Flynn Carson et les nouveaux aventuriers
#102 : L'Épée dans le Rocher

Résumé : Perdus en forêt après avoir emprunté un portail, Flynn, Eve, Jake et Ezekiel sont retrouvés par Jenkins, qui les mène en lieu sûr à Portland. Bien que Flynn soit mourant, l'équipe se rend à Londres, où la Confrérie cherche à diffuser la magie sur toute la planète. Pour cela, elle doit retrouver la pierre où Excalibur était enfoncée...


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And the Sword in the Stone

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L'Épée dans le Rocher

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Flynn: Don't worry, Cassandra.

Lamia: I was hoping for a rematch.

Flynn: Well, I brought a sword this time. Let her go, Lamia. She's no threat to you. She's not even a Librarian. Let her go, and I'll give you back... The... Crown… Cassandra.

Cassandra: They said they could save me. That only magic can save me.

Flynn: They're the serpent brotherhood. Serpents lie.


Charlene: The Library has been breached. The serpent brotherhood is everywhere. No one comes into my library without my permission… Do it.

Judson: The Li... Library's gotten very big. It's, uh... It's going to take both of us.

Charlene: I know… Oh, he'll never save his receipts.


Lamia: Merlin forged this crown so that Arthur could control his weapons of power.

And the greatest of all weapons... A magic sword... Excalibur!

Flynn: 'Cal, no!

Lamia: 'Cal, come! You're powerful, more than you know... But not that powerful.


Flynn: Aah!

Cassandra: Flynn!

Lamia: Tell Dulaque we have the key. We'll open the lock, and magic will return to the world… First... Kill the Librarian.

Man: Yes, ma'am.


Eve: Tell me again how you don't need a guardi...

Flynn: Aah!

Eve: Flynn! That wound is bad.

Flynn: Excalibur. Lamia got the crown, and she had control over Excalibur.

Eve: Let me treat the bleeding.

Flynn: You can't treat it. It's a magical wound. I need, um...

Jacob: W... What are you... Wait! We got to go find Cassandra!

Flynn: No. She's the one who let them in. Aah!

Ezekiel: Well, my lack of faith in humanity is restored.

Flynn: Ugh! Yeah, that's better. That helps the pain.

Eve: The bleeding stopped.

Flynn: Slowed, not stopped. Bathsheba's oil of healing. If it had been an ordinary wound, it would have stopped it, but it's a magical wound, so it's gonna slow it long enough so that we can find Charlene.

Eve: I... I passed her in the shelves. She said, uh, something about meeting her deep in the library, something about the corridor of doors.

Flynn: Come on, let's go. Go!

Lamia: Any artifacts which can move... Prep them for transport.

Man: Yes, ma'am. Get that one! Let's go!

Cassandra: Did you really have to do that?

Lamia: You've seen the power the Librarians are hiding down here, how much knowledge is locked away far from the people it can help the most.

Cassandra: So you're telling me that you're the good guys.

Lamia: We're going to use The Library's powers to change the world.

Man: Let's go. Go, go! Hurry! Grab it!


Ezekiel: How big is this library?

Flynn: As big as we need it to be… Oh, no. That's the countdown clock.

Eve: Flynn, what happens when the bell stops?

Flynn: Charlene, no!


Cassandra: What do you mean The Library is cut off from the outside world?

Lamia: Get out! Grab what you can and get out!

Cassandra: You mean like locked doors?

Lamia: Look around you, girl! Can anything this big really just lie underneath the streets of New York City? The Library exists in its own pocket dimension anchored to our reality here. And the first Librarian just cut the anchor chain.


Eve: What now?

Ezekiel: Four bells.

Flynn: I don't know. I've never been this deep in The Library before.

Jacob: That's three bells.

Flynn: Charlene... She'll know what to do.

Eve: She's not coming.

Flynn: All right, Judson. He's always here!

Eve: He's not coming!

Ezekiel: Two bells. Pick a door!


Eve: What the hell?

Flynn: Judson?! Charlene?!

Jacob: Where are we?

Ezekiel: When are we? It's day. We time-travelled.

Flynn: Time travel. Ugh! Time travel's not all it's cracked up to be. Hey! Blood. Mine. It's crimson. I need to eat more calcium. Oof.

