstairs, where we keep all the artifacts and magic too dangerous to be left out in the world.

Eve: There is no such thing as... As... As magic.

Charlene: The Library collects ancient knowledge and ensures that magic... real magic... Doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Eve: This is... Th... This is real?

Charlene: You got the white envelope, an invitation to join The Library, which means The Library needs your expertise.

Charlene: Welcome to the secret world, Colonel Baird. Welcome to The Library.

Flynn: Oh, you're getting sloppy, 'Cal. Really. A desvio technique against a molinello defense? I don't think so.

Charlene: And meet the Librarian… Don't! No! She's here to help.

Flynn: Don't! Wounds caused by Excalibur never heal. They're magic… 'Cal, go on patrol. I'll meet you. What are you doing here? What is she doing here?

Charlene: Colonel Eve Baird, meet Flynn Carsen, the Librarian.

Eve: We've met. That... That... that's Excalibur? You call Excalibur "'Cal"?

Flynn: We're friends, best friends. Besties, really. Why would you send her that?

Charlene: I don't send the invitations. The Library does. The Library sends the invitations. I believe Colonel Baird has been chosen to be your guardian.

Flynn: I don't need a guardian… You hear that?! I don't need her! I'm fine! I think there's been some sort of misunderstanding. I'm sorry. Goodbye. Don't come back… Don't come back.

Eve: And don't... Tell me what to do!

Charlene: Oh, you are perfect! Say hello to Judson for me.


Flynn: Sayonara, arrivederci, and goodbye.

Eve: I need an answer.

Flynn: This is my answer.

Eve: Walking away quickly is not an answer.

Flynn: How about this?

Eve: Well, if you won't tell me what a guardian is, point me to one of the other Librarians.

Flynn: Charlene! There are no other Librarians. There is only ever one Librarian. And when he dies, another takes his place. Good day.

Eve: Was he the Librarian before you?

Flynn: Judson? No… He was more than that. He was, um... Well, he found me. He trained me. He was there for me when my mother... He died five years ago.

Eve: Sorry.

Flynn: He's with us in spirit.

Eve: That's nice.

Judson: Uh, no. Uh, literally in spirit. Nice reflexes. She will make a... A good guardian. Hey, buy a guy a drink first.

Eve: You're... Dead.

Judson: It's easier than it looks. Um... uh, A guardian, f... For your information, is the Librarian's partner and bodyguard. You... You see, a life of fighting evil cults and... And monsters...

Flynn: Librarians tend to die... Often, sometimes even more than once.

Judson: Flynn's survived 10 years, longer... longer than anyone. Most of it without a guardian, a... Alone. It's... It's changed him.

Flynn: Ha!

Eve: Um, this is... This is too much. Magic is real? A... A building sent me an envelope? I... I have a job. I... I hunt terrorists. I took an oath to protect innocent people, to... to...

Judson: Be a guardian. N... Now you do the same job but in a world with evils o... Only you can face. There's only one ever guardian in... In the whole world, Eve Baird, and The Library thinks that it should be you.

Flynn: Do you mind? I'm trying to solve a murder here.

Eve: Well, you're doing a pretty poor job of it. Is that the foyer upstairs?

Flynn: It's "foy-eh."

Eve: So, you're saying this Dr. Jonas Sheir...

Flynn: It's "Shy-air."

Eve: Professor of archaeology, five PhDs, was killed on your doorstep, and you don't have a single lead? Oh, I've got lots of leads.

Flynn: I've got a plethora of possibilities, a cornucopia of clues. I just don't see how they all connect. He was trying to show me this when he was killed. It has something to do with this crown.

Eve: What painting is that?

Flynn: I don't know. And that is what is vexing me… I like that. Haven't used that word in a while. Vex, vex, vexatious, vex, vex, vex.

Eve: He was here. How did he know about your secret library?

Flynn: Also vexing. It's one of the best-kept secrets in the world. He was smart. He was very, very smart, but...

Eve: Is it possible you dropped one of your special glowing envelopes by mistake?

Flynn: No. Yes. No, not dropped... Sent. He was smart. He was very, very smart. Was he so smart that you sent him an envelope?!

Eve: What are you looking for?