Eve: I got cell service, American carrier.

Flynn: Of course. We didn't travel through time. We travelled through space. We came west. It's still night in New York. The sun's still up on the west coast.

Eve: GPS coming online.

Flynn: Latitude would put us exactly... In... Oregon.

Eve: Oregon.

Flynn: See? I still got it. Ooh!

Eve: We got to get him to a hospital. Road's this way. Don't see a hospital, though.


Eve: Hi.

Jenkins: Howdy. Your friend does not look well. You need a ride?

Eve: I'm... I'm Colonel Eve Baird. Uh, do you mind if we explain in the car?

Jenkins: No need to talk. I hate to pry into people's business.

Eve: What were you doing out here?

Jenkins: Waiting. I do that.


Eve: Hang in there, Flynn. How far to the hospital?

Jenkins: Hospital? Oh, no, no, no, no. Why would we take him to a hospital? We're almost there.

Eve: Wait, wait, wait. We need a hospital. He's been stabbed. He's bleeding out.

Jenkins: Hospital won't do him any good. Wounds caused by Excalibur don't heal. Magic.


Flynn: So... Wait a second. How do you know about Excalibur? And how do you know about magic? Aah!

Jenkins: I know all about you, Flynn Carsen.

Flynn: I don't understand. What is this place? Who are you?

Jenkins: Jenkins, of course. As far as this place... Well... You're in The Library… Aww.

Jacob: Say, you wouldn't happen to have a cold beer, would you?

Jenkins: Uh, no, A... As this is the Library and not a rodeo or a hobo camp or wherever it is people like you gather in crowds.

Flynn: Mnh-mnh. Ow!

Eve: Don't... Don't... Don't... Don't move too much.

Flynn: What are you stuffing that with? Duct tape? Glue?

Eve: Y... Yes, actually. The bleeding won't stop.

Flynn: No, it won't stop. It's a magical wound from Excalibur.

Jenkins: Oh! God! What... Oh! Don't touch anything! This is my workplace, not Judson's, and I'm doing very important research.

Flynn: We're in The Library? Aah! Judson! Charlene? Where's The Library?

Jacob: This is the same room. Hey, I swear this is the same room.

Jenkins: Yes. Of course it is. The main Library can only ever be anchored to one specific place in the world. What if the Librarian needed to gain access to The Library's knowledge but was far from the front door?

Flynn: This is an interface. Judson ran The Library while you were out here in an annex.

Jenkins: Yes. Separate but connected.

Flynn: Oh.

Jenkins: Name a book, something you know is only in the main Library.

Flynn: Isaac Newton's "principia mathematica," the unedited version.

Jenkins: Section "F," row 9, shelf aa2. Right behind the little shifty-looking fellow.

Ezekiel: "The mathematical principles of natural philosophy as derived by the wondrous thinking machines of Atlantis"?

Flynn: Like I said, the unedited version.

Jenkins: I am afraid, as Judson has cut the connection of The Library to the physical world, this room is all we have. Access to information but no way in or out of the main Library. Ugh, typical Judson. So rash.

Flynn: Hey, watch your tone when you speak about Judson.

Jenkins: Well, Judson and I never agreed on anything. I mean, I realize that The Library is best used for research, not for gallivanting about, fighting monsters, seducing princesses.

Jacob: I'm guessing, with that attitude, that's why you're probably stuck out here in the annex, huh?

Jenkins: Not at the home office? Very happy here. It's quiet. I can focus on my work, not bothered by... The greatest collection of magic in the world.

Flynn: I should have seen it coming. Cassandra. They had leverage on her. Should have seen it. I should have seen all of it. Why didn't Judson warn me?

Eve: Maybe Judson trusted you to figure it out on your own.

Flynn: How could I not see that they were killing Librarians? People are dead because I just wasn't good enough.

Eve: You're opening your wound.

Flynn: It doesn't matter. It's a magical wound. It won't ever heal. I'm going to die. Tell them.

Jacob: Tell me what?

Eve: I can pump him full of fluids, but if he keeps bleeding... 24 hours. He's dead in 24 hours.


Dulaque: Cassandra! So glad you managed to avoid the insane suicide plan of the Librarians.