Flynn: The ledger, the ledger, the ledger. When the Librarian dies, The Library doesn't just send out one letter. It sends out hundreds, hundreds to qualified replacements all over the world. And it invites them in for an interview.

Eve: Many are called, one is chosen.

Flynn: Precisely. And Professor Jonas Sheir, with his five PhDs, would certainly have been qualified. We have to sign in… He said I wouldn't remember him. He was here. He was here and he signed in on the day that I was chosen to be Librarian instead of him.

Eve: And now he's dead… I know this name. Dr. Abraham Thomas.

Flynn: Mm. Professor of physics, Doctor of medicine, speaks four languages.

Eve: I met Dr. Thomas at a NATO conference on bioweapons. He died in a car accident last month.

Flynn: Far Shariad, Tehran University.

Eve: Plane crash.

Flynn: Someone's killing Librarians.

Eve: Not all of them, just these top-ranked top dozen or so… Dead… Dead. These three top-ranked candidates don't pop death notices.

Flynn: They didn't come in for interviews. Ezekiel Jones? Oh-ho! You got to be kidding me! You sent an envelope to Ezekiel Jones? Well, I guess he never came in for an interview.

Eve: Maybe they got dropped to the bottom of the kill list. They could still be alive.

Flynn: First contact's address is in New York. That's where I'm going. Thank you for your help.


Flynn: See, I really, really work better alone.

Eve: What Judson described... A partner... It's a sound operational structure.

Flynn: See, I've had partners before, and they've left or they've gone. They're gone and they're dead. Or they're dead and they're gone. But, if you'll excuse me, right now, I need to find Cassandra Cillian.

Paramedic: Female, early 20s, collapsed at school, high fever. B.P... 140 over 90. Pulse... 100. Temp... 102.5. Sudden high fever, sore joints, nausea, and vomiting.

Doctor: Sensitivity to light and stiff neck. Meningitis? Push a wide-spectrum antibiotic. Let's get a lumbar tap.

Nurse: Yes, Doctor.

Cassandra: Pardon me, but it's not. It's not meningitis. It's psittacosis. The symptoms of psittacosis and meningococcus are similar... For example, the sensitivity to light... But you're ignoring the other factors. The other factors. She's wearing a necklace that has parrot feathers that she picked up off the ground.

Doctor: She could have bought that! Let's go. We're wasting time.

Flynn: No.

Cassandra: It's homemade. The feathers fade. In commercial feathers, they're preserved against sunlight and ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet.

Flynn: She's right. 914 different species of bird in North America, and this doesn't match... Ooh! That's an African-parrot feather.

Nurse: You heard the janitor. Psittacosis, parrot fever. Let's go!

Cassandra: Radiation. Ultraviolet radiation. Radiation. Radiation... The collision of matter and antimatter… Paul Dirac mathematically predicted the existence of positrons with a mass of 9.110(-31) Kilograms, 400 protons with a mass of 1.67... 262178 times negative 27... Kilograms. Neutrons with a mass of...

Flynn: Cassandra Cillian?

Cassandra: I'm sorry. It'll stop in a second… I smell peanuts this time. That's not bad.

Flynn: Wow. Auditory and sensory hallucinations linked to memory retrieval. You're a synesthete.

Cassandra: Wow. Yes. Hi.

Eve: Hi.

Flynn: She has a photographic memory. Like mine. Only her brain is cross-wired. All five senses are linked to her memory. Unbelievable.

Eve: I was about to be super-pissed at you for assuming I don't know what a synesthete is, but I actually don't know what a synesthete is.

Cassandra: Numbers are colours. Science is musical notes. When I do math, I smell things. Mostly breakfast.

Flynn: You're in a lot of danger. You need to come with us.

Cassandra: Are you the police?

Flynn: No. I'm the Librarian… Go get your coat… Okay, two left, but on opposite sides of the world.

Eve: If somebody's hunting these people, you're risking their lives by not accepting my help. You need me.

Flynn: Okay. If I can't get rid of you, I will make use of you. So why don't we both take one. Here... No, actually, I will take Mr. Jones. Good luck to you out there. Get ready for anything.

Eve: Define "anything."

Flynn: Oh, ninjas, possibly.