Cassandra: Do you know if the others got out?

Dulaque: Ezekiel and stone? Well, I dearly hope so. You see the lengths the Librarians will go to to hide the gift of magic from the world?

Cassandra: If you can cure me...

Dulaque: When the key is joined to the lock... And magic is returned to the world... We can absolutely cure you.

Cassandra: You have to share it. You have to help all of the people that science can't save.

Dulaque: Cassandra, that's why you're here... To help us bring magic back to the world and help those who cannot be helped by other means. Now... You best get some rest, hmm?

Lamia: Why'd you stop me?

Dulaque: New rug. And even with Excalibur, there are bound to be impediments accessing the lock. Having a Librarian... Even half a Librarian... May prove useful… But mostly the rug.


Eve: I need Flynn to pull it together. I... I'm too new to this world.

Jenkins: Well, then you need to go and pull him together. You're his guardian. That means more than merely keeping him alive. It means keeping him in one piece, both mentally and physically.

Eve: Didn't do a great job of that.

Jenkins: So he got stabbed. Librarians get stabbed and shot and bitten and cursed all the time.

Eve: He's gonna die… Soon.

Jenkins: We're all gonna die soon if you don't get in there. Now, look, guardian, if he fell into a river, you would reach in and pull him out... Yes? Before he could drown. Judson was everything to Flynn, as was Charlene, who, quite frankly, I always liked better. To lose them both? Right now, he is drowning. Right now. Go save him.


Eve: "Higher dimensional quantum translocation theory." By Albert Einstein.

Flynn: Original edition. I think I figured out a way back to The Library.

Eve: Is that really where we should be going?

Flynn: Yeah. We... we've got tools there. We've got artifacts. We've got resources that we're gonna need if we're gonna fight the serpent brotherhood.

Eve: In the few days we've known each other, I haven't seen you use any tools or magical equipment or... Or artifacts... Just your brain… That's why Judson chose you, right? Your brain is a weapon and a tool and a library all wrapped up into one.

Flynn: Yeah, but Charlene could still be alive. Ju... Judson could still... The right thing to do is to find The Library.

Eve: If that were the right thing to do, Flynn Carsen, you'd be doing it, not reading about it. No. No. This is your way of hiding. I bet that's what you were like before all this. You hid in books. That's the life from which Judson pulled you. That's what you were. Judson and Charlene... They made you what you are.

Flynn: Oh. I'm gonna be dead tomorrow.

Eve: So, how would they want you to spend your last day?

Flynn: They'd want me to save the world one more time.

Eve: So, tell me, Librarian, how are you gonna do that?

Flynn: You... Are... Key!

Eve: I am "henge" and "key."

Flynn: She said "key"! She called Excalibur a key. She didn't say "sword." She didn't say "weapon." She said "key." And think about it. You're the serpent brotherhood. If you want to bring magic back into the world, how are you gonna do that with just one sword?

Eve: Excalibur's pretty powerful.

Jacob: It's still just a sword. I mean, Excalibur against a tank, an F-15? I'm betting on the military.

Flynn: That's right. It's not an end goal. It's a key. Now, what does a key do, Jones?

Ezekiel: Goes in a lock.

Flynn: That's right. And we all remember the legend. Excalibur was locked in once before. It had to be pulled free.

Eve: You must be feeling better. You're not making any sense.

Ezekiel: The stone. Uh, the legend is...

Flynn: Arthur pulled Excalibur from the stone. After it had been charged with magic. And where is that stone, Stone?

Jacob: If Arthur was Roman, it'd be at the biggest empire settlement in Britain, Londinium... Modern London.

Flynn: Ha! Look. There's a big Ley Line running right underneath it. Come on. Let's go get that stone.

Ezekiel: Whoa. Us too?

Flynn: Well, they've got the most powerful weapon in the world. Judson's gone. Charlene's gone. The Library's gone. I'm bleeding to death. So, yeah, working alone doesn't seem like the best idea right now.

Jenkins: Good. You're leaving. I can get back to my work.

Flynn: Jenkins, book us tickets to London. I'd do it myself, but... I'm dying.

Jenkins: Hey. Excuse me. You didn't turn off the glowing globe. You got... Hope it's on a timer.


Flynn: There's a magical stone out there somewhere. Got about 12 hours before I'm dead, and the end of the world will probably come before that. Full day ahead.

Eve: How do we find the stone?

Flynn: What we need is a compass. The stone that Excalibur was pulled from is almost pure magic. It should attract any other magic item in the city.

Jacob: Let's just take another magic artifact, rig it into the compass.

Flynn: Piece of cake. It is a piece of cake, because I know just the artifact.

Man: This way, please. Step this way. Now, the imperial state crown was made in 1937...

Ezekiel: The crown jewels?

Eve: We are not... We are not stealing the crown jewels of the British monarchy.

Flynn: Of course not. We're stealing that one. The star of Marrakesh. John Dee used it to save the life of Elizabeth I from magical assassination. Actually, really funny story...

Ezekiel: So, we're not stealing the crown jewels. We're stealing the priceless artefact from right next to the crown jewels.

Flynn: Oh, not "we." Now I know why The Library chose you.

Ezekiel: Vibration detectors on the glass. Got a pressure plate... Can't tell when the weight changes. It's actually not too difficult.

Eve: Please don't let this be something too unsavoury.


Eve: I can't believe I'm doing this.

Jacob: Really? All you do is push people around.

Eve: Oh! Oh! I'm so sorry! That was an accident. Are you okay?

Jacob: That's the third time this week. I keep telling you to slow down. It's not a race. Not a race.

Eve: Sorry.

Jacob: Seriously?


Ezekiel: You're gonna put your gum on a stone worth 7 million Euros?

Flynn: Omni arcanum directio. Omni arcanum directio.

Ezekiel: That's pretty...

Eve: Where to?

Flynn: Follow the gem. Aah!


Eve: Got about five minutes before the police show up.

Flynn: Then we can find it in three.

Eve: And then?

Flynn: Then we have to keep them from putting Excalibur back in the stone.

Ezekiel: Why would they want to put Excalibur back into the stone?


Dulaque: We found the chamber holding the stone by using sonar. Decided coming in from the side was the best bet. Required drilling and air recycling, but still better than coming in from the top. There are magical traps at the proper entrance, plus the human security.

Cassandra: Human security?

Dulaque: You didn't think the location of the stone was a complete secret, did you? The royal family's been hiding it for centuries.


Jacob: Is that...

Eve: That's Buckingham Palace.

Ezekiel: Good news. There's a charity event on tonight. I bet I could forge us some invites.

Eve: We just robbed the tower of London, and now you want us to break in to Buckingham Palace?

Jacob: Well, it is more fraud than it is breaking and entering. Listen, can you make me a duke?

Ezekiel: Sure.

Eve: What's next? The Vatican? The White House?

Flynn: She'll be back. Maybe.


Flynn: Where is Baird? She's not gonna get in without an invitation. Good evening.

Man: Welcome, sir. And these are your invitations? Could you wait here?

Ezekiel: You know what I'm thinking?

Flynn: That your forgeries are crap?

Ezekiel: No. I'm thinking I can run faster than you 'cause you've been stabbed.

Jacob: Oh, here we go.

Eve: They're with me. Orders from the director of counterterrorism. Stay sharp.

Man: All right, gentlemen. Welcome.


Flynn: The royal family must have created access to get to the stone. Look for a secret passageway, something out of the ordinary.

Eve: Undercover, Librarian. Can't hold you up all night.

Flynn: How about the next five minutes?


Jacob: All right, look for anything out of place. We got to find the secret passage.

Ezekiel: Well, if we find it, it's not so secret, then, is it?


Eve: They're running standard counterterrorism along the perimeter and soft threat assessment on the inside, which means their attention's on the V.I.P.s. And the interior guards are guarding the doorways and the corridors, which begs one question... Why is that guard standing at the wall?

Flynn: That coat of arms belonged to John Sheffield, the Duke of Normandy, original architect of Buckingham Palace.

Eve: Secret door.

Flynn: Secret door. I think I might be fading a little faster than I thought.


Ambassador: Mr. Dulaque, we cannot thank you enough for your donation.

Dulaque: Ambassador, I've always said if you want to change the world, you can't wait around for other people to do it for you.