Eve: Ninjas? In Oklahoma?


Man: Aah!

Ezekiel: Why is that guard holding a dagger?

Flynn: He's not a guard. He's here to kill you. Ezekiel Jones.

Ezekiel: And I'm assuming you're not here to kill me. So, tell you what. Watch my back for 10 minutes, and I'll cut you in on 10%... You... Don't I know you? Yeah. Cairo Museum. You were that crazy professor who said the crown jewels of Amenhotep were cursed.

Flynn: Librarian, not Professor, but yeah.

Ezekiel: I stole those jewels right out of the main exhibit.

Flynn: And now you're going to steal this jewelled dagger.

Ezekiel: Oh. No, no, no. It's mine. I just left it locked in this display case on my way to work this morning.

Flynn: Loop the video to avoid the motion detector is clever.

Ezekiel: You're smart enough to be my sidekick. We'll call you... "Kid Crime."

Flynn: Burning through the glass in a room full of infrared sensors... Less clever.

Ezekiel: My escape route's cut off.

Flynn: Mine's not.

Ezekiel: What do you want, mate?

Flynn: Come to New York, find out why people are trying to kill you… Sidekick. I'm not your sidekick. You might be my sidekick. Let's go! Let's go!


Woman: Ride 'em, cowgirl! Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Aah! Hi.

Jacob: Okay.

Friend: Working the pipeline Sunday?

Jacob: Yes, sir, I am. I got about an hour after church, so I'm gonna run down there to that junkyard, see if they got that '68 gearbox.

Friend: She ain't from around here.

Jacob: No, she is not… She's from somewhere... Interesting. Excuse me.


Jacob: Hi. That's a nice tattoo you got there.

Lamia: Tell you what, cowboy. Tell me what it means, and I'll let you buy me a drink.

Jacob: Well, it looks like you got some foreign words there. That I-talian? "Aestus cruentus adventus est et ubique carmen pudicitiae submersa est." "And the blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere, the ceremony of innocence is drowned." It's Yeats, "the second coming." It's his poem about the apocalypse. Tell me... what's a pretty little thing like you doing running around with the end of the world on her arm?

Lamia: I'm Lamia.

Jacob: Hi.

Lamia: And you must be Jacob Stone.

Jacob: I'm not... Whoa, whoa.

Eve: Sorry, no.

Jacob: Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa! Who are these guys?

Eve: Ninjas, possibly?

Jacob: In Oklahoma?

Eve: That's what I said… Not bad for an amateur.

Jacob: There ain't nothing amateur about my bar fights, sweetheart. Oh, I forgot my hat. This way, this way.


Jacob: Oh, man. I'm gonna miss that hat. You mind telling me what that was all about?

Eve: You were targeted because of your expertise.

Jacob: My expertise? Y'all think they're out there killing oil riggers with ninjas? Y'all got another...

Eve: Jacob stone... I.Q. 190. Accepted to the Sorbonne and Cambridge for an arts degree... Turned them both down. Over the past 20 years, under a pseudonym, you've secretly been writing literature on European and Native American art history, all while working on an oil rig 5 miles from the town where you grew up... Y'all.


Jacob: You got to be kidding me.

Flynn: Not kidding. But we don't have a lot of time. So, questions... Ask them.

Jacob: Is that the Spear of Destiny?

Flynn: Yes.

Jacob: Ark of the covenant?

Flynn: Yes.

Cassandra: Wait. What about Bigfoot and Dracula?

Flynn: Yes and no. Yes on Bigfoot.

Ezekiel: So, vampires aren't real?

Flynn: Vampires are real, but Dracula is not, because I killed him. Is this helping? I don't know that it is.

Cassandra: What?!


Eve: 10 years ago, each of you received an envelope inviting you to apply for a position here in this library, but you never showed.

Cassandra: 10 years ago, I was in a hospital.

Flynn: Right, with your tumour… Um... Synesthetes rarely have all five senses involved. You've got full-on hallucinations and seizures, indicative of a frontal-lobe anomaly, oligodendroglioma. How big is it?

Cassandra: It's about the size of a grape. Which I really wish they hadn't told me, 'cause I used to really like grapes.