Lamia: We're running out of time. Get me through that wall… The stone of King Arthur. Bring in the lights and the air hoses… Cut through this.

Man: Yes, ma'am.

Lamia: Right. New plan. What is this?

Cassandra: It's high Enochian… It's a mathematical language based on ancient Greek and Hebrew.

Lamia: And you can crack it?

Cassandra: Given time.


Ezekiel: Buckingham Palace. I was really expecting a better secret door.

Eve: I'll write a letter. Let's go.


Lamia: Nice work, little Librarian. Palaces have dungeons, right? Find a cell. Stick her in it.

Man: Yes, ma'am.

Cassandra: You said you were gonna help people.

Lamia: We are. We're bringing magic back to the world... The whole world, all at once. Technology ends, magic returns, and we control it.

Man: Let's go.

Lamia: Return to us, oh, ancient world of wonders. Return and be ours!


Jacob: It's the old section… George III's time.

Ezekiel: Uh-oh.


Dulaque: Welcome back.


Flynn: The sword's rejoined the stone. Magic's coming back.

Ezekiel: Hello, Dolly! A 1911 Château d'Yquem. Stole one of these once. Worth about $100,000. Not a chance of this staying in a wine cellar. I don't care whose wine cellar it is.

Flynn: Hang on.


Flynn: Oh. They tunnelled in from...

Eve: Shh!

Flynn: They tunnelled in from the side. That's much smarter than what we did.

Lamia: We have worked long and hard to achieve what stands before us today, brothers... The goal of returning magic to the world. It is but moments away.

Flynn: Okay, we got trained killers. One of them's got a crown that... That's allowing her to control the most deadly weapon on Earth. Ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas.

Cassandra: I have some ideas.

Ezekiel: Hey, kid.

Jacob: Uh, no, thanks. You already sold us out once.

Flynn: She had her reasons. Let's get her out of there. Okay, what's the big idea?

Cassandra: Okay. Come here. Come on. Okay, so, that's the drill that they cool with ice-water pipes. That's the air recycler. And then the electrical wires for the generator, and then...

Flynn: I got you. Metal pipes. Very good plan. Distraction, then action. This is gonna work, but it's gonna take all of us. Stone, your knowledge of mechanics. You need to reroute that ice-water coolant into the warm air recycler. That's gonna give us our cover.


Lamia: Librarians. Find them!

Man: Yes, ma'am. Come on.


Flynn: Ezekiel, your hacking. You got to rewire that generator panel and give me alternating current, very strong, when I yell for it at the frequency Cassandra gives you.

Cassandra: 6-7-1-4.

Flynn: Eve, you got to keep them distracted while I get to Lamia.


Man: Aah!

Lamia: I hear you, Librarian.

Flynn: Give me the crown. And stop this.

Lamia: Stop this? Ow!


Man: Hey, what are you doing?!

Jacob: Watch out!


Lamia: Magic is returning to the world. It's flowing out through the Ley Lines, creeping back into every corner of this planet.

Flynn: Magic you control, whose power I can't let you have.

Lamia: And how are you going to stop us? Hmm? With your little knock-off Librarians? One doomed by her gift, one who fled his gift, one who abuses it? Or your little soldier girl?

Flynn: No. I'm the Librarian… Librarians win with knowledge. Librarians win with science. Librarians win with electromagnets! 'Cal, come!

Cassandra: What's happening?

Flynn: The magic's gone back into the Earth. He's dying… I think we both are… Listen. The power that's left is almost all raw magic. It can help you. It can save you.

Eve: Flynn.

Flynn: It's okay. Judson's gone. Charlene's gone. Excalibur's dying. It's time.

Eve: Flynn.

Flynn: Just touch it to your head.

Cassandra: Oh. No.

Flynn: No. It was supposed to be for you.

Cassandra: You already have saved me.

Flynn: It's okay. It's okay, old friend.


Jenkins: Your airline tickets.

Jacob: What, that's it?

Flynn: For you? Yes. Thank you very much. I don't think it's fair or safe to involve you in this life any longer.

Ezekiel: A life that would have been ours had luck broken just a little differently.

Flynn: Mm... Maybe not.

Jacob: So back to our lives.

Flynn: Yep.

Jacob: Knowing that magic is real, knowing the world...