Ezekiel: Are you...

Cassandra: Not yet. Someday. Sooner than I'd like, but not yet… But I lived long enough to learn that magic exists. So, that's pretty cool.

Flynn: Very cool.

Eve: Stone, why didn't you show up?

Jacob: 'Cause I already had a job, family business.

Ezekiel: I threw mine out. It was obviously a mistake. I steal stuff. I've been stealing stuff since I was a kid. I'm not gonna get invited to work at a library.

Cassandra: It is a magic library.

Ezekiel: Eh, great. It doesn't fill my pocket. I came here to find out who's trying to kill me.


Jacob: If magic's real, how come we don't see it all the time?

Flynn: Once upon a time, the world was filled with magic. It travelled along a power network called Ley Lines… See the Ley Lines, see the magic. Over the centuries, the magic was drained off and stored into artifacts.

Eve: Like Excalibur.

Flynn: Exactly. He was one of the most powerful.

Cassandra: He?

Flynn: The magic continued to fade as cities were constructed over the Ley Lines and technology began to advance. And, as you can see now, there's very little magic left. My job is to make sure that what remains doesn't fall into the wrong hands… Like the people who tried to kill the three of you.

Eve: The woman who tried to kill stone had a snake tattoo.

Flynn: Serpent brotherhood... An ancient cult bent on bringing magic back into the world. I've fought them before.

Eve: What did Professor Sheir find that pushed the brotherhood to kill him, then murder their way down the list?

Flynn: Still vexing.

Jacob: Does it have anything to do with this painting? "Crown of King Arthur"?

Flynn: What?! Crown of King Arthur? You sure?

Jacob: Yeah.

Flynn: Crown of King Arthur was forged by Merlin to give Arthur control over the magic that he needed to build Camelot.

Eve: So the brotherhood wants to bring magic back, but they need the crown to control it. Cannot believe I just said that with a straight face.

Cassandra: Um, why is bringing magic back bad? 'Cause magic seems pretty cool.

Flynn: Magic is cool, till warring nations drown each other in tidal waves of blood or use dragons to burn cities to the ground. Magic used well can be good, but a world of wild magic is full of chaos and suffering. I will begin by exa... I will begin by examining the original painting.

Jacob: Well, I just said that I remember that it was called "the crown of King Arthur." It's an unknown artist. I don't know where that thing's at.

Ezekiel: Munich museum of history and art. Oh, I cased it last month for a heist,  memorized the inventory.

Eve: That's why they were targeted. You were busy doing whatever Librarians do.

Flynn: Saving the world... A lot.

Eve: And they... The other Librarians...

Flynn: Not Librarians. I'm the only Librarian.

Eve: Were the people most likely to find the crown. The brotherhood was just trying to wipe out the competition.

Jacob: I say we beat them to it.

Ezekiel: Fair enough. Nobody tries to stab Ezekiel Jones in the back.

Cassandra: I've never been to Europe, so...

Flynn: Uh, first of all, no. Second of all, let's not refer to ourselves in the third person. Europe is overrated. And I work alone. So, if you'll excuse me... Goodbye.

Eve: Unh-unh. I got an envelope. The Library invited me to this party, and I'm taking them to Munich. Maybe we'll see you there. Do try to keep up.


Ezekiel: So, why are we looking for a Brit's crown in a German museum?

Flynn: Hello. What can you tell us?

Guide: Step this way.  Step this way, please. Ladies and gentlemen, you'll see to the right...

Eve: Flynn!

Lamia: Split up. Find the painting.

Man: Yes, ma'am.

Cassandra: The Crown of King Arthur. Artist unknown. Painted in 1146. Installed as one of the original pieces in this museum in 1546.

Jacob: Look at the swords on the knights. Roman short swords. Arthur's wearing the equipment of a Roman legionnaire. It's the Roman hypothesis.

Flynn: The theory is that when the Roman Empire fell, the Roman legion stationed in Britain stayed behind.

Jacob: Camelot as a city, armoured warriors, legionnaires. It all fits.

All: Arthur was a Roman.

Jacob: Yeah. There's only one problem. The painting's a fake… Look. This colour red... It's a dye. It's called carmine. It was discovered in like the 1500s. Painting can't be as early as 1100.

Ezekiel: Also odd... It can't be moved. This frame's anchored into the beam. You'd have to smash down this wall to move it.

Cassandra: 1011010. There's a binary code engraved into the frame that you can't move.

Jacob: Who cares? That's not... The point is, is that this is a...

Ezekiel: Oh, no, this type of security is not used in Europe.

Cassandra: It's the most basic sequence in all of math.

Flynn: Okay, okay. Enough, enough! Shh! It's like listening to the inside of my own head... Except louder… We have a fake painting. Why is it a fake? Because it's meant as a message, not art. And it's in a frame that can't be moved, which means that the frame's location in this museum is important. And it has a code in it.

Cassandra: A coordinate code, leading you... Somewhere. But it requires a key, some sort of reference point. Like a fixed point in space.

Flynn: Like a painting that can't be moved. The entire museum is the key. The dimensions of the floors, the rooms in the museum as they relate to where the painting is. That's the key to the code.

Ezekiel: Leading where?

Flynn: Let's find out.


Flynn: There!


Flynn: Latin. "The crown of the Celts lies 70 leagues to the great woods." And then there's some coordinates. This means... The crown of King Arthur is real. And it's buried in the black forest. Well, where have you been? Some very exciting stuff's going on here.


Flynn: Whoa! We're close. We can walk from here.

Cassandra: Okay, I think, first, maybe we should probably just stop and snack and hydrate. I packed some sandwiches and some cucumbers and crackers and some delicious prosciutto.

Ezekiel: People are trying to kill us, and you brought a picnic.

Jacob: Hey. We're on an adventure, travelling down bad roads in a crappy truck. This sure beats my day job... Of travelling down bad roads in a crappy truck.

Flynn: The serpent brotherhood.

Eve: They have a helicopter.

Flynn: Yeah.

Eve: Why don't we have a helicopter?

Flynn: Because we have a Charlene, who approved a budget for one rental car. Doesn't matter, doesn't matter. We still have the advantage, because all the clues for the crown's location will be down here on ground level.

Eve: They have a helicopter and are trained killers. You and I have very different definitions of "advantage."


Lamia: Yeah

Dulaque: Lamia, centuries of planning depend on you outrunning one half-mad Librarian, his part-time bodyguard, and their amateur sidekicks. You can understand my frustration.

Lamia: We had some issues at the museum.

Dulaque: Get the crown, kill whom you must. But understand... Without the crown, it will take us 100 years to remake the world. With the crown, we can do it in a single night.


Flynn: Good job... By the way. At the museum.

Eve: If you think about it, we kind of have the same job. Running around the world, finding dangerous objects.

Flynn: Yes. It's important work, which is why I need to stay focused.

Eve: I get that. The whole time I'm home, I'm just thinking about my next job.

Flynn: Exactly. I don't need friends and family cluttering up my life.

Eve: Yes. I... I get so sick of my friends... And... And family.

Flynn: That's funny.

Eve: Hey, um, for what it's worth, you're not nearly as weird as I thought you were in Berlin.

Flynn: Well, I think you are, um... Henge.

Eve: Henge. I'm henge. Cool.

Flynn: Oh-ho. Oh. Oh. Oh! A henge! This is unheard of in this part of the world… This is the second clue to the burial place of the crown.

Eve: You solve this. I'll go stall them. I'm your guardian... For now.

Flynn: You're not my guardian. Take Ezekiel with you.


Eve: They've already moved off. We need to draw them back here. Hey, thief, can you hot-wire a helicopter?

Ezekiel: Well, as a matter of fact...


Jacob: Astrological symbology in Latin. "When the sun passes through, upon the fourth day after solstice"...

Flynn: It's like Stonehenge. The light only comes through certain openings, certain hours, on certain days. In fact, there's only one day a year where you can read it. And that day... Is not today.

Jacob: Maybe we can re-create the sun's path.

Flynn: Well, over several days, months apart, I could triangulate each position. I can do that math. It's gonna take me a while.

Cassandra: It won't take me a while. Where are we?

Jacob: In the black forest.

Flynn: No. She means 84.3 degrees north, 18.5 degrees east. At solstice, light is 52.5 degrees.