Cassandra: Is so big. The world is so big. I mean, what if we can't just... Move on?

Flynn: Well... Jenkins.

Jenkins: Yes.

Flynn: What about temporal resonance? We could get a crystal skull, and I know where to...

Jenkins: Sir, sir, I... I... I've tried everything. Now, the... the card catalog is still anchored to this reality. It can still access the records of The Library... Books, manuscripts. But The Library itself and all of its artifacts are cut loose from this world. The... The Library is adrift in... Time and space. The Library, sir, is lost.


Judson: Hello, Flynn.

Flynn: Judson. Is The Library...

Judson: Intact? Certainly.

Flynn: And Charlene?

Judson: She's with The Library. She's tougher than she looks, you know.

Flynn: And you?

Judson: I'm, uh... My... My time is done.

Flynn: You're ready to move on.

Judson: No. You're ready.

Flynn: You know, Judson, I never, um... I never had a father.

Judson: And I never had a son. Well... Now we're both liars.

Flynn: I'm gonna find The Library. I'm the Librarian. Nothing's impossible.

Judson: The serpent brotherhood failed, but they released an enormous amount of magic into the world. You're in charge now. And... And... And you're not going to have time to... To search for The Library.

Flynn: No. Not if I try to do it alone.

Judson: Flynn... I'll... I'll always be...

Eve: Flynn?

Flynn: I'm the Librarian. I'm in charge.

Eve: Oh. Okay.

Flynn: So it's time I started making up some new rules.


Flynn: New plan… Although I suspect it's the old plan. I'm just figuring it out. Open your envelopes.

Cassandra: Our airline tickets?

Flynn: Just as I suspected. We have a lot of work to do.


Flynn: I think that this will be a perfect base of operations! We'll have access to the archives, if not the artifacts. And Jenkins here will teach you how to research and supervise your training as Librarians.

Jenkins: What are you talking about? We do not train Librarians.

Flynn: Yes, and isn't that stupid? We take a highly intelligent, but totally unsuspecting, individual, drop them in a world of magic, and then expect them not to die before they learn where the toilet is.

Jenkins: That is how it's always been done.

Flynn: Now that I'm Librarian, we're not doing it that way anymore. Meet... The Librarianettes. No. Meet the Librarians in training, the L.I.T.s, my little lits.

Eve: Yes. But... But they're not qualified.

Flynn: Then we'll qualify them. I'll still handle the big stuff. They'll handle all the, you know, slightly less-apocalyptic stuff. And this will free me up to find The Library and bring it back.

Jenkins: That is impossible.

Flynn: Oh, impossible! Pipsy-posh! Pipsy-posh, Jenkins! People keep saying that as if we don't eat the impossible for breakfast every day… I'm offering you a life of mystery... And misery... Of loneliness... And adventure… More than that, I'm offering you an opportunity to make a difference... And save the world every week… Twice before Friday… Are you in?

Jacob: Even her?

Flynn: Yeah.

Eve: She sacrificed her own life to save Flynn's. I trust her.

Jacob: I'll give it a shot. If we're helping people, sure.

Ezekiel: It will provide an opportunity to steal new things. I'm in.

Flynn: Hey, it's your library now. At least this little part of it. And don't worry... I'll be back to check on you in a few weeks… Try not to die.

Jenkins: Oh, joy.


Eve: We'll need to find them a guardian. Stone's the only one who can handle himself in a bar fight, and I don't think you'll find too many magical artifacts in dive bars.

Flynn: I've already found their guardian.

Eve: Flynn, no. With Judson gone, who can you trust?

Flynn: Well, that's just it. With Judson gone and The Library gone, if anything were to happen to me, they're the future. I haven't met anybody that I trust in the last five years. I trust you... To protect them.

Eve: But I thought you needed a guardian.

Flynn: The Library chose you to be a guardian. I think The Library chose you to be... Their guardian. And lord knows they're gonna need protecting. Way more than I need... More than I want... To be travelling the world with you.

Eve: Librarian and guardian. The job's more important than what we want.

Flynn: Oh, don't say that. That's the old way. But, for now, we have to work separately.

Eve: Come back alive, Librarian.