Cassandra: Sun's on the ecliptic... 23.5 degrees off the celestial equator. Equator, equator. Solstice degrees add latitude, then subtract 1 degree a day.

Flynn: Cassandra?

Cassandra: Yes. 48.5 degrees... Over that rock. How high is that rock?

Flynn & Jacob: About 9 feet.

Cassandra: 9 feet. 3 meters. Cosine... 48.5 degrees. Times 48.5 degrees… The shadow ends there.

Flynn: It's Venus beneath the harvest moon.

Cassandra: Venus' transgression across the sky at this latitude. It's on a 15-degree arc.

Flynn: This part of the world, the harvest would be a late-October festival.

Cassandra: October. Stars. The Orionid meteor shower from Halley's comet.

Flynn: Cassandra?

Cassandra: No. Don't. I can't stop. Venus is over this rock in late October… Line it up!

Jacob: "But the two months march past the rise of spring as the rise of kings."

Cassandra: Vernal equinox. Sun crosses the equator. 90 degrees. Latitude plus... 60 degrees. Rising. It's rising, rising, rising. Rising into aphelion, farthest from the sun in summer.

Jacob: No!

Cassandra: That's funny.

Jacob: What's going on?

Cassandra: It's summer smells. It's oranges.

Jacob: Listen, listen, listen. All right? Now, your sensations need a context. All right, one place where you remember smelling the oranges, a strong memory, something stronger than a smell.

Cassandra: It's breakfast.

Jacob: Okay.

Cassandra: Breakfast. I'm... 12.

Jacob: All right. Go right there. Lock in on that.

Cassandra: My dad's doing the bills, and I balanced the checkbook in my head. He's so proud of me. They're both so proud of me.

Flynn: Got it!

Jacob: That's old iron. I can cut through it with a welding torch. I don't suppose you packed one of those, did you?

Flynn: Actually, Cassandra did… In the truck, there's an oxygen tank in the first-aid kid. Would you mind?

Jacob: Oh.


Lamia: The helicopter!


Flynn: To sustain a flame, create the thermic lance, you need a high-energy medium. Most people would use metal, like magnesium, but a high-protein meat, like prosciutto, stuffed into a cucumber works just as well. Bacon would be better, but... Ready? Cutting tool... Both effective and delicious. I'll be back.

Cassandra: He just made a cutting torch out of a picnic lunch.

Jacob: This is exactly like my day job.


Lamia: Talented. You should work for us.

Eve: I like the Librarian. He's weird, but it's interesting.

Lamia: I'll tell him that when I kill him.

Flynn: Mind if I cut in?

Lamia: You brought a crowbar to a sword fight?

Flynn: I was trained by Excalibur. I think I'm gonna be okay.

Ezekiel: We do not want to be here!

Eve: Time to go!

Lamia: Aah!


Flynn: Stone, how are we doing?

Jacob: I'm done!

Flynn: Congratulations. You just did something that no Librarian's been able to do in 1,000 years. You found the crown of King Arthur.


Charlene: Not bad for their first...

Flynn: Only... Time out.

Ezekiel: What did you do on your first time out?

Flynn: I recovered the spear of destiny and stopped an extradimensional pyramid power from taking over the world.

Ezekiel: Now you're just showing off.


Cassandra: Flynn? How did you become a Librarian?

Flynn: Uh, the previous Librarian... Died.

Cassandra: So, if we're the last candidates, does one of us become the Librarian if you die?

Flynn: It's the perimeter alarm. Installed a new security system after the last break-in.

Eve: How long till they get past the elevators?

Flynn: Well, it's not just a secret door. It's an actual magical portal. There's no way that they can breach it, unless you disable it from the inside.

Ezekiel: Somebody let them in?!


Lamia: Find the crown.

Flynn: The crown. Okay, everybody split up. Find Charlene. I'm going after the crown.

Eve: I'm with you.

Flynn: I got my own backup! 'Cal, come!

Jacob: Is that a flying sword?

Flynn: Excalibur.

Ezekiel: Of course it is.

Flynn: Come on, old friend.

Eve: Can't argue with that. Let's go.

Jacob: He's got a flying sword.

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