Flynn: I... Come back... Yeah. I... Will come back and I'll talk... Um... Sorry. I'm just... I'll call you. No, I'll text you. Well, you text me, and we'll text each other. It'll be... One of those thi... Okay, so, yeah. Okay.


Jenkins: Now, um, I know that Flynn is technically the Librarian and that I technically work for The Library... Vis-à-vis, et cetera, et cetera, the Librarian. But I don't...

Eve: Really have a choice. These three will be using this as a base of operations, and I'll be supervising their security. So... Make yourself useful or make yourself gone.

Jenkins: I suppose there's always the clippings book.

Cassandra: What's a clippings book?

Jenkins: Oh, child of the annoying digital age, it is how we used to gather information about news stories. Each page has clippings from different sources, detailing a bizarre mystery.

Jacob: Well, we really don't need a book full of old newspaper articles.

Jenkins: Oh, silly Midwestern person, this clippings book is the Library's clippings book. Every night, there is a new page, new information about a new mystery happening that very day. Come. Let's begin. Oh-ho! Oh... You will never solve this one.

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David Krumholtz
Aujourd'hui à 20:47

The Serpent
Aujourd'hui à 20:15

The Queen's Gambit
Aujourd'hui à 11:29

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Remedy S02E03
Aujourd'hui à 21:07

Remedy S02E02
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Remedy S02E01
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Au programme de ce jeudi soir
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The Resident, S03E20
Mercredi 12 mai à 21:55
2.87m / 13.0% (Part)

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The Resident, S03E19
Mercredi 12 mai à 21:05
3.13m / 13.1% (Part)

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Un si grand Soleil, S03E173
Mercredi 12 mai à 20:45
3.63m / 14.9% (Part)

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Plus belle la vie, S17E178
Mercredi 12 mai à 20:20
2.80m / 11.7% (Part)

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Demain nous appartient, S04E218
Mercredi 12 mai à 19:10
2.99m / 16.1% (Part)

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Lincoln Rhyme : Hunt for the Bone Collector, S01E04
Mardi 11 mai à 22:00
3.02m / 14.6% (Part)

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Mayans M.C., S03E10
Mardi 11 mai à 22:00
0.81m / 0.3% (18-49)

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Cruel Summer, S01E05
Mardi 11 mai à 22:00
0.24m / 0.1% (18-49)

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Amazon Prime Video abandonne sa future série The Banker's Wife

Amazon Prime Video abandonne sa future série The Banker's Wife
Les 8 épisodes de The Banker's Wife commandés par Amazon Prime Video ne verront malheureusement pas...

Le créateur de Emily in Paris travaille sur une comédie pour Netflix !

Le créateur de Emily in Paris travaille sur une comédie pour Netflix !
Netflix a commandé une première saison pour Uncoupled, une comédie de Darren Star, créateur et...

Paramount+ commande une première saison pour un revival de The Game !

Paramount+ commande une première saison pour un revival de The Game !
Paramount+ a commandé un revival pour la série The Game diffusée pendant neuf ans sur CW et...

Adultère et vengeance sur SALTO avec les séries Doctor Foster et Infidèle

Adultère et vengeance sur SALTO avec les séries Doctor Foster et Infidèle
La série britannique Doctor Foster arrive sur SALTO dès le 14 mai, rejoignant son adaptation...

Joe Exotic passe finalement de NBC à sa plateforme de streaming, Peacock !

Joe Exotic passe finalement de NBC à sa plateforme de streaming, Peacock !
La nouvelle série limitée de NBC, Joe Exotic, déménage sur Peacock. En effet, la chaine a annoncé...


Kika49, 09.05.2021 à 19:07

Le calendrier du mois de Mai est arrivé sur The Resident.

cinto, 10.05.2021 à 18:34

Nouveau sondage chez Ma Sorcière Bien Aimée; en Mai, fais ce qui te plaît ...En avant les délires...

sanct08, Avant-hier à 11:01

Hello, sondage spécial "Fête des mères" sur The X-Files ! Venez nombreux

emeline53, Avant-hier à 19:42

Nouveau sondage sur The Fosters ! Tout le monde peut voter venez nombreux

pretty31, Hier à 13:47

Venez départager les titres restants pour notre animation The New Song sur Zoey's EP ! Déjà les quarts de finale ! : )

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